Kirkby Fleetham Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1890


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for KIRKBY FLEETHAM in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

  • Post and Telegraph Office at F. Potts's, Kirkby Fleetham. Letters arrive via Bedale at 8-10 am., and are despatched, summer at 5-20 p.m., and winter at 4-20 p.m. The Telegraph department is open on Sundays, from 8 till 10 a.m. Post Office at W. Tutin's, Great Fencote. Letters arrive via Bedale at 8-0 am., and are despatched at 5-30 p.m. in summer, and 4-30 p.m. in winter. Postal orders are issued here.
Miscellany of trades
Marked 1 reside at Great Fencote, 2 at South Fencote, and the rest at Kirkby Fleetham, or where specified.
  • Atkinson Mrs.
  • 2 Atkinson Robert, joiner and cartwright
  • Bedale Foxhounds, Bedale kennels; Capt. W. P. Wilson-Todd, master; F. Holland. huntsman
  • Blakey Isaac, sexton
  • Bouskeld Robert, pig dealer, St. Ann's cross
  • 1 Burgess Thomas, junr. (T. Burgess & Son), corn miller; h Fenoote house
  • Burgess Thomas, senr. (T. Burgess & Son), corn miller, &c., Fleetham mill
  • Chilton William, cowkeeper, Oak Tree house
  • Coates William, joiner
  • Cockburn-Hood Rev. John Shapland Eliott, M.A., Trin. Col., Cambridge, The Vicarage
  • Courage Edward Hubert, Esq,, The Hall
  • 2 Dodsworth Michael, blacksmith
  • Fryer George Edward (J. & G. Fryer), Green Gate house
  • Fryer J. & G., veterinary surgeons
  • Fryer John (J. & G. Fryer), Fleetham villa
  • Garrett James Barnard, schoolmaster
  • Holland Fred, huntsman, Bedale kennels
  • Hudson John, joiner, Low Salutation
  • 1 Kirk Mrs. Jane
  • 1 Knaggs Mrs. Ann
  • Linton John & David, brewers, maltsters, and spirit merchants, Low Street brewery
  • 2 MacGee Hy., head gardener at Fencote hall
  • 1 Mallaby Robert, estate joiner
  • Marsden George, estate foreman
  • Merrington George, monumental mason
  • Metcalfe William, vict. Black Horse
  • National School; James B. Garrett, master; Miss Alice Martin, assistant
  • Peacock Frank, gamekeeper
  • 2 Peacock Joseph, butcher
  • Plews John Mackay, Esq. (the late), Fencote hall
  • Potts Francis, shoemaker and Post office
  • Potts Mary & Hannah, grocers
  • Pybus The Misses Martha & Margaret Jane
  • Sadler Robert, cowkeeper
  • Severs William, blacksmith
  • Slater William, shopkeeper
  • 1 Stainthorpe Mrs. Ellen
  • Tallentire William, vict., Three Tuns
  • 2 Thompson Mrs. Mary Jane
  • 1 Thompson Mr. Robert
  • 1 Tutin Wm., grocer, draper, and postmaster
  • 1 Tweedy James, shoemaker
  • Walker Thomas, joiner
  • 1 Walker William, cowkeeper
  • White Wm., head gardener to E. H. Courage, Esq.
  • Wildon Geo., cowkeeper and market gardener, Rasin hall

  • Burgess Thos. & Son (and corn millers),Fleetham mill
  • Carr George, Green Gate cottage
  • Clifford Harry
  • Hodgson Winter, Friars' garth and Low Fields
  • Ingledew James, Low Fields
  • Linton John & David, Brewery farm, Lodge farm, and Stud farm
  • Little Samuel
  • Mitchell Robert, Low street
  • Peacock Septimus Albert, Low Fields
  • Proctor Thomas
  • Pybus Henry, Hook house and Broad close
  • Severs Richard, Angleham
  • Simpson Richard, Hall farm; h Hook Carr hill
  • Stead Enoch, Penwell
  • Strangwayes Edward & Thomas (yeo.), Low Fields; h Leases, Bedale
  • Trotter John Outhwaite, Holtby grange
  • 1 Tutin John, Annagarth house
  • 2 Walker John (yeo.), South Fencote house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.