Middleton Tyas, Memorial Plaque transcription


Middleton Tyas parish:

Middleton Tyas, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The World War I Memorial Plaque in St. Michael's Church, Middleton Tyas.

1914 - 1918

To the Glorious Memory of the

Men of this Parish who gave their lives

in Defence of their Country in the

Great War

M Armstrong15th July 19168th Leicestershire Reg't.
W Best27th Sep't 19178th Yorkshire Reg't.
J Bradberry1st Oct. 19176th Yorkshire Reg't.
J Cookfield12th Feb. 191615th Durham Light Infantry
G I'anson26th Oct. 19175th Northumberland Fus.
A Lazenby16th Sep't 19169th Kings Own Yorkshire L.I.
A D Liddle16th Dec. 19145th Durham Light Infantry
J Marwood4th March 1917Royal Field Artillery
W T Paine23rd Aug. 19181st Bedfordshire Reg't.
B Parsons25th Aug. 19184th Yorkshire Reg't.
R Pearson21st Jan. 1917Army Service Corps.
H Pearson23rd April 1917Kings Royal Rifles
G Robinson5th June 1917Royal Field Artillery
J Rogers23rd Oct. 19184th Yorkshire Reg't.
P Scott18th Sep't 19164th Yorkshire Reg't.
N Scott4th May 19164th Yorkshire Reg't.
W Stead30th July 19174th Yorkshire Reg't.
T Thompson20th Sep't 191713th Durham Light Infantry
G H Winter20th Oct. 19185th Yorkshire Reg't.

"Their Name Liveth For Evermore"

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson