Terrington, Benefactions transcription


Terrington parish:

Terrington, Benefactions transcription:

The second list of Benefactions in All Saint's Church, Terrington.

Money Payments due at Christmas, to the POOR
By Earl Carlisle, on S:Thos:Day, for Foster's Cottage, Ganthorpe £0 - 10s - 0d

By Rev'd C. Hall for House and Land at Terrington £2 - 0s - 0d

By John Key, Esq'r for House and Land at Terrington £0 - 13s - 4d

By Jane Taylor, for House and Land at Do. £2 - 6s - 8d

By John Ellerby, for House and Land at Do. £0 - 6s - 8d

Due at Old May Day
By Earl Carlisle, , the Interest of £55 belonging to the Poor of Do. £2 - 15s - 0d

By Do., for House and Garth, occupied by the Schoolmaster £0 - 1s - 0d

By John Ellerby, for Land at Terrington £0 - 1s - 6d

By Ed. Ewbank, for House & Land occupied by Thos. Benn. at Do. £0 - 1s - 3d

By Jno. Dowker, Esq'r., for Fawcett's Garth, at Do. £0 - 1s - 3d

Rev'd C. Hall, Rector. T. Clough, & John Key, Churchwardens. 1828

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson