Addingham, Memorial transcription


Addingham parish:

Addingham, Memorial transcription:

The World War I and II Memorial at Addingham.

The whole of the plaque. (see also Photo)

The Glorious Dead of Addingham
The Great War 1914 - 1918

Ashton, Thomas
Atkinson, Charles J.
Bailey, George
Beck, Norman
Bell, Frederick W.
Bell, Norman F.
Blackburn, Wilfred Sgt.
Brown John H. Sgt.
Brown, Phillip Bdr.
Clarke, Charles P.
Clarke, John
Dixon, William
Dove, James
Dove, Matthias
Ellis, Charles
Ellis, W. James
Emmott, Ambrose
Emmott, Walter Lce. Cpl.
Fisher, Fred
Foster, Arthur
Foster, Tom
Gale, William Staff Sgt.
Goulding, John W.
Hadley, Sydney K.
Hodgson, Thomas
Holgate, Dennis
Holmes, Norman
Holmes, Wilfred
Holmes, Wilfred
Hood, Charles
Horsman, Willie
Hustwick, Percy
Kidd, E.J. Cecil Lieut.
Leach Harry
Lister, Jack
Lister, James
Lister, John
Maudsley, Nicholas
McRink, Lawrence Staff Sgt.
Moulding, Carl S.
McShee, Patrick
Odgen, William
Richardson, Hedley
Ryder, Arthur
Ryder, Fred
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Reuben
Smith, William
Spencer, Frank
Sutcliffe, Edward
Tiffany, Alfred Lce. Cpl.
Topham, William
Town, Harry
Townson, James
Townson, Robert W.
Waggitt, John
Waggitt, William
Whitaker, James
Whitaker, John
Whitaker, William
Wild, William
Wood, Tom
Wright, Harold
Whiteoak, Charles
Dewhurst, Abraham

1939 - 1945

Brace, Eustace F. Lieut.
Dickson, Gerge
Drake, James
Egan, Laurence M.
Foster, C. William
Hillman, Neville
Milburn, Dennis C.
Melville, John S.
Newton, Stephen
Oddy, Geoffrey N.
Perkins, Thomas Lce. Cpl.
Stapleton, Jack
Turnpenny, Ernest
Wall, Hubert
Woodfield James H.

Data transcribed by
Colin Hinson.
from photography by himself