PUDSEY: Transcription of the Pudsey Land Tax, 1704, at 4/- in the pound


JaphethAtkinson  for Lepton land0160
JaphethAtkinsonandWilliam Lumby 130
WilliamBanks   016
ThomasBanks   020
HenryBelhouse   061
WilliamBelhouse   150
HenryBelhouseandThomas Bucktonfor Mr. Whittaker land076
JosiasBooth   160
ThomasBuckton   086
RobertBurhill   0139
JohnChapman   041
JamesCoates   0154
JamesConstantineoroccupier 030
JohnCromack   0160
JohnCrombock  for Lepton land190
ThomasDean   0123
CawtherayFarme   047
RichardFarrer  for Swaine land1110
WilliamFarrer  for Mr. Butler land041
RichardFarrer  for his own land01510
RichardFarrer  and for Christopher Dufton land061
RichardFarrer  for Bairstow Ing026
RichardFarrer  and for Kellite land047
RichardFarrer  and for Wm. Fenton house016
WilliamFarrer  for Swaine land076
WilliamFarrer  for ye Over and Nether Ing076
WilliamFarrer, jnr   092
RichardFarrer, jnr   047
WilliamFarrer, jnr   0106
WilliamFarrer, jnr  and for Thomas Royds060
WilliamFarrer, jnr  and for Long Close046
WilliamFarrer, jnr  and for Galway land0106
JamesFenton   046
WilliamFenton  for Swaine land0116
WilliamFentonandRichard Inghamfor Wilding land086
JosephGant  for Mr. Milner's land0123
JosephGant  and for Swaine land0140
JohnGant   047
JohnGantandWilliam Swainefor Toby Farrer land078
JosiasGant  for Lepton house016
AbrahamHainsworth   140
JamesHainsworth   036
EdwardHarrison  for Mr. Gibson's land136
EdwardHarrison  for Lepton land160
WidowHeigham   078
JohnHey  and for Mr. Milner land1138
JohnHey  for his own land150
RobertHilhouse  for Shay Royds038
SamuelHilhouse   020
SamuelHinscliff   1189
JamesHinscliffor occupiers 010
ThomasHollingworth  for Mr. Milbland0123
ThomasHollingworth  for Purdue land0120
WilliamHollingworth  land3166
WilliamHollingworth  for Strickland house020
ThomasHollingworth  for Dick Royds060
WilliamHollingworth  for Lepton land120
WilliamHutchinson   061
AbrahamHutchinson   041
JohnHutchinson   067
Mr.HuttonandMr.Sharpefor Eastfield and low ground1154
Mr.Hutton  and for Shay Royds0156
WilliamJenkinsonandMr.Eminsonfor occupiers0123
JohnJonsonor occupiers 056
EdwardKent  for Mr. Watkinson land0160
EdwardKent  for his own land056
WilliamLee   0150
JohnLobley   0154
GeorgeLongley  for Mr. Milner's lsnd191
GeorgeLongley  and for his own047
RobertLumby   047
WilliamLumby  for Mr. Whittaker land0136
WilliamLumby   0116
SamuelLumby  for Watson land076
SamuelLumby  and for his own land070
JohnLumby  for Mr. Heyland0154
SamuelLumbyandJoshua Nailerfor ye Quarrels0190
JohnLumby  for his own land1116
JoshuaLumby   0150
WilliamLumby   for his own land060
WilliamLumby, snr   076
WidowMarshall   056
JohnMilner   2142
Mr.Milner  for ye Tithe000
SarahMitchel   020
JohnMitchell   220
WilliamMossandJohn Mossfor Sharp and Shoolabroads130
MathewMoss  for the Hall Royds0129
MathewMoss  for Toft046
MathewMoss  for Snowden Tenement000
WidowMosse   146
MathewMosse  for Hollingworth land0123
WilliamMosse  for Atkinson house046
WilliamMosse  and for his own land110
MathewMosse  and for his own land090
WidowNettleton   106
Mr.Nutter  for his own farm11410
Occupiersof  Musgrave land0113
Occupiersof  ye Tithe0120
Occupiersof Tyrsall   14165
JosephPearson  for Mr. Milner's land313
JamesPearson  for the Croft064
JohnPearson   0123
JamesPearson   023
JeremiahRaistrick   026
MichaelRiley  for Mr. Walker lands0126
JohnRudd  for Mr.Milner land0139
JohnRudd  and for his own land0100
WilliamShaw   030
WidowSmithandWilliam Banksfor Mr. Gibson's land166
WidowSmith   076
WilliamStablesor occupiers 0138
NameSurname  Description of Land £ s d
JamesTaylor   092
JohnThornton   016
PeterTurner   0143
FrancisWarburton   110
SamuelWaterworthandJerrie Waterworthfor Lepton land140
WilliamWatson  for Scaubert land080
JoshuaWhitley   092
WilliamWhitley   090
ChristopherWhitleyandJosias Booth 176
WilliamWilliamson   010
JohnWilson   047
WidowWilson  6/1 and for Jordan Royds 13/60197
JohnWilson  for Moss land020
TimothyWilson   016

Transcibed from
"The History and Antiquities of Pudsey"
written by Simeon Rayner, published 1887 by Longmans, Green and Co.
Transcribed by
the late David Simpson ©2000