Great Ouseburn, Roll of Honour transcription


Great Ouseburn parish:


Great Ouseburn, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in St. Mary's Church, Great Ouseburn.

Your Prayers Are Asked

For Those Who Have Gone

To Serve Our King & Country

By Land And Sea And Air

Our Roll of Honour

F. Preston, A.S.C.  T. Richmond, A.S.C.
T. Robson, R.F.A. W. Reed, R.F.C.
* W. Simpson, Lincoln Reg't E.P. Jacques, R.Y.A.
A. Fenwick, W.Y.R. † E. Lynn, W.Y.R.
* T. Dawson, W.R.R. H. Simpson, R.G.A.
A. Robson, W.Y.R. J. Preston, R.F.C.
J. Bell, R.W.H.R. A. Robinson, Coldstream Gds.
W. Richardson, H.G.Y.L.I. V. Reed, H.L.I.
A. Bramley, Lincoln Reg't J.P. Cuthbert, W.Y.R.
E. Dawson, R.F.A. R. Cooper, H.G.Y.L.I.
G. Middleton, R.E. J. Cass, A.S.C.
J. Allenby, Remounts C.T.M. Vincent, 2 W.R.
J. Wrightson, R.F.A. C. Daniel, A.S.C.
T. Waddington, W.Y.R. * G. Allenby
T. Middleton, A.S.C. A. Wrightson
W. Bramley, Lanc. Fus'rs J.M. Ibbotson, N.F.R.
W. Holmes, S.Afr. Inf. F. Reed, Canadians
J. Middleton, Ox & Bucks L.I. H. Preston
J. Robson, R.F.A. A. Smith
H. Noble, 14th Hussars W. Jennings, R.E.
* W. Bell, W.Y.R. R. Chapman
* J. Willey, W.Y.R. I. Pick
W. Preston, Leicesters  
H. Stead, R. Fus'rs  
* killed           † died in hospital

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson