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Help and advice for NORTHOWRAM REGISTER INDEX: The Northowram Registers

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The Northowram Registers

The Northowram Registers


This is a list of those people who committed to purchasing the book before it was published. -Colin Hinson.


Nelson D. Adams, Washington, Most Hon. The Marquis of Bute,
U.S. London
W. Adlam, F.S.A., Chew Magna, Sir E. Baines, Knt., J.P., Leeds
Somerset W. H. Brayshaw, Malham
W. A. Abram, Blackburn Rev. B. H. Blacker, M.A., Stroud
W. Aldam, J.P., Frickley Hall, Rev. W. T. Blathwayt, Dyrham
Doncaster Rectory, Chiping Sodbury, Bath
J. Amphlett, Clent, Stourbridge T. Brayshaw, Settle
W. Anderton J P., Cleckheaton Col. Lytton Bulwer, E. Dereham
G. Ackroyd, Bradford W. Berry, Gomersall
W. Andrews F R.H.S., Hull J. E. Burrow, Headingley
Rev. W. E. Anderton, M.A., B. H. Beedham, Kimbolton
Morle J. W. Berry, Charles St., Bradford
Rev. Alex. Anderson, Radcliffe, J. A. Busfeild, J.P., Upwood,
Manchester Bingley
Robert Arthington, Leeds J. M. Barber, Heckmondwike
R. Arundel, Tanshelf Lodge, W. E. Bools, 7 Cornhill, E.C.
Pontefract Miss J. Boyd, Leamside, Durham
G. J. Armytage F.S.A., Kirklees J. F. Brigg J.P., Greenhead,
Richd. Ashworth, Gt. Lever Bolton Huddersfield
F. M. T. Attree, Springfield Ho., Matthew Balm, Idle
Worthing J. Botterill, Cottingham, E. Riding
Dr. Alexander, J.P Halifax Mrs. Bulmer, Blenheim Lodge,
Col. E. Akroyd,F.S.A. Halifax Leeds
Sir J. Bernard Burke C.B., LL.D., J. Boothroyd, Bradford
//Ulster King of Arms\\, Dublin A. Barraclough, Halifax
J. Bairstow, Mayor, Halifax Rev. Robert Collyer, D.D., New
B. C. Bostock, L. Camden, Chisle- York
hurst Col. J. L. Chester, LL.D., London
W. Beecroft, E. Grove, Keighley G. E. Cokayne, F.S.A., //Lancaster
Isaac Blnns, F.R.H.S. Batley Herald\\ College of Arms, (2)
A. Briggs, Rawdon W. F. Carter, Hazelwood, Bmnghm.
J. Barraclough Stafford Lawn, Hx. J. W. Clay, Rastrick, Brighouse
J. H. Bell, M.D. Bradford R. F. Crosland, Cleckheaton
J. W. Burnly, Gomersall Rev. T. Cox, M.A., Halifax
E. B. Wheatley Balme Mirfield G. T. Clark, F.S.A., Dowlais
J. E. Bailey, F.S.A., Stretford R. Creyke, M.P., Rawcliffe, Selby
F. A. Blaydes, Hockliffe, Leighton Rev. J. R. Campbell, D.D., Bdfd.
Buzzard, Beds. W. Cudworth, Bradford
J. G. Berry, Fixby F. T. Cansick, F.R.H.S., London
J. A. Bottomley, Huddersfield W. H. Conyers, Ben Rhydding, Lds.
J. B. Bilbrough, Leeds (2) S. J. Chadwick, Mirfield
Messrs. Burnley, Heckmondwike J.J. Cartwright, M.A., Rolls House,
A. Beanlands, jr., Palace Green, London
Durham Jas. Crossley, F. S.A., Stocks Ho.,
I. Briggs, Wakefield Cheetham Hill
W. Brierley, Bond Street, Leeds J. D. Craven, Thornton, Bradford
Rev. R. Balgarnie, Scarborough E. Crossley, J.P., Halifax
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Ald. T. Denham, Mayor, Huddsfd. J. Gourlay, Bradford
J. Dodgshun, Leeds (2) Rev. A. B. Grosart, LL.D., F.S.A.,
Dean Clough Inst., Halifax (T. Blackburn
Dickenson) Lady Heathcote, Winchester
Stanley Dickenson, Halifax Rt. Hon. Lord Houghton, D.C.L.,
Rev. J.H. Deex, Northowram Fryston
J. Denham, Huddersfield J. D. Hutchinson, M.P., Halifax
W. Downing, Acock's Green, Bir- T. Rowley Hill, M.P., Worcester
mingham I. Holden, J.P., Oakworth,
W. Dunlop, J.P., Bingley Keighley
R. Dowman, Ardwick, Manchester W. A. Hoyle, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Rev. Dr. Dickenson, Bridlington John O'Hart, F.R.A.H.S., Dublin
Rev. J. Ingle Dredge, Buckland J. J. Howard, LL.D., F. S. A.,
Brewer Vicarage, Bideford Blackheath
J. H. Duncan, Otley J. Habershon, Masbro', (2)
Rev. Bryan Dale, M.A., Halifax Robert Hovenden, Croydon
J. Dodgson, Briggate Leeds Thomas Hughes, F.S.A., Chester
W.C. Dyson, F.S.A.S., Wilton Pk., Angus Holden, J.P., Mayor, Brad
Batley ford
J. H. Dewhirst, Skipton L. Hainsworth, Bowling, Bradford (2)
Dudley G. Cary Elwes, F.S.A., R. Holmes, Pontefract
Bedford E. Hailstone, F.S.A. Walton Hall
J. P. Earwaker, M.A., F.S.A Ald. J. Hill, Apsley Crescent,
Withington, Manchester Bradford
W. M. Egglestone, Stanhope R. Hanby, Cheetham's Library,
T. T. Empsall, Bradford Manchester (2)
F. Eastwood, Huddersfield Ald. T. Hill, Manor St., Bradford
Cap. Fawcett, Wainsford, Lyming- Rev. H. Harrison, Idel, Leeds
ton, Hants. J. Hutton, Eccleshill
Osgood Field, F.S.A., Grosvenor S. Edgar Hirst, Crow Trees, Ras-
Mansions, S.W. trick
J. L. Ffytche F.S.A., Thorpe Hall, J. Hirst, Ladcastle, Dobcross, Sad-
Elkington, Lincolnshire dleworth
T. Fairbank, Windhill Heywood Sunday School, Nthowm.
F. Royston Fairbank, M.D., G. Higgin, 3, Gt. Geo. St., West-
Doncaster minster
J. F. Fuller, F.S.A., Dublin Rev. R. Poole Hooper, 31, Cam-
T. F. Firth, Heckmondwike bridge Rd, Brighton
John Foster J.P., Lightcliffe G. Hanson, Rochdale Free Library
W. Foster, J.P., Queensbury W. Harrison, F.S.A., Samlesbury
E. Fraser, F.R.C.S., Hull Hall, Blackburn
C. A. Federer, Bradford Rev T. Hunter, Dr. William's
Lt. Col. Fishwick, F.S.A., Carr Library, London
Hill, Rochdale J. A. H. Hirst, Retford
Rev. W. T. Garrett, M.A., Crake- Rev. Canon Hulbert, M.A.,
hall, Bedale Almondbury
J. G. Goodwin, Eccleston Sq., Halifax Lit. & Phil. Soc. (S. T.
London Rigge)
R. H. J. Gurney, Norwich W. Horsfall, Heckmondwike
L. Gaunt, Farsley Isaac Heywood, Mansfield
H. Gray, Cathedral Yard, Manchr. D.F. Howorth, F.S.A.S., Ashton-
(3) under-Lyne, (2)
W. Gregson, Baldersby, Thirsk T. Hirst, Huddersfield
J. J. Green, Stansted, Essex C. Harvey, Barnsley
A. Gatty, F.S.A., Rouge Croix, I. Hordern, Oxly-Woodhouse, Hud-
Ecclesfield dersfield
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R. Haughton, Subscription Library, G. W. Marshall, LL.D., F.S.A.
York London
Leonard Hartley, Middleton Lodge W. Mallinson, Leeds
Alfred Illingworth, M.P., Daisy W. Milnes, Addingham, Ilkley
Bank, Bradford Samuel Morley, M.P., London
Booth Illingworth, St. Jude's Place, Rev. A. R. Maddison, Lincoln
Bradford T. P. Muff, Ilkley
C. Jackson, F.S.A., Doncaster Rev. E. Mellor, D.D., Halifax
J. Jubb, J.P., Batley New England Hist. & Gen. Soc.,
A. J. Jewers, F.S.A., Mutley, Boston. Mass.
Plymouth Rev. C. B. Norcliffe, M.A., York (2)
W. F. Marsh Jackson, Smethwick Major W. Newsome, R.E., New-
Rev. J. Julian, M.A., Wincobank castle
Vicarage, Sheffield Messrs Needham, Bros., Sheffield
Rev. F.W. Jackson, Bolton Percy J. H. Oxley, Masbro', Rotherham
W. H. M. Jackson, Hills Place, W. H. Oxley, Batley
Oxford Circus, W. J. Peel. Knowlmere Manor, Blkbn
H. M. Jackson, Hull John Parker, 19th Regt., The Bar-
J. Jowitt, Leeds racks, Birmingham, (3)
J. Kaye, J.P., Clayton West, Hdfd. W. Duncombe Pink, Leigh
A. J. Knapp. Clifton, Bristol B. Priestley, J.P., Calverley
Miss Rosa M. Kettle, Parkstone, Pudsey Mech. Inst. (S. Rayner)
Dorset Geo. Pearson, 223, Hall Lane, Bdfd.
R. Kershaw, Crow Nest, Lightcliffe Rev. T. Parkinson, North Ottering-
(2) ton
J. E. Knowles, Gomersall F. S. Powell, J.P., Horton, Bradford
Sir John Lawson, Bt., Brough Hall Ellison Powell, 44, Coleman St., City
J. T. Leather, F.S.A., Leventhorpe J. Pye-Smith, Sheffield
Hall, Leeds Bernard Quaritch, Piccadilly, Lndn.
W. H. Lee, Mayor, Wakefield Most Noble The Marquis of Ripon,
W. Lee, Hanover Sq., Bradford K.G.
J. Lister, M.A.,Shibden Hall (2) Sir C. Reed, M.P., F.S.A. Earls-
J. Lever, Bowdon, Cheshire mead
J. D. Leader, F.S.A., Oakburn, J. S. Rowntree, Lord Mayor, York
Sheffield Sir H. W. Ripley, Bart., Rawdon
W. H. Leatham, M.P., Hernsworth, W.U.S. Glanville-Richards, Win-
Pontefract dlesham, Surrey
B. Langley, Sheffield J. Rawson, J.P., Halifax
Leeds Free Library, (J. Yates.) J. B. Raines, Burton Pidsea, Hull
B. Lockwood, J.P., Storthes, Hud- R. Renolds Rowe, Park House,
dersfield Cambridge
S. Margerison, Calverley, (2) T. Stamford Raffles, J.P., Liverpool
Rev. F. E. Millson, M.A., Halifax S. Rayner, Pudsey
R. B. Mackie, M.P., Wakefield T.W.N. Robinson, F.S.A.,
S. Milne Milne, Calverley Houghton-le-Spring, Fencehouses
G. Marshall, Frith Bank, Boston, J. Rusby F.R.H.S. Regent's Park
Lincolnshire T. Milville Raven, M.A.,Crakehall,
Col. Moore, F.S.A., Frampton Bedale
Hall, Boston S. T. Rigge, Halifax
J. Massey, J.P., Burnley Rev. C. Rogers, D.D. LL.D., Lndn.
J. W. Mitchell, { Rothsay Herald }, J. P. Rylands F.S.A., Warrington
Sidmouth Josiah Rose, Leigh
H. J. Morehouse, M.D., F.S.A., J. B. Reyner, J.P., Ashton-under-
Kirkburton Lyne
A. W. Morant, C.E., F.S.A., Leeds Rev. David S. Rose, Edhell, Brechin
C.H. Marriott, Dewsbury T. H. Rushforth, Coley Lodge,

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Ealing W. Rawson Shaw, Halifax
J. Richardson, Headingley Sir C. Trevelyan, Bt Wallington
F. Ramsden, Sowerby Bridge Disney L. Thorpe M.D., Cheltenham
F. Ross, F.R.H.S., Stamford Hill, Rev. W. Tarbolton, Ilkley
London Mrs. G. B. Thompson, Allerton,
Rev. W.S. Simpson, D.D., F.S.A., Liverpool
Kennington Pk. Rd., S.E. Thomas Turner, Old Market, Hfx.
G. Scarborough, Halifax J. Teal, Halifax (7)
Joseh Sagar, Causeway, Halifax J. Tattersfield, Heckmondwike (2)
W. Scruton, West Bowling, Bdfd. W. Murray Tuke, Saffron Walden
J. Wales Smith, Leeds Rev. S. Blois Turner, F.S.A., Hales-
Bobert Sutcliffe, J. P., Idel worth
Rev. T. Sutcliffe, J.P., Heptonstall G. W. Tomlinson, F.S.A., Hudders-
C. W. Sutton, Free Library, Man- field
chester (2) Stephen Tucker, {Somerset Herald,}
J. J. Stead, Heckmondwike Herald's College, London
Evelyn P. Shirley, F.S.A., Strat- Rev. R. V. Taylor, B.A., Richmond
ford-on-Avon T. W. Tew, J.p., Carleton Grange,
F. W. Slingsby, Piccadilly, Bdfd. Pontefract
W. Smiles, M.D., H.M. Prison, B. Ll. Vawdrey, Tushingham Hall,
Cold Bath Fields, London Salop
Mrs. Stapylton, Myton Hall W.J. Vint, Idel
Michael Sheard, Batley Sir Albert Woods, Garter, College
A. B. Sewell, Bradford of Arms, E.C.
T. Stratten, Hull Rev. W. H. Wawn, M.A., Coley
Rev. J. H. Stanning, M.A., Leigh Captain E. A. White, F.S.A., Old
Vic., Lancashire Elvet, Durham
C. Sykes, M.P., Brantingham, J. W. Willans F.S.S., Headingley
Brough J. Whitley, West House, Halifax
R. Sims, British Museum E. Wilson, F.S.A., Beech Grove,
T. Stehpenson, Ilkley Leeds
John Sykes, M.D., F.S.A., Don- T. Waldron, B.A. Grammar School
caster Thornton, Bradford
E. Solly, F.R.S., F.S.A., Sutton, W. J. Walker, 126, Lister Lane,
Surrey Halifax
H. P. Swaine, Braboeuf Manor, C. Wooler, Hopton
Guildford F. Sydney Waddington, Lower
R. Sugden,Brighouse Clapton
E. Swaine, York J. H. Wurtzburg, Albion Works,
S. Shaw, J.P., Stainland Leeds
T. Shaw, J.P., Allangate, Halifax C. White, Chapel Lane, Bradford
Mrs. Leopold Scarlett, Parkhurst, H. Wagner, F.S.A., Piccadilly, W.
Dorking J. Wilkinson Town Clerk, York
Arthur Schomberg, Secud Lodge, C. H. L. Woodd, J.P., Roslyn,
Melksham Hampstead
J. Shaw, Barnsley J.K. Welch, J.P., 18, BIlliter Street,
H. Ecroyd Smith, Saffron Walden E.C.
J. W. Spofforth, Knottingley E. Westerton, Stationer, Knights-
W. Smith, F.S.A.S., Morley bridge, London
G. E. Swithenbank, LL.D., F.S.A., J. Webster, Gildersome
Anerley Park, Surrey Mrs. Whitworth, Halifax
Wilson Sutcliffe, J.P., Bowling J. W. Walker, Halifax
D. Sykes, Huddersfield J. Walker, Hopton
J.W. Sykes, Huddersfield J.Watkinson, Fairfield, Huddersfield
C. Stead, Saltaire Zech. Yewdall, Calverley
Jonathan Smith, Halifax J. Yates, Masbro', Rotherham

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Transcribed by Colin and Pauline Hinson © 1995