Queensbury Baptist Church History


Queensbury Baptist Church History up to 1912.



In 1772, when the Baptist Church was formed in Queensbury, then called Queenshead, there Queensbury: were only a few scattered houses on the wild hill side. The work was commenced by Rev. Dan Taylor, of Birchcliffe, to whose life and work reference is made elsewhere in this volume. Under his preaching, a hearer named John Bairstow, was graciously influenced, and threw open his house for religious worship. A little later a room in the inn on the hillside was hired as more convenient. In 1773, the chapel was built, and John Taylor, the brother of Dan Taylor, the apostle of the General Baptists, was appointed pastor. For forty-five years Mr. Taylor exercised a happy and fruitful ministry, during which time seven young men of the congregation went forth to become ministers of the gospel. His work, however, was not confined to his own Church. He did the work of an evangelist. As a rule he preached morning and afternoon at Queensbury, and in the evening would walk to another village, sometimes more than one, to uplift The Christ before men. So great was the esteem in which he was held that when he died, in 1818, more than 3,000 people attended his funeral sermon as a mark of respect and affection.

In 1820, during the pastorate of Rev. W. Henley, the old chapel was pulled down, and a new one erected on the site. Mr. Henley was succeeded in 1829 by Rev. S. H. Hudson, who had previously laboured in Jamaica, and who, at the close of his ministry in 1840, again took up service in the foreign field, becoming a missionary to China. The Revs. R. Hardy and J. Parkinson followed, and in 1885 Rev. C. E. Carter became pastor. During Mr. Carter's fruitful ministry of fifteen years, the new school premises were erected, and the membership of the Church reached high water mark. The Rev. Grimshaw Binns succeeded Mr. Carter in 1900, and worthily maintained the work. In 1908, Mr. Binns left to take up pastoral work in Australia, and in 1909, the present pastor, Rev. E. G. Hinton, became minister. At least four former members of Queensbury are now in the work of the ministry.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
from the "Present Churches" section of
The Baptists of Yorkshire
by Rev. J. Brown Morgan
and Rev. C.E. Shipley