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Low Bentham parish:

High Bentham, Burials transcription:

The 1944 to 2000 Burials transcribed from photographs of the book in the church at High Bentham.

George Percy Gill15th October
Kate Elizabeth Townson4th December
Edna Irene Exelby24th January
James Scambler (jr.)1st December
James Scambler (sr.)29th December
Margaret Jackman22nd December

Edith Fleming9th March
Walter William Armstrong5th April
James Dodgson6th January
Dorothy Elizabeth Benham15th February
Dorothy Janet Reid16th July
John Metcalfe Mason7th August
Richard Turner18th November

Elizabeth Maudsley19th May
Henry Reid18th November
John Edward Hebblethwaite17th December
Robert Bateson8th January
William Cumberland4th February
Fred Harrison16th November

Ethel Gladys Armstrong24th January
Charles Eric Priestley10th February
Richard Proctor7th December
William Andrew Baird27th January
Winifred Edith Bennett28th January
Sarah Ann Ruckin Dowell9th April
Robert Barker Wilcock25th April
Lettice Bradley2nd November
Elizabeth Ann Park23rd July

James Walker25th January
Margaret Fawcete15th February
Lettice Atkinson6th March
Rhoda Wilson1st January
Arthur Watkinson2nd February
Thomas Bradley19th February
Elizabeth Ann Parker21st July
Mary Ellen Dowbiggin5th August
Sarah Ellen Wilkinson13th September

Nora Blanche Walker3rd October
William James Wilson25th October
John Watson Jackman28th December
William Ross Wilkinson27th April
Thomas Hardy Arthur Woodforde13th March
Richard Leak18th March
William Foster Wrathall19th March
Dorothy Margaret Nelson23rd June
Robert Richardson15th July

Ellen Luke21st July
Ada Proctor9th August
Thomas Carthy10th November
Frederick William Anthony Duesbury11th May
Jonathan Lambert Pedder30th August
William Preston24th December
Greta Pearson4th January
Charles Richard Priestley10th April

Harry Ivan Townson23rd August
Herbert Maunders30th October
John Joseph Maunders9th November
Mabel Annie Proctor8th December
Richard Smith Riley3rd May
Richard Marriott12th May
Francis Rattray Reid2nd June
Agnes Ann Cross2nd September
Robert Benson Cross26th October
Margaret Ellen Seed11th November

Dora Hebblethwaite16th November
Thomas Oscar Butler28th January
Irene Isabella Ardon Sedgwick5th March
Alec Hargrave12th April
Rubert John Richard Nardman25th April
Alice Wilcock15th July
Vera Rose Collins16th July
Philip Pearson20th July
Ann Armstrong29th September
Nellie Taylor Thompson27th October
Hilda Elizabeth Sanderson19th November
Thomas Howell Duxbury22nd November

Kate Watson20th December
Lewis Moore10th January
Fanny Brayshaw1st February
Thomas Wilson Hodgson21st February
Mary Crabtree18th May
James Wilson21st May
Annie Heron28th September
Emily Pybus Forster21st October
Mary Agnes Leak14th November
Eric Dennison15th November

Joseph Henry Rogerson19th January
Ernest Metcalfe10th February
Robert Hinde Bickerstaff22nd February
Richard Metcalfe Kidd4th April
Charles Collins7th May
Maragret Elizabeth Thompson18th May
Gladys Ellershaw7th July
Maurice Charles Hunt26th August
Fred Errington12th October
Eleanor Metcalfe24th October

George Windlow Garlick8th November
Sarah Alice Hesleton11th November
James Foster30th December
Mary Maud Parker27th January
Margaret Wright21st February
Marion Wrathall23rd May
Isabella Grace Mitchell19th July
Bell Foster3rd September
James Phillipson13th October

Robert Taylor17th October
Ada Pedder17th December
Margaret Armstrong25th December
Sarah Hocking14th February
George Philpott9th March
Joan Noble13th March
Clarence Angus17th April
William Thornton17th April
James Foster7th May

Marjorie Parker10th June
Lillie O'Neill6th July
Faerie Edith Lillian Teague27th July
Henry Ernest Newhouse D.C.M.28th September
Walter Clarke1st October
Bryan Jackman5th October
Arthur Slinger11th October
Mona Margaret Woof25th November

Dorothy Margaret Garlick25th November
Margaret Isobel Thornton15th December
William Robinson Brownsord24th April
Wilfred Newhouse8th June
Robert Atkinson Staveley11th July
John Edwin Coates21st September

Doris Francis Norvall29th November
Agnes Harrison18th December
Kate Moore29th December
Andrew John Woods25th January
Winifred Hill4th February
Richard Cookson27th March
Frederick Sharples12th April

Jane Helen Atkinson2nd May
Robert Lomax5th May
John Rigg31st May
Florence Newhouse5th July
Gordon Stanley Clack4th August
Winifred Robinson1st September
Dorothy Holding21st September
Alice Marion Raikes Holme7th October

Mabel Bickerstaff7th November
Wilcock Bryan Whittaker26th November
May Cumberland6th February
Walter Newhouse18th March
Elizabeth Maudsley24th April
Sarah Ann Murphy30th May
Evelyn Hesleden28th June
Fred Wilcock22nd September

Kathleen Bruce5th October
Fred Anderson7th January
Eric Tunstall Hammill18th January
Aiden Crawley Pulleine Ward M.A.28th January
Vicar of St. Margaret's 1973 - 1979
Edmund Herd4th March
Thomas Stanley Jackson9th January
Frank Kendall Butterfield28th April

Peggy Irene Pearson22nd June
Catherine Hutchison30th June
James Lawrence Hosfield18th July
Mary Doreen Clarke19th August
Lillie Jackman23rd September
Amy Hain16th October
John Park4th November
Annie Maunders27th November
Betsy Easterby Kidd5th December
Mary Wilcock16th January

Horace Lowe1st February
Amy Prestwich Turner22nd February
Hilda Eveline Newhouse23rd February
Margaret Alexandra Reid7th April
George Thexton11th April
Violet Annie Anderson30th June
Faith Hodgson2nd August

William Rowlandson3rd August
Doris Bell23rd August
Ethel Whittaker18th September
Dorothy Butler3rd November
Lancelot Victor Bibby10th March
Beatrice Bibby10th March
Gladys Court Jenkins13th March
Mary Edith Nicholson31st May
George Eric Smith30th August
Kathleen Mabel Miller2nd September
Wilhelmina Simpson11th September
Mary Jane Baines31st October
Ethel Blakey12th November

Dorothy Cornell6th December
William Thornton15th December
Edmund Staveley Woof27th December

William Wilkinson18th January
Richard Hamilton14th July
Irene Green2nd August
Ellen Foster4th September
Arthur Ambrose Briscoe17th September
Alice Ivy Phillpott28th September
John Baines5th November
Alan Smith28th November
Elsie May Lamb25th December
Harry Crabtree25th December

Tom Jackson16th February
Ella Bush24th February
William Walley21st March
Elizabeth Midgley2nd April
Miles Stanley Pilling6th May
Ernest (Butt) Fletcher25th June
Maud Jackson1st August
Daphne Jean Rosemary Hazeltine3rd August
Edwin Jackman27th September
Louie Fletcher2nd October
John Edward Thornton20th October

John Shaw1st March
John Gregson5th April
Nellie Lavinia Butterfield21st April
John Edward Parry18th July
Jane Ann Jackson28th September
May Wilkinson1st October
Hilda Wellington11th October
John Henry Jenkins7th November
Harry Wilkinson11th November
Eric Woodhouse Preston15th December
Joseph William Winn17th December

John Miller13th January
Alice Foster3rd February
Constance Charlotte Pricilla Taylor4th March
William John Jacques5th May
Sidney Taylor19th May
Mary Florence Hammill27th May
John Ernest Wright21st July
Ernest Wilcock14th September
James Jackson16th October
Mary Foster16th October

John Preston30th January
Thomas Jackman2nd April
Elsie Pye20th May
Mary Jackman28th October
Thomas Christopher Garlick27th December
John Thornhill Thompson21st January
Dorothy Annie Mounteer27th March
Clara Downham14th April

Kenneth Charles Lloyd5th May
Frank Farquhar Newton26th May
Elizabeth Kidd14th November
Maggie Pointon10th December
Christopher Barker Wilcock26th December
Reginald Wellington23rd February
Francis Townson27th February
Alan Cuthbert Kidd5th April

Arthur Dodding28th October
Leslie Boyd Hoyle1st November
Emily Mary Denley31st December
Agnes Preston20th January
James Arthur Mitchell4th February
Richard De La Roche Kenyon16th June
Thomas Cardus21st June
Mary Margaret Pilling22nd July
Margaret Proctor20th September

Jessie Patrickson Coates17th October
Joan Hinley Atkinson31st October
Frances Childs26th November
Fanny Lister Borwell6th February
Frances Margaret Briscoe8th February
Basil Grimshaw9th April
Wilfred Swales28th May

John Green Wilcock2nd June
Stanley Newton2nd June
John William Clayton21st August
Mary Cockerton11th October
Annie Jowett28th November
Robert Edward Phillip28th December
Hilda Mary Hargrave1st January
Anne Givens Jackman30th January
Herbert Slinger8th May

Gerald Ely16th May
Cedric Lloyd Greenep23rd May
Bridget Parkinson14th August
Annie Martha Vipond Parker14th August
William Emmott20th February
Bruce Mackay30th March
Dorothy Constance Grimshaw3rd April
Dora Rowlandson25th May
Jacqueline Florence Davies27th July

Gladys May Slinger20th August
Gladys Agnes Angus21st September
Elizabeth Magoolagan29th October
Jeanne Slater7th November
Catherine Greenep16th November
Betty Jackson27th January
Richard Brian Cowgill12th May
Annie Armstrong31st May
Stanley Childs9th June
James Deason Hall5th July
31st August

Margaret Maudsley18th September
Noel Bell11th October
Rev.d Canon
John Wrigley Adams M.A.
Vicar of St. Margaret's 1964-197327th October
Nigel John Andrew Kinsella
Vicar of St. Margaret's 1980-199327th October
Margaret Foster24th November
James Armstrong3rd December

Hannah Pedley1st February
Robert Foster3rd February
Charlie Harrison8th February
Elizabeth Alice Brownsord12th February
Cecil Harrison Kenworth Taylor28th March
Derek John Schofield2nd April
Wilfred Mounteer3rd April
Ronald Leslie James Cook30th April
Veronica Seggar14th May
Samuel Edward Mason15th May
Bryan Parker21st May

Edith Mary Campbell6th June
Edith Phillipson22nd August
Jennie Newhouse2nd September
John Raby Bowker23rd September
Margaret Betsy Newhouse4th October
John Lister8th October
Fred Frost11th November
William Benson25th December
Jane Edney13th January
Emily Collins9th March
Margaret Wildman10th June

Sydney Parkinson15th July
Arthur David Lewis28th August
Eric Holt3rd September
Cecile Mary Turner27th October
Minnie Taylor30th October
Kathleen Margaret Newhouse28th November
William Hird12th December
Robert Thomas Crabtree24th December
Joshua Lonsdale31st January
Harry Pilton14th February

Jim Nash24th April
Nora Aune Leeming25th April
Robert Edgar Thompson6th May
William Thomas1st June
William Reid Armstrong5th June
Doris Isabel Walley13th July
Mary Cook21st July
Renee Sedgewick19th August
Denis Neild2nd October
Joan Helen Neild26th February 1992
Edith Thornborough9th November
Violet Hazel Benson18th December

Robert Stanley Parry20th March
Geffrey Capstick12th April
Charles Cowgill17th April
Eric Knowles14th August
Alan Frost18th October
John Faraday26th October
Martha Davies29th November
Percy (Peter) Booth7th December
Nathan Eidred Taylor5th February
Francis Smith28th April
Peggy Patricia Smith22nd July

Roland Nicholson5th July
Constance Webb15th September
Annie Ramwell28th September
Kathleen Ada Newton7th October
Olga Margaret Emma Bortone?14th October
Catherine Mary Fisher20th November
Peter Frank Caltea28th November
Doris Thistlethwaite14th November
Gilbert Dowbiggen26th December

William Hesleden24th February
Clare Magodagan2nd April
Patrick Campbell7th April
Helena Mason17th April
Kathleen Brown19th April
Robert Glynne Davies31st May
Mary Guy2nd June
Edith Capstick3rd July
Elspeth Patricia Hardy1st December

John Ewbank Parker24th March
Frank Murfin12th April
Deborah Pickett21st April
Lena Thomas26th April
Edith Mary Murfin16th May
Denis Jowett1st September
Marian Parker16th November
James Segger7th December

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson