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WALES: Wales Registers: Marriages, 1890-1899

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom notesAgeGroom ParishOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride notesAgeBride Parish
08 03 1890ThomasEDWARDBachelor, Son of William, Miner26Kiveton Park CharlotteRODGERSDaughter of Alfred, Miner20Kiveton Park
23 06 1890WilliamROSEBachelor, Son of William, BlackSmith26WalesBlackSmithHannah MariaTYEDaughter of George, Horse Keeper22Wales
29 06 1890RobertCREASYBachelor, Son of John, Horse Keeper22WalesMinerCatherineSPENCERDaughter of Thomas, deceased Miner18Kiveton Park
03 07 1890WilliamHUNSTONBachelor, Son of George, Labourer28DoncasterFiremanSusan ElizabethRICHDaughter of William, Shepherd29Wales
22 07 1890LeonardBARKERBachelor, Son of Thomas, Weighman20Kiveton ParkMinerJaneLEADaughter of Charles, Grocer25Kiveton Park
23 07 1890LewisTURNERBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased Engine Man22Swallow NestBlackSmithAdaGODFREYDaughter of Joseph, BlackSmith21WalesWood
29 09 1890ArthurHERBERTBachelor, Son of George, Miner24Kiveton ParkFiremanHannahSTIMSONDaughter of John, Miner24Kiveton Park
13 10 1890HenryMEESBachelor, Son of William, Miner19Kiveton ParkMinerEmilyJACKSONDaughter of George, Foreman20Kiveton Park
10 11 1890WilliamLANEBachelor, Son of John, Shop Manager26WalesWood CollieryFiremanMary JaneSYKESDaughter of Joseph, BlackSmith28WalesWood Colliery
10 11 1890PhilipROSSBachelor, Son of Philip, Miner20Kiveton ParkMinerCordelia AnnWARBURTONSpinster18WalesWood Colliery
09 12 1890GeorgeCUMMINGBachelor, Son of George, Labourer32WalesHorseManHarrietPICHVELLDaughter of John, Farmer35 
25 12 1890ShadrachHILLSLEYBachelor, Son of John, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerRhoda JaneLEBONDDaughter of Job18Kiveton Park
10 01 1891ThomasTHORNTONBachelor, Son of William, Railway Clerk24Kiveton ParkSignalManLouisa RebeccaEDWARDSDaughter of John, Miner18Kiveton Park
01 02 1891LenBURROWSBachelor, Son of Len, Miner23WalesCollierAdaMANGHAMDaughter of Alfred, Miner18 
21 02 1891GeorgeSTEPHENSBachelor, Son of Isaac, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerSusannaHARTDaughter of William, Miner24Kiveton Park
16 03 1891John ThomasGUESTBachelor, Son of William, Miner20Kiveton ParkMinerMary ElizabethROSSDaughter of William, Miner19Kiveton Park
16 05 1891ThomasHOGGBachelor, Son of John, Labourer20Kiveton ParkMinerMinnieFLETCHERDaughter of Samuel, Miner18Kiveton Park
30 06 1891Frederick MarkhamSPACEYBachelor, Son of Samuel, Farm Labourer22WalesMinerElizabethCADWELLDaughter of William, Collier20Wales
18 07 1891AaronWOODWidower, Son of Sampson, Miner24WalesWoodMinerElizabeth AnnDEAKINDaughter of Herbert, Miner20Kiveton Park
18 07 1891WilliamHILLSLEYBachelor, Son of John, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerMary Elizabeth RossLEECHDaughter of William, Miner20Kiveton Park
15 08 1891JoshuaJUDGEBachelor, Son of William, deceased Cutler27WalesWoodClerkMaryPRICEDaughter of John, Labourer26WalesWood
29 08 1891George EdwardROBINSONBachelor, Son of Edward Cookson, deceased26WalesMinerHannahHICKLINDaughter of Joseph, Miner24Kiveton Park
19 10 1891JoelBUCKLEYBachelor, Son of John, Farm Labourer31WalesWoodLabourerHannahWALKERDaughter of Samuel, deceased21WalesWood
13 12 1891JohnCHAPMANBachelor, Son of John, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerHannah MariaWHALEYDaughter of Joseph, Chimney Sweep19Kiveton Park
23 12 1891HarrySCOTTBachelor, Son of Charles, Lawyer25Kiveton ParkLawyerMary JaneATKINSONDaughter of George, Horse Keeper24Kiveton Park
16 02 1892WilliamKINGBachelor, Son of John, deceased ShoeMaker38BeightonMinerHannah ElizabethBANKSDaughter of George, deceased Labourer28Kiveton Park
16 04 1892WilliamEDWARDBachelor, Son of William, Miner26Kiveton ParkMinerElizaHODGKINSONDaughter of Thomas, Miner22Kiveton Park
18 04 1892Joseph WilliamROBINSONBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner21KillamarshMinerFloranceGODFREYDaughter of William, BlackSmith16Wales
30 04 1892GeorgeFROGGATTBachelor, Son of Job, Miner31WalesWoodMinerGrace DianaCLARKDaughter of Thomas, Labourer21WalesWood
09 05 1892Charles HenryBURGINBachelor of full age, Son of John, Miner Kiveton ParkMinerSarah JaneSPEEDDaughter of John, Miner WalesWood
25 06 1892BriahBAUGHBachelor, Son of John, Miner20WalesWoodMinerMary AnnBURGINSpinster19Wales
27 06 1892JamesWILLIAMSBachelor, Son of James, Miner20WalesWood CollieryMinerEmmaLISTERDaughter of John, deceased Miner19WalesWood Colliery
31 07 1892WilliamCRESWICKWidower, Son of William, deceased Farmer35WalesWoodFarm LabourerCharlotteBRADSHAWDaughter of George, Carter22WalesWood
29 08 1892HoratioOUTRAMBachelor, Son of William, Collier24WalesCollierMary AnnDAWESDaughter of Richard, Collier20Wales
30 11 1892Thomas LeviSOARBachelor, Son of Edward, deceased21Kiveton ParkSurveyorRebeccaCARTLIDGEDaughter of George, BlackSmith25Wales
26 12 1892JosephSISSORS [SISSONS?]Bachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner24Kiveton ParkLabourerHarriet AnnJAMESDaughter of Jonas, deceased Miner20Kiveton Park
26 12 1892James HerbertHORNSBYBachelor, Son of William, Farm Labourer20WalesCollierCharlotteHEPWORTHDaughter of Joseph, Watchman21Wales
26 12 1892JohnSISSORS [SISSONS?]Bachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier20Kiveton ParkCollierClara AnnLEECHDaughter of William, Collier20Kiveton Park
02 01 1893JosephLEEBachelor, Son of Charles, Grocer21Kiveton ParkGrocerEmmaBARBERDaughter of Thomas, Weighman20Kiveton Park
17 01 1893Henry DexterSTIMSONBachelor, Son of John, deceased Collier22Kiveton ParkCollierSarah AnnCOLLINSDaughter of Arthur, UnderLooker20Kiveton Park
22 02 1893FredMALLENDERBachelor, Son of William, Collier26WalesWoodCollierFannyWALKERDaughter of Goodman, deceased Collier25Kiveton Park
14 05 1893WalterWIGMOREBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner20Kiveton ParkMinerEmilyTRUEMANDaughter of John, Miner18Kiveton Park
22 05 1893WilliamWOODHEADBachelor, Son of John, Miner23WalesWood CollieryMinerJennie MariaKAYSpinster19WalesWood Colliery
19 06 1893George CharlesSALMONBachelor, Son of Henry, Butcher20Heel Bank, SheffieldButcherLydia AnnCROSSLEYDaughter of James, Farmer24Brook Home
24 06 1893MosesSIMPKINBachelor, Son of Moses, Miner23Kiveton ParkMinerJaneHERBERTDaughter of George, Miner22Kiveton Park
19 09 1893John WilliamBATEMANBachelor, Son of Abraham, Collier22Kiveton ParkCollierCecelia JaneSIMPSONDaughter of John, Labourer20Wales Road
13 03 1894WilliamARMSTRONGWidower, Son of Samuel, Labourer37WalesEngineerAliceWASSDaughter of Benjamin, Miner20Wales
17 03 1894JohnGUNBYWidower, Son of John, deceased BlackSmith46WalesWoodEngine DriverCharlotteGREAVESDaughter of William, deceased Labourer26WalesWood
12 05 1894Enoch Richard RichardsonSTAPLETONBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner23Kiveton ParkMinerMary AnnPARKINDaughter of John, Mine Deputy22Kiveton Park
15 05 1894JarvelBETTERIDGEBachelor, Son of William, Miner23Kiveton ParkMinerMary Edith RichmondSIMPSONDaughter of Frederick, deceased19Kiveton Park
24 09 1894Wilson SydneyELLISBachelor, Son of George, deceased22AslinMinerElizaSALMONDaughter of Charles, deceased21Kiveton Park
17 12 1894John JosephDUNNBachelor, Son of John, Butcher28WalesWood CollieryLamp??LillyBELLDaughter of John, Farmer27WalesWood Colliery
01 01 1895John FrancisRUSSELLBachelor, Son of Edward, Tailor26WalesCollierMary AnnSANDERSONSpinster24Wales
15 01 1895RichardMEESEBachelor, Son of William, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerEdithHARRISONDaughter of Joseph, Miner20Wombwell
06 02 1895John ThomasGOODMANBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner22WalesMinerPatienceSOARDaughter of Edward, deceased21Kiveton Park
06 02 1895John HenryTURNERBachelor, Son of William, Traveller20LINButcherMillicentSOARDaughter of Edward, deceased19Kiveton Park
04 03 1895MarkBELKBachelor, Son of Peter, Farmer28Wales BarMinerLucyWALLDaughter of John, deceased 35St.George, Sheffield
30 06 1895FredBROWNBachelor, Son of Henry, Hauler33Kiveton ParkRailway ManAnnieBLAGGDaughter of James, Miner26Kiveton Park
09 07 1895William MartinHOLMESBachelor, Son of Richard, Smith25BrightSideRailway ManPhoebe EmmaHALLDaughter of James, Miner25Kiveton Park
08 07 1895Peter WildCARTLEDGEBachelor, Son of George, BlackSmith24WalesBlackSmithMary ElizabethHOUSTONEDaughter of Samuel, Miner27Norwood End
20 07 1895William HenryCOPESTAKEBachelor, Son of William, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerFlorence MaryILLSLEYDaughter of John, Miner19Wales
29 07 1895ThomasSTINSONBachelor, Son of John, Miner27WalesMinerMary JaneCOTTERILLDaughter of Colman, Nut & Bolt Forger26Doncaster
14 08 1895FrederickSTODISBachelor, Son of Frederick, deceased23Bulsover ?Pit BanksmanMarthaFLETCHERDaughter of Samuel, Miner26Wales
30 10 1895SamuelSPENCERBachelor, Son of George, deceased23Kiveton ParkMinerElizabeth MargaretPAYNEDaughter of David, Miner19Kiveton Park
16 11 1895HerbertMARTINBachelor, Son of Levi, Miner22AslineMinerCharlotte MayROBINSONDaughter of Samuel, deceased20Kiveton Park
17 11 1895MathewCHAPMANBachelor, Son of John, Miner19Kiveton ParkMinerMarySCOTTDaughter of Charles, Surveyor21Kiveton Park
27 11 1895WilliamPEPPERWidower, Son of Abraham, Collier31Newcastle-under-LyneButcherAnnie MaryBAIGHDaughter of John, Collier26WalesWood Colliery
27 01 1896JohnHICKLINGBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerMary Ann HarrisonWODFON AKA HIMANDaughter of Henry, Labourer19Kiveton Park
05 04 1896HenryMULLINSBachelor, Son of Joseph, Road Roller24Pittsmoor, SheffieldCoach PainterHarriettBELKDaughter of Peter, Farmer23Wales
25 05 1896JohnGODFREYBachelor, Son of George, Collier21KillamarshCollierJaneEDWARDSDaughter of William, Collier20Wales
17 04 1897George RobertMILLERBachelor, Son of George, Miner19Kiveton ParkPlate LayerEmmaMEESDaughter of Richard, Miner23Kiveton Park
20 04 1897JamesCLATWORTHYBachelor, Son of James, Miner22RoystonMinerHarriettEDDERSHAWDaughter of John, Miner20Kiveton Park
05 06 1897GeorgeJACKSONWidower, Son of Joseph, deceased62Kiveton ParkColliery ForemanEmmaWHITEMANWidow, Daughter of James Saunders, deceased52Wales
07 06 1897John JamesRAMSDENBachelor, Son of George, Miner20Wales CollieryMinerSusannahWADSWORTHDaughter of Charles, Miner19Wales Colliery
17 07 1897JohnPRITCHARDBachelor, Son of John, Miner23Kiveton ParkMinerElizaLEEDaughter of Joseph, Miner24Kiveton Park
17 08 1897RobertCOOPERBachelor, Son of Robert, Miner23WalesWoodMinerSaley LatisaWOODHEADDaughter of John, Miner22WalesWood
13 09 1897Edwin AlfredPLANTBachelor, Son of James, BlackSmith23Wales FannyHANCOCKDaughter of James, Miner22Wales
25 12 1897AlbertEDWARDSBachelor, Son of William, Miner26Kiveton ParkMinerAnnieHODGKINSONDaughter of Thomas, Miner24Kiveton Park
28 12 1897HenryTAYLORBachelor, Son of Charles, Groom25WalesWood CollieryMinerLucy EllenorLIGHTDaughter of David, BrickLayer21WalesWood Colliery
09 04 1898JohnBELLAMYBachelor, Son of Harry, Farm Labourer37WalesMinerAnnieDUNNDaughter of Harry, Miner21Wales
03 10 1898WilliamMORRISBachelor, Son of George, Horse Keeper25WalesWood CollieryTailorSarah JaneCOOKDaughter of James Pogmore, Engine Tenter28WalesWood Colliery
29 10 1898Albert EdwardSTAFFORDBachelor, Son of Obediah25Bedgreave, Wales SarahGLOVERDaughter of William, deceased 27Bedgreave, Wales
03 12 1898Thomas HectorGREENBachelor, Son of George John, Yeast Dealer23TodmordenYeast DealerAdaBELLEDaughter of Peter, Farmer24Wales
04 03 1899RobertALLSOPPBachelor, Son of Robert, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerSelina AnnWALDENDaughter of Jeremiah, Miner22Kiveton Park
14 03 1899George WilliamREVROSEBachelor, Son of Richard, Butcher34Clee, GrimsbyButcherFlorenceSOARDaughter of Edward, deceased20Kiveton Park
22 05 1899CharlesWHITEBachelor, Son of John, Farm Labourer31BirminghamMoulderAnnieHICKLINWidow, Daughter of Edward Jones, Miner32Wales
12 06 1899ArthurTIMBELANEBachelor, Son of Edward, Colliery Foreman28WalesWoodMiner?RAMSDENDaughter of George, Miner24WalesWood
12 08 1899FrederickJACKSONBachelor, Son of Thomas, Gardener23KillamarshBanksmanMary EllenASHLEYDaughter of Caleb, Grocer23Wales
27 09 1899JosephPOGMOREBachelor, Son of James, Labourer27WalesWoodMinerKateBAUGHDaughter of John, Miner23WalesWood
25 12 1899AlfredLABOURDBachelor, Son of Job, deceased23Kiveton ParkMinerClariceDEAKINDaughter of Herbert, Miner20Kiveton Park

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