In some circumstances you may find it easier to use the following rather than to search through the results of the search engine:

Changes !!

Due to the change of Genuki from plain html pages to Drupal Content Management System, the Genuki search engine has had to change from using Google to using the Drupal search. To use this for Yorkshire (or any other county):

  1. Enter your search terms in the Search box at the top right of this page.
  2. Press the "Search" button
  3. On the resulting page at the right hand side is a "County Filter". This allows you to select which county you would like to search (or Riding in the case of Yorkshire). The number of occurrences is given in brackets following each county/Riding name.


  • To search for multiple words simply enter them with a space between them.
  • To search for a phrase (two or more words) enclose them in quotes e.g. "Joe Bloggs"
  • To search for pages containing given word(s) but not those containing other words, prefix the unwanted word(s) with a hyphen.