In the east of Alloa parish , is one of the oldest villages in the county. The old church is the mausoleum of the Abercrombies and contains many tributes to the various members of that distinguished family.

[Clackmannan and Kinross by J.P.Day B.A. B Sc., 1915 ]

Reputedly one of the oldest villages in Scotland, and St. Mungo is said to have preached here. It has also been conjectured that Kenneth McAlpin, King of the Scots defeated the Picts at Baingle Brae and a stone there is reputed to mark the battlefield.

The village is now much modernised, with little in the way of old or historic buildings except for Tullibody Church, now roofless.

The Monumental Inscriptions of Tullibody graveyard and the Auld Kirk have been transcribed from John Fowel Mitchell and Sheila Mitchell's publication of 1968.

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Tullibody is in Alloa parish.

For more on Tullibody see the Edinburgh University Scottish Gazetteer.