Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830

Aberystwith with Llanbadarn fawr and neighbourhoods'  was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extract, see Description of the parish of Aberystwyth or Description of the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr  is not repeated here.

Aberystwith with Llanbadarn fawr and neighbourhoods

Post Office, North Parade, Aberystwith; Emma Williams, Post Mistress.---Letters from London arrive every morning (Tuesday excepted) at eight, and are despatched every evening (Friday excepted) at five.---Letters from Lampeter, Cardigan and the South arrive every evening at four, and are despatched every morning at nine.---Letters from Machynleth and the North arrive every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at five.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Bonsall, J S. esq.; Fronfraith
  • Davies, Capt, David; Criggie
  • Davies, Matthew, esq.; Tan y Bwlch
  • Davies, Morris, esq.; Cwmedwig
  • Evans, Mrs.; Portland st
  • Evans, Pierce, gent.; Up Portland st
  • Evans, Rev. Richard; Vicarage house
  • Gilbertson, Col. Wm.; Cefn gwyn
  • Hughes, James, esq.;Glanrheidol
  • Hughes, Mrs. Hugh; Laura place
  • Hughes, Rev. John; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Jenkins, David, gent.; North parade
  • Jones, W T. esq.; Gwynfryn & Laura pl
  • Lewis, Mrs.; Bridge st
  • Monkhouse, Wm. Cam. esq.; North parade
  • Morgan, Mrs. Thomas; Bow st
  • Morgan, Rev John; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Morris, Lewis, esq; North parade
  • Parry, J, esq.; Llidiade
  • Powell, Col. W E. MP. (Customs Rotulorum and Lord Lieutenant of the county); Nanteos
  • Powell, Mrs., Richard; Laura place
  • Pryse, Pryse, esq., MP.; Gogerddan
  • Richards, R, esq.; Penglais
  • Richards Rev Thomas; Bridge st
  • Richards, Wm, esq.; Brymeithin
  • Stephens, Alfred, esq.; North parade
  • Wemyss, Lieut.-Col.;Aberystwith
  • Williams, J Lloyd, esq.; Cwmcynvelin
  • Williams, J N, esq.; Castle hill

Academies & Schools

  • Not otherwise described are Day Schools
    • Babington, Miss (ladies' boarding); 5 North parade
    • Evans, John; Chalybeate terrace
  • Grammar School, near the Church---Isaac Jones, master
  • Lumley, Richard; Queen st
  • Morris, Elizabeth; Portland st
  • National School, near the North parade---Richard Roberts, master; Martha Shelby, mistress


  • Hughes, James (& treasurer for the county, etc); Great Darkgate st
  • Hughes, James and Horatio; Great Darkgate st
  • Hughes, John; Bridge st
  • Jones, William; Queen st
  • Parry, John; Baker st


  • Jenkins, Wm; Great Darkgate st
  • Lewis, James; St James's square

Bakers & Flour Dealers

  • Evans, Rees ; Bow st
  • James, Griffith; Princes st
  • Lewis, William; Bridge st
  • Lloyd, Jenkin; Great Darkgate st
  • Millman, Richard; Gt Darkgate st
  • Richards, John; Little Darkgate st
  • Scandrett, Catherine (and pastry cook); Pier st


  • Williams, Davies & Co; Bridge st---(draw on Sir James Esdaile and Co, London)
  • Savings' Bank, Bridge st---John Williams, secretary---(open on Mondays from twelve to two)


  • Bowen, Margaret (warm & shower); Pier st
  • Lewis, John (warm, shower and vapour); Alfred place & Marine ter.
  • Williams, Rice, MD; Marine Baths (warm, shower, plunging & vapour); North end of Marine terrace


  • Jenkins, David; New Market place
  • Jones, John; Vulcan place
  • Jones, William; Llanbadarn Fawr
  • Morris, Humphrey; Lit.Darkgate st

Block and Pump Makers

  • Boydel, William; Trevechau
  • Jones, John; Portland st

Booksellers, Stationers and Printers

  • Cox, John; New Church st
  • Jones, Lewis; New Market place
  • Thomas, Samuel; Bridge st
  • Williams, Esther; Bridge st

Boot and Shoe Makers

  • Davies, David; Great Darkgate st
  • Davies, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Edward, Evan; Queen st
  • Evans, David; New Church st
  • Evans, John; Chalybeate terrace
  • Evans, Samuel; Bridge st
  • Griffiths, David; Queen st
  • Humphreys, John; Lit. Darkgate st
  • Jenkins, James; New Church st
  • Jenkins, Richard; Bow st
  • Jenkins, Thomas; Princes st
  • Jenkins, Thomas; Queen st
  • Jenkins, Thomas; Pier st
  • Lewis, Lewis; Little Darkgate st
  • Rees, Richard; Portland st
  • Samuel, Eleanor, Bridge st
  • Watkins, Evan; High st
  • Williams, Griffith; Llanbadarn Fawr
  • Williams, William; High st

Braziers & Tin-Men

  • Davies, Hugh; Bridge st
  • Jones, Robert; New Market place


  • Jones, William; Crymfyn terrace
  • Roberts, William; Pier st
  • Roberts, William; Llanbadarn Fawr

Cabinet Makers and Upholsters

  • Jones, William; Pier st
  • Meyrick, Joseph; Terrace road
  • Morgan, Wm; Great Darkgate st
  • Powell, William; Little Darkgate st
  • Rees, David; Great Darkgate st


  • Jenkins, Richard; Bridge st
  • Jones, John; Bridge st
  • Jones, John; North parade
  • Lumley, Edward; Baker st
  • Morgan, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Richards, John; Bow st
  • Thomas, Richard; High st

China, Glass etc Dealers

  • Evans, Elizabeth; Pier st
  • James, Elizabeth; Gt Darkgate st
  • Morgan, William; Gt Darkgate st
  • Sweels, Thos; St James's square
  • Wildig, Robert; St James's square

Chymists & Druggists

  • Davies, John; Pier st
  • Jones, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Morris, David; Bridge st


  • Lloyd, Morgan; Pier st
  • Millman, Richard; Gt Darkgate st

Curriers and Leather Sellers

  • Davies, James; Chalybeate terrace
  • Davies, John; Bridge st
  • Jones, David; Bridge st

Grocers & Tea Dealers (See also Shopkeepers etc)

  • Edwards, William & Co; Bridge st
  • Evans, David; Princes st
  • Evans, Griffith; Little Darkgate st
  • Evans, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Humphreys, Jane; Bow st
  • Jones, Lewis; New Market place
  • Jones, Margt; corner of Princes st
  • Jones, William; Pier st
  • Jones, William; Princes st
  • Lewis, Lewis; Great Darkgate st
  • Morgan, Evan; Pier st
  • Parry, Rowland; Great Darkgate st
  • Pugh, Lewis; Bridge st
  • Roderick, Elizabeth; Bridge st
  • Williams, Thomas; Pier st
  • Williams, William; Gt Darkgate st

Hat Manufacturers

  • Edwards, Edward; Bridge st
  • Morgan, John; Bridge st

Inns & Posting Houses

  • Belle-Vue Hotel; Edward Evans; Marine terrace
  • Gogerddan Arms; A P Davies; Great Darkgate st
  • Talbot Head; William Jenkins; Great Darkgate st


  • Davies, William; Bow st
  • Ellis, John (and cutler); Pier st
  • Owens, Owen; Bridge st
  • Parry, Rowland; Great Darkgate st

Joiners & Builders

  • James, Richard; Terrace road
  • Killin, John; High st
  • Williams, David; Bow st
  • Williams, John; New Church st


  • Ellis, John; Pier st
  • Jenkins, David; Portland st
  • Jones, William; Bow st
  • Smith, John ; Pier st


  • Cranston, Thomas (and stationer); New Market place
  • Pugh, Harrier; Great Darkgate st

Lime Burners

  • Davies, Morris; Trevechan
  • Jones, Richard; Trevechan
  • Pugh, Lewis; Trevechan
  • Roberts, Richard; Trevechan

Linen & Woollen Drapers

  • Davies, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Davies, Robert; Great Darkgate st
  • Edward ,William & Son (woollen); Bridge st
  • Evans, David; Princes st
  • Evans, Jenkin; Pier st
  • Jones, Lewis; corner of Bridge st
  • Matthews, John; British Emporium; Great Darkgate st
  • Pugh, Lewis; Bridge st
  • Roberts, David; New Market place
  • Roberts, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Williams, John; Bridge st

Lodging Houses

  • Castle House (private) attached to the Belle Vue Hotel
  • Davies, Elizabeth; North parade
  • Davies, Evan; North parade
  • Davies, John; Albion house, Terrace
  • Davies, William; 6 Terrace
  • Evans, Ann; Alpha cottage,1 Terrace
  • Evans, Evan; Alfred place
  • Evans, Jane; Wellington house and 10 Terrace
  • Evans, Lewis; 8 Terrace
  • Griffiths, William; Pier st
  • James, Ann; Glandwr terrace
  • James, David; Gloucester house terr
  • James, Jane; Brin y mor & 2 Terrace
  • James, Meyrick; 2 Waterloo house, Terrace
  • James, Richard; 1 Waterloo house
  • Jenkins, David; Pier st
  • Jones, Ann; 9 Terrace
  • Jones, Elizabeth; Pier st
  • Jones, Evan; 1 Alfred place
  • Jones, John; Rock house, Terrace
  • Jones, William; 5 Terrace
  • Julian, William; 2 Alfred place
  • Julian, William, jun.; 3 Alfred place
  • Lewis, John; Prospect house
  • Lewis, Lewis; 11 Terrace
  • Meyrick, Richard; Portland st
  • Parry, Rowland; 4 Terrace
  • Peters, Roger; North parade
  • Pier House (private) attached to the Belle Vue Hotel
  • Pugh, Ann; Claremont house, Terrace
  • Reynolds, Esther; 7 Terrace
  • Riddell, Margaret; Moreland house
  • Roderick, Elizabeth; Alfred place
  • Smith, John; 3 Prospect place
  • Thomas, Isaac; Upper Portland st
  • Watkins, Jane; 1 Gloucester house, Terrace
  • Watkins, Richard; North parade
  • Williams, Ann; Upper Portland st
  • Williams, Bridget; 2 Alpha cottage, Terrace
  • Williams, John; 3 Terrace


  • Davies, Simon; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Evans, Thomas; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Hughes, William; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Lewis, David, St James's square
  • Jones, Rd; Limekiln yard, Trevechan
  • Roberts, Richard; Bridge st


  • Davies, James; Trevechan
  • Davies, Morris & Rice Jones; Bridge st
  • Jones, Richard; Trevechan
  • Jones, Ts. (& rope mkr); Rope Walk
  • Jones, Thomas; Great Darkgate st
  • Pugh, Lewis; Bridge st
  • Sheldon, Job; Trevechan


  • Jones, Cadwallader; Mill st
  • Jones, John; Morva Mill

Milliners & Dress Makrs

  • Bevan, Phoebe; Chalybeate terrace
  • Griffiths, Anna; Pier st
  • Jones, Margaretta; New Church st
  • Parry, Mary; Bow st
  • Pugh, Harriet; Great Darkgate st

Mine Agents

  • Harris, John; North parade
  • Worsley, Thomas; Portland st

Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers

  • Davies, Evan; Bridge st
  • Williams, Richard; Gt Darkgate st
  • Williams, William; Gt Darkgate st

Perfumrs & Hair Dressrs

  • Jones, John; Bow st
  • Morgan, William; Pier st


  • Williams, Rice; Bridge st
  • Wolseley, John; North parade


  • Mathias, William; Baker st
  • Rees, Daniel; Baker st

Saddlers and Harness Makers

  • Mason, Isaac; Great Darkgate st
  • Morgan, Richard; Bridge st
  • Roberts, Richard; Trevechan
  • Williams, David; Great Darkgate st

Ship Builders

  • Davies, Rees; Ship Builders row
  • Evans, Foulke, Bow st
  • Williams, Thomas; Pier st

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries

  • Edwards, James; Queen st
  • Frances, John; Bridge st
  • Griffiths, Robert; Bridge st
  • Jones, Catherine; Bridge st
  • Jones, Margaret; Bridge st
  • Jones, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Lumley, Mary; Bridge st
  • Morgan, Catherine; Bridge st
  • Morrice, Frances; Little Darkgate st
  • Richards, Wm.; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Watkins, William; Queen st
  • Williams, Mary; Bridge st
  • Williams, Thomas; Pier st


  • Evans, Thomas; Midway
  • Lewis, Thomas; Baker st

Stone Masons

  • Hopkins, John; Bridge st
  • Hopkins, Lewis; Bridge st
  • Watkins, David; Great Darkgate st
  • Williams, David; Bow st

Straw Hat Makers

  • Evans, Margaret; Bow st
  • Prichard, Naomi; Great Darkgate st


  • Edwards, David; Queen st
  • Evans, William; Pier st
  • Morgan, Richard; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Philipps, Owen; North parade
  • Williams, Richard; North parade


  • Matthews, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Milne, Henry (& road); Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Morgan, William; Aberiffrwd


  • James, John; Bow st
  • Jenkins, John; Pier st
  • Jones, David; Bridge st
  • Jones, James; Tan y Cau
  • Joseph, William; North parade
  • Lloyd, James; North parade
  • Richards, John; Little Darkgate st

Tallow Chandlers

  • Lewis, David; St James's square
  • Lewis, John; Princes st
  • Richards, Wm.; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Scandrett, Wm.; Great Darkgate st


  • Evans, David; Princes st
  • Evans, James; Midway, Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Evans, Owen; Rhydfelin
  • Roberts, John; Mill st

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Angel; Robert Jones, New Market place
  • Boar's Head; Evan Hughes, Bridge st
  • Britannia; Thomas Rees, Gt Darkgate st
  • Carpenter's Arms; Rd Jenkins, Bridge st
  • Castle; Richard Davies, Trevechan
  • Farmer's Arms; David Davies, Bridge st
  • Fountain; John Evans, Trevechan
  • Golden Lion; John Davies, Gt Darkgate st
  • Harbour Tavern; Eliz.Lloyd, Tan y Cau
  • Hope; Thomas Jones, Bridge st
  • Horse & Jockey; Rd Morgan, Bridge st
  • Ivy Bush; Humphrey Morris, Little Darkgate st
  • King Charles in the Oak; William Lloyd, Bridge st
  • Lord Hill; George Drew, Queen st
  • Miners' Arms; Jenkin Jenkins, Great Darkgate st
  • Nag's Head; Evan Davies, Bridge st
  • New Inn; David Rees, Great Darkgate st
  • Old Black Lion; Eleanor Warrington, Bridge st
  • Queen's Head; Thomas Lewis, Great Darkgate st
  • Raven; Wm Watkins, Great Darkgate st
  • Red Lion; Ann Killin, Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Royal Oak; John Woodcock, Little Darkgate st
  • Ship-a-Ground; Thos James, St James's square
  • Ship & Castle; Thomas Jones, High st
  • Six Bells; Margaret Williams, Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Skinners' Arms; Ann James, Pier st
  • Spread Eagle; Ann Humphreys, Great Darkgate st
  • Swan; Edward Williams, St James's sq
  • Three Horse Shoes; Ann Edwards, Trevechan
  • Three Jolly Sailors; Elizabeth Humphreys, Bow st
  • Three Tuns; Morris Davies, Trevechan
  • Unicorn; Catherine Williams, Pier st
  • Union; Elizbth Owen, Great Darkgate st
  • White Horse; Richard Williams, Great Darkgate st
  • White Lion; John Morgan, Great Darkgate st

Watch Makers

  • Cearswell, Geo; Upper Portland st
  • Hancock, Fredk; Great Darkgate st
  • Jones, John; Great Darkgate st
  • Jones, William; Bow st
  • Morgan, John Thomas; Pier st
  • Rowlands, David; Pier st


  • Jones, John and Son (and turners); Trevechan
  • Morgan, Morgan; Llanbadarn Vawr
  • Rees, David; Old Rope walk

Wine & Spirit Merchants

  • Benson, Henry; Pier st
  • Scandrett, Wm; Great Darkgate st
  • Wheeler, William; North parade


  • Bevan, David & Son, sail mkrs; Trevechan
  • Griffith, James, cooper; Princes st
  • Griffiths, Thomas, brewer; King st
  • House of Correction, for the county, Great Darkgate st---Jenkin Humphreys, governor
  • Hughes, John, surveyor of taxes; New Church st
  • James, John, turner; Chalybeate terrace
  • Moore, William, ironfounder; High st
  • Owens, Owen, nail maker; Bridge st
  • Ramshire, William; veterinary surgeon; North parade
  • Stephens, James, law agent; Chalybeate terrace
  • Subscription Assembly, Reading and Billiard Rooms; Laura place; ---Thomas James, proprietor

Custom House

  • Collector; Thomas Powell, esq
  • Comptroller; Pierce Evans


  • To Hereford, the Hero, from the Gogerddan Arms, every Wednesday and Saturday morning at half past five during summer; goes through Devil's bridge, Rhayader, Kington etc.
  • To Kidderminster, the Bang-up, from the Talbot Head, every Monday and Thursday morning at half past five during the summer; goes through Machynlleth, Llanbrynmair, Newtown, Montgomery, Bishop's Castle, Ludlow, Tenbury and Bewdley.
  • To Shrewsbury, the Duke of Wellington, from the Gogerddan Arms, every Monday and Friday morning in summer, and Friday in winter at five; goes through Machynlleth, Mallwyd, Can Office and Welshpool---the Express, from the Talbot Head, every Wednesday and Friday morning in summer, and Wednesday in winter at half past five; goes through Machynlleth, Llanbrinmair, Newtown and Welshpool---& the Union, from the Bell-Vue Hotel, every Tuesday and Saturday morning in summer, and Tuesday in winter at six ; goes thro' Devil's Bridge, Llanidloes, Newtown & Welshpool.
  • To Worcester, the Sovereign, from the Bell-Vue Hotel, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the summer at five; goes through Devil's Bridge, Rhayader, Pen-y-bont, Kington, Leominster and Bromyard


  • To Birmingham, Humphreys and James, from the Swan, every Monday
  • To Cardigan, Lewis Morris, from the Swan, once a week
  • To Carmarthen, Thomas Bowen, from his house, Castle st, every other Tuesday
  • To Rhayader, Rowland Evans, from the Fountain Inn, every Saturday
  • To Shrewsbury, Edward Thomas, from the Eagle, every Tuesday

Conveyance by Water

Coasting vessels

  • To London, the Jane and Elizabeth, Evan Evans, master; and the Morning Star, Thomas Owens
  • To Bristol, the Waterloo, Wm Lloyd, master; and the Equity, Thos Evans
  • To Liverpool, the Security, William Jones, master; the Sisters, Evan Jenkins; and the Speculation, Evan Davies

Gareth Hicks  22 December 2001