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References to 'Aberdare'

  • Over 150 scrapbooks compiled by D.R. Davies of Aberdare containing press cuttings, etc., 1900-1978, relating largely to Welsh drama, theatrical activities and popular entertainment in Wales and amongst Welsh communities in English cities, and Welsh actors on stage and screen. Schedule (1978 + suppl.), [vi] + 43pp. AR 1973-74, p.55; 1974-75, p. 48; 1978-79, p.63; 1988-89, p.64.

  • Papers of Helen and Philip Suggett, including papers relating to the translation into English of the works of Teilhard de Chardin and the history of Mountain Ash and Aberdare, 1940-70s.
  • Papers of D. Emlyn Thomas (1892-1954), Labour MP for Aberdare, 1946-54, also 1991.
  • Papers of Watkin William Price of Aberdare (1873-1967), local historian. AR 1961-62, p.40; 1968-69, p.40; 1975-76, p.80. The Welsh biographical index of W. W. Price (the most comprehensive one available for the period mid-19th to mid-20th cent.) has been photocopied and bound in thirty vols, available on the open shelves of the Printed Books reading room.

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