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This Peterston-super-Montem database compiled by Glenys Travis with contributions from;

  • Gareth Hicks

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Wales - Genealogy Help Pages )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available


  • (1) The Chapels Recording Project in Wales (RCAHMW)
  • (2) Slater's Directory of Gloucestershire ... & Wales 1868
  • (3) Worrall's Directory of South Wales 1875
  • (4) Slater's Commercial Directory of North & South Wales 1880
  • (5) Old-maps
  • (6) Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth by Hywel D Emanuel, National Library of Wales journal, Vol VIII/4, Winter 1954.
  • (7) Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff hold most extant parish church and non-conformist chapel records, these are listed on their site (click 'history of your family' on main page and scroll down to the end of the next page)



No Baptist chapels found here


Bethel Ind chapel

  • Bethel Ind chapel Extant records (7)

Brynna Congregational Chapel, William Street, Brynna

  • Brynna Congregational Chapel, William Street, Brynna SS98528319 (1)

Nazareth Independent Chapel, Gellifedi Road, Brynna

  • Nazareth Independent Chapel, Gellifedi Road, Brynna SS98818337 (1)

Bethlehem Welsh Independent Chapel, Chapel Road, Peterstone Super Montem, Llanharan


United Methodist Church, William Street, Brynna

  • United Methodist Church, William Street, Brynna SS98568321 (1)
  • "To cater for the spiritual needs of the growing village; Brynna Methodist Chapel was built in 1908 to provide choice of worship for the growing community."
    "The Church and Methodist Chapel still play an active role in the life of the village"
    Rhondda Cynon Taff Libraries Heritage Trail
  • "The present Chapel was built in 1908 on the site of the first building, a zinc shed, . The recorded founders are listed as Charles Harris, Robert Ruck, David Davies Snr. & David Davies Jnr. The trustees were Benjamin Gale, Mrs Elsie Gale, Mrs Margaret Dandle, Mrs Alice Baker, Mrs Lavina Davies and Mrs Violet Lewis. When the first believers met around 1900 they were known as Bible Christians, till they became Wesleyan Methodists. When Llanharan Methodist Church had to close a few years ago its congregation moved to Brynna and Brynna is now Brynna & Llanharan Methodist Church. " From Brynna and Llanharan Methodist Church site

Soar Welsh CM chapel, Rhiwceiliog


  • [Peterston-super-Montem] 1813 : Presbyterian, a meeting was recognised on July 19th at the home of Gwenllian Morgan of Argoed Edwin; Morgan Jones, William Thomas, Miles David, and Thomas Walters were also named. (6)

Other (inc un-identified)

Brynna, Llanbedr-Ar-Fynydd, Peterstone-Super-Montem

  • Brynna, Llanbedr-Ar-Fynydd, Peterstone-Super-Montem SS9883 (1)
    [denomination is not specified, but from its position on Church Street, beyond the old church of St Peter, it is likely that this is the Chapel "for the Independents" in Peterstone mentioned in the directories for 1868 (2), 1875 (3), 1880 (4) ]

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