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By John Thomas.
A translation published by Glamorgan FHS.

A History of Soar Chapel, Pen-y-graig
[preachers' names and brief history 1834-1901]

Indexed by Huw Daniel 1999

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Surname,Given Name,Also known as,Occupation,Date,Page

David,Thomas,,Grocer,1825,2 David,Ann,,,1825,2
David,William,,,1826-28,2 David,Mary,,,1826-28,2
David,Gwenllian,,,1826-28,2 David (Jnr),William,,,1830,2
David (Snr),William,Y Garreg,Publican <White Rock>,1811,1 Davies,E.N.,,Doctor,,1
Drew, ,,,, Edwards,Robert,,Baptist Minister,,1
Edwards,Obadiah,,,1830,2 Edwards,Alexander,,,1830,2
Edwards,Arthur,,,,50 Edwards,H,,,,71
Edwards,J.,,,,71 Emerson,W.,,,,71
Evans,Christmas,,Preacher,,1 Evans,C,,,,71
Evans,John,,,,53 Ferrier,George,,,,87
Ferrier,John,,,,87 Ferrier,Mrs ,,,,87
Ferrier,Richard,,,,87 Fisher ,W,,,,71
Gillard,Sam,,,,187 Grice,Cecil,,,,61
Griffiths,George,,,1825,2 Griffiths,L.,,,,190
Griffiths,Muriel,,,,198 Gunter,Charles,,,,104
Harding,E. A.,,,,71 Harding,Mrs E. A.,,,,71
Heyes,H.,,,,71 Highnam,A.,,,,200
Highnam,Mrs.,,,,200 Hocking,Capt.,,,,46
Hollyman,Ken,,,,121 Hopcyn,Will,,,,11
Howes,Conran,,,,44 Hughes,Thomas,,,1826-28,2
Hughes,Thomas,,,1830,2 Hullett,Bill ,,,,121
James,Lewys,,,,128 Jeffries,T.,,,,71
Jenkins,,,Lay Preacher (Hengoed),,1 Jenkins,Evan,,,1826-28,2
Jones,Charlotte,,,,198 Jones,Claudia Jones,,,,79
Jones,D.T.,,,,202 Jones,E.M.,,,,44
Jones,Gerallt,,,,41 Jones,Julia,,,,195
Jones,Mr.,,,,156 Jones,Mrs.,,,,200
Jones,Mrs.,,,,200 Jones,Sir Thomas G.,,,,52
Jury,R.,,,,71 Jury,W. D.,,,,71
Kenvyn, ,,Lay Preacher (Pisgah),,1 Laviers,,,,,9
Leakes,Mary,,,,84 Lever,Arthur,,,,121
Lewis,William,,,1830,2 Lewis,William,,Builder,1831,2
Lewis,D.J.,,,,50 Lewis,Mary,,,,194
Lewis,Mrs,,,,198 Lewis,Norman,,,,176
Llewellyn,Tommy,,,,176 Maddock,William Hopkin,,,,100
Madoc,H. T.,,,,119 Marks,A. E.,,,,148
Marooney,W. ,,,,71 Matthews,T.,,,,71
McBride,Diana,,,,151 McCarty,M.,,,,71
Melcroft,G.,,,,71 Morgan,I.,,,,71
Morgan,Ithel,,,,175 Morgan,J.,,,,71
Morrell,Julia,,,,195 Morries,D,,,,44
Morris,H.,,,,71 Nation,A. J.,,,,187
Naunton,David,,,1825,2 Nicholas,,,,,21
Olloson,W,,,,71 Owen,R.,,,,71
Patten,Alec,,,,23 Perkins,B,,,,14
Perkins,Mr.,,,,171 Phillips,Glyn,,,,73
Powell,A.B.,,,,61 Price,Richard,,,,11
Pugh ,Arthur F.,,,,98 Ray,J.,,,,71
Rees,Billy,,,,120 Rees,Billy,,,,121
Rees,Billy,,,,122 Rees,D.,,,,71
Rees,Mrs.,,,,171 Rees,Rees,,,,53
Richards,Mary,,Widow,1825,2 Richards,Morgan,,,1830,2
Richards,Mrs.,,,,171 Roberts,,,Lay Preacher Pontfaen),,1
Roberts,W. R.,,,,71 Ross,G.J,,,,71
Rowlands,Moses,,Methodist Preacher,,1 Sherwood,Alf,,,,121
Smith,C. F.,,,,71 Spry,William ,,,,73
Stansfield,Fred ,,,,121 Stitfall,Ron,,,,121
Terry,D.,,,,190 Thomas,John,,,,1
Thomas,Ann,,,,11 Thomas,David,,,,61
Thomas,J.O.,,,,70 Thomas,Major (Retd),,,,54
Thomas,W. J.,,,,71 Thomas,William George,,,,32
Treasure,J,,,,71 Villis,G,,,,71
Waters,Mrs.,,,,171 Watkins,D.C.,,,,50
Welsh,M.,,,,71 Williams, ,,Lay Preacher (Trosnant),,1
Williams,Edward,,,1826-28,2 Williams,Martha,,,1826-28,2
Williams,Mary,,,1826-28,2 Williams,A.,,,,71
Williams,Eddie,,,,176 Williams,Fred Ferrier,,,,87
Williams,Gwilym,,,,22 Williams,Muriel,,,,198
Williams,R ,,,,18 Williams,Ted,,,,52
Williams (Jnr),Edward,,,1830,2 Williams (Snr),Edward,, ,1819,1

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