Newspaper extracts for New & Old Radnor


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

New Radnor

  • From  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…29th June 1916

NEW RADNOR. TREAT.—The annual treat, in connection with the Presbyterian Church, was held on the Monday after the anniversary. An excellent tea was provided at the Public Hall, and arrangements were  carried out by Mrs Rees, Mrs Coles, Mrs Hitchman. Mrs Pugh and Miss Maud Davies. These ladies were also assisted by several younger members of the Sunday school. Everything passed off well, and thanks are due to Mrs Davies (Hain's Mill), .Mr H. G. Coles (baker), and Mrs Hitcbmap for their gifts and to all others who helped to make the treat such a success. Following tea, games, etc., were enjoyed in a meadow, kindly lent by Mr G. Lingen.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…15th April 1915

NEW RADNOR. HOCKEY-The local team were again victorious in their return match with the County School Club, played at Presteign on the 31st ult.

PARISH CHURCH.-Easter Day services were well attended. The church was very tastefully decorated, and the lady members of the congregation who undertook the work are to be highly congratulated on the result of their efforts.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…29th April 1915

NEW RADNOR. WORKING PARTIES.—Mrs Powell (Downton House) and Mrs Duff-Gordon (Harpton) have resumed their war-fund working parties.

PARISH COUNCIL.—At the annual meeting of this authority Dr. Harding was elected chairman. Messrs. Mills and J. Watson were re-elected over- seers, and the chairman and Mr Mills also re- elected parochial trustees.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…15th June 1916

NEW RADNOR. EGG COLLECTION.—Five hundred and seventeen eggs have been sent to Radnorshire Hut (Netley Hospital) from Old and New Radnor and Kinnerton.

  • From  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…3rd September 1914

NEW RADNOR. Inhabitants are liberally subscribing to the National Relief Fund, and collections have also been made in the various places of worship. The offertory at the Parish Church on Sunday week amounted to £5.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…17th December 1914

NEW RADNOR. Patriotic.—Harpton working parties are doing excellent service. The members have also made large supplies of bedroom-slippers for convalescents - a work that will be much appreciated by wounded soldiers and sailors.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… 20th September 1917

New Radnor Farmers.  HELP RED CROSS.  SUCCESSFUL SALE AND TEA. The farmers and other inhabitants of New Radnor district made another effort in aid of the Red Cross, when a successful auction sale of live stock of all descriptions, garden produce, etc., was held on Monday. The effort was on this occasion in aid of the New Radnor District Red Cross Fund, and was pronounced a big success. The affair was under the management of a good committee, which was representative of the whole. district, and over which Mr J. W. Owens, of Llanevan, presided. The hon. secretary was Mr J. P. Lingen. of New Radnor, and he discharged his duties to the satisfaction of all concerned. The sale was opened in the morning in front of' the Town Hall by Mr H. Duff Gordon, of Harpton Court, who was ably supported by Major Thompson, of Newcastle Court, and the stock and produce was afterwards sold by Mr Philip Davies, auctioneer, Presteign. The auction itself was opened by the sale of a sheep, kindly given by Miss Powell, of Downton, who purchased the animal at last year's Red Cross sale, being put up by Miss Duff Gordon, and this was knocked down to Mr H. Duff Gordon for £ 10. With this incentive, the sale proceeded briskly, and a very large sum was realised. In the afternoon tea was provided in the Town Hall, this being under the management of Mrs Duff Gordon. assisted by an able band of other ladies. There were other attractions provided during the day, not the least of which were the weight-guessing competitions, for the correct weight of a beast and a sheep. The prize for the weight of the beast was won by Mr Wm. Evans, of Court farm, Evenjobb, who guessed the correct weight—10cwt. lqr. 4lbs. The correct weight of the sheep was 96¾ lbs., and this was guessed by Mrs Hughes. Hargest, who received the first prize. The effort was generally pronounced to be very successful.

  •  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…From2nd December 1915

NEW RADNOR.  COOKERY. -Miss Randell (cookery instructress) gave lectures here on war-time cookery during last week.

GOLF.-Harpton Golf Club has removed to new ground on the northern side of Castle Hill.

  • From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…7th February 1918

NEW RADNOR. All the licences in the division at the Petty Sessions were renewed with the exception of those of the Crown Inn, Walton, and the Forest Inn, Llanfihangel. The licensees in these cases did not appear and they were adjourned. The Chief Constable (Mr Rd. Jones) had objected to the renewal of the licence of the Radnor Arms Inn, on the grounds of redundancy but now withdrew it the house being already closed owing to the war. The licence was temporary renewed in the name of Mr George Lingen, on the application of Mr Ernest Meredith.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea…21st January 1915

NEW RADNOR. Weekly Hamper.-Mrs Powell (Downton House) has been sending, for some weeks, a hamper of S fresh vegetables for men on the North Sea trawlers, engaged in the dangerous occupation of mine sweeping.



Old Radnor

  •  From the South Wales Daily News 3rd October 1883

FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE, The London Gazette of Tuesday night notified that the area at Old Radnor and Burlingfoot, in Old Radnor, Radnorshire, which was declared om the 6th of September last to be infected with foot-and-mouth disease is now free from such infection. In Huntingdonshire during last week only 3? fresh cases of foot-and-mouth disease were recorded, whilst 131 previously infected are as were declared free from disease. Only one out break of pleuro-pneumonia took place.

  •  From the Evening Express (Second Edition) 8th July 1909

QUARRYMAN FALLS 100 FEET A shocking quarry accident occurred at Gore Quarry, Old Radnor, on Wednesday, when a man named Joseph Price, of Walton, while engaged in drilling a hole in the face of the rock previous to blasting, lost his footing and fell 100ft. His neck was broken.

  • From  The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… 6th May 1915

NEW RADNOR. WOUNDED SOLDIERS.—New and Old Radnor inhabitants sent a box of 360 eggs to the "Radnorshire" ward of Netley Hospital a few days ago.

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… 13th May 1915

NEW RADNOR. POLICE ORPHANAGE. Collections have been made in New and Old Radnor for this worthy institution.

  •  From the South Wales Echo (Special edition) 4th August 1898

OUTRAGE NEAR OLD RADNOR. On Monday night, while returning from a round of visits, a violent assault appears to have been committed upon Dr. Richard Harding, of New Radnor, vice-cbairman of the Radnor County Council and chairman of the County Governing Body. Dr. Harding went to a cottage near Old Radnor with the object of getting a light for his bicycle lamp. when he was suddenly attacked from behind and brutaJly ill-treated. His spectacles and- two carried by him were dashed to the ground, his assailant never uttering a- single word. The doctor was left lying on the ground, but he managed to crawl to the Crown lnn, where his injuries received attention. Mr L. T. Turner, of Walton Court, conveyed the doctor home and Dr. Pope, of Kington, was sent for. The police arrested a man named Williams next day. For some time past Dr. Harding has been the recipient of anonymous threatening letters

  •  From The Brecon Radnor Express Carmarthen and Swansea… 24th May 1917

OLD RADNOR. On Sunday last a memorial service was held at Old Radnor Church, in connection with the death of Pte. Baynham, who was recently killed in action in France. The service was conducted by the Rev. T. Lloyd.