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Surname Lists

Surname lists provide details of surnames being researched by individual family historians, usually specifying a particular period and county, and often a locality within the county. In most cases, an email address is provided for contact. There is either an online form or an email address for new submissions.

Lists with National Coverage

UK Genealogy Interests Directory

Julian and Angela Richens' UK Genealogy Interests Directory provides searchable listings covering all parts of the British Isles. (In spite of its name, it includes Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.)

UK Surnames

UK Surnames has lists for:

County Lists

There are a number of lists devoted to individual counties. Note that a number of these lists are clearly no longer being updated and have not been for some time, but they may still have useful contacts.

Family History Society Lists

All family history societies maintain lists of members' interests. In many cases these lists are available online and should be accessible from the society's web site.

For links to the web sites of all family history societies relevant to those with ancestors in the British Isles, see the Family History and Genealogy Societies page.

Guild of One-Name Studies

The Guild of One-name Studies provides an online register of all the surnames (currently c. 8,800) being researched by its members.