How to Correct HTML Errors


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Errors can arise in the HTML content of the pages as they are presented to the user in the browser. This page gives guidance on how they occur, how to find them, who needs to correct them and how to do so.

How the HTML code is produced

The code that produces the final output pages comes from at least six sources:

  • The content that is added and edited  by maintainers using the ckEditor
  • Any additions and edits that are are made directly by maintainers in the source format within ckEditor
  • The filter that takes those edits and places them in the content database  (htmlawed)
  • Dynamic content that is added to the page nodes for standard topics and the overall format of the pages - GENUKI specific
  • Various Drupal modules that are used for specific purposes
  • The core Drupal system

Maintainers will need to be aware of the impact of all those elements but generally can only deal directly with errors identified as relating to the first two sources.

Spotting Errors

Generally in the "my errors" section of a maintainer's profile there will be a summary of the HTML errors found in total [may be divided between errors (the more serious category) and warnings].

As with link Errors clicking on the number for any section will show a more detailed error report listing the number of errors and warnings on each node in that section and offering the opportunity to click through to view the node, to see the page with the errors and warnings listed in detail, to edit the node or immediately recheck the node (usually after some amendment.

Transitional position

For some time after the mid 2020 switch to Drupal 8 the automatic HTML checker was switched off as it was know that there were errors generated by some of the changes made at transition. From October 2020 the checker has been re-enabled to allow for the completion of the resolution of those transitional and historic errors. There is/was a separate exercise discussed on the maintainers mailing list to deal with corrections in this/that period. The remainder of this page deals with the routine approach to corrections.

Understanding the errors

Using the page checker

Approaches to correction

maintainers are asked to monitor the errors on their nodes and correct them as below. If, as with the transitional phase, there are evidently system wide issues then the HTML checker may be switched off and used selectively to clarify progress on dealing with the issue. In those case maintainers will be advised via the mailing list whether they need to take action on their pages and how to do so.

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