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This page helps visitors find your way to the information that GENUKI has to offer. You can::

Quick Start

Navigation is fairly intuitive and the topics for information are mostly self-explanatory but the Quick Start page gives a very short introduction to both.

Get more background

The background to GENUKI is covered in more detail here. There are explanations of the the geographical coverage and organisation, the topics and how the information is organised and the use of the church database and the gazetteer as well as maps.

New to genealogy?

Our guide to Getting Started in Genealogy and Family History will enable you to do just that.You can then find further information in:

There is a great deal of information within the pages on places that will help particularly on differences between the main countries within the UK.

Using GENUKI Information

The information you will find here is free for private and personal use. However it is, unless otherwise stated, all subject to UK Copyright law. Distribution elsewhere, or to any other website, is forbidden. For further information see our Copyright Notice.

We make every effort to provide accurate and up to date information. The standards to which we adhere in our transcriptions are explained here. There is a disclaimer  of liability for any use you make of the information.

We always welcome corrections and additions to our information. Just click on the blue box at the bottom of our pages.

Search for what you want

For places and topics across GENUKI use the search box at the top of each page.

You can see help on simple searches  and help on more complex searches.

You can also search for specific churches  or for the location of and information about places in  the gazetteer .