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This gives general advice  for all maintainers.  It focuses on the content of GENUKI, including where it might be sourced and tips on how it can be best used. It covers :

This covers what may be needed to improve the content of GENUKI. You will find details of how to include material in the relevant pages in the Maintainers' Guidance and the "Howtos"

GENUKI virtual library

Maintainers will generally be engaged with:

  • Place nodes for counties and parishes;
  • Plain/topic nodes linked to those place nodes.

The main priority is to increase the range of topics covered in all place pages with particular emphasis on those of most likely to yield information on individuals for genealogist seeking ancestors and on those sources that are least likely to be covered by the main commercial organisations. This is discussed in more detail in  Improving Place Pages

There are some key points to take particular care about in Maintainers' Dos and Don'ts

Churches Directory

The priorities are:

  • to add churches of denominations other than the main parish church, especially where such churches may have records available;
  • to clarify locations (see Maps below) and the dates within which churches have been active;
  • to identify and record graveyards, especially those which are detached from parish churches.

This is covered in some more detail in Improving the Churches Directory


The main priorities are:

  • improving the accuracy of the main parish and town locations. Some are still approximate as that has been the default for the original bulk entry;
  • adding smaller places within parishes that help people identify where references in records might be found;
  • adding larger, more modern places which are likely to be the identified location in more modern records.

Some further ideas and techniques are discussed in improve the Gazetteer




The main feature of the current use of maps is that they are now a helpful tool for dealing with the Gazetteer and Churches in particular. There is a brief summary here