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There are opportunities for online contact and communication.

Offering comment about the contents of GENUKI

If you are a visitor and wish to comment on the contents of any page, either with corrections or potential additions, please use the blue button at the foot of every page. This will open a form for you to fill in and submitting the form will send the message to the most appropriate person, usually the maintainer of the page. They will reply to you directly as quickly as possible.



Please note, as we have said on the front page, that we do not have the ability or information to answer queries of personal genealogical searches.


Discussions between Maintainers

There is a closed "groups.io" mailing group to which all maintainers belong. This offers the opportunity to seek help and advice from other maintainers about issues that arise.

All members of the Executive Team are part of this group. They will use it to provide information about changes to the GENUKI system and to consult maintainers. Any maintainer who wishes to bring a topic to the attention of the Executive Team should do so here.

Emails to the group address from anyone other than members of the group are not forwarded to the group.

Discussions within the Executive Team

Similarly there is a closed group for the Executive Team to discuss issues on the management of the system.

Direct emails to GENUKI

If you wish to contact GENUKI by email about a formal issue (ie not commenting on the content) then you can email contact[at]genuki.org[dot]uk

Postal address

If you need to write to GENUKI please do so by addressing any correspondence to the Trustees as follows:

GENUKI, c/o Peter Christian, 123 Victoria Way, London SE7 7NX