"DREWSTEIGNTON, a large village on the northern acclivity of Teign valley, 13 miles W. of Exeter, and 9 miles E. by S. of Okehampton, has in its parish 1315 souls, including 181 in the hamlet of TEIGNEHOLT, which has several scattered farms, houses, &c. The parish also includes part of the village of Crockernwell ... and contains 6938A. 1R. 22 ½P. of land, extending westward to the borders of Dartmoor. About 6506 acres are rateable, and the rest are roads, wastes, and river. The rateable annual value is £5406, and the gross rental £7285. The parish abounds in fine scenery of rocks and woods. Drewsteignton Lime Rock Quarries are worked extensively by Messrs. Ponsford and Co. and Jas. Pitts, Esq. ... In the reigns of Henry II. and Richard I., the manor was held by Drogo, or Drewe de Teignton. For many generations, it was held by the Carews, who sold it in lots in 1791. G. Ponsford, Esq., J. Pitts, Esq., and the Rev. W. Ponsford, are now lords of the manor, but a great part of the soil belongs to W. Lambert, Esq., John Ponsford, Esq., Wm. Bragg, Esq., and several smaller freeholders. These gentlemen have neat and pleasant seats in different parts of the parish. The late Rev. S. Pidsley owned Drascombe farm, on which a valuable tin lode was discovered and worked some years ago. This mine has recently been taken by a company of gentlemen at Bristol, and sunk to the depth of 34 fathoms, where excellent copper ore is found, as well as tin, with a mixture of silver. Mr. J. Luke, of Exeter, owns the barton or farm of Shilston. ... The Church (St. Peter,) is a large Gothic structure, with an embattled tower and six bells." [From White's Devonshire Directory (1850)]

Drewsteignton parish is in Wonford Hundred, and the Archdeaconry and Diocese of Exeter. Regarded as part of the Dartmoor area.



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Church History

Drewsteignton - from J. Stabb. Some Old Devon Churches (London: 1908-16).

Holy Trinity Drewsteignton Church Guide. [SoG Library: Devon Tracts Box]


Church Records

Parish Registers going back to 1557 are held in the Devon Record Office.

The Devon FHS publishes indexes covering (as of June 2004): Baptisms 1813-1839, Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837 - for details see their Devon Parish List.

Nothing entered into the IGI (as of Jan 1993).

Brown, Mike. Pre-1754 Marriage Index for Drewsteignton.. Dartmoor Press, P.O. Box 132, Plymouth PL4 7YL (1999?)

The Deanery of Dunsford: An index of baptisms, marriages and burials in the parishes of Ashton, Bridford, Chagford, Cheriton Bishop, Christow, Doddiscombsleigh, Drewsteignton, Dunsford, Gidleigh, Hittisleigh, Holcombe Burnell, South Tawton, Spreyton, Tedburn St. Mary, Throwleigh and Whitestone. With photographs of the churches and extracts from White's Devonshire Directory 1850. CD-ROM, Exeter, Devon FHS (2009). [Ashton Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1740-1837; Bridford Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1800-1837; Chagford Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Cheriton Bishop Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1841, Bur: 1813-1837; Christow Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1757-1844, Bur: 1813-1837; Doddiscombsleigh Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1755-1836, Bur: 1780-1837; Drewsteignton Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Dunsford Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Gidleigh Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1748-1812 (BT's), Mar: 1814-1837, Bur: 1813-1884; Hittisleigh Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1839; Holcombe Burnell Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1836, Bur: 1753-1837; South Tawton Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Spreyton Bapt: 1803-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1800-1837; Tedburn St. Mary Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Throwleigh Bapt: 1813-1841, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Whitestone Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837.]


Description & Travel

Section on Drewsteignton  from Samuel Lewis: A Topographical Dictionary of England (1831), provided by Mel Lockie.

Information from the Historic England website about Castle Drogo, built by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Price, Jack. Visitors' guide to Fingle Bridge and Drewsteignton. Fingle Bridge: The Author [1979] 32p: ill, map. [Westcountry Studies Library - pB/DRE/1979/PRI]

You can see pictures of Drewsteignton which are provided by:



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Copy provided by Val Henderson of the entry (description and names) in Morris and Co's Commercial Directory and Gazetteer of Devonshire 1870.

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The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.



The Online Parish Clerk for this parish is Daniel Morgan, who invites queries and lookup requests.

Dartmoor Press Online Magazine's page for this parish (archived copy), with articles, transcriptions, publication details, etc. - highly recommended.

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Sue Davey's Drewsteignton pages provide historical information, and parish register extracts.

The Early History of Some Farms in Drewsteignton, by Sophia Lambert.

Some notes about Drewsteignton during the Eighteenth Century, by Paul Greener, provided by the Friends of Devon Archives.

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Land & Property

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Castle Drogo, National Trust (1984). [Devon FHS Library p942.35/DRE]



Transcription, by Fay Sampson Priestley, of a Rent Book for the Fulford Estate, includinging the Manor of Coombhall. (The original document is in private hands.)

Chief Rents And Properties in the Manors of Spreyton, Lamford (Cheriton Bishop) and Fursham (Drewsteignton), 1800 and 1859, transcribed by Sophia Lambert.



View a map of the boundaries of this town/parish.

You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SX736908 (Lat/Lon: 50.703061, -3.791318), Drewsteignton which are provided by:


Names, Personal

Drewsteignton contributors to a 1678 brief for the rebuilding of St Paul's Cathedral.


Probate Records

Will of James Lang (1828), transcribed by Teresa Lang.



Drewsteignton School - Admission Register - 1866-1910, Exeter, Devon Family History Society, (Booklet & PDF S004).