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Index of Names

Treasures of Ancient Devon

By John Allan and Simon Timms

Devon Books (1996).

ISBN 0 86114 909 2

Prepared by Michael Steer

Devon's history is witnessed by the wealth of artefacts, books, documents and photographs conserved and displayed in museums, archives and libraries throughout the county. This beautifully produced, well written and spectacularly illustrated small book presents a selection of 26 such 'treasures'. The idea that initiated the book arose from a joint Devon County Council- Exeter City Museums exhibition of 'Treasures of Ancient Devon' held at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter from December 1996 to February 1997. The exhibition brought together treasures from museums, libraries and archives throughout Devon. At the time of publication, author John Allan was Curator of Antiquities at Exeter City Museums and Simon Timms was Devon County Archeologist. Permission to produce this name index has graciously been given by the publisher.


1 Prehistoric hand axes from the Axe Valley
2 A prehistoric cup from Farway
3 Prehistoric gold hoard from Coleton Raleigh
4 Prehistoric wooden figure from Kingsteignton
5 Coffinswell hoard of prehistoric currency bars
6 Prehistoric bronze animal figures from Milber
7 Roman aureus from Exeter
8 Roman portrait head from Exeter
9 Roman bronze figure of Achilles & Centaur from Sidmouth
10 Saxon pennies- Barnstaple mint
10b Saxon pennies- Lydford and Totnes mints
11 Sculpted stone head, Okehampton Castle
12 Exeter Puzzle Jug
13 Seal matrix of Prior Thomas Dene
14 Exeter wait's chain
15 Silver gilt pin, Dartington Hall
16 Canon from wreck at Teignmouth
17 John Hooker's map of Exeter
18 Drake Cup from Buckland Abbey
19 Hoard of gold unites from Chudleigh
20 Silver crowns from Exeter Civil War mint
21 Plaster overmantel, Great Moor Farm House, Sowton
22 North Devon Harvest jug
23 Coat of arms, Exeter Customs House
24 Daniel & Samuel Lyson's 'Devonsshire'.
25 Sabine Baring-Gould's folksong collection
26 James Revilious's Standing Stone on Mattock's Down


Adams, Miss F.J.   60
Aelfric   28
Aethelred II   28
Alberghetti, Sigismundo   42
Alcock, Nathaniel   52
Alfhelm   28
Alfsige   28
Allan, John   56
Allan, J.P.   32
Amory, R.F.S.   19
Anne, Queen   56
Baring-Gould, Rev. Sabine   60-1
Batten, Kit   44
Beacham, Peter   4, 52
Bennett, Francis   44
Besly, Edward   50
Bidwell, Paul   25
Blaylock, S.R.   32
Browne, Mr. T   4
Burton, Simon   42
Byrhsige   28
Caesar, Julius   18
Carpenter, Austin C.   43
Charles I, King   50
Cherry, Bridget   4, 40
Cherry, John   36, 40
Child, Peter   4
Clarke, David   12
Claudius, Emperor   22
Cole, Mr. Cyril   6
Coles, Professor Bryony   16
Collier, W.F.   60
Collis, John   24
Constable, J.M.   44
Cowie, Trevor   12
Currie, Christopher   4, 40
Dene, Prior Thomas   36
Dolly, Michael   28
Domitian, Emperor   24
Drake, Sir Francis   46
Dunning, Gerald C.   34
D'Urban, W.S.M.   10
Eadgar, King   28, 30
Edward the Confessor, King   28
Fox, Aileen   4, 20
Fox, Sir Cyril   20
Foxon, Andrew   12
Garner, David   4
Gaskell-Brown, Cynthia   4, 46
Grant, Alison   54
Gray, Todd   44
Griffith, Frances   4
Grinsell, L.V.   63
Heineken, Rev. N.S.   26
Higham, R.A.   32
Hildebrand, Bror E.   28
Hingley, Richard   19
Hogenberg, Remegius   44
Holbrook, Neil   25
Hooker, John   38, 44-5
Hoskins, Professor W.G.   4, 6, 58
Hutchinson, Peter Orlando   26
James of Compostella, Saint   36
James I, King   48
Kirwan, Rev. Richard   12
Laithwaite, Michael   52
Larn, Richard   43
Lethbridge, John   42
Ling, Dr Roger   24-5
Lysons, Daniel   58
Lysons, Samuel   58
Margeson, Sue   40
Nicholls, Mr. D.J.   4
Oliver, George   36
Parry, H. Lloyd   38
Parsons, James   60
Pengelly, William   16
Peter, Thomas   46
Pevsner, Sir Nicholas   4, 40
Purcell, W.E.   60
Radford, C.A.R.   20
Radford, Dr. Ralegh   34
Ravenhill, William   44
Ravilious, James   9, 62-3
Ravilious, Robin   63
Roe, D.A.   10
Rogers, E.H.   20
Rouse, Sir Anthony   46
Rowe, Margery   44
Seword   28
Shakesby, R.A.   10
Sheppard, H. Fleetwood   60
Shiel, Norman   22
Shorter, A.H.   20
Shortt, W.T.P.   22, 26
Simpson, S.J.   19
Sloper, Dennis   12
Stephens, N.   10
Stewart, Sir Ian   28
Taylor, M.V.   26
Thorp, John   52
Timms, Simon   6
Titus, Emperor   24
Todd, Malcolm   4
Toynbee, Professor J.M.C.   25
Tull, Rev. Christopher   6
Vespasian, Emperor   22-24
Vyvyan, Sir Richard   50
Wainwright, Dr. Geoffrey   6
Watts, Blake, Bearne & Co   4, 16
West, Jeffrey K.   32
Westcote, Thomas   62
William I   28
Wrey, Sir Bourchier   18
Youings, Joyce   44
Zarnecki, George   32