Name Index


The Book of Northlew with Ashbury: People of the Land

By Northlew History Group

Tiverton: Halsgrove House (2002)

Index prepared by Joyce Johnson

Acland-Troyte, Hugh Leonard lost in action1914-1918110
Acland, Rev. P. L. D.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Adams familyNorthlew Parishowned butcher shop 24
Adams, BerylNorthlewphoto193876
Adams, BerylNorthlewphoto194077
Adams, DenisNorthlewchairman of Northlew & Ashbury Victory Hall 144
Adams, Dennis Acknowledgement 7
Adams, DennisKimberran a milk run for 34 years 31
Adams, DennisNorthlew Parishphoto of opening ceremony199029
Adams, DennisNorthlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Adams, DennyNorthlewphoto 147
Adams, DennyNorthlewphoto2002150
Adams, DennyNorthlewpurchased property 87
Adams, DennyNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Adams, ErnNorthlewemployed Mrs. Woolsey & Mrs. Arnold 117
Adams, ErnNorthlew Parishowned bakery 24
Adams, ErnNorthlew Parishran butcher shop 26
Adams, ErnNorthlewhad bakery and butchery business 43
Adams, ErnNorthlewphoto 135
Adams, ErnNorthlewphoto1920134
Adams, FredNorthlewborn blind 97
Adams, FredNorthlewphoto1960's137
Adams, G. Bible Class (Photo) 8
Adams, GertieNorthlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Adams, GertieNorthlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Adams, GraceNorthlewphoto 142
Adams, GraceNorthlewphoto 80, 81
Adams, GraceNorthlewphoto1952140
Adams, GraceNorthlewphoto1953141
Adams, GrannyNorthlew Parishsold sweets and cakes 26
Adams, HarietNorthlewPercy's mother 97
Adams, HenryNorthlewphoto1920's106
Adams, HilaryDartmoorphoto1952147
Adams, HilaryNorthlewphoto 142
Adams, HilaryNorthlewphoto1930's75
Adams, HilaryNorthlewphoto194077
Adams, HilaryNorthlewphoto1950's143
Adams, Jack & FlorrieNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Adams, JackKimberemployed Tommy Lake 113
Adams, JackNorthlewphoto1920's106
Adams, JackNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Adams, JeanKimberran a milk run for 34 years 31
Adams, JeanNorthlewphoto2001141
Adams, JenniferNorthlewphoto 81,82
Adams, JennyKimberran a milk run for 34 years 31
Adams, JennyNorthlewphoto 80
Adams, KayNorthlewphoto197383
Adams, LibbyNorthlewnee Newcombe195079
Adams, LibbyNorthlewphoto2001141
Adams, LibbyNorthlewphoto2002152
Adams, LibbyNorthlewremembers maypole dances195983
Adams, LouisNorthlewphoto 132
Adams, LouisNorthlewphoto1918136
Adams, MarianNorthlewphoto1963141
Adams, MarionNorthlewphoto1957142
Adams, MatthewNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Adams, Michael J. subscriber 171
Adams, MichaelDartmoorphoto1952147
Adams, MikeKimberran a milk run for 34 years 31
Adams, MikeNorthlewphoto2002151
Adams, Mr D.Northlewassisted with new swimming pool197384
Adams, Mr. PercyNorthlew Parishdonated playing field 29
Adams, Mr.Northlew Parishsold petrol 24
Adams, Mrs F.Northlewphoto1965143
Adams, Mrs J.Northlewphoto1965143
Adams, MrsNorthlewWomen's Institute member 143
Adams, P.Northlewphoto 137
Adams, Paul M. subscriber 171
Adams, PaulNorthlewphoto1986147
Adams, PaulNorthlewphoto1970142
Adams, PaulNorthlewphoto197083
Adams, Percy Acknowledgement 7
Adams, PercyNorthlew Parishlives in cottage at northern Arcade 26
Adams, PercyNorthlewbandmaster1996120
Adams, PercyNorthlewbandmember1934-1997139
Adams, PercyNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Adams, PercyNorthlewphoto 163
Adams, PercyNorthlewphoto192674
Adams, PercyNorthlewphoto1960's139
Adams, PercyNorthlewphoto1972138
Adams, PercyNorthlewphoto2000163
Adams, PercyNorthlewpurchased Horrathorne 97
Adams, PercyNorthlewsecretary1946136
Adams, SarahNorthlewphoto1970142
Adams, StewartNorthlewphoto197383
Adams, StuartNorthlewphoto1970142
Adams, Thomas J. & Joseph W. subscriber 171
Adams, ThomasNorthlewphoto 165
Adams, TinaNorthlewphoto2001141
Adams, TomNorthlewphoto192674
Adams, W.Northlewphoto 71
Adams,DennisNorthlewlive at Overlake 88
Adams,DennisNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,DennisNorthlewrecalls mom baking 89
Adams,FlorenceNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,GraceNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,HenryNorthlewlive at Overlake 88
Adams,HenryNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,HilaryNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,JackNorthlewlive at Overlake 88
Adams,JackNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,JackNorthlewremembers sleeping in the granary 89
Adams,JeanNorthlewlive at Overlake 88
Adams,JohnNorthlewlive at Overlake 88
Adams,JohnNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,MarianNorthlewphoto 88
Adams,MichaelNorthlewis farming200289
Adams,MichaelNorthlewphoto 88
Addison, Edward & MaryNorthlewfarmed at Scobchester195098
Addison, EdwardNorthlewphoto 97
Addison, EdwardNorthlewfarmed at Scobchester195098
Addison, JosephineNorthlewfarmed at Scobchester195098
Addison, MaryNorthlewfarmed at Scobchester195098
Addison, TomNorthlewfarmed at Scobchester195098
Addison, TommyNorthlewphoto 148
Addison, TommyNorthlewplayed football for Black Torrington1948148
Alford, GeorgeNorthlewdied 139
Alford, GrahamNorthlewphoto1972138
Alford, StephenNorthlewphoto197383
Algar, AndrewHarper's Hillbuilder and decorator 46
Algar, KayNorthlewphoto2001141
Alleyne, Rev. I. F.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Allin, CharlieNorthlewknown for carrying a shotgun with him 128
Allin, CharlieNorthlewran own passenger transport business 128
Anderson, Rev. W. D.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Andrew, BrianNorthlewphoto1986147
Andrew, BrianNorthlewphoto2002152
Andrew, C. photo 111
Andrew, ClarNorthlewphoto192674
Andrew, ClarenceNorthlewenlisted1939112
Andrew, ClemNorthleweggs, butter, rabbits 43
Andrew, ClemNorthlewphoto 125
Andrew, ClemNorthlewregrator1920's - 1930's125
Andrew, ClemNorthlewwas local officer of ARP 113
Andrew, ClementNorthlewphoto 170
Andrew, DickNorthlewenlisted1939112
Andrew, DickNorthlewgarage 43
Andrew, DickNorthlewphoto 148
Andrew, DickNorthlewsold garage premises195145
Andrew, GeorgeNorthlewnamed in indenture document187539
Andrew, HenryNorthlew Parishhad wheelwrighting shop 26
Andrew, HenryNorthlewmaster of ceremonies 146
Andrew, HenryNorthlewmillwright 125
Andrew, HenryNorthlewphoto 46, 65, 123
Andrew, HenryNorthlewphoto1930126
Andrew, HenryNorthlewphoto1957142
Andrew, HenryNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Andrew, HenryNorthlewwas local officer of ARP 113
(Andrew), JoyceNorthlewphoto 126
Andrew, J. M.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Andrew, JulieNorthlewphoto2001141
Andrew, MauriceNorthlewmillwright 125
Andrew, MauriceNorthlewphoto 109
Andrew, Mr & Mrs ClemNorthlewphoto 126
Andrew, Mr H.Northlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Andrew, Mr T.Northlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Andrew, Mr. T.Northlew Parishsite donation192031
Andrew, Mr. T.J. subscriber 171
Andrew, NellNorthlewphoto192674
Andrew, PercyNorthlewphoto 132, 135
Andrew, PhilipNorthlewnamed in indenture document187539-41
Andrew, Rev. S.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Andrew, T.Northlewwheelwright 43
Andrew, ThomasNorthlewnamed in indenture document187539-41
Andrew, ThomasNorthlewphoto 122
Andrew, Tom & Vera Acknowledgement 7
Andrew, TomNorthlewphoto 147
Andrew, TomNorthlew Parishlived at the Thatches 28
Andrew, TomNorthlewbought first car owned in Northlew1914124
Andrew, TomNorthlewchairman of the Legion for many years 149
Andrew, TomNorthlewdid reading1996121
Andrew, TomNorthlewphoto 58, 148
Andrew, TomNorthlewphoto1930's75
Andrew, TomNorthlewphoto193876
Andrew, TomNorthlewphoto1950's151
Andrew, TomNorthlewread names1996120
(Andrew), VeraNorthleworganised parties 149
Andrew, VeraNorthlew Parishlived at the Thatches 28
Andrews, JohnNorthlewoccupied cottage at Durdon Cross Farm185193
Andrews, TomAshburyowned store sheds191222
Andrews, TomNorthlewphoto194077
Annette, MarkNorthlewlived at West Kimber Farm200290
Annette, TraceyNorthlewlived at West Kimber Farm200290
Argentiere, JeanNorthlewphoto 165
Arnold, Col.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Arnold, EricNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Arnold, SylviaNorthlewan evacuee 115
Arnold, SylviaNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Arnold, WinifredNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Arthurs, BillNorthlewphoto1950's151
Arthurs, NeilNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Arthurs, RonNorthlewphoto 147
Ashby, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Atkins familyNorthlewlived East Kimber 89
Atkinson, MollyNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Atkinson, MollyNorthlewphoto 163
Atkinson, Mr & Mrs J.E. subscriber 171
Atkinson, Mr & Mrs M.J. subscriber 171
Atkinson, Mr J.F. subscriber 171
Aubert, GraceNorthlewphoto1927153
Aubertin, Kathleen J. subscriber 171
Aubertin, PercyNorthlewphoto1927153
Austen, Mr Hof Okehamptonwas county officer of ARP 113
Avery LilNorthlewlived in house at the top of the Square 160
(Avery) Rene & RubyNorthlewlived in house at the top of the Square 160
(Avery) ReubenNorthlewlived in house at the top of the Square 160
Avery Reuben & LilNorthlewphoto 158
Avery RubyNorthlewphoto1927153
(Avery) Ruby & ReneNorthlewphoto 158
Badcock, BillNorthlewphoto1918136
Badcock, Mr.Northlew Parishwas cobbler 25
Bailey, PearlNorthlewphoto 81
Bailey, VictorNorthlewphoto 148
Baker, AmandaNorthlewphoto197383
Baker, C.Northlewphoto 137
Baker, CharNorthlewphoto2002150
Baker, CharlesNorthlewphoto 82
Baker, CharlesNorthlewphoto2001139
Baker, CharlieNorthlewphoto1960's137
Baker, CharlieNorthlewphoto1960's139
Baker, CharlieNorthlewphoto1972138
Baker, EnidNorthlew Parishpostmistress for 29 years 30
Baker, EnidNorthlewmember of Churchwomen's Guild1950's143
Baker, EnidNorthlewphoto 46
Baker, F.Northlewphoto 137
Baker, Fred story of motor car1993124
Baker, FredNorthlewbandmaster1946136
Baker, FredNorthlewchurchwarden and organist 53
Baker, FredNorthlewextra lessons at his house 138
Baker, FredNorthlewphoto 135
Baker, FredNorthlewphoto 46
Baker, FredNorthlewphoto1920134
Baker, FredNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Baker, GaryNorthlewphoto197083
Baker, JohnNorthlew Parishran a smithy 28
Baker, MissNorthlewmet Prince & Princess of Wales1983144
Baker, MissNorthlewpostmistress 146
Baker, Mr. FredNorthlew Parishchurch organist and choirmaster 30
Baker, Mr. FredNorthlew Parishphoto of performing opening ceremony199029
Baker, Mr.Northlewapprentice since 1841 bought business 42
Baker, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Baker, ThomasNorthlewblacksmith 38
Baker, TomNorthlew Parishran a smithy 28
Baker, TomNorthlewmanned the door 146
Baldry, MarjorieNorthlewphoto 67
Baldry, MrNorthlewheadteacher1900-1568
Baldry, Mr.Northlewphoto 67
Baldwin the SheriffGorhuish  11
Banbury, ConnieNorthlewphoto 141
Barker, Revd (curate)Broomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Barnes, Wm.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Barrett MarcusNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Barrett, H. MoultonNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Barrett, Marcus 'Bugsy'Northlewphoto1986147
Barrett, MarcusNorthlewphoto1988148
Barrett, MarcusNorthlewphoto2002151
Barry, HenryNorthlewheld manor134913
Bartlett, JamesNorthlewvisited Lower Whiddon184292
Bateman Mr & MrsNorthlewsold Blackworthy Farm194991
Bater familyNorthlewlived at East Worth 91
Bater familyNorthlewoccupied Whiddon Farm1902 - 192192
Bater RichardDartmoorphoto1952147
Bater, ArthurNorthlewmarried to Emily May 90
Bater, ColinCrowdencontinues business 46
Bater, ColinNorthlewphoto 80
Bater, Ern MauriceNorthlewphoto195261
Bater, F.Northlewphoto 137
Bater, F.W.Northlewhaulage lorriesafter 194543
Bater, FearnleyNorthlewphoto1960's137
Bater, FernleyNorthlew Parishlived at the Alma House 27
Bater, FernleyNorthlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Bater, FernleyNorthlew Parishran a haulage buisness1900's27
Bater, FernleyNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Bater, FernleyNorthlewlived at Alma House 45
Bater, FernleyNorthlewphoto 45
Bater, FernleyNorthlewphoto1960's139
Bater, FernleyNorthlewphoto1972138
Bater, FredNorthlew Parishhad a cycle shed for spares and repairs 31
Bater, FredNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Bater, FredNorthlewphoto 135
Bater, FredNorthlewphoto1920134
Bater, J.Northlewwheelwright 43
Bater, JohnCrowdenwheelwright, thatcher and builder 46
Bater, LilianNorthlewphoto193876
Bater, LilianNorthlewphoto194077
Bater, MauriceCrowdenundertaker 46
Bater, MauriceNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Bater, Mrs. RitaNorthlew Parishlayed chapel's foundation stone199625
Bater, PercyNorthlewphoto192674
Bater, Rhoda & JohnNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Bater, RichardCrowdencontinues business 46
Bater, Rita Acknowledgement 7
Bater, RitaNorthlew Parishran a haulage buisness1900's27
Bater, RitaNorthlew Parishlived at the Alma House 27
Bater, RitaNorthlewlived at Alma House 45
Bater, ShirleyNorthlewphoto 80, 82
Bater, WilliamNorthlewFernley's father 45
Bates, CabbyNorthlewdrove wagonette from Okehampton 133
Bayley, J.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bayley, R.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bayliss childrenNorthlewevacuees 115
Beasey familyNorthlewtenants at Scobchester 98
Becket, Thomasof Canterburypatron saint of Northlew martyred117054
Belfield, JohnNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bell, John Fox lost in action1914-1918110
Bennett, Jill Acknowledgement 7
Bennett, JillNorthlewwartime story 119
BernardGorhuishheld the land 11
BernardGorhuishholdings are named 11
Betjeman, JohnNorthlewvisit1962123
Bevan, 'Sneezer'Northlewphoto1960's139
Bevis childrenNorthlewevacuees 115
Bewes, Rev. Thomas A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bickle familyNorthlewlived at Lower Whiddon181892
Bickle, John & CatherineNorthlewdonated land to build Whiddon Chapel183992
Bickle, John & HarietNorthlewfarmed at Lower Whiddon 92
Bickle, JohnNorthlewmarried182313
Bickle, JohnNorthlewdied185890
Bickle, JohnNorthlewmarried Catherine Watkins 92
Bickle, JohnNorthlewmarried Catherine Watkins182390
Bickle, JohnNorthlewwas friends with James Thorne 92
Bickle, M.J.Northlew 170584
Bickle, Mr J.Northlewleased the Church House170567
Bickle, W.H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bickle, W.H.Northlewwarden188550
Bickle, ZacchaeusNorthlewwas cordwainer170942
Binder, OttoNorthlewa German POW 115
Binder, OttoNorthlewGerman prisoner of war 148
Binnie, ColinNorthlewan evacuee 115
Bisley, PatNorthlewphoto 80, 82
Bisley, WendyNorthlewphoto 80
Bissoni, JulieNorthlewphoto1972138
Blachford, SteveNorthlewdustman, horse and cart 43
Blackburn, Edwd.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Blackford, Mr.Northlew Parishran smithy 30
Blatch, JohnNorthlew Parishwas a chimney sweep 25
Blatch, StevieNewhousedelivered milkearly 1930's42
Blatchford, G.K.Northlew 190285
Blatchford, J.Northlew 187985
Blatchford, Jack son of William 20
Blatchford, JackNorthlewthe village chimney sweep 160
Blatchford, WilliamAshbury Housewas gardener 20
Blight familyNorthlewtenants at Scobchester 98
Bolt, Susan J. subscriber 171
Bone, PeterNorthlewphoto197083
Borel, MrNorthlewmanor house restored188313
Borland, R.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Born, BettyNorthlewphoto 82
Born, BobNorthlewphoto 160
Born, BobNorthlewphoto193876
Born, BobNorthlewphoto194077
Born, David subscriber 171
Born, MabelNorthlewhappy passengers looked after 127
Born, Mrs M.Northlewphoto1965143
(Born), NormanNorthlewdied4 July 1980128
Born, NormanNorthlewoperated buses to Northlew1939117
Born, NormanNorthlewsounded alarm 119
Born, NormanNorthlewarrival1920's125
Born, NormanNorthlewcollect rabbit catches 125
Born, NormanNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Born, NormanNorthlewmarried Mable Court 125
Born, NormanNorthlewphoto 126, 128
Born, NormanNorthlewphoto1930126
Born, NormanNorthlewphoto1964167
Born, NormanNorthlewput a 32-seater on the road1942127
Born, NormanNorthlewran business for more than 40 years 129
Born, NormanNorthlewran taxi and hire car service1930125
(Born), NormanNorthlewretrieved broken down coach 128
Born's CoachesNorthlewwas contracted to transport students to school1946128
Born's ToursNorthlewcompany had 14 coaches1965128
Bostock-Smith, BarbaraNorthlew Parishnotice board in her memory 24
Bourne, David Acknowledgement 7
Bourne, F.W.Northlewphoto185059
Bowden, EdieNorthlewphoto 156
Bowden, Gillian subscriber 171
Bowden, GraceNorthlewlived at Rock cottage 158
Bowden, MaryNorthlew Parishlived at Rockey Cottage 29
Bowden, StevenNorthlewphoto197083
Bradeston, JohnEast Kimberbought land142311
Bradston, SibellNorthlewheld free tenants146488
Bradston, SibellNorthlew:held free one tenor146487 
Bragg, RegAshburyphoto 131
Bragg, RegAshburystationmaster1930's,1940's,1950's130
Branch, DickNorthlewphoto192674
Bray, JackNorthlewphoto1968104
Bray, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bray, NurseNorthlew Parishwould assist Dr. Mitchell193733
Bray, NurseNorthlewtook care of confinements and minor medical matters 155
Brayley, R. photo 111
Brayley,JimmyNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Brewer, WilliamNorthlewpurchased land12th cent14
Breyley, AlexanderNorthlewoccupied Home Farm188193
Breyley, ElizabethNorthlewoccupied Home Farm188193
Breyley, KarenNorthlewoccupied Home Farm188193
Breyley, Marilyn L. subscriber 171
Breyley, Mr. JamesNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Breyley, SandraNorthlewphoto1957142
Breyley, TrevorNorthlewphoto1987148
Breyley,AlexanderNorthlewoccupied Home Farm188193
BrictricNorthlewheld land(Domesday)11
BrictricNorthlewchief landowner108649
Bridgwater, Rex subscriber 171
Brighton, Mrs Acknowledgement 7
Brindle, FredNorthlewan evacuee 115
Brindle, GeorgeNorthlewan evacuee 115
Britton, ColinNorthlewphoto 81
Britton, RosalindNorthlewphoto 82
Britton, RoyNorthlewlived in East Kimber 89
Brock, PercyNorthlewphoto1950's151
Brooking familyNorthlewphoto1900's91
Brooking familyNorthlewprovided earliest known transport 123
Brooking, AmyNorthlewfelt the motor car was driven too fast 126
Brooking, AmyNorthlewwife of William 92
Brooking, AndyNorthlewfarmed at Crowden Farm 91
Brooking, AndyNorthlewphoto1999139, 150
Brooking, AnthonyNorthlewphoto197383
Brooking, C.Northlewphoto 137
Brooking, Cecil M. subscriber 171
Brooking, Cecil Acknowledgement 7
Brooking, CecilNorthlewfather of Andy 92
Brooking, CecilNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto 135
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto1920134
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto1930's75
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto1972138
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto1999139
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto2001139
Brooking, CecilNorthlewphoto2002150
Brooking, Frederick WilliamBelguimdied aged 191917110
Brooking, HildaNorthlewphoto192674
Brooking, J.Northlew Parishlocal builder192031
Brooking, John & KittyNorthlewphoto1908123
Brooking, John & KittyNorthlewran a farm and shop 123
Brooking, JohnNorthlew Parishowned shop1900's24
Brooking, JohnNorthlewtook over business1920's123
Brooking, JoyceDartmoorphoto1952147
Brooking, KittyNorthlew Parishowned shop1900's24
Brooking, MabelNorthlewsold farm produce at Okehampton market 92
Brooking, MonicaNorthlewphoto1972138
Brooking, Mr.Northlewphoto195261
Brooking, NicholasNorthlewtook over business1890's123
Brooking, PeggyNorthlewmother of Andy 92
Brooking, PeggyNorthlewphoto2002150
Brooking, PhyllisDartmoorphoto1952147
Brooking, PriscillaNorthlewwife of Andy 91
Brooking, QueenieNorthlewphoto192674
Brooking, SamNorthlewphoto 135
Brooking, SamNorthlewphoto1920134
Brooking, ShirleyNorthlewphoto1972138
Brooking, SimonNorthlewphoto1999139
Brooking, SimonNorthlewphoto2001139
Brooking, ThomasNorthlewran horse and covered van service1873123
Brooking, ThomasNorthlewwas higgler 42
Brooking, VeraNorthlewphoto1930's75
Brooking, VeraNorthlewphoto193876
Brooking, VeraNorthlewphoto194077
Brooking, William & Amyof Crowdenparents of Frederick William 110
Brooking, WilliamNorthlewpurchased Crowden Farm189792
Brooking,Mr & Mrs A., Simon & Megan subscriber 171
Brown, JulieNorthlewphoto1988148
Brown, MarjNorthlewphoto2001141
Brown, MarjNorthlewrun the Coffee 'n' Chat Club 151
Brown, Marjorie F.O. subscriber 171
Brown, Rev. M.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Bryan, Ellen & JohnNorthlewran a guest house at Lower Gorhuish 96
Bryan, Peter & AngelaNorthlewoperate Bryan Haulage200296
Brynne, MrNorthlewarchitect190113
Bubb, BabyNorthlewwas an evacuee from Battersea 115
Bubb, JohnnyNorthlewwas an evacuee from Battersea 115
Bubb, RonnieNorthlewwas an evacuee from Battersea 115
Buchanan familyNorthlewlocal musicians 149
Buchanan, Captain & Mrs A.R. subscriber 171
Buchanan, Mr.Northlewplayed Pipe Lament1996121
Buchanan,Amber subscriber 171
Buchanan,Hazel subscriber 171
Buckle, Rev. G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Burch, A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Burd, G. V.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Burd, W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Burridge, Annie wife of William Henry Karslake 110
Burridge, John & Ellenof Beaworthyparents of William Henry Karslake 110
Burridge, May subscriber 171
Burridge, MayNorthlewphoto2001141
Burridge, William Henry KarslakeBelguimdied aged 261915110
Burrow, K.J. subscriber 171
Burrows, JoeNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Butler, GordonNorthlewphoto1960's139
Butler, NeilNorthlewphoto1960's139
Caine, Ann Joanna & Michaelinscription 52 
Cane, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Cann, G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Cappello, BarryNorthleworganist1996121
Carew, Rev. Robert BakerNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Carpenter familyRutleighmember married Revd Phillips 13
Carpenter-Garnier, J.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Carrier, David & Carol subscriber 171
Carter, Pat & Ron subscriber 171
Carter, PatNorthlewphoto2001139
Carter, PatNorthlewphoto2002149
Carter, RonNorthlewphoto2001139
Carter, RonaldHarper's Hillleatherworker 47
Cary, JohnNorthlewmarried138613
Cary, RobertKimbersold land142311
Chamberlain, Revd RussellNorthlewfirst Team Rector199454
Chapman, John & JanetNorthlewpurchased Millcombe Down199394
Chapman, LeonardCrowdenclock repairer 47
Charlwood, Vice-Admiral E. V.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Chettle, N.J.Eastcott Farmtrains sheep dogs 47
Chettle, Nicholas & GillianNorthlewown Higher Eastcott 94
Chichester, Rev. R.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Chick, JulieNorthlewphoto2001141
Chivers, Mr Derek & Mrs Elvira subscriber 171
Church, CrispinNorthlewphoto1972138
Church, FrancisNorthlewphoto1972138
Church, GrahamNorthlewphoto1972138
Church, HenryNorthlewphoto1972138
Church, Mrs.Northlewphoto1972138
Church, PaulNorthlewphoto1972138
Clark, JudithNorthlew Parishtook over business 24
Clark, RichardNorthlew Parishtook over business 24
Clarke familyNorthlew Parishhad garage for three generations 30
Clarke, R.E.Northlewmotor engineer 45
Clarke, Revd F.Northlewsecond extension of the churchyard added1952-5853
Clarke, RevdNorthlewphoto195261
Clarke, RobinNorthlewgarage 43
Cleverdon, MrsNorthlewphoto1965143
Cloke, JohnNorthlewvisited Northlew181259
Cobbold, Ven R. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Colbear, Mr & Mrs Robert E. subscriber 171
Colbear, Robert & RuthNorthlewpurchased Scobchester 98
Cole MichaelNorthlewphoto2002168
Cole, B.E. subscriber 171
Cole, BridgetNorthlewphoto2001141
Cole, Dorothy Acknowledgement 7
Cole, DorothyNorthlewphoto2002150
Cole, FelicityNorthlewinterior designer 47
Cole, G.D.H. bibliography & sources 169
Cole, HenryNorthlewphoto1960's137
Cole, Michael & Dorothy subscriber 171
Cole, SharonNorthlewphoto2001141
Cole, StephenNorthlewphoto1981152
Coles, DorothyNorthlewdelivers milk around the area 44
Coles, MichaelNorthlewset up Skittles Team1986151
Coleshill, Amanda Y. subscriber 171
Colton, Mr.Northlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
ColumboOkehamptonwas a pedlar 42
Columpberys, JohnNetherdurdonpurchased land139214
Coode, EdwardNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Copeland, JoyceNorthlewan evacuee 115
Copp, Mr. C.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Court, TomHarper Hillwas butler 20
Courtenay, Rev. C. L.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Craig, TomNorthleworganist 135
Craig, TomNorthlewtutors members with their instruments 135
Crapp, AlfieNorthlewoperated his milk round1950's94
Crittenden, Brian & Janet subscriber 171
Crocker, ArchieNorthlewphoto 46
Crocker, BillNorthlewdrove weekly van from Okehampton 43
Crocker, Charles lost in action1914-1918110
Crocker, Miss C.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Crocker, SelinaNorthlewphoto 80, 81
Croysdale, Gwendolynof Lambertwas local administrator for the Red Cross 114
Croysdale, Lt Col JohnNorthlewrecalls offer of sale for Lambert 94
Croysdale, Mr & MrsNorthlewrented Lambert1920's94
Cummins, Miss E.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Currie, Margaret, Peter, Sarah subscriber 171
Curry, MargaretHarper's Hillruns Maggies Curls 46
Curson, LouiseNorthlewphoto1981152
Curtis, Brenda Acknowledgement 7
Curtis, Brenda subscriber 171
Curtis, BrendaNorthlewlived at East Worth 91
Curtis, BrendaNorthlewphoto 82
Curtis, BrendaNorthlewran a Questers evening1986146
Curtis, C.Northlewphoto 132
Curtis, CynthiaNorthlewphoto 81
Curtis, CynthiaNorthlewphoto1951140
Curtis, ErnieNorthlewphoto 81
Curtis, ErnieNorthlewphoto 82
Curtis, ErnieNorthlewphoto2002150
Curtis, FlorrieNorthlewphoto192674
(Curtis), FrankNorthlewjoined the Royal Air Force 119
Curtis, FrankNorthlewphoto 118
Curtis, FrankNorthlewenlisted1939112
Curtis, FrankNorthlewphoto192674
(Curtis), FrankNorthlewyoungest child born 119
Curtis, Ivy D. subscriber 171
Curtis, Ivy Acknowledgement 7
Curtis, IvyNorthlew Parishmother would walk along riverbank 33
Curtis, IvyNorthlewphoto1950's143
Curtis, IvyNorthlewphoto1960s158
Curtis, JeanNorthlewphoto2002150
Curtis, JessieNorthlewphoto 118
Curtis, KathNorthlewphoto192674
Curtis, LeslieNorthlewphoto193876
Curtis, LeslieNorthlewphoto194077
Curtis, LewNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Curtis, LewisNorthlewphoto 118
Curtis, Lewis photo 111
(Curtis), LewisColognewas shot down1943119
Curtis, LewisNorthlewenlisted1939112
(Curtis), LewisNorthlewjoined the Royal Air Force 119
Curtis, MauriceNorthlewphoto 118
Curtis, MauriceNorthlewenlisted1939112
(Curtis), MauriceNorthlewjoined the army 119
Curtis, Mrs I.Northlewphoto1965143
Curtis, MrsNorthlewWomen's Institute member 143
Curtis, Percy Acknowledgement 7
Curtis, PercyNorthlewphoto 118
Curtis, PercyNorthlewenlisted1939112
(Curtis), PercyNorthlewjoined the army 119
Curtis, PercyNorthlewphoto192674
Curtis, Sam photo1909111
Curtis, SamNorthlewphoto 132
(Curtis), SamuelNorthlewdied1933119
Curtis, Samuel & JessieNorthlewmoved to Bolland Cottage1914119
Curtis, Samuel & Jessieof Northlewparents of W. Lewis Curtis 110
Curtis, SamuelOkehamptonmarried JessieOctober1896119
Curtis, SidNorthlewphoto 118
Curtis, SidNorthlewenlisted1939112
Curtis, W. LewisCologne, Germanydied aged 321943110
(Curtis), SidNorthlewjoined the Royal Navy 119
Dane, CommanderNorthlewgave a talk on beekeeping193678
Daniel, Thos. CarewNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Dart, Mr. ThomasNorthlewvillage blacksmith and went to America 42
Dart, MrsNorthlewof Highampton, 'pointed' for ringworm 155
Davey, 'Mellie'Northlewphoto2002150
Davey, BeatNorthlewphoto192674
Davey, EdithNorthlewcame to Higher West Kimber193490
Davey, EleanorNorthlewphoto192674
Davey, Emily & AbigailNorthlewphoto 165
Davey, EuniceNorthlewcame to Higher West Kimber193490
Davey, GeorgeNorthlewcame to Higher West Kimber193490
Davey, GeorgeNorthlewfarmed East Kimber200289
Davey, GeorgeNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Davey, GeorgeNorthlewphoto 104
Davey, GeorgeNorthlewphoto2001139
Davey, GeorgeNorthlewpresident of band 139
Davey, IsaleneNorthlewphoto192674
Davey, KevinNorthlewphoto197083
Davey, KevinNorthlewphoto2002151
Davey, L.N. subscriber 171
Davey, LewisNorthlewcame to Higher West Kimber193490
Davey, MauriceNorthlewbandmaster1997139
Davey, MauriceNorthlewfarmed East Kimber200289
Davey, MauriceNorthlewphoto 104
Davey, MauriceNorthlewphoto1972138, 139
Davey, MelanieNorthlewphoto1981152
Davey, MonicaNorthlewphoto2002150
Davey, RosannaNorthlewphoto2002150
Davey, SethNorthlewcame to Higher West Kimber193490
Davey, SethNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Davey, SheilaNorthlewphoto197383
Davey, Winifred subscriber 171
Davey, WinifredNorthlewphoto 104
Davey, WinifredNorthlewphoto2001141
Davey, WinifredNorthlewphoto2002150
Davey, WinifredNorthlewran a Questers evening1986146
Davies, MarilynNorthlewdriver 129
Davies, MrNorthlewheadteacher1939-4268
Dawson, ElsieNorthlewstayed with Peter Parrot and his mother 115
de Boleville, RichardNorthlewinstituted as rector125852
de Brian, GuyNorthlewowned manor14th cent13
de Clare, RobertNorthlewmarried daughter of Fitzhamon110813
De Clares theNorthlewowned Harrathorn110896
de Ellewille RobertAshburyrector of church127458
de Radeford, WalterKimberheld manor14th cent13
De'Lisle, Maj.-Gen. A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Defnas men of Devonshire8239
Dennis, AdrianNorthlewphoto 97
Dennis, Albert GeorgeNorthlewwatched West Worth burn1900's91
Dennis, George & IreneNorthlewpurchased Lower Cruft195997
Dennis, GeorgeNorthlewconverted barn to house194991
Dennis, GeraldNorthlewphoto 80
Dennis, GeraldNorthlewphoto 81
Dennis, Henry & MaryNorthlewpurchased Eastacombe196298
Dennis, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Dennis, SylviaNorthlewphoto 82
Devon, Earl ofGorhuishOverlord of the manor14th cent11
Dickenson, Mr. J.Northlewgave thanks1996121
Dingley, Pearse, Messrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Dingwall, Charles lost in action1914-1918110
Dixon, IanNorthlewphoto197383
Docksai, Nancy Pincombe subscriber 171
Dodds, NurseNorthlew Parishnursed the sick in the village 28
Down, EmilyNorthlewAnnie Gowing retired to her home 153
Down, JamesYpresdied1915110
Down, Miss M. A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Down, Rita & BettyNorthlewphoto1927153
Downes, CarlNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Dreadon, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Drew, HarryNorthlewfrom Okehampton provided music 133
Dryden, EleanorNorthlewphoto2001141
Dryden, JedNorthlewlocal thatcher 44
Dryden, Mrs.Northlewoccupies property at Elmfield2002133
Dufty familyAshburyhave farmed Stoney Farm since 1897 101
Dufty, 'Jack'Ashburymarried Gwendoline Mary 101
Dufty, B.W.J. subscriber 171
Dufty, BenNorthlewis employed as a spearmaker 94
Dufty, BenNorthlewmakes thatching spars 44
Dufty, BenNorthlewof South Yeo,contributed as a bass solo 145
Dufty, BenNorthlewphoto1930's75
Dufty, BrianNorthlewphoto2002150
Dufty, Bryan & Marian took over Stoney Farm from parents 102
Dufty, Bryan & Marion subscriber 171
Dufty, BryanAshburymarried Ellen Harry 101
Dufty, BryanAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, EdgarAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, EllenAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, FrancesAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, FrancesNorthlewphoto of her flower decorated font 164
Dufty, IreneAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, IreneAshburyraised at Stoney Farm 101
Dufty, John 'Jack'Ashburyphoto 102
Dufty, John & Frances Acknowledgement 7
Dufty, John & FrancesAshburyretired to bunglow 'Stoney View' 101
Dufty, JohnAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, JohnAshburyraised at Stoney Farm 101
Dufty, JohnNorthlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Dufty, JohnNorthlewfather owned Stoney Farm 44
Dufty, Laura-Jane subscriber 171
Dufty, MarianNorthlewphoto1968104
Dufty, MaryAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, MaryAshburyraised at Stoney Farm 101
Dufty, MayNorthlewphoto 82
Dufty, MayNorthlewphoto1960140
Dufty, Michael & Tonya subscriber 171
Dufty, Michael & TonyaAshburyfirst farm in Northlew to be affected by F&M disease2001103
Dufty, MichaelAshburyfarm at Hillside Farm2002103
Dufty, Mr B.Northlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Dufty, MrNorthlewproposed school holidays192173
Dufty, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Dufty, NigelNorthlewphoto1968104
Dufty, NigelNorthlewphoto197083
Dufty, NigelNorthlewphoto2002151
Dufty, Peter B. subscriber 171
Dufty, PeterNorthlewphoto 148
Dufty, SalNorthlewphoto194077
Dufty, Samuel N.J. subscriber 171
Dufty, SamuelNorthlewphoto 165
Dufty, SharonNorthlewphoto2001139
Dufty, sharonNorthlewphoto2002150
Dufty, Simon subscriber 171
Dufty, SimonAshburyfarm at Hillside Farm2002103
Dufty, Stacey subscriber 171
Dufty, StaceyNorthlew Parishpresented Mrs. Bater a buttonhole199625
Dufty, TonyaNorthlewdressmaker199647
Dufty, WalterAshburyphoto 102
Dufty, WalterAshburyraised at Stoney Farm 101
Dufty, WalterAshburyretired to bunglow 'Stoney View' 101
Dufty, WalterNorthlewphoto1968104
DuftysNorthlewlived at West South Yeo1900's94
Dunn, Joyce subscriber 171
Dunn, JoyceNorthlewphoto2001141
Dunn, MrsNorthlewphoto1965143
Dunn, SylviaNorthlewenlisted in ATS1939112
DurdenNorthlewwas paid to bring mail to the Hall from Okehampton 43
Durston, JaneNorthlewphoto196990
Durston, JaneNorthlewphoto197083
Durston, JohnNorthlewphoto197383
Durston, Miss A. subscriber 171
Durston, Miss J. subscriber 171
Durston, Miss S. subscriber 171
Durston, Mr & Mrs C. subscriber 171
Durston, Mr & Mrs E. subscriber 171
Durston, Mr & Mrs J. subscriber 171
Durston, Mr & Mrs S. subscriber 171
Durston, Mrs PatNorthlewassisted Revd King 146
Durston, Mrs. PatNorthlew Parishowned business 24
Durston, Pat Acknowledgement 7
Durston, PatNorthlewbought house196390
Durston, PatNorthlewtaught Sunday school200258
Durston, SusanNorthlewphoto196990
Durston, TedNorthlewbought house196390
Durston, TedNorthlewrestored Churchgate Farm 98
Dwyer, Douglas & ElizabethNorthlewmoved to Shorts Farm199197
Dyer, Roy A.D. subscriber 171
Earle, The Ven. ArchdeaconNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Early, AlecNorthlewevacuated to Devon1939117
Early, AlecNorthlewan evacuee 115
Early, AlexNorthlewlived with Mr & Mrs Mills193989
Early, Clem Acknowledgement 7
Early, ClemNorthlewevacuated to Devon1939117
Early, ClemNorthlewan evacuee 115
Early, ClemNorthlewlived with Mr & Mrs Mills193989
Early, ClemNorthlewphoto1937116
Early, MargaretNorthlewan evacuee 115
Early, PeggyNorthlewevacuated to Devon1939117
Early, PeggyNorthlewlived with Mr & Mrs Mills193989
Eastcott, FrankNorthlewphoto 71
Edwards, Col.Broomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Ellam, Gillian subscriber 171
Elliot, Bill Acknowledgement 7
Elliot, JaniceNorthlewphoto197383
Elliott, 'Jimmy'Northlewphoto 108
Elliott, AnneNorthlewphoto1957142
Elliott, Arthur (Jimmy) & IdaNorthlewphoto 158
Elliott, ArthurBroomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Elliott, ArthurNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Elliott, BillNorthlewphoto1930's75
Elliott, BillNorthlewworked for Mr. Yelland 45
Elliott, IdaNorthlewphoto1908123
Elliott, JimmyNorthlewphoto1930126
Elliott, JimmyNorthlewsergeant in Home Guard 114
(Elliott), KateNorthlewmarried 'Pop' Gay 158
Elliott, KathleenNorthlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Elliott, Ken & RosemaryNorthlewphoto 153
Elliott, Miss IdaNorthlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Ellis, MrNorthlewof Broomfield, accomplished violinist 145
England, MissNorthlewtook class at school 67
England, MissNorthlewvisited school186769
England, MrNorthlewvisited school186869
England, Revd T.Northlewinstituted1847159
England, Revd T.Northlewrector 49
England, Revd ThomasNorthlew Parishrestored Cross185026
England, Revd ThomasNorthlewappointed rector184752
England, Revd ThomasNorthlewheld festival service187357
England, Revd ThomasNorthlewtook class at school 67
Estcott, WilliamNorthlewordered to repair road151615
Evacuee childrenNorthlewphoto1941116
Evance, Alice VirginiaNorthlewdied19 March 1921159
Evance, Alice VirginiaNorthlewwrote a poem 159
Evance, AliceNorthlew Parishlived at Brooklyn 29
(Evance), DevereuxNorthlewdied10 November 1926159
Evance, Devereux Alfred RoderickNorthlewvillage poet 159
Evance, DevereuxNorthlew Parishlived at Brooklyn 29
Evance, DevereuxNorthlewpoet 50
Evans, Mrs Betty M. subscriber 171
Eveleigh, DavidAshburyphoto 102
Eveleigh, DavidNorthlewphoto197383
Eveleigh, Fred LambertAshburybought Hillside Farm1950102
Eveleigh, Katharine J. subscriber 171
Eveleigh, Mark D. subscriber 171
Eveleigh, Mr & Mrs T.H. subscriber 171
Eveleigh, Mr.Northlewemployed Lew Gratton 44
Eveleigh, Peter & RosalindAshburycame to Hillside Farm1953102
Eveleigh, Peter & RosalindNorthlewwent to a service at Crediton Parish Church3 October 1999165
Eveleigh, PeterNorthlewphoto1950's151
Eveleigh, RosNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Eveleigh, Rosalind M. subscriber 171
Eveleigh, RosalindNorthlewphoto 165
Evely familyNorthlewlived at Lower Worth 91
Evely, BillNorthlewlived in Goosen1930's87
Evely, DoreenNorthlewphoto193876
Evely, DoreenNorthlewphoto194077
Evely, ElsieNorthlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Evely, FredNorthlewphoto194077
Evely, Gladys & Fred subscriber 173
Evely, JanNorthlewlived in Goosen1930's87
Evely, Jeff & Hazel subscriber 171
Evely, JohnNorthlewran Crowden mill 43
Evely, Mr.Northlew Parishworked at Crowden Mill 32
Evely, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Evely, NorahNorthlewlived in Goosen1930's87
Eynon, J. HicksNorthlewphoto1826-188859
Feltham, John subscriber 173
Fenton-Evans, Mr C.K. subscriber 173
Fielden, Mrs Miriam subscriber 173
Fison, CommanderNorthlewmodernized property193613
Fison, MrsNorthlewwas in bath when bomb landed close1943/44113
Fitzhamon, RobertNorthlewacquired manor from King108313
Forsdyke, LesNorthlewdriver 129
Fortescue, The Right Hon. EarlNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Forward, MrNorthlewheadteacher1959-6468
Fox, GeorgeNorthlewlived in East Kimber 89
Francis, Rev. J. L.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Fraser, Derek bibliography & sources 169
Freeman PatNorthlewenlisted in WRNS1939112
Friend, A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Friend, A.Northlewphoto 137
Friend, AdaAshburyphoto 101
Friend, AudreyNorthlewphoto1960's137
Friend, AudreyNorthlewphoto1960's139
Friend, Betty Acknowledgement 7
Friend, BrianNorthlewphoto1986147
Friend, BridgetNorthlewphoto1957142
Friend, BridgetNorthlewphoto1960140
Friend, CarolineNorthlewphoto2001141
Friend, Charles William & MaryAshburyraised family at Wadland Barton1878101
Friend, CharlesAshburyphoto 101
Friend, CharlesAshburyremarried when wife died 101
Friend, Charlie photo1909111
Friend, CharlieNorthlewperformed many jobs 114
Friend, CharlieNorthlewphoto 108, 135, 136
Friend, CharlieNorthlewphoto1920134
Friend, CharlieNorthlewphoto1930126
Friend, DickNorthlewphoto1960s158
Friend, DickNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Friend, EthelAshburydidn't want arch removed from in front of house 101
Friend, EthelAshburyphoto1947101
Friend, FrancesNorthlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Friend, GeorgeNorthlewphoto1930126
Friend, GeorgeNorthlewphoto195261
Friend, GladysNorthlewphoto193876
Friend, Graham & Susan subscriber 173
Friend, HaroldNorthlewphoto 135
Friend, HaroldNorthlewphoto1920134
Friend, HenryNorthlewphoto 135
Friend, HenryNorthlewphoto1920134
Friend, John & PollyNorthlewfarmed Churchgate1930's98
Friend, JohnNorthlewmaintained vehicles 129
Friend, JohnNorthlewmarried Harriet Short 95
Friend, Joyce P. subscriber 173
Friend, Kenneth & Cynthia subscriber 173
Friend, Leslie & BettyAshburyfarmed at Wadland Barton 101
Friend, LeslieAshburyat Wadland Barton 101
Friend, LillianNorthlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Friend, LillianNorthlewphoto 71
Friend, MabelAshburyphoto 101
Friend, MariaNorthlewmarried John Smale183716
Friend, MariaNorthlewmarried182016
Friend, MaryNorthlewphoto2002150
Friend, Miss M.Northlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Friend, MrNorthlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Friend, Mr. A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Friend, Mr. JohnNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Friend, Mrs C.Northlewphoto1965143
Friend, MrsNorthlewphoto1950's143
Friend, MrsNorthlewWomen's Institute member 143
Friend, P.C. subscriber 173
Friend, PamNorthlewphoto2002150
Friend, PhilipAshburyfouth generation at Wadland Barton 101
Friend, PhilipWadland Bartonfarmers and meat suppliers 47
Friend, PollyNorthlewdairyman 43
Friend, PollyNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Friend, PriscillaNorthlewphoto197083
Friend, RegNorthlewphoto2002150
Friend, ReggieNorthlewphoto 80-82
Friend, Richard ChapmanAshburymarried Ethel Petherick 101
Friend, RichardNorthlewphoto 104
Friend, S.R. subscriber 173
Friend, StanleyNorthlewphoto2002150
Friend, StellaAshburyat Wadland Barton 101
Friend, StellaNorthlewmarried John Jordan 94
Friend, SueWadland Bartonfarmers and meat suppliers 47
Friend, Thomas & MaryNorthlewlived at Milltown185195
Friend, ThomasNorthlewwas convicted of murder182798
Frost, FrankNorthlewphoto193876
Frost, FrankNorthlewphoto194077
Fry, PriscillaNorthlewphoto1930's75
Furse, Mrs.Northlewphoto1950's143
Gale, JimmyNorthlewa hairdresser who played piano 146
Ganvyle, WilliamEstecottpurchased land139214
Gard, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Garnier familyRutleighconnected to Carpenter family 13
Garnier, W. CarpenterRutleighlord of the manor 13
Gascoigne, Thos.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Gay, 'Pop'Northlewdriver 127
Gay, 'Pop'Northlewphoto1996120
Gay, 'Pop'Northlewran own passenger transport business 128
Gay, 'Pop'Northlewtraveled with Norman Born 125
Gay, 'Pop'Northlewunveiled memorial1996120
Gay, CharlieNorthlewphoto194077
Gay, EleanorNorthlew Parishran post office 26
Gay, Garfield 'Pop'Northlewborn in the last days of WW1 120
Gay, Garfield 'Pop'Northlewenlisted1939112
Gay, Garfield 'Pop'Northlewphoto1940120
Gay, Garfield subscriber 173
Gay, GarfieldBelgiumlost in action1918110
Gay, GarfieldNorthlewphoto 108
Gay, GloriaNorthlewphoto 80
Gay, GloriaNorthlewphoto 82
Gay, KateNorthlewphoto1950's143
Gay, KatieNorthlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Gay, Mr. JohnNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Gay, Mrs E.M. subscriber 173
Gay, Mrs KatieNorthlewassisted Revd King 146
Gay, Mrs.Northlew Parishran post office 26
(Gay), 'Pop'Northlewretrieved broken down coach 128
Gay, Pop & Kate Acknowledgement 7
Gay, PopNorthleweventually took over business 129
Gay, PopNorthlewretired1984129
Gay, RaymondNorthlewphoto 80
Gay, WilliamNorthlewlived at Palmers Norley188990
Gay, WilliamNorthlewoffered carrier service1856123
Geiple, RevdNorthlewhelped Miss Baker with Youth Group 146
Geiple, RevdNorthlewphoto1957142
Gerry, K.G.Northlewacting headmaster194679
Gerry, KenNorthlewphoto 82
Gerry, MarionNorthlewphoto 142
Gerry, Mr & MrsNorthlewstarted Youth Group1946-1948146
Gerry, MrNorthlewacting headteacher1945-4768
Gerry, MrNorthlewappointed headmaster194779
Gerry, MrNorthlewheadteacher1947-5968
Gerry, MrNorthlewphoto 77
Gerry, Mrs M. Acknowledgement 7
Gerry, Mrs Marian subscriber 173
Gidley, GustavusNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Gilbert, DavidNorthlewphoto1972138
Gilbert, DavidNorthlewphoto2001139
Gilbert, RogerNorthlewphoto1972138
Gilbert, RogerNorthlewphoto2001139
Gilbert, SarahNorthlewphoto2001139
Gladstone, W. E. M.P.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Glamville, Richardof West Kimberin court in Northlew151615
Glass, AnnNorthlewwife of Thomas 94
Glass, G.Broomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Glass, J. & SonsOkehamptonsupplied motor car 124
Glass, JohnNorthlewentered into an agreement193564
Glass, JohnNorthlewlived in East Kimber188189
Glass, JohnNorthlewran Lew mill 43
Glass, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Glass, Mr. EdwardNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Glass, Mr. EdwardNorthlewwas famous wheelwrightmid-1800's42
Glass, Mr. Thos.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Glass, Mr. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Glass, Sarah & EdwardNorthlewwere murdered182798
Glass, SelinaNorthlewlived in East Kimber188189
Glass, ThomasNorthlewdied189094
Glass, ThomasNorthlewpaid £505 for Millcombe Down 94
Glover W.Northlewphoto 137
Glover, BillNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Glover, BillNorthlewphoto1960's139
Glover, JohnnyNorthlewwas driving when coach broke down 128
Gloyn familyNorthlewlived at Palmers Norley 90
Gloyn, Maurice photo1909111
Goacher, Julian & Cindy subscriber 173
Godwin-Combes, BeckyNorthlewcraftworker 47
Goord, Revd Martin R. subscriber 173
GoscelinNorthlewfarmed King's land 11
Gould, G. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Gould, J.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Gould, Revd Sabine Baring collected songs 50
Gowing, AnnieNorthlewneighbour 153
Gowing, AnnieNorthlewphoto1927153
Gowing, AnnieNorthlewtreated with bees 155
Gratton LillianNorthlewtook over the Coffee 'n' Chat Club 151
Gratton, AlfieNorthlewlived at Scobchester192098
Gratton, BeatriceNorthlewlived at Scobchester192098
Gratton, BeatriceNorthlewretired from Scobchester192094
Gratton, CharlesAshburywas in accident 102
Gratton, CharlesNorthlewone of the original members of the Legion 149
Gratton, Charlie photo1918112
Gratton, DickNorthlew Parishhad cycle shop and carpenters workshop 29
Gratton, DickNorthlew Parishlived at Cottage #6 29
Gratton, DickNorthlew Parishphoto of local tradesman and preacher192029
Gratton, DickNorthlewphoto195261
Gratton, E.M.Northlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Gratton, FlorenceNorthlew Parishphoto192029
Gratton, FlorenceNorthlewlived at Scobchester192098
Gratton, FlorenceNorthlewretired from Scobchester192094
Gratton, GeorgeNorthlewphoto195261
Gratton, JackNorthlewlived at Scobchester192098
Gratton, JackNorthlewretired from Scobchester192094
Gratton, Julian Acknowledgement 7
Gratton, JulianNorthlewphoto1986147
Gratton, Julian subscriber 173
Gratton, JulianNorthlewpainter and decorator 46
Gratton, JulianNorthlewphoto197083
Gratton, JulianNorthlewphoto1987148
Gratton, JulianNorthlewphoto2002150
Gratton, JulianNorthlewrecalls two climbing frames197084
Gratton, Keith & Brenda subscriber 173
Gratton, Les & Gladys subscriber 173
Gratton, LesNorthlewphoto192674
Gratton, Lew & Lilian subscriber 173
Gratton, Lew & Lillian Acknowledgement 7
Gratton, LewNorthlewHelped with book 9
Gratton, LewNorthlew Parishwas delivery driver 24
Gratton, LewNorthlewat dedication of War Memorial1996107
Gratton, LewNorthlewdid recitation1996121
Gratton, LewNorthlewenlisted1939112
Gratton, LewNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Gratton, LewNorthlewphoto 44
Gratton, LewNorthlewphoto192674
Gratton, LewNorthlewprominent resident 44
Gratton, LewNorthlewson of Charles Gratton 149
Gratton, Miss V.Northlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Gratton, MrsNorthlewphoto1965143
Gratton, Mrs.Northlewphoto195261
Gratton, William MaynardNorthlewlived at Scobchester191498
Gray, Rev. W. F.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Greaves, AlanNorthlewrector1980's151
Greaves, Miriam & AlanNorthlewmoved to Sidmouth 151
Greaves, MiriamNorthlewbegan the Coffee 'n' Chat Club1980's151
Greaves, P.C.Northlew Parishlocal police officer died of kidney failure 30
Greenaway, PhilNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Gregory, Eric DemetriusNorthlewofficer in charge of Northlew Home Guard 114
Gregory, RevdNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Grierson, Diane Acknowledgement 7
Grierson, DianeNorthlewphoto 165
Grierson, DianeNorthlewphoto2002150
Grierson, JohnNorthlewphoto 165
Griffiths, GeoffreyNorthlewphoto1981152
Griffiths, John & LilianNorthlewpurchased Greendown Farm199592
Griffiths, PaulNorthlewphoto2002150
Grimley, Roger bibliography & sources 169
Growdon, RichardNorthlewinvolved in a fight 15
'Grunter'Northlewphoto 148
Guscott familyNorthlewarrived at Higher Cruft195597
Guscott, FrankNorthlewran own passenger transport business 128
Guscott, Ivan & ChristineNorthlewmoved to Cruft Gate Farm 97
Guscott, TracyNorthlewphoto197083
Gwynne, DrNorthlewof Black Torrington was called for ailments 155
Hachyn, WillNorthlewhis wall broken151615
Haggerty, Margaret subscriber 173
Hales, C.B.E. subscriber 173
Hales, LizzieNorthlewphoto 153
Hamlin, MrNorthlewheadteacher1942-4468
Hammond, LindaNorthlewsupervisor of Mother & Toddler Playgroup1980152
Hampson, Pete & Val subscriber 173
Handley, Anna K. subscriber 173
Hann, Mrs Esme subscriber 173
Hannaford, Trixie & VivNorthlewfarmed Durdon Cross200293
Hannaford, Trixie Acknowledgement 7
Hannaford, TrixieNorthlewHelped with book 9
Hannaford, Trixie subscriber 173
Hannaford, TrixieNorthlew Parishrescued snowdrops and daffodils and replanted them 23
Hards, ChristopherNorthlewphoto1988148
Harmer, Rosemary E. subscriber 173
Harris, ?Northlewphoto193876
Harris, ?Northlewphoto194077
Harris, JoanNorthlewphoto194077
Harris, W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Harrison, Mrs M. Acknowledgement 7
Harrison, Mrs Mary subscriber 173
Harry, EdgarNorthlewphoto1900's133
Harry, Edwin photo 111
Harry, EdwinNorthlewphoto 109
Harry, Edwinof Milltown Farmlost in action1914-1918110
Harry, EllenAshburymarried Bryan Dufty 101
Harry, Mr. JohnNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Harvey, CanonNorthlewsaid prayers 155
Harvey, Miss Bible Class (Photo) 8
Haulage, Bryan Acknowledgement 7
Hawker, Susan subscriber 173
Hawker, SusanNorthlewphoto2001141
Hawkin, Laura Acknowledgement 7
Hawkin, Laura tells a story of wartime 113
Hawkins familyNorthlewfarmed Lower Gorhuish during the war 96
Hayter, Howard & Elizabeth subscriber 173
Hazel, TonyNorthlewprovide bus services 45
(Hazell), CarolynNorthlewmoved to Northlew with parents 129
(Hazell), MichaelNorthlewmoved to Northlew with parents 129
(Hazell), PaulineNorthlewmoved to Northlew with husband and children 129
Hazell, Pauline & CarolynNorthlewdriver 129
Hazell, TonyNorthlewpurchased business from Pop Gay1984129
Hazell, Tony Acknowledgement 7
Heard, Mr W.Northlewheadteacher1886-9068
Heard, Sir ArchibaldNorthlewemployed Annie Gowing 153
Heathman, BillNorthlewphoto1964167
Heathman, Mr.Northlew Parishwas butcher 24
Hedley, Mr.Northlewphoto 45
Heggadon, AdaNorthlewphoto 89
Heggadon, FlorenceNorthlewphoto 89
Heggadon, HildaNorthlewphoto 71
Heggadon, JohnNorthlewphoto1920's106
Heggadon, LilianNorthlewphoto 88
Heggadon, LilianNorthlewphoto1920's106
Heggadon, MaryNorthlewphoto 71
Heggadon, WilliamNorthlewphoto 88
Hellier, DickNorthlewfrom Holsworthy ran a stall with knives, razors, glasses 133
Hepple, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Herbert, G. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Herbert, Rev. S.A.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Herbert, Revd S. A.Northlewsucceeded Rev. Thomas 52
Herbert, S.A.Northlewrector188550
Heyne, JohnNetherdurdonsold land139214
Hicks, BetsyNorthlewleft Northlew and settled in Waterloo, Iowa185415
Hicks, CharlesNorthlewphoto1930's75
Hicks, CharlieNorthlewphoto 126
Hicks, ErnieNorthlewphoto1930's75
Hicks, OliveNorthlewphoto193876
Hicks, OliveNorthlewphoto194077
Hicks, RaymondNorthlewphoto1930's75
Hicks, WilliamNorthlewleft Northlew and settled in Waterloo, Iowa185415
Hill, BrianNorthlewphoto1960's137
Hill, BrianNorthlewphoto2002168
Hill, MarieNorthlewlived at Lower West Kimber200290
Hill, MaryNorthlewentered into an agreement193564
Hill, Mrs. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Hill, StevenNorthlewlived at Lower West Kimber200290
Hill, TrevorNorthlewphoto1960's137
Hind, J.Northlewdairyman 43
Hirst, W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Hitchings, Mr TomNorthlewa master 67
Hockley, BarbaraNorthlewchairman of Mother & Toddler Playgroup1980152
HockridgeNorthlewsold Loveland Farm 90
Hogg, R. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Hole, TedNorthlewvice-chairman of Northlew & Ashbury Victory Hall 144
Holley, Rev. C.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Holley, W. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Holloway, MaryNorthlewmarried138613
Honeychurch familyNorthlew Parishhad Inn named in their honour 28
HoneychurchNorthlewwas a pedlar 42
Hookway, 'Jazz'Northlewwas a Special Constable 114
Hookway, LornaNorthlewenlisted in WAFS1939112
Hooper, Mrs. S.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Hore, EdwardNorthlewlive at Kimberley200289
Hore, StellaNorthlewlive at Kimberley200289
Horn, Alexander & Charlotteof Beaworthyparents of John Horn 110
Horn, JohnThe Sommedied aged 311918110
Horne, LaurieNorthlewphoto 71
Hortop familyAshburybuilt farmhouse at Hillside Farm1905102
Hortop, D. Bible Class (Photo) 8
Hortop, EllaAshburyraised at Hillside Farm 102
Hortop, EllaAshburyphoto 102
Hortop, HarryAshburyraised at Hillside Farm 102
Hortop, HarryAshburyphoto 102
Hortop, HarryNorthlewenlisted in both World Wars 112
Hortop, HarryNorthlewenlisted1939112
Hortop, MargaretAshburyraised at Hillside Farm 102
Hortop, MargaretAshburytaught at Boasley 102
Hortop, MargaretAshburyphoto 102
Hortop, MargaretNorthlewphoto192674
Hortop, MaryAshburyraised at Hillside Farm 102
Hortop, MaryAshburytaught at Northlew 102
Hortop, MaryAshburyphoto 102
(Hortop), MaryNorthlewteacher 155
Hortop, MerlinAshburyraised at Hillside Farm 102
Hortop, MerlinAshburyphoto 102
Hortop, MerlinNorthlewowned a Morgan three wheeler 155
Hortop, MerlinNorthlewphoto 135
Hortop, MerlinNorthlewphoto1920134
Hortop, MerlinNorthlewstar first cornet player 138
Hortop, Miss Morwenna subscriber 173
Hortop, MissNorthlewphoto193876
Hortop, MissNorthlewresigned after 17 years194779
Hortop, MorwenaHarpers Hillleatherworker 47
Hortop, Mr & MrsAshburyphoto 102
Hortop, MrAshburykept the meal stores at Ashbury Station 102
Hortop, MrNorthlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Hortop, Mrs D.Northlewphoto1965143
Hortop, Mrs MaryNorthlewa teacher 115
Hortop, MrsAshburyworked on the farm and raised six children 102
Hortop, Mrs.Northlewhoused Mrs. Arnold 117
Hortop, SidneyAshburyphoto 102
Hortop, SidneyAshburyraised at Hillside Farm 102
Hortop, WillNorthlewphoto1918136
Hoskins, W.G. bibliography & sources 169
Housley familyNorthlewlived at Lower Worth200291
Hucker, Barbara subscriber 173
Hucker, BarbaraNorthlewphoto1930's75
Hucker, BertNorthlew Parishmade garden gates 28
Hucker, BertNorthlewphoto 148
Hucker, DonNorthlewphoto1930's75
Hucker, MrsNorthlewtook on teaching the Infants194779
Hudson, RayNorthlewbought house199590
Hulls, KarinaNorthlewphoto1981152
Humphreys, ChristopherNorthlewphoto 165
Humphreys, DerekNorthlewhelped children make a model200059
Hunt, CarolNorthlewphoto197083
Hunt, ChristineNorthlewphoto197383
Hunt, ChristopherNorthlewphoto1972138
Hunt, ChristopherNorthlewphoto197383
Hunt, JanetNorthlewphoto197083
Hutchings, Arthur B.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Hutchings, BrianNorthlewphoto 82
Hutchings, ColinNorthlewphoto 80, 81
Hutchins, ColinNorthlewphoto 147
Hutchins, Mr. & MrsNorthlewhoused Woolsey family 117
Hutchins, PeterNorthlew Parishmilked cows 27
Hutton, AndrewNorthlewphoto197083
Hutton, Pat & PhilipNorthlewoperating the farm 97
Hutton, PhilipNorthlewphoto2002151
Hutton, RichardNorthlewphoto2002152
Hutton subscriber 173
Huxtable, ErnieNorthlewphoto1950's151
Isaac, Bill & Hilary Acknowledgement 7
Isaac, Bill & HilaryNorthlewran an early-warning security system 115
Isaac, BillDartmoorphoto1952147
Isaac, BillNorthlewphoto 147
Isaac, BillNorthlewphoto1950's151
Isaac, HilaryNorthlewHelped with book 9
Isaac, HilaryNorthlewlive at Overlake191488
Isaac, HilaryNorthlewphoto 165
Isaac, HilaryNorthlewphoto2002149
Isaac, HilaryNorthlewrecollects Sunday visits 89
Isaac, Mrs Brenda subscriber 173
Isaac, NigelNorthlewphoto1986147
(Isaac), NigelNorthlewphoto1988148
Isaac, NigelNorthlewphoto197083, 142
Isaac, NigelNorthlewphoto1987148
Isaac, PeterNorthlewphoto1970142
Isaac, PeterNorthlewphoto197383
Isaac, PeterNorthlewphoto1987148
Isaac, PeterNorthlewphoto1988148
Isaac, William & Hilary subscriber 173
Isaacs, BillNorthlewphoto1950's140
Isaacs, ColsonNorthlewphoto1960's137
Ison, Revd HilaryNorthlewgave the sermon 164
Jacobs, Mr & Mrs G. subscriber 173
Janes, Andrew R. subscriber 173
Jefferies, Robert W. subscriber 173
Jennings, RevdNorthlewphoto195261
Jevons, JimCrowden Roadbuilder 46
Jodan, James & AnnNorthlewfarmed Lower Widdon188193
Johns, MikeNorthlewphoto2002151
Jones, DaveNorthlewdriver 129
Jones, Judy subscriber 173
Jones, Mrs S.Northlewheadteacher1988-9268
Jones, TonyNorthlewpostman200246
Jordan, BillNorthlewdied tragically 129
Jordan, BillNorthlewenlisted1939112
Jordan, BillNorthlewphoto 126, 148
Jordan, BillNorthlewphoto1960's139
Jordan, BillNorthlewphoto1972138
Jordan, BillNorthlewran own passenger transport business 128
Jordan, BrendaNorthlewphoto1957142
Jordan, CarolNorthlewphoto1950's140
Jordan, CarolNorthlewphoto1957142
Jordan, CaroleNorthlewphoto1963141
Jordan, CharNorthlewphoto2002151
Jordan, Charles subscriber 173
Jordan, CharlesAshburyphoto1947101
Jordan, CliffordNorthlewphoto197083
Jordan, CliffordNorthlewphoto2002151
Jordan, George & MaryNorthlewlived at Shorts Farm1920's-50's97
Jordan, GeorgeNorthlewdustman, horse and cart 43
Jordan, GeorgeNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Jordan, GillianNorthlewphoto1957142
Jordan, GillianNorthlewphoto1960140
Jordan, JohnNorthlewmarried Stella Friend 94
Jordan, JohnNorthlewphoto 104, 136
Jordan, JohnNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Jordan, Mr BertNorthlewwas killed while riding his pedal cycle1940's94
Jordan, Mr J.Northlewassisted with new swimming pool197384
Jordan, Mr R. Acknowledgement 7
Jordan, Mrs B.Northlewphoto1965143
Jordan, Mrs S.Northlewphoto1965143
Jordan, MrsNorthlewWomen's Institute member 143
Jordan, Mrs. J.Northlewphoto1970143
Jordan, Mrs.Northlewphoto1950's143
Jordan, R.Northlewphoto 137
Jordan, RegNorthlewphoto 81
Jordan, ReggieNorthlewphoto1960's139
Jordan, Stella Acknowledgement 7
Jordan, VicNorthlewphoto2002151
Jordan, W. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Jordan, W.Northlewphoto 137
Juyll, JohnNorthlewinvolved in a fight 15
Karslake, Michael & RachelKesterfieldhad a museum of Lambretta scooters1950s/1960s151
Karslake, MikeNorthlewran scooter museum 44
Karslake, RachelNorthlewhas doll museum 44
Keates, Mrs Shirley subscriber 173
Kekewich, TrehawkeNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kelland, W. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kelly familyRutleighbenefactors of church 13
Kelly familyNorthlewarms are on the chapel pillar 52
Kelly, WilliamRutleighinscription 14
Kelsale, Capt.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kempe, Rev. PrebendaryNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kennaway, Sir JohnNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kent, SarahNorthlewphoto1981152
Kent, William lost in action1939-1945110
Kent, WilliamNorthlewenlisted1939112
Kerslake, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kewell, Jennifer A. subscriber 173
Kigby, JackNorthlewphoto1950's151
Kimber familyNorthlewPhoto of Northew 10
Kimber familyNorthlewlived at Horrathorne 97
Kimber, GeorgeNorthlewin photo of the Forge, Harpers Hill 38
Kimber, JonasNorthlewin photo of the Forge, Harpers Hill 38
King, Amy & JohnnyNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
King, ArchieNorthlewband members 138
King, ArchieNorthlewenlisted1939112
King, ArchieNorthlewphoto 46, 135
King, ArchieNorthlewphoto1918136
King, ArchieNorthlewphoto1920134
King, ArchieNorthlewphoto192674
King, ArchieNorthlewphoto1930126
King, GeorgeWhiddonelectrician 47
King, JohnnyNorthlewgiven award for long service196492
King, JohnnyNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
King, JohnnyNorthlewphoto 92, 105
King, JohnnyNorthlewphoto194792
King, JohnnyNorthlewworked for Spry family191992
King, Mr A.Northlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
King, RevdNorthlewtook over Revd Geiple's duties 146
Kingston, Mrs S.Northlewheadteacher1992-9668
Kitson, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kitson, The late W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kitson, The MissesNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Kitson, William Rev.Northlewrector and owner of Waterhouse182016
Kneebone, MargeNorthlewphoto 81
Kneebone, MarjorieNorthlewphoto 81
Kneebone, MarjorieNorthlewphoto1951140
Knight, FrankNorthlew Parishran Crowden Mill after the war 32
Knight, FrankNorthlewenlisted1939112
Knight, G.Northlewphoto 137
Knight, GrahamNorthlewphoto1960's139
Knight, P.C.Northlew Parishlocal police officer of whom the village children were afraid 30
Knowles, DavidNorthlewplayed football for Black Torrington1948148
Lacey, Mary subscriber 173
Lacey, MrsNorthlewphoto1965143
Lake, Arnold C. subscriber 173
Lake, ArnoldNorthlewremembers father's story about a thunder bolt 89
Lake, ElsieNorthlewphoto193876
Lake, ElsieNorthlewphoto194077
Lake, FranNorthlewphoto192674
Lake, JohnNorthlewphoto1912/13124
Lake, JohnNorthlewprovided first wagonette for hire 124
Lake, JohnNorthlewwas proprietor of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Lake, MayNorthlewphoto192674
Lake, ThomasNorthlewlived in East Kimber 89
Lake, TomBroomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Lake, TommyNorthlewworked for Jack Adams 113
Lake, ViolaNorthlewphoto192674
Lambert, Right Hon. GeorgeNorthlew Parishvisited Northlew192031
Lampe, Mrs N.Northlewacting headteacher1998-200068
Lampe, Mrs N.Northlewheadteacher200068
Lampe, Nicola Acknowledgement 7
Lampe, NicolaNorthlewheadteacher200168
Land, Ellen wife of Jacob Land 110
Land, Geroge & Mary Annof Huntsshamparents of Jacob Land 110
Land, JacobBelgiumdied aged 301917110
Lane, CaptainIddesleighprovided cup to promote darts league1950's152
Lane, MrNorthlewheadteacher1944-4568
Langdon, ColNorthlewassisted Revd King 146
Lawrence, DilysNorthlew Parishcontributed to the village 30
Lawrence, G.P. & D. subscriber 173
Lawrence, JeanetteStation Roadhairdresser 46
Lawrence, Lt Col GuyNorthlewled act of commitment1996121
Lawrence, Lt. Col. GuyNorthlew Parishcontributed to the village 30
le Despenser, HughNorthlewoverlord of manor134913
le Despenser, HughNorthlewowned manor14th cent13
Leach, EstherNorthlewphoto 71
Leach, GeorgeNorthlew Parishhad a cobbler's shop 28
Leach, RubyNorthlewphoto1930's75
Leach, VeraNorthlewphoto193876
Leach, VeraNorthlewphoto194077
Lear, Alan & TracyAshburybought the old goods shed 130
Lester, MarianNorthlewphoto2001141
Letchford, JulieNorthlewphoto2001141
Letchford, JulieNorthlewphoto2002150
Letheren, A. Grace subscriber 173
Light, Laurie Esq. subscriber 173
Lindsay, Gabriel & Stella subscriber 173
Lindsay, Kirstie subscriber 173
Lindsay, KirstyNorthlewphoto2001141
Littlejohns, Mrs.Northlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Littlejohns, RalphNorthlewenlisted1939112
Livingstone, MarilynNorthlewHelped with book 9
Livingstone, Marilyn subscriber 173
Livingstone, MarilynHoneychurchpublishing business 47
Livingstone, MarilynNorthlewphoto2001139
Lobb WilliamNorthlewdied1859159
Lobb WilliamNorthlewparish clerk 159
Lopes, Sir MasseyNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Loram, Mrs.Northlewphoto1957142
Loram, P.C.Northlew Parishlocal police officer 30
Lovell, JohnNorthlewlived at Lower Gorhuish1914-3096
Luxmore, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Luxton familyNorthlewlived at Loveland Farm178990
Luxton familyNorthlewmoved to Widdon190293
Luxton, Alec subscriber 173
Luxton, AlecNorthlewphoto193876
Luxton, AlexNorthlewphoto194077
Luxton, AmyNorthlewlived at Loveland Farm 90
Luxton, AmyNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, AnnieNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, AustinNorthlewdied before a year of age 93
Luxton, B.Northlewphoto 137
Luxton, BenNorthlewphoto1950's137
Luxton, BenNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Luxton, BertNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, BlancheNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, CharlesNorthlewWiddon Farm was sold on his death 93
Luxton, Edward & LucyNorthlewhad six children 93
Luxton, EdwardNorthlewfarmed at Higher Widdon 93
Luxton, EdwardNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, Ellen MariaNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, EvelynNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, Faith & Henry subscriber 173
Luxton, FredNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Luxton, GwendolineNorthlewdied before a year of age 93
Luxton, Harold subscriber 173
Luxton, HaroldNorthlewgave land for a car park 93
Luxton, HaroldNorthlewphoto 93
Luxton, HenryNorthlewenlisted1939112
Luxton, HenryNorthlewphoto 93
Luxton, HenryNorthlewphoto1950's151
Luxton, IanNorthlewphoto197083
Luxton, JoNorthlewphoto2001141
Luxton, Korah & AmyNorthlewbilleted soldiers 113
Luxton, Korah PaigeNorthlewdied in his 80's 93
Luxton, KorahNorthlewfarmed at Higher Widdon 93
Luxton, KorahNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Luxton, KorahNorthlewlived at Loveland Farm 90
Luxton, KorahNorthlewphoto 46, 92, 105, 106
Luxton, KorahNorthlewphoto1968104
Luxton, KorahNorthlewworked with horses194692
Luxton, Mabel AliceNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, Mary-AnnNorthlewphoto 106
Luxton, Mr. HenryNorthlewbuilt new vicarage198154
Luxton, SusannahNorthlewdied in her 80's 93
Luxton, Walter subscriber 173
Luxton, WalterNorthlewgave land for a car park 93
Luxton, WalterNorthlewphoto 93
Luxton, WilliamNorthlewphoto 106
Lynch, Mr S.J. TrumanNorthlewpurchased property190113
Maddaford, Mr.Northlewphoto1957142
Madden, Lieut-Col.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Madge, EthelNorthlewwas servant 89
Madge, Mr. & Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Madge, Paul R.P. subscriber 173
Madge, StanleyNorthlewphoto193876
Mahoney, Marlene A. subscriber 173
Mahoney, MarleneNorthlewrun the Coffee 'n' Chat Club 151
Major familyNorthlew Parishlived and owned property in town square181227
Major familyNorthlewhouse became the manse190362
Major, H.Northlewreceived mail for ministers 62
Major, HannahNorthlew Parishinherited property and opened draper's shop 27
Major, HenryNorthlew Parishwas builder and carpenter 27
Major, HenryNorthlewfounder of Wesleyan movement 60
Major, HenryNorthlewhouse became the manse181259
Major, HenryNorthlewsupplied materials and built chapel 59
Major, JosephNorthlew Parishtook over business 27
Major, Mr J.Northlew 186584
Manning, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Martin, 'Butcher'Northlewlived at Higher Southcombe 98
Martin, ColinNorthlewphoto 147
Martin, JoeNorthlewphoto1968104
Martin, JohnNorthlewwas a pork butcher 42
Martin, Mr. G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Martin, PeggyDartmoorphoto1952147
Martin, Phyllis subscriber 173
Martin, PhyllisNorthlewphoto2001141
Martin, Veronica subscriber 173
Martin, WilliamNorthlewheld land14th cent14
Martin, WinstonNorthlewphoto 82
Mary, EvaNorthlewphoto 153
Mary, EvaNorthlewpurchased Bedford Cottage1921156
Mathews, Chris & Val subscriber 173
Mathews, Chris & ValNorthlewlive at Wood St David200296
Mathews, HeatherNorthlewlives at Wood St David200296
Matthews, Mrs J.Northlewheadteacher1996-9868
Matthias, GeorgeNorthlewphoto 148
Maule, G. N.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
May AlanNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
May familyNorthlewlived at Palmers Norley 90
May MrsNorthlewmade yeast buns for Smale children 95
May, AlanNorthlewphoto197383
May, AlanNorthlewphoto1988148
May, AlanNorthlewphoto2002151
May, AlanNorthlewphoto2002151
May, AllenNorthlewraised at Heath Farm 94
May, BessieNorthlewphoto 158
May, Brian & Jenny subscriber 173
May, BrianNorthlewraised at Heath Farm 94
May, Charles & LillianNorthlewraised family at the farm 94
May, CharlesNorthlewcaptured in First World War at Gallipoli 94
May, CharlesNorthlewmarried193194
May, CharlesNorthlewphoto 93
May, CharlesNorthlewrented Heath from Ashbury estate192794
May, CharlesNorthlewwas 96 years old199494
May, DavidNorthlewphoto197383
May, DavidNorthlewraised at Heath Farm 94
May, EmilyNorthlewphoto 71
May, EthelNorthlewphoto 71
May, FredNorthlewmarried and left the farm193194
May, FredNorthlewrented Heath from Ashbury estate192794
May, John & MargaretNorthlewraised family at Heath Farm 94
May, John & MargaretNorthlewstill farm at Heath Farm200294
May, JohnNorthlewraised at Heath Farm 94
May, MaryNorthlewphoto193876
May, MaryNorthlewraised at Heath Farm 94
May, WilliamNorthlewgave house to daughter Emily 90
Maynard, F. Bible Class (Photo) 8
Maynard, G.Northlewphoto 137
Maynard, Gerald subscriber 173
Maynard, GeraldNorthlewphoto1960's137
Maynard, GeraldNorthlewphoto1960's139
Maynard, GeraldNorthlewshared the taxi195079
Maynard, J. bibliography & sources 169
Maynard, JoNorthlewphoto2002150
Maynard, Joanne subscriber 173
Maynard, JoanneCrowdenhairdresser 46
Maynard, JoanneNorthlewphoto1981152
Maynard, JoanneNorthlewphoto2001139
Maynard, JoanneNorthlewphoto2001141
Maynard, JohnNorthlewborn18203
Maynard, JohnNorthlewwrote book19003
Maynard, JohnNorthlewphoto 71
Maynard, SarahNorthlewphoto2001141
Maynard, ShirleyNorthlewphoto2001141
Maynard, ShirleyNorthlewphoto2002150
Maynard, SusanNorthlewphoto2002150
Maynard, T.Northlewphoto 137
Maynard, Tom & Shirley subscriber 173
Maynard, TomNorthlewdug well deeper 153
Maynard, TomNorthlewphoto 45, 81, 82
Maynard, TomNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Maynard, TomNorthlewphoto1972138
Maynard, TomNorthlewphoto2001139
Maynard, TomNorthlewthatcher 43
McCafferty, Marlene Acknowledgement 7
McGinnis, DallasNorthlewphoto199117
McInnes, BettyNorthlewpurchased Blackworthy Farm194991
McInnes, Dr & MrsNorthlewphoto 147
McInnes, Dr JimNorthlewdied197891
McInnes, Dr JimNorthlewpurchased Blackworthy Farm194991
Meder, RichardNorthlewinvolved in a fight 15
Medland, Char.Northlewphoto 71
Medland, LouisNorthlewphoto 71
Medland, RuthDartmoorphoto1952147
Medland, RuthNorthlewphoto1950's143
Medland, Sidney lost in action1914-1918110
Medland, WalcottNorthlewlived at Higher Gorhuish1914-2395
Medland, Will photo 112
Medland, William lost in action1914-1918110
Medley, G.W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Methuen, Field Marshall LordNorthlew Parishvisited Northlew192031
Methuen, LordNorthlew Parishlaid foundation stone192030
Middleton, HarryNorthlewdustman, horse and cart 43
Middleton, HarryNorthlewkept horses at Lower Southcombe1930's98
Middleton, HarryNorthlewmarried Edie Bowden 156
Middlewick, DavidNorthlewphoto193164
Middlewick, LaurieNorthlewphoto193164
Middlewick, MaryNorthlewphoto193164
Middlewick, RaymondNorthlewphoto193164
Miller, Brian S.Northlewregistration officer193366
Millership JanetNorthlewphoto2002149
Millership, ClaireNorthlewphoto1972138
Millership, ClareNorthlewphoto2001141
Millership, Florrie R. subscriber 173
Millership, Janet & John subscriber 173
Millership, Janet Acknowledgement 7
Millership, JanetNorthlewphoto 165
Millership, JanetNorthlewtreasurer of Northlew & Ashbury Victory Hall 144
Millership, JohnNorthlewphoto2002150
Millership, JohnNorthlewphoto2002152
Millership, JohnNorthlewruns J&J Services 45
Millership, Les subscriber 173
Millership, SandraNorthlewphoto1957142
Millership, Shaun L. subscriber 173
Mills, JimNorthlewgrave and well digger 43
Mills, JimNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Mills, Mr & MrsNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Mills, Mr & MrsNorthlewlived East Kimber193989
Mills, Mr JohnNorthlewheadteacher1867-8668
Mills, Mr. & Mrs.Northlewowned farm called 'Slatequarry'1939117
Mills, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Mills, Mr.Northlewwas appointed master186767
Mitchel, WilfNorthlewthatcherafter 194543
Mitchell, Dr.Northlew Parishwould travel from Hatherleigh193733
Mitchell, Miss.Northlewphoto1957142
Mitchell, V. bibliography & sources 169
Mitchell, WilfNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Molesworth, Mr J.E.N.Northlewheadteacher1964-6868
Monk, Graham E. subscriber 173
Montgomery, Ruth (Hicks) mother of Margaret Smith 18
Moore EdieNorthlewphoto1927153
Moore, EleanorNorthlew Parishsold cigarettes and tobacco 27
Moore, FaithNorthlewfriends of the Woolseys 117
Moore, Iris O. subscriber 173
Moore, JackNorthlewenlisted1939112
Moore, John subscriber 173
Moote, R. C.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Morcom, Rev. W. G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Morris, Mr. L.J.Northlewbought a 14-seater charabanc1931126
Morris, Valerie subscriber 173
Morse, Mrs.Bollandkept dame school 67
Mounter, AnnNorthlewphoto 80, 81
Mounter, BillNorthlewapproached Men's Club to start a Northlew football team 148
Mounter, BillNorthlewinterested in football 147
Mounter, BillNorthlewphoto 147, 148
Mounter, BillNorthlewphoto1950's151
Mounter, BillNorthlewset up Skittles Team1986151
Mounter, RonnieNorthlewphoto 82
Mounter, SheilaNorthlewphoto1957142
Moyse, EricNorthlewphoto192674
Moyse, FredNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Moyse, James & Rosalindof Northlewparents of Ronald George Moyse 110
Moyse, LillianNorthlewphoto1930's75
Moyse, LillianNorthlewphoto194077
Moyse, RedversNorthlewphoto1930's75
Moyse, RonNorthlewphoto192674
Moyse, Ronald GeorgeMoro River, Italydied aged 221943110
Moyse, RonaldNorthlewenlisted1939112
Moysey, H. G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Muttram, GeorgeNorthlewphoto 104
Nash, BarbaraNorthlewphoto2002149
Neno, AvrilNorthlewphoto 82
Neno, JohnNorthlewphoto1960's139
Neno, Wilf & ReneNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Neno, WilfNorthlewphoto 147, 148
Neumann, G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Newcombe familyGorhuishresidents of Gorhuish16th & 17th cent11
Newcombe familyWest Kimberheld farm 11
Newcombe, AlexanderNorth Gorhuishaccused of cutting trees16th cent11
Newcombe, ElizabethNorthlewphoto1957142
Newcombe, FredNorthlewphoto 104
Newcombe, MargaretNorthlewphoto1957142
Newcombe, SidNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Newcombe, SidNorthlewphoto192674
Newcombe, StanNorthlewenlisted1939112
Newcombe, StanNorthlewphoto 96
Newcombe, StanNorthlewphoto192674
Newcombe, StanleyNorthlewa driver 90
Newcome, LibbyNorthlewraised at Horrathorne 97
Newcome, MargaretNorthlewraised at Horrathorne 97
Newcome, Stan & PhyllisNorthlewpurchased Horrathorne 97
Newhouse, ArchdeaconNorthlewgave reading1996121
Newhouse, Bryony E. subscriber 173
Newhouse, Robert G. subscriber 173
Newhouse, Venerable JohnNorthlewdedicated memorial1996120
Newhouse, Venerable JohnNorthlewphoto1996120
Newman, Mr and MrsNorthlewgave silver key193568
Newman, MrNorthlewheadteacher1915-3968
Newman, MrNorthlewphoto 71
Newman, Percy HarryNorthlewcalled to war 73
Newton, BettyNorthlewphoto1957142
Newton, MargaretNorthlewpractised for maypole dances195983
Newton, MarionNorthlewpractised for maypole dances195983
Newton, OliveNorthlewphoto1960's141
Nicholl, WalterNorthlewpaid rent of 2s108694
Nicholls, MrNorthlewcame from Plymouth with a projector 145
Nimptsch, Mrs S. subscriber 173
Northam, Betty D. subscriber 175
Northam, SamNorthlewof Milltown, brought cider to Christmas celebration 155
Northey, Irene, F. subscriber 175
Northlew & Ashbury Primary School subscriber 175
Northlew, A. BorelNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
O'Brien, Michael & Sally subscriber 175
O'Bryan, WilliamNorthlewphoto1815-182959
O'Bryan, WilliamNorthlewWesleyan local preacher181560
Okehampton bibliography & sources 169
Oldale, Irene & Ron subscriber 175
Oldale, IreneNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Oldale, RonNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Oldham, E. J.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Osbourne, J. SymtheNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Oughton-Allen, Ms Joanna L. subscriber 175
Packer, DerekNorthlewphoto 147
Packer, RuthNorthlewwas airlifted to hospital196398
Page, Bob subscriber 175
Page, Simon Mr. & Mrs.Eastcombe Farmimports tarpaulins 47
Page, SimonNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Palk, Mr.of Plymouthcame to buy food from farmers 113
Palmer, Betsy Hicks wrote poem 18
Palmer, Derrick & Carolyn subscriber 175
Palmer, Harriet & Mary AnnAshburywere twins1851101
Palmer, John & JoannaAshburylived at Wadland Barton1851101
Palmer, JohnNorthlewof Bratton Clovelly was first bandmaster 135
Palmer, JohnNorthlewphoto2002152
Palmer, Mr. RogerNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Palmer, Mr.Ashburypurchased motor car from Mr. Wright 124
Parker, BartNorthlewlived at Lower Southcombe 98
Parker, BartNorthlewphoto 98
Parker, BartNorthlewphoto2002150
Parker, EileenNorthlewphoto 80, 81
Parker, EileenNorthlewphoto1951140
Parker, JeanNorthlewphoto 80
Parker, JeanNorthlewphoto 81
Parker, JeanNorthlewphoto1953141
Parker, MaureenNorthlewphoto 81
Parkhouse, Bill photo 111
Parkhouse, BillNorthlewband members 138
Parkhouse, JohnNorthlewenlisted1939112
Parkhouse, LeonNorthlewphoto1981152
Parkhouse, WendyNorthlewsecretary of Mother & Toddler Playgroup1980152
Parrot, PeterNorthlewevacuee from London 115
Parsons, Revd R. Keith bibliography & sources 169
Parsons, RevdNorthlewphoto1957142
Parsons, TimNorthlewphoto2002150
Pasco familyNorthlewlived East Kimber 89
Pascoe, BertBroomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Pascoe, BertNorthlewphoto 108
Pascoe, DorothyNorthlewphoto 71
Pascoe, Sgt Bert photo 111
Pascoe, VeraNorthlewphoto 132
Pascoe, VeraNorthlewphoto 71
Passmore, Mr.Northlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Passmore, Mrs.Northlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Patton, Mr. & Mrs.Northlewconservatory supplier 47
Peak, ElaineNorthlewphoto2001144
Peak, JohnNorthlewMethodist minister and agricultural chaplain 165
Peak, JohnNorthlewphoto 166
Peak, Revd John Acknowledgement 7
Peak, Revd John subscriber 175
Pearse family subscriber 175
Peek, Sir Henry W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Pellow, George GlassBasra, Iraqdied aged 281917110
Pellow, Georgeof Okehamptonfather of George Glass Pellow 110
Pellow, MrNorthlewseconded proposal192173
Pemberthy, BillNorthlewphoto194077
Penberthy, BillNorthlewphoto193876
Penfolds familyNorthlewtenants at Scobchester 98
Penworthy, Mr & MrsNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Percy, StanWaytownplanted daffodil bulbs 23
Perry GatNorthlewphoto 45
Perry, 'Gat'Northlewin the Home Guard 114
Perry, 'Gat'Northlewlived at 'Arcade' 130
Perry, 'Gat'Northlewphoto 136
Perry, Martin & Jane subscriber 175
Perry, TonyNorthlewenlisted1939112
Perry, V. Bible Class (Photo) 8
Perry, VeraNorthlewstage performer 144
Petherick, EthelAshburymarried Richard Chapman Friend 101
Phare, JaneNorthlewfarmed 100 acres185189
Phare, John & MaryNorthlewinscription 52
Phare, ThomasNorthlewfarmed 100 acres185189
Phear, Sir J. B.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Phelan, Dan emigrated to America 16
Phelan, KathleenPlymouthmarried Leonard Pincombe192216
Phillips, Revd HenryRutleighmarried 13
Phillips, Revd HenryRutleighowned manor160713
Phillips, Revd RichardRutleighowned manor157013
Pincombe family photo 17
Pincombe-Docksai, Nancy Acknowledgement 7
Pincombe-Docksai, NancyNorthlewvisited Northlew 15
Pincombe-Docksai, RonaldNorthlewvisited Northlew 15
Pincombe, Beatrice photo 17
Pincombe, Kathleen photo of passport192216
Pincombe, Leonard photo of passport192216
Pincombe, LeonardChicagogot job at Chicago stockyards192216
Pincombe, LeonardPlymouthmarried Kathleen Phelan192216
Pincombe, LeonardPlymouthwas born 16
Pincombe, Stephen met future wife195217
Pincombe, Stephen photo 17
Pincombe, StephenClevelandwas born192717
Pincombe, StephenNorthlewdied aged 38 16
Pincombe, StephenNorthlewmarried182016
Pincombe, StephenNorthlewvisited Northlew 15
Pincombe, StephenPlymouthmarried Beatrice Potts 16
Pincombe, ThomasNorthlewmarried Elizabeth Sobey184616
PincombesNorthlewtrace family back to 1671 15
PincombesPlymouthleft Plymouth for America192216
Pinnock, RosettaNorthlewled Women's Social Club1922143
Piper, BillAshburyassistant 130
Piper, BillAshburyphoto 131
Piper, BillAshburypolish handles 130
Pitman, Rev. W. D.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Pitt, Mrs C.Northlewacting headteacher summer term199268
Pocock, E.Northlewphoto 137
Pocock, PeterNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Portman, Right Hon. ViscountNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Portman, Honourable Edward B.Northlewvisited school186869
Pratt, Malcolm Robin subscriber 175
Price, DrNorthlewthe MOH 155
Price, MissNorthlewa teacher 115
Prickman, J. D.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Proter, JohnNorthlewinvolved in a fight 15
Puddicombe, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Putt, GeraldNorthlewenlisted1939112
Putt, Mr D.Northlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Putt, R.Northlew Parishlocal builder192031
Queen MathildaNorthlewowned Brictric lands 11
Radeford, Walter deKimberheld manor14th cent11
Ratcliffe, AnnabelNorthlewphoto1981152
Reason, Revd JackNorthlewnew floor layed 59
Reason, Reverend Jack & Mrs Vera A. subscriber 175
Reddaway, BillSouth Zealphoto 128
Reddaway, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Reed, HerbertExeterrestored rood screen for church 49
Rees, EdieNorthlewphoto 71
Rees, JackNorthlewphoto192674
Rees, PhyllisNorthlewphoto 71
Rees, RoddieNorthlewof Ashbury, a gifted tenor 145
Reichel, Lucius K.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Rich, Mrs.Harpers Hillkept dame school 67
Richards, Bishop JohnNorthlewphoto 165
Richards, GeorgeNorthlewphoto1972138
Richards, HeatherNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Richards, Mary Elizabeth subscriber 175
Richards, NicolaNorthlewphoto2001139
Richards, Paul & Heather subscriber 175
Richards, Paul & HeatherNorthlewown Howards Gorhuish200296
Richards, PeterNorthlewphoto2002151
Ridges, GeorgeNorthlewmaintained vehicles 129
Riley, Valerie & Fred subscriber 175
Roberts, EricNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Roberts, Mrs Pat subscriber 175
Roberts, Valerie D. subscriber 175
Robinson, RichardNorthlewbench dedicated in his memory200053
Rocket, SteveNorthlewphoto2002151
Rocky familyNorthlew Parishlived at Rockey Cottage 28
Roger the FlemingKimbermanor was sublet to(Domesday)11
Roger the FlemingRutleighheld manor 13
Rogers, Detective InspectorNorthlewinvestigated threat 119
Romaine Hervey, Revd Canon W. bibliography & sources 169
Ronan & Co.Station Roadaccountants 47
Roulstone, Mr C.H. subscriber 175
Rout, Christopher lost in action1914-1918110
Rowe, Frank & HildaNorthlewmoved to Palor193496
Rowe, FredNorthlewphoto 96
Rowe, HildaNorthlewphoto 96
Rowe, HildaNorthlewphoto1950's140
Rowe, HildaNorthlewsold produce at Okehampton Market 96
Rowse, WilliamOkehamptonsold lorry 124
Ruby, Mr. J.T sold Model T Ford 124
Rudland, Missof Highhamptongave lectures in First Aid 113
Rundle, FredNorthlewHelped with book 9
Rundle, FredNorthlewfarm at Palor 96
Rundle, G. H. E.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Rundle, MargNorthlewdriver 129
Rundle, Marge Serving Tea (Photo) 8
Rundle, MargeryNorthlewtaught Sunday school200258
Rundle, Mark subscriber 175
Rundle, MarkNorthlewphoto 96
Rundle, Mr & Mrs Fred subscriber 175
Rundle, Patricia subscriber 175
Rundle, TrishNorthlewphoto2001141
Rundle. Fred Acknowledgement 7
Russells theNorthlewoperate house and six acres 97
SamwaysNorthlewlived in East Kimber 89
Sanders familyNorthlewlived at Palmers Norley 90
Sanders, CecilNorthlew Parishlived in Glen Cottage 28
Sanders, DoreenNorthlewphoto 81
Sanders, EdnaNorthlew Parishlived in Glen Cottage 28
Sanders, EmilyNorthlewcollected washing1930s161
Sanders, G.Northlewphoto 137
Sanders, GordonNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Sanders, GwenNorthlewphoto 81
Sanders, H.Northlewphoto 137
Sanders, HaroldNorthlew Parishlived in Glen Cottage 28
Sanders, HaroldNorthlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Sanders, HaroldNorthlewphoto 136
Sanders, HaroldNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Sanders, HoraceNorthlewphoto 46
Sanders, LillianNorthlewphoto 71
Sanders, MaryNorthlewphoto 81
Sanders, MaureenNorthlewphoto 81
Sanders, PaulNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Sanders, WalterNorthlewphoto 135
Sanders, WalterNorthlewphoto1920134
Sandford, JasonNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Saunders, CecilNorthlewphoto1930's75
Saunders, CharlesThe Sommedied1916110
Saunders, CharlieNorthlewenlisted1939112
Saunders, GordonNorthlewphoto 63
Saunders, HaroldNorthlewphoto 63
Saunders, HaroldNorthlewphoto195261
Saunders, LillianNorthlewenlisted in ATS1939112
Saunders, Mr.Northlewphoto195261
Saunders, ThomasBelgiumdied aged 201918110
Saunders, W.J.of Northlewfather of Thomas Saunders 110
Savile, Edwd. B.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Scant familyNorthlewphoto1910156
Schofield, MajorNorthlewwas area Commanding Officer for the Home Guard 114
Scout, Pte JamesNorthlew Parishacted as Guard of Honour192031
Seccombe, G.Durdon Farmlandscaper 47
Seccombe, Geoffrey & JoNothlewpurchased Durdon Farm198993
Setter, GeoffreyNorthlewphoto 80
Setters, PC BertNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Shaw, BarryNorthlewmaintained vehicles 129
Shellabear, Miss E.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Shellabear, Mr. S.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Shellabear, Mr. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Shellabear, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Shelton, Alison & Steve subscriber 175
Shelton, AlisonNorthlewphoto2002152
Shelton, SteveNorthlewphoto2002152
Sher, JohannaNorthlewdiverse parcels of land146494
Sher, RichardNorthlewheld land at Melcombdon 94
Shobbrook brothersNorthlewsold Higher Cruft191997
Shobbrook, EleanorNorthlew Parishwas an accomplished tailoress 27
Shobbrook, ErnNorthlewphoto195261
Shobbrook, Ernest Philip died aged 241916110
Shobbrook, JimNorthlewphoto 132
Shobbrook, KitNorthlew Parishran general store 28
Shobbrook, LillianNorthlewenlisted in NAAFI1939112
Shobbrook, Miss.Northlewphoto1965143
Shobbrook, Mr. & Mrs.Northlewphoto 43
Shobbrook, MrsNorthlew 1973/485
Shobbrook, Mrs.Northlew Parishlived 99.5 years 27
Shobbrook, Philipof Northlewfather of Ernest Philip Shobbrook 110
Shobbrook, WilliamNorthlewFernley Bater's grandfather 45
Shobbrook, WilliamNorthlewsecretary of Men's Social Club 133
Shobrooke, MissesNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Shobrooke, Mr. S.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Short, AngieNorthlewphoto2001141
Short, HarrietNorthlewmarried John Friend 95
Short, PeterNorthlewphoto197083
Simmons, MrNorthlewreported on school193478
SindlingersNorthlewfamily photo199315
SindlingersNorthlewvisited Northlew descendants of the Hicks family199815
Singleton, B.R. & M. subscriber 175
Singleton, Kevin B.R. subscriber 175
Skinner, BillNorthlewphoto1960's137
Skinner, W.Northlewphoto 137
Skutt, Revd BrianNorthlew Parishlayed chapel's foundation stone199625
Skutt, Revd BrianNorthlewoffered prayers1996121
Skutt, Revd BrianNorthlewphoto1996120
Smale familyNorthlewoccupied Howards Gorhuish 96
Smale, 'Granfer'Northlewphoto1933154
Smale, AmyNorthlewoccupied Durdon1920's93
Smale, Bill 'Nipper'Northlewphoto1960's139
Smale, BillNorthlewphoto 46, 63
Smale, BillNorthlewphoto1960's137
Smale, BillNorthlewpostman for Ashbury 45
Smale, C. Bible Class (Photo) 8
Smale, C. subscriber 175
Smale, C.Northlewphoto1920134
Smale, CharlieNorthlewpurchased Durdon Farm196093
Smale, CharlieNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, CharlieNorthlewrecounts 'playing out' 138
Smale, CharlotteNorthlewphoto1950's143
Smale, ClaudeNorthlewHelped with book 9
Smale, ClaudeNorthlewwartime story 119
Smale, ClaudeNorthlewmemories of haircuts 152
Smale, ClaudeNorthlewphoto 169
Smale, ClaudeNorthlewphoto1930's75
Smale, ClaudeNorthlewremembers visits to Goosen 87
Smale, Derek subscriber 175
Smale, EdnaNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, EllenNorthlew Parishlandlady of Honeychurch Arms192028
Smale, ErnNorthlewphoto1920134
Smale, ErnieNorthlewoccupied Durdon1920's93
Smale, ErnieNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, Fanny BessieNorthlewlived at Lower Southcombe1940's98
Smale, FannyNorthlewdonated land for churchyard extension 53
Smale, FrancisNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, Fred & FlorrieNorthlewmoved to Higher Gorhuish192495
Smale, Fred photo1909111
Smale, FredNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Smale, FredNorthlewphoto1930126
Smale, Heath, Messrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Smale, HoraceNorthlewphoto 95
Smale, JohnNorthlewmarried Maria183716
Smale, JohnNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, LewisNorthlewinherited Lambert 94
Smale, LewisNorthlewoccupied Durdon1920's93
Smale, LewisNorthlewpurchased Durdon with his sisters193493
Smale, LottieNorthlewphoto1960s158
Smale, LydiaNorthlewoccupied Durdon1920's93
Smale, M.J.Northlew 186584
Smale, Mr & MrsNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Smale, Mr. & Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Smale, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Smale, Mr.Northlewphoto 122
Smale, Mrs C.Northlewphoto1965143
Smale, Mrs E.C. Acknowledgement 7
Smale, Mrs E.C.Northlewwas in charge of First Aid Post 114
Smale, MrsNorthlewhoused evacuees 115
Smale, MrsNorthlewoccupied Durdon1920's93
Smale, MrsNorthlewphoto 160
Smale, Mrs.Northlewphoto1957142
Smale, N. subscriber 175
Smale, PhyllisNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, R.Northlewphoto 108
Smale, S. subscriber 175
Smale, SophieNorthlewphoto 95
Smale, Tom & TheresaNorthlewlived at Lower Southcombe1940's98
Smale, TomNorthlewoccupied Durdon1920's93
Smale, TomNorthlewphoto 135
Smale, VeraNorthlewraised at Higher Gorhuish 95
Smale, W.J.Northlew Parishwas local bootmaker 29
Smale, W.J.Northlewphoto 136, 137
Smale, W.J.Northlewphoto1950's137
Smale, W.J.Northlewtravelled the district delivering boots and shoes 43
Smale, W.J.'Nipper'Northlewsergeant in Home Guard 114
Smale, WilliamNorthlewbuilt Eastacombe186298
Small familyNorthlewtenants at Scobchester 98
Smallacombe familyNorthlewmoved to Whiddon Farm192192
Smallacombe, BillNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Smallacombe, BrianNorthlewphoto2002168
Smallacombe, FredNorthlewgrandson to George 92
Smallacombe, GeorgeNorthlewgrandson to George 92
Smallacombe, GeorgeNorthlewlived to be 93 92
Smallacombe, GeraldAshburyowns Ashbury Station 130
Smallacombe, KennethNorthlewphoto 93
Smallacombe, Mr William 'Willie'Kimberrabbit trapper 115
Smallacombe, Mrs. OliveAshburyhas lived at Ashbury Station for 64 years 130
Smallacombe, Mrs. OliveAshburylives in the converted station house 130
Smallacombe, StanleyNorthlewgrandson to George 92
Smallacombe, William George VoadenNorthlewsucceeded his father 92
Smallacombe, WilliamNorthlewgrandson to George 92
Smallacombe, WilliamNorthlewrabbit trapper 90
Smith, John & sonNorthlewmade clock that was erected189754
Smith, LenNorthlewphoto2001139
Smith, Margaret Alice (Montgomery)Traverse City, Michiganfound poem198318
Smith, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
SmithNorthlewpilot killed in crash1941113
Smithers, BevilNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Smollett, FredNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Snell, AllisonNorthlewphoto1986147
Snell, AllisonNorthlewphoto1988148
Sobey, ElizabethNorthlewmarried Thomas Pincombe184616
Solomon, JeffNorthlewphoto2002152
Southcote, JoannaNorthlewgiven licence to brew ale148415
Southcott, Mr P.Northlewacting headteacher summer term199068
Southwick, KenNorthlewphoto1950's151
Spackman, Rev. C.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Sparke, Mrs. W.Northlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Speke, WilliamGorhuishlandowner of manor137711
Spencer, FreddieNorthlewannounced to people without a phone of WW21939112
Spencer, FreddieNorthlewphoto 169
Sperring, David & Geri subscriber 175
Spicer,Ashburydriver of motor car 124
Sprey, JaneNorthlewcontributed to church repair17th cent15
Spry, 'Manny'Northlewwas a Special Constable 114
Spry, BillNorthlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Spry, BillNorthlewfilled baths 149
Spry, BillNorthlewphoto 46, 63
Spry, CarolineNorthlewphoto1981152
Spry, DorisNorthlewphoto1950's143
Spry, DorisNorthlewpostlady 45
Spry, Emauel & JaneNorthlewfarmed Lower Widdon185193
Spry, EmmanuelNorthlewdied195692
Spry, EmmanuelNorthlewmoved from Inwardleigh191992
Spry, EmmanuelNorthlewphoto 92
Spry, EmmanuelNorthlewphoto194792
Spry, EmmanuelNorthlewwater diviner 43
Spry, GillianNorthlewphoto1981152
Spry, HelenNorthlewphoto1972138
Spry, JackNorthlewdied196792
Spry, JackNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Spry, JackNorthlewphoto194792
Spry, JackNorthlewphoto1960s158
Spry, JohnNorthlewHelped with book 9
Spry, JohnNorthlew Parishphoto of opening of public toilets197524
Spry, JohnNorthlewinherited farm196792
Spry, JohnNorthlewphoto 58
Spry, JohnNorthlewphoto193876
Spry, JohnNorthlewphoto194077
Spry, JohnNorthlewphoto194792
Spry, JohnNorthlewphoto1964167
Spry, JohnNorthlewphoto2002168
Spry, JohnNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Spry, Lilian & JohnNorthlewcut the cake for their wedding anniversary 164
Spry, Lilian Acknowledgement 7
Spry, Lilian Serving Tea (Photo) 8
Spry, LilianNorthlewphoto 141
Spry, LilianNorthlewphoto 165
Spry, LilianNorthlewphoto1950's143
Spry, Mrs D.Northlewphoto1965143
Spry, Mrs J.Northlewphoto1965143
Spry, Mrs L.Northlewphoto1965143
Spry, Mrs W.Northlewattended garden party at Buckingham Palace1965144
Spry, MrsNorthlewWomen's Institute member 143
Spry, Peter & Betty Acknowledgement 7
Spry, PeterNorthlewdriver 129
Spry, PeterNorthlewphoto2001139
Spry, PhillipNorthlewphoto1964167
Spry, RodneyNorthlewphoto 82
Spry, TraceyNorthlewphoto2001139
Spry, ValNorthlewtreasurer of Mother & Toddler Playgroup1980152
Spry, WilfredNorthlewphoto1950's140
Spry,DorisNorthlewphoto 46
Squire familyNorthlewfarm reverted to family until 1955 97
Squire familyNorthlewpurchased Lower Cruft193497
Squire, DorothyNorthlewraised at Milltown Farm 95
Squire, Heber & RhodaNorthlewmoved to Milltown Farm 95
Squire, HeberNorthlewowned Milltown Farm 124
Squire, HeberNorthlewpurchased Milltown Farm for £1800191895
Squire, JonasNorthlewbuilt a Bible Christian chapel185097
Squire, JonasNorthlewwrote a poem 100
Squire, MarionNorthlewphoto1957142
Squire, MarionNorthlewphoto1963141
Squire, Maurice & PhyllisNorthlewmoved to Milltown Farm194795
Squire, MauriceNorthlewraised at Milltown Farm 95
Squire, MayNorthlewraised at Milltown Farm 95
Squire, Mrs HeberNorthlewof Milltown, consulted Mrs Dart 155
Squire, Mrs Phyllis M. subscriber 175
Squire, Phyllis Acknowledgement 7
Squire, Ruth & Tony subscriber 175
Squire, Ruth Acknowledgement 7
Squire, RuthNorthlewphoto2002150
Squire, SamNorthlewfamily was the last occupants of Blonaford 95
Squire, SarahNorthlewphoto1981152
Squire, SimonNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Squire, SimonNorthlewphoto2002152
Squire, SteveNorthlewphoto2002150
Squire, SteveNorthlewphoto2002152
Squire, StevenNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Squire, Tony & RuthNorthlewrun Milltown Farm200295
Squire, TonyNorthlewmoved to Milltown Farm194795
Squire, TonyNorthlewphoto 82
Squire, TonyNorthlewset up Skittles Team1986151
Squire, TonyNorthlewwon Knockout Cup at Holsworthy2000151
Squires familyNorthlew Parishowned a farm at Cruft which was destroyed by fire189233
Squires, ColinNorthlewphoto194077
Squires, DotNorthlewphoto192674
Squires, JoanNorthlewphoto1930's75
Squires, MauriceNorthlewphoto192674
Squires, MayNorthlewphoto192674
Squires, Mr. & Mrs.Northlew Parishmoved to Elmfield House 33
Squires, PhyllisNorthlewgranddaughter of 'Butcher Martin' 98
Squires, PhyllisNorthlewrecalls visiting at Christmas 97
Squires, SimonMilltown Lanecarpenter 46
Stacey, Christine N. subscriber 175
Stanleick, Tim & Carole subscriber 175
Stentiford, Mrs Avril subscriber 175
Stevens, Mr. & MrsNorthlewowned a farm 117
Stiles, Lottie Trench Card 7
Stiles, S.Northlewnotification of wounding1916121
Stiles, SidBroomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Stiles, SidNorthlewmarried Edie Bowden 156
Stiles, SidNorthlewphoto1920134
Stirling, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Stratton, Freda Acknowledgement 7
Strauss, Sylvia subscriber 175
Strickland, CharlesAshbury'Huntsman' 159
Strickland, CharlesAshburydied25 June 1859159
Strong, Bill photo 111
Strong, BillNorthlewenlisted1939112
Strong, Ralph Bower & Minnieof Whiddon Downparents of Ralph William 110
Strong, Ralph William died aged 211940110
Stuart, Celia subscriber 175
Sturgeon, John & Celia subscriber 175
Sturgeon, John & CeliaNorthlewlive at Lower Whiddon200292
Styles, LottieNorthlewphoto 71
Styles, SidNorthlewphoto 109
Sutton, AlbertNorthlewenlisted1939112
Symons, JimmyNorthlewhay cutter 43
Symons, Rev. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Taberet, ColinNorthlewphoto 45
Tapp, BillNorthlewphoto 109, 132
Tapp, Peter & Heather subscriber 175
Tapp, PeterNorthlewphoto 80-82
Tapp, WillBroomfieldphoto of Northlew Rifle Club191124
Tapp, WilliamNorthlewinjured189772
Tapson, NicholasNorthlewin photo of the Forge, Harpers Hill 38
Taylor, A.J.P. bibliography & sources 169
Taylor, Linda subscriber 173
Taylor, LindaNorthlewphoto2002149, 152
Taylor, LynNorthlewnewspaper business 47
Taylor, LynNorthlewsecretary of Northlew & Ashbury Victory Hall 144
Taylor, Marcia Acknowledgement 7
Taylor, MarciaNorthlewphoto2002150
Taylor, PaulineNorthlewphoto1957142
Temby, AlfredOkehamptonsold business 126
Tewel, ThomasNorthlewordered to repair road151615
The Brooking Society subscriber 171
The Davey family subscriber 171
The Victory HallNorthlewphoto1921144
Theed, Rev. E.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Thomas, Maurice subscriber 175
Thompson, Edgar, Northlewan evacuee 115 
Thomson, Col. WhiteNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Thorn, MaryNorthlewphoto197383
Thorn, Mr E.Northlewheadteacher1968-8768
Thorn, MrNorthlewphoto197383
Thorn, MrNorthlewreports record player is useful197084
Thorne, JamesNorthlewphoto1816-187259
Thorne, JamesNorthlewwas friends with John Bickle 92
Thorne, SteveNorthlewdriver 129
Thorne, SteveNorthlewoccupied coverted house200291
Thorne, SteveNorthlewphoto2002151
Thorold, Rev. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Thursfield, J. R.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Thursfield, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Tickle familyGorhuishresidents of Gorhuish16th & 17th cent11
Tickle, NicholasGorhuishtransfer of Northlew Moor155511
Tom, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Toms familyNorthlewmoved to Blackworthy Farm188091
Toms, MrNorthlewvillage policeman and bee-keeper 155
Toms, P.C.Northlew Parishlocal police officer 30
Tonkins, Beryl O. subscriber 175
Topp, JimmyNorthlewrabbit trapper 43
Trecarrell, Sir HenryRutleighdaughter married William Kelly 14
Trefusis, Rev. R. E.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Trelawny, Mr. CollinsNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Trenaman, Bertof Hatherleighbrought butcher van to Northlew 43
Trigger, Mr & Mrs CharlesNorthlewfrom Dolton sold sweets 133
Troyte, Col.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Truman, Mr.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Tucker, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Tuke, Geoff & Elspeth subscriber 175
Tulley, JohnNorthlewan evacuee 115
Turley, JudyNorthlewdriver 129
Turner, ?Northlewphoto197383
Turner, HenryNorthlewissued licence to brew ale166115
Turner, JaneNorthlewphoto2002152
Turner, Mr.Plymouthsold Austin to Norman Born 125
Turville, Mr F.G.Northlewheadteacher1894-9568
Tykell, NicholasNorthlewwas stabbed151615
Valance, L.Northlewphoto1930126
Vallance, KayNorthlewphoto2002150
Vallance, LesNorthlew Parishlocal doctor 27
Vallance, LesNorthlewplayed piano 146
Vallance, Mr & MrsNorthlewphoto 147
Vallance, NormanNorthlewphoto2002150
Vallance, RayNorthlewphoto 147
Vanstone, MissCrowden Lanekept dame school 67
Vanstone, MissNorthlewsewing mistress186769
Vanstone, MissNorthlewwas appointed infant mistress186767
Vaux, Major & MrsNorthlewlived at manor house20th cent13
Veale, J. H.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Venton, Mr A.H.Northlewheadteacher1895-190068
Vicary, J. F.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Vick, MrsNorthlewintroduced softball tennis198484
Vick, PatNorthlewphoto197083
Vincent, AudreyNorthlewgranddaughter of the Worden's 160
Vincent, B. Bible Class (Photo) 8
Vincent, B.Northlewdairyman 43
Vincent, James 'Reggie' & BlancheNorthlewwent to live at Churchgate193498
Vincent, James 'Reggie'Northlewbought farm from Shobbrook brothers191997
Vincent, Mr.Northlew Parishsupplied milk to village 26
Vincent, Mrs B.Northlewphoto1965143
Vincent, Mrs.Northlew Parishsupplied milk to village 26
Vincent, Mrs.Northlewphoto1950's143
Vincent, RegNorthlewherded cows past the Smales 169
Vincent, RegNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Vincent, StanNorthlewphoto 104
Vincent, StanleyNorthlewphoto 148
Voaden BillNorthlewphoto1950's151
Voaden familyNorthlewbillet German POW 115
Voaden, 'Blackie' & LilianNorthlewlived at Lower Cruftuntil 1959 97
Voaden, BillNorthlewphoto 147
Voaden, Bunt & SheilaNorthlewlive at Waterhouse Farm 97
Voaden, CliveNorthlewbought Waterhouse Farm199197
Voaden, CliveNorthlewphoto197083
Voaden, Cyril & FredaNorthlewdied197098
Voaden, CyrilNorthlewphoto 71
Voaden, DorothyNorthlewenlisted in WAFS1939112
Voaden, Edward Charles subscriber 175
Voaden, EdwardNorthlewraised at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, Francis W. subscriber 175
Voaden, Frank & MaureenNorthlewlive at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, FrankNorthlew Parishfield has old beech tree 31
Voaden, FrankNorthlewphoto2002168
Voaden, FrankNorthlewraised at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, FrankieNorthlewphoto 80
Voaden, FrankieNorthlewset up Skittles Team1986151
Voaden, Gary & Sylvia subscriber 175
Voaden, GaryNorthlewlive at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, GaryNorthlewphoto197383
Voaden, MaryNorthlewphoto 81
Voaden, MaryNorthlewraised at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, MaureenNorthlewphoto 165
Voaden, PeggyNorthlewphoto2002150
Voaden, Rachelle & Richard subscriber 175
Voaden, ReggieNorthlewphoto 80
Voaden, ReggieNorthlewphoto 81
Voaden, RichardNorthlewraised at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, RogerNorthlewphoto1986147
Voaden, SheilaNorthlewphoto 165
Voaden, SheilaNorthlewphoto2002150
Voaden, StanNorthlewenlisted1939112
Voaden, Stephen & FrancesNorthlewlived at Waterhouse Farm 97
Voaden, StephenNorthlewphoto 147
Voaden, StephenNorthlewraised at Bolland Farm 98
Voaden, SteveNorthlewphoto 147
Voaden, VioletNorthlewphoto193876
Voaden, WendyNorthlewphoto1957142
Voaden, William (Bunt)Northlewraised at Bolland Farm 98
Voden, JennyNorthlewFormed History Group 9
Voden, JennyNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Voden, JennyNorthlewgave reading1996121
Voden, JennyNorthlewphoto 163
Voden, JennyNorthlewphoto2000163
Voden, JennyNorthlewtook children away for weekend festivities1990's58
Voden, Mr S. subscriber 175
Voden, RaymondNorthlewphoto 165
Voden, Revd Ray & Mrs Jenny subscriber 175
Voden, Revd RayNorthlewfirst Team Vicar199454
Voden, Revd RayNorthlewphoto1996120
Voden, Revd RayNorthlewvicar1996120
Vorden, ValerieNorthlewphoto194077
Vowler, Mrs. N.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Wackett, Harryof Okehamptonwas history master at Okehampton Grammer School 113
Wackett, Harryof Okehamptonwas senior ARP officer 113
Wadal the SaxonNorthlew Parishone of the first landowners in the area 33
Wadel the Saxonlands of Ashbury  11
Wadeland, Jermianus deAshburywas rector1297101
Wadland, HenryNorthlewheld a tenement in 'Southyeo'146494
Walling, John F.W. subscriber 175
Walter, GeraldineAshburyowns Ashbury Station 130
Wannacott, RogerNorthlewphoto197083
Ware, AndreaNorthlewphoto2002152
Ware, BarryNorthlewphoto 81, 82
Ware, BillNorthlewdriver 129
Ware, Chris Acknowledgement 7
Ware, ChrisNorthlewphoto1950's151
Ware, ChrisNorthlewtold father's story 124
Ware, Christopher, Andrea, James & Victoria subscriber 175
Ware, FrankNorthlewphoto 96
Ware, GaryNorthlewphoto1999/2000149
Ware, JamesNorthlewphoto2002152
(Ware), JimDoltonborn 124
Ware, JimNorthlewphoto 46, 148
(Ware), JimNorthlewarrival1922124
Ware, JimNorthlewphoto1950's151
Ware, JimNorthlewrabbit trapper 124
Ware, JimNorthlewrabbit trapper 43
Ware, JimNorthlewsold rabbits to Percy & Perry1949125
Ware, Mr. & Mrs.Northlewfriends of the Woolseys 117
Ware, Mr.Northlewtrapped rabbits 117
Ware, RachelNorthlewphoto 46, 82
Warrington, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Watere, Alice deteNorthlewlived at Waterhouse Farm133097
Watkins, CatherineNorthlewmarried John Bickle 92
Watkins, CatherineNorthlewmarried John Bickle182390
Watkins, CatherineNorthlewmother of Catherine Watkins182390
Watkins, GrannieNorthlewphoto 160
Watkins, GrannyNorthlew Parishlived at Church House 25
Watkins, John & CatherineNorthlewparents of Catherine182313
Watkins, JohnNorthlewfather of Catherine Watkins182390
Watkins, WillNorthlewlived in house at the top of the Square 160
Watkins, WillNorthlewphoto 132
Watkins, WillNorthlewphoto1916109
Watkins, WillNorthlewphoto1918136
Way, JamesNorthlewphoto1826-188459
Wayne & Co.Harper's Hillaccountants 47
Wayne, ChristineNorthlewphoto2002149
Webber, A.Northlewphoto 137
Webber, ArchieNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139
Webber, FrancisNorthlewphoto194077
Webber, J.Northlewphoto 137
Webber, JackNorthlew Parishran a variety of businesses 28
Webber, JackNorthlewband enthusiast 135
Webber, JackNorthlewcoach conductor 127
Webber, JackNorthlewcut hair 152
Webber, JackNorthlewfriend of Mr. Nicholls 145
Webber, JackNorthlewphoto1960's137, 139, 141
Webber, JackNorthlewsold carbide for acetylene lamps 156
Webber, JackNorthlewwas a Special Constable 114
Webber, JohnNorthlewpurchased uniforms1935135
Webber, MrNorthlewheadteacher1890-9468
Webster, Norman subscriber 175
Weeks, GeorgeNorthlewbequeathed Millcombe Down to his daugher192794
Weeks, JockNorthlewphoto 148
Weeks, Mrs M. Acknowledgement 7
Welham, BarryCrowdenleatherworker 47
Were, H. B.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
West, Mr T.Northlewacting headteacher199668
West, NatashaNorthlewphoto2001141
Westbrook, Gregory D. subscriber 175
Westbrook, Richard & Kay subscriber 175
Westbrook, Sarah L. subscriber 175
Westcott, DavidNorthlewphoto197383
Westcott, GillianNorthlewphoto197083
Western Morning News bibliography & sources 169
Westlake, KayNorthlewpurchased property198587
Westlake, Mrs.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Westlake, RichardNorthlewdental technician200246
Westlake, RichardNorthlewpurchased property198587
Whale, Rev. T. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Wheadon, Noel J. subscriber 171
Whitcher, Frederick died aged 231915110
Whitcher, Harry & Isabellaof Ashburyparents of Frederick Whitcher 110
White, A.Northlewphoto 137
White, ArthurNorthlewphoto1960's139
Wichett, JoyceNorthlewphoto1930's75
Wickets, MargaretNorthlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Wickett, DickNorthlewphoto194077
Wilkins, Julian subscriber 175
Wilkins, JulianKimberlandskitchen fitter 46
Willett, J. SeltenNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
'William ate Worth'variouspurchased land 14
Williams, Helena subscriber 175
Williams, LenaNorthlewMember of History Group 9
Williams, LenaNorthlewphoto 163
Williams, Mrs R.F. subscriber 175
Williams, Rev. P.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Williamson, Dr FrankNorthlewsold Millcombe Down199394
Williamson, Eddie & CarolAshburyarrived at Ashbury Court1960103
Williamson, HelenNorthlewphoto197083
Williamson, KeithNorthlewphoto197383
Williamson, Mr & Mrs E.W. subscriber 175
Willis, HenryNorthlewbuilt organ in the church188953
Wilson (Parker), EileenNorthlewphoto2001141
Wilson, Eileen & PipNorthlewwent to a service at Crediton Parish Church3 October 1999165
Wilson, Eileen Serving Tea (Photo) 8
Wilson, EileenNorthlewdied200190
Wilson, EileenNorthlewphoto of her floral display 164
Wilson, EileenNorthlewphoto2001141
Wilson, EileenNorthlewwife of Pip 90
Wilson, KatherineNorthlewphoto 98
Wilson, Lady subscriber 175
Wilson, Mrs E.Northlewphoto1965143
Wilson, PipNorthlewphoto 147
Wilson, Pip subscriber 175
Wilson, PipDartmoorphoto1952147
Wilson, PipNorthlewmoved to Loveland Farm195490
Wilson, PipNorthlewphoto 98, 104
Wilson, PipNorthlewphoto2002150
Wilson, PipNorthlewset up Skittles Team1986151
Wilson, Revd Stuart subscriber 175
Wilson, StuartNorthlewphoto 165
Wimberley, LouiseNorthlewphoto1981152
Wimberley, RachelNorthlewphoto1981152
Winnacott, Mr.Northlewphoto195261
Witzel, Morgen subscriber 175
Witzel, MorgenHoneychurchpublishing business 47
Wonnacott, MissDartmoorphoto1952147
Wonnacott, PhilipNorthlewphoto1960's137
Wood family subscriber 175
Wood, EffieNorthlewphoto 82
Wood, ElizabethAshburywas teacher at Northlew School 101
Wood, J.Northlew 187985
Wood, J.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Wood, Mr T.Northlewparticipated in a fund-raising concert1929144
Wood, Mr. W.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Wood, Mrs EffieNorthlewphoto 77
Wood, Mrs.Northlewat the piano1959-6057
Wood, PeteNorthlewphoto1930's75
Wood, RegNorthlewnew bandmaster 135
Wood, RegNorthlewphoto1930126
Wood, ReggieNorthlewphoto 147
Wood, ReggieNorthlewphoto 132, 135
Wood, ReggieNorthlewphoto1920134
Wood, ReggieNorthlewphoto1960's137
Wood, ReggieNorthlewplayed piano 146
Wood, ReggieNorthlewtaught piano 144
Wood, SamNorthlewin photo of the Forge, Harpers Hill 38
Wood, Simon subscriber 175
Wood, SteveNorthlewis a machine tool service engineer 45
Wood, TomNorthlewowned shop 135
Wood, TomNorthlewphoto of shop1911138
Woodman, Henry & AliceNorthlewoccupied cottage at Durdon Cross Farm185193
Woodridge, BillNorthlewin the Home Guard 114
Woods, BettyNorthlewphoto 165
Woods, TomNorthlew Parishran a tailor's shop 28
Wooldridge, G.Northlew Parishlocal builder192031
Wooldridge, LilyNorthlewhelped Phyllis Smale 95
Wooldridge, LizzieNorthlewran school canteen 60
Wooldridge, MrsNorthlewlived at Blonaford 95
Wooldridge, WilliamAshburywas in accident 101
Wooldridge, WilliamFrancedied1917110
Woolland, Miss J.Northlew 188285
Woolland, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe family photo 21
Woollcombe familyNorthlew Parishbuilt Morth Grange 33
Woollcombe familyNorthlew Parishhome farm was part of the Ashbury estate 30
Woollcombe familyNorthlew Parishkept a large retinue of servants 32
Woollcombe, AdmiralNorthlewpresided occasion193568
Woollcombe, Amy subscriber 175
Woollcombe, ArchdeacomNorthlewvisited school186869
Woollcombe, ArchdeaconNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, ArchdeaconNorthlewfinancially supported school 67
Woollcombe, C. B.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, Charles BellefieldAshburydied190158
Woollcombe, Dame JocelynAshbury Housedirector of the Wrens1946-5019
Woollcombe, DrNorthlewof Okehampton was called for ailments 155
Woollcombe, Dr.of Highhamptongave lectures in First Aid 113
Woollcombe, Henry father of John Morth Woollcombe 110
Woollcombe, HenryAshburyhad old church pulled down and rebuilt187158
Woollcombe, Herbert Esq.Northlew Parishopened ceremonies192030
Woollcombe, HerbertNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, HerbertNorthlewfounded Men's Social Club1907133
Woollcombe, HerbertNorthlewpresident of Men's Social Club 133
Woollcombe, J.H.G. subscriber 175
Woollcombe, J.M.Northlewsupported National schools185767
Woollcombe, Jacquetta H.Northlewbought Parish House186567
Woollcombe, JacquettaNorthlewgave gift to churchend 18th cent50
Woollcombe, John MorthIraqdied aged 301917110
Woollcombe, JohnAshburyrestored church170058
Woollcombe, Lizzy subscriber 175
Woollcombe, Miss G.Morth Grangeprovided teas, 24
Woollcombe, Miss G.Northlew Parishhad Morth Grange built for her 33
Woollcombe, Miss J.H.Northlew 186584
Woollcombe, MissNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, MissNorthlewfinancially supported school 67
Woollcombe, MissNorthlewgave singing lessons 67
Woollcombe, MissesNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, Mr J.D.Northlew 186884
Woollcombe, Mr. H.L.Northlew Parishchairman of the Memorial Committee192031
Woollcombe, Mrs E.R.Northlew 186884
Woollcombe, Mrs. GeorgeNorthlewinherited property 67
Woollcombe, Nicholas subscriber 175
Woollcombe, Rev. G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, Rev. LewisNorthlewdonated to church restoration 51
Woollcombe, SquireNorthlewpaid someone to bring the mail from Okehampton 43
Woollcombe, W. G.Northlewdonated to church restoration 51
WoollcombesNorthlewrebuilt Lambert for use as a shooting lodge 94
Woolsey, CecilyNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Woolsey, IrisNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Woolsey, MurielNorthlewan evacuee 115
Woolsey, Muriel Acknowledgement 7
Woolsey, MurielNorthlewmemories 117
Woolsey, MurielNorthlewphoto1941116
Woolsey, VoiletNorthlewarrival at Northlew 117
Worden, AdaNorthlewleft farm after husband died197496
Worden, AlfredNorthlewrabbit trapper 43
Worden, AlfredNorthlewrabbit trapper1920's93
Worden, AudreyNorthlewphoto1930's75
Worden, BillNorthlewenlisted1939112
Worden, DorothyNorthlewphoto1930's75
Worden, Gran & GrandadNorthlewphoto1900160
Worden, HenryNorthlewlived at Howards Gorhuish 96
Worden, KeithNorthlewphoto 147
Worden, KeithNorthlewtook over father's business 93
Worden, LeonardNorthlewphoto194077
Worden, MargaretNorthlewphoto 82
Worden, MarionNorthlewphoto1957142
Worden, MaryNorthlewwas a Red Cross volunteer 114
Worden, MayNorthlewlived at Howards Gorhuish 96
Worden, Mrs AdaNorthlewdied1989160
Worden, Mrs AdaNorthlewphoto 160
Worden, Mrs J. Acknowledgement 7
Worden, Mrs MaryNorthlewdrove taxi195079
Worden, PhillipNorthlewphoto2002151
Worden, William & AdaNorthlewlived at Howards Gorhuish 96
Worden, WilliamNorthlewlived at Howards Gorhuish 96
Worden, WilliamNorthlewmarried Ada 160
Worthington, Revd JohnNorthlew Parishrestored shaft of the Cross190026
Worthington, Revd JohnNorthlewphoto 135
Worthington, Revd JohnNorthlewvestry added during his time 52
Worthington, RevdNorthlewin photo of Dairy Schoolearly 1900's37
Wray, JohnFordatownelectrician 47
Wreford, Hilary & Mike subscriber 175
Wright, DrNorthlewof Okehampton was called for ailments 155
Wright, Mr. J.R.Ashburyowned two cars1910124
Yelland familyNorthlew Parishhad engineering business 30
Yelland, ColinNorthlewjoined father in business 45
Yelland, ColinNorthlewphoto197083
Yelland, F.W. & SonsNorthlewcelebrated 50 years in Northlew200145
Yelland, FredNorthlewgarage 43
Yelland, FredNorthlewpurchased garage premises195145
Yelland, John Acknowledgement 7
Yelland, JohnNorthlewgarage 43
Yelland, JohnNorthlewjoined father in business195645
Yelland, JohnNorthlewphoto2002150
Yelland, JulietNorthlewdriver 129
Yelland, JulietNorthlewphoto2002150
Yelland, MichaelNorthlewjoined father in business 45
Yelland, MichaelNorthlewphoto2002150
Yelland, Mr & Mrs F.W. subscriber 175
Yelland, Mr & Mrs M. subscriber 175
Yelland, MrsNorthlewphoto1965143
Yelland, OliveNorthlewphoto2002150
Yelland, Philip & Traci-Ann subscriber 175
Yelland, PhilipNorthlewjoined father in business 45
Yelland, PhilipNorthlewphoto2002150
Yelland, PhilipNorthlewphoto2002152
Yelland, RichardNorthlewphoto 165
Yelland, TraciNorthlewphoto2002152
Yeo, Thomas & Elizabeth Annof Okehamptonparents of William Wallace 110
Yeo, William WallaceBelguimdied aged 241917110
Young, Dr.Northlewclosed school due to measles191573
Zielinska, Brenda subscriber 175
Zielinski, Brenda Acknowledgement 7
---, FaithNorthlewphoto194077
---, JessieInwardleighbornOctober 14, 1876119
---, KatherineNorthlewphoto197083
---, LeonardNorthlewphoto194077
 Ashburychurch is named141611
 Rutleighmanor house built15th cent13
 Rutleighmanor house extended1600's13
 Ashburyparish registers destroyed in fire187758
 Ashburychurch made redundant198158
 Ashburychurch named as Santa Marie de Ayschbyry141658
 DefanascirEarliest reference to Devon8519
 Northlew & Ashburyparishes united187657
 NorthlewBible Christians and Wesleyans separate181760
 NorthlewBible Christians take over chapel181960
 Northlewchapel opened181559
 Northlewchapel refurbished and extended185860
 NorthlewChurch Room converted to a senior department193259
 NorthlewChurch Room given face-lift1996-9759
 Northlewdescendants of Smale and Friend stilled farmed194016
 NorthlewDurdon formerly know as Derrydon dates back to 1660's 93
 Northlewfire at Lambert191294
 Northlewfire burned down the house at Millcombe Down1940's94
 Northlewfirst extension of the churchyard added190953
 NorthlewHeath Farm dates back to 1616 93
 NorthlewHorrathorne was knows as Harrathorn124996
 Northlewjoined with other communities to become the Okehampton Team Ministry199454
 NorthlewLambert was called Lamford133394
 NorthlewMedthodists sold the Church Room to the Anglicans191059
 Northlewparochial school opens186769
 NorthlewWesleyan chapel sold to Anglican Church191060
 NorthlewWesleyans built chapel186060
 Plymouthshipping notice185717
 Southamptonthe ship 'The Zeeland' left for America192216