By Richard Gough

The following list of names is taken from Richard Gough's "History of Myddle", a parish in Shropshire. The history was written about the year 1700. Names from noble families have generally been excluded. Some of Richard Gough's text is not easy to follow. I have only included names where there there is a surname and first name. Reference to the quoted page will often give extra names. Some names appear in the notes field but are not listed as separate names. The same name sometimes passes through several generations. However, some entries may refer to the same person.
(I have tried to be accurate. No guarantees ! Mike Foster, 1992)

Name Notes Page
Acherley, Andrew s. of Thos & Elinor, m 90
Acherley, Andrew Farmer, house in Marton 84
Acherley, Elinor d. of Thos Acherley, m Nathaniel Kinaston 90
Acherley, Mary d. of Thos Acherley, tanner, m Roger Griffiths 89
Acherley, Richard s. of Thomas Acherley, tanner, m Rowland 89
Acherley, Richard Tanner, in Stanwardine 89
Acherley, Thomas s. of Thos Acherley, tanner, m Elinor Griffiths 89
Acherley, Thomas s. of Thos & Elinor, apprenticed, died young 90
Acherley, Thomas s. of Rchd Acherley, tanner in Marton 89
Allen, Bernard Cooper, nr Ellesmere. 241
Almond, Michael m widow of William Braine 100
Ames, Kenricke s. of Robert, baker , went to London 206
Ames, Richard s. of William, shoemaker, Shrewsbury 205
Ames, Robert Eld s. of Wm,d1702 @ 93, c'wdn c1660 p119/186 205
Ames, Walter Ames' tenement in Alderton 204
Ames, William Descendant of Walter Ames, often churchwarden 204
Amies, Mary d. of Wm Amies, m Samuel (s. of Thos Wright 3) 224
Amies, Robert Churchwarden @ restoration 84
Ash, Katherine d. of Richd Ash, m John Hordley 208
Ash, Richard Marton 208
Astley, Elizabeth w. of Ralph Astley, a midwife 175
Astley, Nicholas Papist, m Anne Ralphs, Black Eavan's tenement 232
Astley, Ralph Tenant of Hunt's tenement 175
Aston, John s. of Reynold, a silly villain ! 145
Aston, Nicholas Black Eavans tenement, c 1700 242
Aston, Reynold Held a tenement in Houlston 145
Baddeley, John Ellerton Grange, Staffs 169
Baddeley, Joyce d. of John Baddeley, m William Wood of Peplow 169
Baddely, Richard Chirurgeon, uncle of Richd Gough 235
Baker, Thomas A gambler 157
Banaster, Richard Hadnall. Former owner of Richd Gough's land. 156
Baugh, Michael Clive, m Eliz Gough (b 1585) (p162) 128
Baxter, Edward Cottage in Myddle, m Margt Cleaton, d 18/1/1701 240
Bayley, Thomas Held Broomhurst Fm after Wm Heath 186
Beacall, George Burleton (and p 216) 186
Beddow, Humphrey Lame, b Cardington, sometime in Myddle 251
Bennion, John Myddle, tailor, m Elizabeth Hall 109
Bickerton, John Subtenant of Broomhurst Farm 186
Bickley, Andrew s. of Thomas, b 1573 206
Bickley, William Tenant of Houlston after Geo Pickstock 144
Bickley, William s. of Andrew, held Bickley's tenement 206
Bickley, William Youngest s. of William, m Sarah Smith 208
Bickley, William Brandwood, m Elizabeth Tyler 180
Birch, John Canke, an attorney of good repute 220
Blakemoare, William High Hatton, related to Goughs 168
Booth, Charles Shoemaker, Wem 222
Bouldler, Andrew Meriton 200
Bradocke, Andrew m Jane Gough, sister of Richard Gough 86
Bradocke, Thomas s. of Thos Bradocke m. Elizabeth Hill 86
Bradoke, Andrew Kayhowell, m Dorothy Gough 169
Braine, Michael Brewer/baker at Haughmond, m Susan Lloyd 100
Braine, Michael s. of Michael & Susan 101
Braine, Samuel s. of Michael & Susan, m Mary Baugh 101
Braine, William Ancient Myddle family 100
Butler, Arthur Condover, m Jane Downton 4/6/1574 214
Byron, William Tenant to Mr Bradocke 177
Candlin, William Cottage in Myddle 244
Capper, John A glover in Ellesmere, an Anabaptist 170
Catchett, Anne m Richd Jukes after Elinor died 99
Causer, George Joiner, p of Priors Lee 216
Challoner, Allen The Smith at Myddle (and p180) 93
Challoner, Allen s. of Geo & Elinor, smith, m Margaret Pickerton 238
Challoner, Richard Cooper, s. of Geo & Elinor 237
Challoner, William Myddle, a cooper, m Margaret Formeston 227
Chambre, Arthur Burleton 94
Chambre, John Bought Mr Crosse's lands in Yorton 130
Chambre. Michael A dissolute, who ran down and sold Balderton 218
Cheshire, Martin Myddle, Zacharias Wolph's house 170
Chidley, James Myddle 233
Chidlow, Samuel s. of Thos., m Elizabeth Beech (1d.) 244
Chidlow, Thomas Chidlow's tenement, Divlin (now Taylors) Lane 244
Clare, Roger s. of Thomas. 6d 243
Clare, Thomas Held Thos Davies' cottage, Marton 243
Clarke, Francis s. of Richard & Anne, m Elizabeth Kyffin 109
Clarke, Jonathan s. of Richd Clarke of Myddle Wood 171
Clarke, Morgan s. of Walter & Anne, weaver. m Cybell 108
Clarke, Morgan s. of Richard & Anne, blacksmith 109
Clarke, Richard m Anne Chaloner d. of Allen Chaloner cooper 108
Clarke, Richard s. of Richd Clarke of Myddle Wood (sp wheels) 171
Clarke, Richard Newton. s. of Francis & Elizabeth 108
Clarke, Thomas s. of Morgan and Cybell, m Mauld, 2s, 1d 108
Clarke, Walter Cottage on Haremeare Heath, m Anne 108
Cleaton, Francis s. of William Cleaton (Hollins Fm p101) 92
Cleaton, Isaac s. of William Cleaton m d. of White of Meriton 92
Cleaton, Isaac Churchwarden @ restoration 84
Cleaton, Richard s. of Wm Cleaton, m Annie Tyler (infamous) 93
Cleaton, Samuel s. of Wm Cleaton, m Susan d. of Thos Jukes 92
Cleaton, William s. of Isaac Cleaton 93
Cleaton, William Hollins Farm, m d. of Humphrey Reynolds 92
Clive, Edward s. of Ralph Clive 85
Clive, George s. of Thomas Clive, m Elizabeth Corbett 85
Clive, George s. of Edward Clive, m Judith Hanmer 85
Clive, Ralph Servant to Sir Vincent Corbett 85
Clive, Thomas s. of George & Elizabeth Clive 85
Clive, Thomas s. of Geo & Judith Clive, Col. Parliamentarians 85
Collier, John Schoolmaster, Wem 201
Cooke, William Tenant of Sleape Hall 92
Cooper, Edward 2 messuages in Myddle,m Alice w.of Thos Lovett 209
Cooper, Godfrey Bought land from Nathaniel Reve 215
Corbett, Richard s. of Rbt Corbett, barrister, no chn 85
Corbett, Robert s. of Roger Corbett (Shawbury) m. Jane Kinaston 85
Corbett, Robert s. of Thos Corbett, JP, parliament 86
Corbett, Thomas s. of Rbt Corbett, m Elizabeth d of Sir V Corb. 85
Cotton, Phillip Bought John Downton's farm (and p 210) 136
Cotton,John m the widow of Chas Dimock. 113
Cranage, George Constable of Newton 251
Crosse, Adam Yorton 206
Crosse, William s. of Adam Crosse & d. of Joshua Richardson 130
Crump, William Acton Reynold, a tenant of the Corbetts 156
Dale, Adam Mason, Lloyd's house. b Cheswardine, Staffs 233
Dale, Hugh Held Wolph's tenement in 1700 174
Dale, Mr Rector of Myddle in 1700 170
Darnell, Arthur m Joan, widow of Francis Trevor 243
Davis, Francis Held Clare's Lesow nr Myddle Wood 183
Davis, Robert Hadnall. m Anne (d. of Michael Braine) 101
Davis, Samuel Tenant farmer, The Lea, near Petton 99
Davis, Samuel Sow-gelter, Myddle 133
Davis, Thomas Weaver 108
Deakin, Thomas Held Hatchett's tenement, d 1611 201
Dicher, Reynold Edgbolton, had d. Elizabeth 168
Dimock, Charles m the widow of Francis Watkins 113
Dod, James m Mary Wright, d. of Thos 224
Dod, Richard Parish clerk of Myddle in 1587. 152
Dod, William Constable of Myddle castle, time of Hy VIII 152
Downton, Dorothy d. of John Downton, d nrly 100 late 1600s 215
Downton, John Alderton, churchwaren in 1658 117
Downton, Samuel s. of William. A wastrel. Twice married. 197
Downton, William Alderton 197
Dudleston, John m Elizabeth 109
Eaton, John A tenant in Myddle 101
Eaton, Richard Bailiff of manor of Myddle 102
Eaton, Richard Churchwarden at Myddle 184
Edgerley, William Burleton 153
Edwards, John Steward of Myddle Court 94
Ellice, John Butcher. From Flint. Cottage in Myddle Wood 244
Fardoe, Robert Burleton, then Myddle 240
Fenwicke, Elizabeth m Thomas Baker jnr 159
Fewtrell, James Tenant of Houlston after Saml Formeston 144
Finch, Francis Sherd oake 179
Finch, Robert Tenant of Billmarsh (debt default) 130
Foden, John Cheshireman, servant at Sleape Hall 246
Formeston, Samuel Tenant of Houlston after Wm Tyler 144
Formeston, Stephen s. of Thos F (Ironmonger) 225
Formeston, Thomas Marton. 104
Formeston, William Marton. Weaver. m d. of Thomas Jewkes 104
Forster, Thomas Weaver, Lloyd's house. 234
Foulke, Sarah Born in Myddle, m Eavan Jones 248
Freeman, Richard s. of Thomas, d. aged 40 184
Freeman, Thomas Came to Myddle c.1640 (& p223) 184
Garland, Edward Newton on the Hill, s. of Roger Garland 96
Garland, Roger Sleape, m Margaret, d of George Tyler 100
George, John m. Priscilla Mansell 152
Giles, Thomas Cockshutt 238
Gittins, Richard Shrewsbury, leased Eagle Farm 114
Gittins, Richard s. of Richd Gittins, tenant of Castle Farm 114
Gittins, Thomas Vicar of Loppington 1700 (and p189) 138
Glover, Richard Measbury, m Elizabeth d. of John Gough 165
Gorstilow, Elinor m Robert Ored 137
Goslin, William Held one of Cooper's messuages. 209
Gossage, John A tenant in Myddle, later Shrewbury 102
Gough, Baddeley 2nd s. of Richard Gough (6th), dyer 169
Gough, Dorothy d. of Richd Gough (5th) 169
Gough, Elizabeth d. of Richd & Katherine, m William Wakely 168
Gough, Joane d. of Richd & Katherine, died quite young 168
Gough, John m Katherine Hopkins of Besford 163
Gough, Judith d. of Richd and Katherine, died unmarried 168
Gough, Richard (5th) f. of author. m Dorothy Jenks 169
Gough, Richard (6th) author of the History of Myddle 169
Gough, Richard (7th) s. of Richard Gough 169
Gough, Richard (4th of name) g'father of author, of Newton 168
Gough, William Youngest s. of Richd Gough (6th), grocer 170
Gough, William Youngest s. of Richd., 1588-1668 166
Gough, William s. of Richd & Katherine, m Elizabeth Dicher 168
Greenwoller, Walter m. Sarah Hancocks, d. of Thos. 137
Griffiths, Dorothy m William Gough in old age 166
Groome, John Sleape 91
Groome, Richard Marton, churchwarden in 1658 118
Guest, Ralph Eld s. of Thomas, corn trader 183
Guest, Richard Tailor, s. of Thomas, Market Drayton 182
Guest, Thomas Held Guest's tenement 182
Hall, Andrew s. of Thomas Hall, appr glover & skinner 222
Hall, Edward s. of Thos & Jane, warrener @ Haremeare 222
Hall, Matthew s. of Thos & Jane, shoemaker 222
Hall, Thomas Eld s. of Thos & Jane, chaplain 222
Hall, Thomas Isombridge, m Jane Lath 221
Hall, William s. of Thos & Jane, deputy bailiff of Pimhill 222
Hampton, Nicholas Born in Wem, ploughboy in Myddle 258
Hancocks, Thomas m Joan, d. of Thomas Whitfield 137
Hanmer, Abraham s. of John Ellice, m Katherine Emry 245
Hanmer, Daniel Cottage in Myddle Wood 244
Hanmer, Edward s. of Roger Hanmer 88
Hanmer, Elizabeth d. of Ed Hanmer, m Thos Ash of Marton 88
Hanmer, Humphrey s. of Ed Hanmer, had a son William 88
Hanmer, Simon (Captain) Purchased Cayhowell 169
Harewood, John Shrewbury grocer, m Marth Muckleston 199
Harris, John Tenant of Meare Ho after George Yeomans 108
Harwood, Thomas m widow of Richard Atcherley, grocer (p241) 123
Hatchett, Arthur Burleton (and p168) 189
Hatchett, Richard Teant of Hatchett's tenement, 1700 203
Hayward, Robert Tenant of land in Newton 1701,d 3/12/1705 p223 132
Hayward, Thomas Leased Billmarsh. m d. of Edwd Onslow of Acton 128
Hayward, Thomas Eld s. of Thos Hayward 131
Heath, William Held Broomhurst Farm 185
Heneage, Samuel s. of Capt Heneage, m Ellenor Davies 230
Hewitt, John (the younger). Lived on Coopers messuage 209
Hewitt, John Assistant parish clerk 45
Heylin, Habbakuk m Elizabeth Matthews 146
Higginson, Robert Ellesmere mercer, m Anee Muckleston 199
Higginson, William Webscott 108
Highway, Thomas Parish clerk of Myddle (and p183 ?) 45
Higley, David m Margaret Hayward, lived at Parkegate 193
Hill, Francis s. of Osmary, m d. of Joshua Richardson 127
Hill, Osmary Leased Billmarsh Common 127
Hinks, George Burleton. 209
Hodden, Thomas Myddle, house near the church 148
Hodden, Thomas Myddle, m Elizabeth Preece 135
Hollway, Barnabas s. of Wm Hollway 174
Hollway, William Rector of Myddle,d1689, Wolph's tenement (+p43) 174
Hordley, Andrew s. of Richd & Katherine 209
Hordley, John (2nd) s. of Andrew Hordley, m Alice Cleaton 209
Hordley, John Tailor. Ttenement in Myddle-Burleton lane 208
Horten, John Myddle, house near the church 148
Hoskins, Thomas Tenant of Webscot Fm 189
Huet, John Blacksmith, 4th of the name, m Elizabeth Lovett 110
Huffa, George s. of Phillip Huffa, blacksmith 126
Hunt, Richard Servant to Sir John Lea, Langley 170
Hunt, Richard s. of Roger & Jane, b 1586, cook 175
Hunt, Roger Uffington, m Jane Hodden 1581 174
Hunt, William Parish clerk of Myddle 44
Hunt, William s. of Roger & Jane, b 1590, P. Clerk of Myddle 175
Hussey, John Farmer of Marton 124
Hussey, Richard s. of John, m Elinor Buttry 124
Ireland, Robert Draper in Shrewsbury 96
Jenks, Dorothy d. of Richd Jenks, m Richard Gough (5th) 169
Jenks, Richard Cockshutt and Crowsemeare 169
Jenks, William Tenant of Webscot 192
Jewkes, Thomas m Ellenor d. of Richd Hussers of Balderton 104
Jewks, Roger Shoemaker, Shrewsbury 210
Job, George Tylley. m a d. of Nathaniel Reve 128
Jones, Eavan Tanner, Marton. 147
Jones, John Town clerk Oswaldstrey, m Martha Formeston 230
Jones, Thomas s. of Francis & Anne (Giles), butcher 239
Joyce, John m Elizabeth d. of Francis Watkins 113
Jukes, Alice d. of Thos and margaret, m Wm Maddox weaver 97
Jukes, Arthur Newton. m Joane 96
Jukes, Elizabeth d. of Thos and Margaret. m Moses Sharpe 97
Jukes, Richard Newton Farm 92
Jukes, Richard Eld s. of Thos & Margt, m Elinor Bird 99
Jukes, Thomas Newton (played bowls), s. of Arthur Jukes 97
Jukes, Thomas s. of Thos & Margaret, churchwarden of Myddle 97
Jukes, Thomas m wife called Lowry, 3s all troublemakers 114
Kinaston, Nathaniel Son of Ralph K., Rector 41
Kinaston, Phillip Manor of Walford 84
Kinaston, Ralph Rector of Myddle 38
Kinaston, Ralph Son of Ralph K., Rector 41
Kinaston, Richard s. of Phillip Kinaston, no chn 84
Kinaston, Thomas s. of Phillip Kinaston 84
Lath, Matthew Bt Balderton Hall. m Mary Turner 220
Ledsham, Peter Curate, under Thos More 47
Lloyd, Alice d. of Peter Lloyd, m Thos Lovett 210
Lloyd, Francis Cockshutt, m Mary Muckleston 199
Lloyd, Peter Husbandman to Mr Gittins, Myddle 210
Lloyd, Richard s. of Thos Lloyd yngr, rector of Petton 95
Lloyd, Roger Br of Thomas Lloyd, lived in the house @ Myddle 95
Lloyd, Susan d. of Roger Lloyd, lived to great age 101
Lloyd, Thomas Owned a house in Myddle, lived at Emstrey 95
Lloyd, Thomas s. of Thos Lloyd, m d. of Thos Freeman 95
Longford, Elizabeth Wife of Thos Wilton 38
Longford, Richard Treffalin, Denbigh, d.5/7/1596 38
Lovett, Elizabeth d. of Thos Lovett, m blacksmith Hett 210
Lovett, Thomas Keeper of Plash Park (p210) 110
Lyster, Richard Owned the town of Broughton 211
Maddocks, Richard Shoemaker, s. of Richard Maddocks 151
Maddocks, Richard Carpenter, s. of Hy Maddocks. m Eliz Hodden 151
Maddocks, Thomas Astley, p of St Mary, m Mary Downton 4/6/1574 214
Madox, Henry Carpenter, high end of Myddle 248
Manning, Thomas A house in Marton 94
Mansell, Bartholomew s. of Walter, cook. 1s and 2d. 152
Mansell, Elinor d. of Bartholomew, servant to Mr Chambre 152
Mansell, Walter Parish of Lillshull, m Elizabeth Dod in 1600 152
Manwaring, George Landlord of Sleape Hall 91
Mather, Robert Bailiff. m a Wollascott 125
Mather, Thomas Balderton. s. of Robert ? 118
Mather, Thomas s. of Robert Mather, d 21/3/1705 126
Mathews, John Cobbler, held Candlen's cottage 246
Matthews, Edward Bro. of Wm Matthews, blind. 146
Matthews, Elizabeth d. of John Matthews 146
Matthews, John Bro. of Wm Matthews, known as Great John 146
Matthews, William The house at the higher well, Myddle 146
Menlove, Margaret A widow 155
Meriton, Edward Gaoler 102
Meriton, Owen s. of Ed Meriton, also a gaoler 102
Moody, John m Mary Hayward, d of Thos Hayward 193
More, John Not kin of other Mores. Innkeeper in Myddle 117
More, Judith d. of Thos (inn), m Robt Merriton 117
More, Robert br of rector Thomas, leased Eagle Farm, 2s 1d 115
More, Sarah d. of Thos (inn), m Thos Tomkins 117
More, Thomas Rector of Myddle 41
More, Thomas Tenant of Eagle Farm (related to early rector) 114
More, Thomas s. of Thos (inn), m.Mary Formeston of Brandwood 117
Morrall, Robert Hopton, m widow of Richd Tyler 180
Morrice, Thomas Millwright, m Margery Holland, alive 1700 236
Mould, Roger Tenant of Watson's tenement, Myddle Wood 242
Muckleston, Edward s. of Richd, also a tanner 200
Muckleston, Joseph s. of Richd, Grocer in Shrewsbury 200
Muckleston, Margery d. of Edward Muckleston of Meriton 197
Muckleston, Richard Tanner, Shrewsbury, wealthy 200
Muckleston, Rowland Alderton 193
Newans, Thomas Leased Hatchett's tenement, m Eliz Downton 202
Nicholas, Roger Balderton Hall, d 1572 217
Nicholas, William s. of Roger, b 1550. Developed Balderton Hall. 217
Nicholas, William Held Broomhurst Farm 185
Nightingale, Richard Lived in Harlescott, later in Myddle (& p192) 98
Nocke, John Draper. Bt Balderton Hall from Michael Chambre. 218
Noneley, Arthur m Margery Wakeley 168
Noneley, Thomas m a Tyler of Sleape 230
Ored, Robert House nr Haremeare Heath, sold ale 137
Outram, Robert Journeyman joiner in Shrewsbury 181
Owen, Arthur Tailor, alive 1700, living in Myddle 171
Owen, Richard Leased a house called Goddins 135
Owen, William s. of Richard Owen 135
Paine, Andrew s. of Edward Paine of Merrington 235
Paine, Richard Eardeston 156
Palin, John Baschurch, m Anne (d. of Richd Gough) 170
Parbin, Anne d. of Humphrey 170
Parbin, Humphrey Myddle 170
Parker, Thomas s. of William, carpenter 239
Parker, William m a d. of Wm Wagge 239
Parkes, Anne d. of Wm Parkes (1 of 11 children) 132
Parkes, William Newton, weaver 132
Payne, Edward Meriton 226
Peirce, Bartholomew A tenant in Myddle 104
Peirce, Thomas A tenant in Myddle 103
Pickeren, Thomas Thos Davies cottage, Marton. Ale seller 243
Pickering, Thomas Loppington 176
Pickstocke, Richard Haston 229
Pickstocke, Richard Held Jas Fewtrell's tenement, m Lovekin 229
Pickstocke, Seth   229
Pickstock, George Tenant of Houlston 144
Platt, Daniel Cobbler, Wem 247
Platt, Nathaniel s. of Daniel, Rector of Ford 247
Plungin, Arthur Eld s. of Rowland Plungin 180
Plungin, Arthur s. of Rowland P, m. widow of Thos Tyler 91
Plungin, John s. of Rowland P, m Margaret Jukes of Newton 92
Plungin, Rowland Tenant of Sleape Hall 91
Podmoore, Arthur Hawkston. His d. m a John Downton 215
Preece, Jane Sister of John/Richard 133
Preece, John Harlescott 133
Preece, Richard Newton, then Broughton 133
Price, Edward Miller, held Edge's tenement in 1706 241
Price, Stephen Burleton, smith, m Elizabeth Challoner 240
Price, Thomas Owner of Webscot Farm 189
Price, Thomas Owner of Westcott (same as above ?) 102
Pritchard, Hugh Tenant of a tenment in Marton 239
Pye, Thomas Cook to Sir Richard Newport 152
Ralphs, Andrew s. of John Ralphs, m d. of Bernard Allen 241
Ralphs, George Marton, carpenter. His d. Anne m Thomas Jones 239
Ralphs, John s. of Geo., living in Edge's tenment 241
Ralphs, Richard Parish clerk of Myddle 44
Reve, George Tenant farmer, held Billmarsh Farm 91
Reve, Nathaniel s. of George, m d. of Jackson of Ash 127
Reynolds, Humphrey Hollins Farm, churchwarden 92
Reynolds, Humphrey Farmer, The Holling (same as above ?) 37
Richardson, Joshua Rector of Myddle 38
Richardson, Joshua Churchwarden in 1658 118
Ridley, Hugh Tenant of Shotton Farm 111
Rogers, Richard Tailor, Petton (and p210 & 239) 148
Sandford, Roger Newton on the Hill, m Mary Bradocke (+177+202) 86
Shaw, Thomas Marton 136
Simcocks, Nathaniel Held Formeston's tenement 225
Smith, Daniel Hatchett's tenement after Newans 202
Smyth, Francis Balderton 181
Smyth, Martha d. of Francis, m Richd Tyler 181
Spendlove, Thomas Clive 162
Stanway, Rowland Widower 233
Suker, Hugh A weaver 177
Suker, William Tenant of Meare Ho after Reece Wenlocke 108
Taylor, Abraham (2) s. of Henry & Rose, tailor 232
Taylor, Abraham Leased common at Divelin La. 232
Taylor, Henry s. of Abraham, Weaver, m Rose Wagge 232
Taylor, Richard s. of Abraham, tailor, Loppington 232
Taylor, Thomas s. of Abraham (2), m d. of Jas Chidley 233
Thomas, Davis Weaver, m a d. of Roger Clare 243
Tildsley, Daniel s. of Thomas Tildsley 135
Tildsley, Daniel Newton 132
Tomkins, Edward Grafton, parish of Baschurch 88
Tong, Edward s. in law of Thos Hoskins, attorney Shrewsbury 191
Tong, Thomas Sometime Rector of Myddle 187
Trevor, Francis m. Joan, d. of Thos Pickeren 243
Trevor, John Tenant in Newton, m Anne, no chn 234
Turner, John Wood Houses nr Shifnal, m Julian Ames 205
Turner, Katherine d. of Trustan, m Richd Gough (4th) 168
Turner, Trustan Wall Farm, nr Adeney 168
Twisse, Margaret m Thos Jukes ygr, 4 sons, 6 daughters 97
Tyldesley, Jane Newton 246
Tyler, Humphrey s. of Thos Tyler, also a tailor, m Margaret 103
Tyler, Richard m Mary Bradocke 180
Tyler, Thomas s. of Richd & Mary, m Joane Gough 180
Tyler, Thomas Tailor. m Margery Braine 103
Tyler, William Tenant of Houlston after Wm Bickley 144
Tyler, William s. of Humphrey, m Anne d. of Arthur Jewkes 103
Vaughan, Thomas Inn keeper, Shawbury 216
Vaughan, William Weaver, Lloyd's house, Myddle, a Welshman 233
Wagge, John Carpenter, held Parker's tenement @ Myddle Wood 239
Wagge, William Myddle Wood, carpenter, s. of John Wagge 232
Wakeley, Margery d. of William and Elizabeth 168
Wareing, John Ex Shrewbury, leased Billmarsh after Hayward 129
Waters, Richard Burleton 153
Watkins, Francis Churchwarden 1660 79
Watkins, Francis s. of Francis, grocer in Shrewsbury 113
Watkins, Francis s. of William Watkins, an army captain, 3s 2d 112
Watkins, George s. of William Watkins 112
Watkins, John s. of Francis, apprenticed but died young 113
Watkins, Richard s. of William Watkins, goldsmith in London, 1d. 112
Watkins, Thomas s. of William Watkins, distiller in London 112
Watkins, William s. of Francis, m Elizabeth d. of John Edwards 114
Watkins, William Bought Shotton Farm 111
Watson, George Bailiff of manor of Myddle 126
Watson, William Tailor, Myddle Wood 228
Wenlocke, Reece Tenant of Meare House, Haremeare 107
Wenlocke, Reece   176
Weston, Andrew Lived in Marton 253
Whitcombe, Richard Hardwicke, a young attorney 253
Whitfield, Thomas Tanner in Tylley 137
Wicherley, Daniel Eld s. of Daniel Wicherley of Clive 140
Wicherley, James Yorton 138
Wicherley, Margaret Yorton. m Thomas Jukes 97
Wicherley, Richard s. of Richd W., m d. of Wm Wolph 138
Wicherley, William Hulston 137
Wilkinson, Martha d. of Robt, m Thomas Wright (2) 223
Willetts, William Held Parker's tenement 240
Wilton, Thomas Rector of Myddle 37
Win, Richard Pentre Morgan 188
Wolph, Richard Myddle, m Anne Parbin 1587 170
Wolph, Richard s. of Richd & Anne, continued in their house 170
Wolph, Thomas s. of Richd & Anne, shoemaker in Ellesmere 170
Wolph, Zacharias s. of Richd & Anne, blacksmith in Myddle 170
Wood, Joan d. of William Wood, m Richard Gough (6th) 169
Wood, William Peplow 169
Wright, Allen s. of Thos Wright, d young 223
Wright, Michael Freemason 234
Wright, Thomas (3) s. of Thos & Martha, tanner 224
Wright, Thomas s. of Thos, a tanner 223
Wright, Thomas Held Wright's tenement & then purchased 223
Wykey, Arthur m Mary Dod, widow of Jas Dod 224
Yeomans, George Tenant of Meare Ho after William Suker 108
Zankey, Jerome s. of Mr Zankey, successful soldier 220
Zankey, Mr Rector of Hodnet (name variously spelled) 219
Zankey, Richard Soldier, m the d. of John Birch 220

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