Sherburn in Elmet parish:


Micklefield, Memorial transcription:

The Memorial for the 1896 Micklefield Colliery explosion in St. Mary's Churchyard, Micklefield.

The front of the memorial (see also Photo)

This monument
is erected to
the memory of
the 63 men
who lost their lives
in the
April 30th 1896
Their names are
here inscribed
and also the place
where they are
laid to rest

Sides 2 and 3 (see also Photo)

Sides 4 and 5 (see also Photo)

Side 6 (see also Photo)

Ball HMicklefield Maggs EMicklefield Sutton JMicklefield Goodall EGarforth Goodall SAberford
Barker WMicklefield Martin HyMicklefield Swift CMicklefield Jackson JGarforth Howson AAberford
Benson JMicklefield Martin H Micklefield Taylor DMicklefield Jackson WGarforth Stead WAberford
Benson CMicklefield Meakin JMicklefield Varey WMicklefield Scrimshaw RGarforth Wilson JAberford
Benson FMicklefield Millership JMicklefield Wallis JMicklefield Simpson AGarforth Wilson AAberford
Clark E LMicklefield Moakes CMicklefield Westerman RMicklefield Simpson JGarforth Bellerby HKippax
Dean WMicklefield Noble CMicklefield Whitaker JMicklefield Simpson CGarforth Bellerby FKippax
Everett TMicklefield Oakley TMicklefield Whitaker AMicklefield Talbot HGarforth Edwards FKippax
Godber SMicklefield Sheldon WMicklefield Whitaker W NMicklefield    Norton AKippax
Hayes GMicklefield Shepherd CMicklefield Whitaker G HMicklefield    Pickard MKippax
Herring WMicklefield Shepherd RMicklefield Wilks WMicklefield    Wilson JKippax
James SMicklefield Shillito JMicklefield Winfield JMicklefield    Dunnington G ESherburn
Johnson JMicklefield Shillito DMicklefield Winfield WMicklefield    Radford WTibshelf
Longden TMicklefield Shillito CMicklefield Winfield J HMicklefield      

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott and Colin Hinson
from photography by Colin Hinson