Ballymachugh Parish


"Ballymachugh, a parish in the barony of Clonmahon, county of Cavan and province of Ulster, six miles from Granard, containing 3428 inhabitants. The parish is situated on the borders of Lough Sheelan, on the confines of the counties of Meath and Longford, and comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 7728 statute acres, of which 1827 are water. The church, a plain building has been recently enlarged at an expense of £800. The glebe comprises eleven acres, valued at £1.16 per acre. The Roman Catholic parish is co-extensive with that of the established church; the chapel is a large plain building, recently erected. The parochial school for boys and girls is aided by donations from Lord Farnham and the incumbent; at Ballynany there is a school and one at Orley is supported by Lord Farnham. by whom the school-house was built; in these schools are about 280 boys and 230 girls. There is also a Sunday school at Orley. A dispensary is also supported in the customary manner. On an island in the lake are the ruins of Crover Castle, and on another, those of an old church covered with ivy."
[From Lewis' Topographical Dictionary (1837)]


Church Records

  • Church of Ireland
    • 1697-1844 Index to Marriage License Bonds Diocese of Kilmore, LDS Film 0100869
    • 1815-19XX Ballymachugh Church of Ireland Register, PRONI MIC 1/271
    • 1824-26 Second or New Reformation
      • Ballymachugh Parish Register has a one page list of persons forgoing their past and conforming to the Established Church. PRONI MIC 1/271
  • Roman Catholic
    • 1837-1935 Drumlumman South (Carrick-Finea) Church Register, LDS Film 1279229

Description & Travel

  • Ballymachugh in 1938 - 8mm film taken by an american tourist, Jim Cunnine in 1938. The voice over is Finola Sweeney.
  • Ballymachugh 1950 - 8mm film taken by american tourist Jim Cunnine in 1950.
  • Crover Castle was reputedly built by Thomas O'Reilly in the late fourteenth century. It stands on the shores of Lough Sheelin, the border between the Irish and English in the later Middle Ages.
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The transcription for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.



  • MacNamee, J. J. History of the Diocese of Ardagh. Dublin, Browne & Nolan, 1954

Land & Property

  • 1696 deed of indenture between Bawcuh? Low and Richard Pilkington, both of County Westmeath. Birmingham City Archives, MS 3192/Acc1941-031
  • Farnham Estate
  • Land Owners in Ireland, 1876, Reprinted: Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1998.
    • Persons who own property in County Cavan and were listed as living in the Parish of Ballymachugh
    • Aghakilmore
      • Henry Lahey
      • Patrick Lahey
      • Thomas Lahey
      • William Lahey, Jr
    • Ballina
      • Patrick Lahey
    • Ballyheelan
      • S. H. Maxwell
    • Bellsgrove
      • Andrew Bell Booth
    • Capragh
      • George Leahy
    • Crover
      • Robert John Cuming
    • Fortland
      • Robert Armstrong
    • Kilnahard
      • William Walker
    • Lavagh
      • Catherine Brady
      • Bridget M'Cabe
    • Loughsheelan
      • Rev. Henry Cottingham, Reps. of
    • Lisduff
      • Edward Brady
    • Omard
      • Michael Lynch
    • Shankill
      • Oliver Strong
    • Tawlaght
      • Freeman Strong
      • John James Strong


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Military History

  • London-Derry Journal
    • 1796 Nov 8 - Ballymacue cavalry - Christopher Pallas, Efq; to be captain, Andrew Lahauze, Efq; to be firft lieutenant, Andrew Bell, Efq; to be fecond lieutenant
  • Yeomanry Corps Officers
    • Ballymacue Infantry 1798
    • Ballymacue Calvary 1797-1807
      • C. Pallis, A. Ball, W. Johnson, J. McDonnel
    • Fortland Infantry 1803-1825
      • A & H Maxwell, G & D Lananze, C. Fetherston, J. Barry, E. B. Ward, Ld. Farnham


  • Connaught Journal, Feb 3, 1823, Died: On the 13th instant, James McCABE, of Strankhill, County Cavan,Esq.


  • 1796 Flax Growers Ballymakew
    • Surname List - for given names and number of spinning wheels alloted see the extraction by Adrian Donelly
      • Brady, Briody, Buchanan, Caffry, Callaghan, Cassidy, Colerake, Coyle, Donohoe, Drum, Fay, Fitzsimons, Flood, Gaffney, Gallagin, Gehirty, Gorman, Grey, Heaney, Kellet, Keogan, Keough, Leddy, Lynch, Magauran, Magauran, Masterson, McAlarney, McAnro, McCabe, McCormick, McFalren, McLarney, Murtagh, Plunket, Reilly, Sankey, Sheridan, Smyth, Sneyd, Trelford, White, Woods

Religion & Religious Life



  • Killyfassy
    • 1821 Census - Thomas Smith, aged 29, a schoolmaster; teaches in the townland of Lisduff. Attendance, 24 boys and 12 girls
    • 1824 Survey - Thomas Smith was teaching in the townland of Turin; attendance, 45 - 30 boys and 15 girls. As the townlands of Lisduff and Turin are adjacent it is evident that both references are to the same school.
  • Lavaugh (Lavagh)
    • 1821 Census - John Rooney, aged 35, teaches 52 boys and 32 girls. Michael Wheeler, aged 18, Usher to the school.
    • 1824 Survey - the school of Ballymacue was in charge of John and Ellen Rooney (Protestants) and received support from the Society for Discountenancing Vice, from Lord Farnham, and also from the local Rector. The attendance was 65 - 40 boys and 25 girls. The site of the medieval parish church of Ballymachugh is in the townland of Lavagh.
  • Aughakilmore
    • 1821 Census - Terence Smith, aged 30, a schoolmaster. Attendance, 18 boys and 10 girls
    • 1824 Survey - The teacher was Henry Fagan and the attendance 78 - 52 boys and 6 girls.
  • Fortland
    • 1824 Survey - Supported by the Kildare Place Society; teacher was Miss Robinson.
    • Ballynarry National School
      • Kevin Sweeny's illustrated history of said school from 1826 to present.


  • 1824 Tithe Applotment Book LDS Film 256571
    • Aghakilmore/ Widow Lahy & Son, Thos. Lahy, William Lahy
    • Ballyna/ Jas Sheridan, Con. Sheridan
    • Gattison/ Patt. Sheridan
    • Kilnahard/ Wm Lahy
    • Lisduff/ Jos McClain, Jas McClain, Arthur McClain
    • Mullaghboy/ Henry Chambers, William Lahy, Thos. Chambers
    • Tuleen/ Wm McClain, Wm Lahy
  • 1857 Index to Griffith's Valuation, Family Treemaker CD #188.
    • Townland and Acres (All townlands are in the barony of Clanmahon and the Poor Law union of Cavan)
    • Aghacreevy 144
      • Tuite Dalton, Charles Hamilton, William Hamilton, William McCully, William Strong
    • Aghafad 69
      • Peter Cassidy, William Cassidy, Thomas Lahy, Mary Anne Strong
    • Aghakilmore Lower 252
      • Owen Boylan, Bridget Devlin, James Feigh, Mary Galligan, John Lahy Sr, Patrick Lahy, William Lahy, William Love, Rose Masterson, Mary Mc Larney, Edward Reilly, Hugh Reilly, John Reilly, Thomas Sheridan, John Smyth, Michael Smyth, Oliver Strong, Robert Woods, John Lahy
    • Aghakilmore Upper 77
      • William Lahy
    • Ballina 77
      • Mary Anne Sheridan
    • Ballyheelan 89
      • Andrew Boylan, Peter Cassidy, Michael Gorman, James Hark, Mary Henry, John Holmes, Patrick Mc Enroe, Henry Mc Manus, John George Parr, Bernard Sheridan, Bryan Sheridan, Judith Sheridan, Mary Sheridan
    • Ballynamony 82
      • Matthew Gorman, Patrick Gorman, Edward Reilly, James Reilly, John Reilly
    • Bellsgrove 306
      • Henry Baxter, James Baxter, Andrew B. Bell, Hugh Briody, John Briody, Patrick Connerty, Lawrence Coyle, Philip Curry, Tuite Dalton, Margaret Galligan, John Gibney, Catherine Goldrick, Mary Kilroy, James Lynch, Michael Lynch, Terence Lynch, Philip Masterson, Thomas Masterson, Owen Mc Nerney, Patrick Muldoon, Judith Sheridan, Anne Sneyd, Denis Sneyd, James Sneyd
    • Capragh 85
      • Patrick Donohoe, George Lahy, John Nulty
    • Crover 389
      • Thomas Cummmins, Peter Cunningham, Bridget Delany, Arthur Dunlavy, James Gordon, James Lahy, William Mahaffey, Hon. Somerset Maxwell, Thomas Mc Manus, Owen Sheridan, Henry Sinnott, Oliver Strong, Henry Telford
    • Drumeeny 56
      • Sarah Brady, Thomas Lahy
    • Drumnavrick 120
      • Anthony Kilroy
    • Fortland 350
      • John Adams, James Browne, Ellen Gibney, Rose Harton, James Kilroy, Hon. Richard Maxwell, Hon. Somerset Maxwell, John Mc Enroe, John Reilly
    • Garrison 84
      • Judith Coyle, Terence Coyle, Rose Donoghoe, David Kellet, Thomas Plunkett, Edward Soren
    • Glebe 20
      • Rev. Henry Cottingham
    • Killyfassy 255
      • Hugh Briody, Abraham Foster, James Gordon, Thomas Gordon, Anthony Kilroy, William Knowles, William Lahy, Hon. Somerset Maxwell, John Mc Gennis, Michael Monaghan, Henry Peel, Luke Reilly, Isaac Taylor
    • Killykeen 59
      • Judith Callaghan, Patrick Coyle, Ellen Fitzsimons, James Fitzsimons, Thomas Fitzsimons, James Mc Larney, Patrick Quillan, Thomas Smith, Thomas Smyth
    • Kilnahard 138
      • Frances Arkins James Cassidy, Mary Coyle, Tuite Dalton, Bridget Gaffney, William Gerrard, Mary Hayslip, William Matthews, Elizabeth Mc Cabe, William Mc Manus, John Mulligan, William Quinn, Robert Sherlock, William Walker
    • Lavagh 364
      • Jane Blakeney, Edward Brady, John Brady, John Brady Sr., Thomas Briody, Rev. Henry Cottingham, Anne Coyle, John Coyle, Peter Dolan, Henry Gaffney, Matthew Gaffney, Owen Gaffney, Thomas Gaynor Jr., Thomas Gaynor Sr., John Gibney, Edward Graham, Thomas Hanna, John Harrick, James Kilroy, William Lynch, Hon. Richard Maxwell, Hon. Somerset Maxwell, Ms. ??? Mc Cabe, Michael Mc Larney, Mary Mc Nerney, Judith Muldoon, Arthur Patterson, Mary Anne Sheridan, Frederick Stephens, Ellen Strong, John Strong, Mark Wood
    • Lisduff 471
      • John Brady, James Browne, Patrick Clarke, Isabella Dobson, Wiliam Dobson, William Dobson, Catherine Donely, John Duggan, John Flood, Luke Flood, Michael Flood, Patrick Flood, Rose Gaffney, Daniel Hogan, Patrick Hogan, Abel Holmes, James Horrigan, Owen Horrigan, Patrick Horrigan, John Johnston, Michael Kenny, Thomas Kenny, James Kilroy, Patrick Lahy, Michael Maher, Michael Mathews, Hon. Richard Maxwell, Hon. Somerset Maxwell, Edward Mc Cabe, James Mc Cabe, Thomas Mc Cabe, Arthur Mc Clean, Joseph Mc Clean, Mary Mc Govern, Rose Neill, Mary Reilly, Patrick Reilly, William Smith, William Stephens
    • Lossetkillew 86
      • William Dobson, Thomas Flynn, Owen Kiernan, Patrick Kilroy, James Smyth
    • Moat 161
      • Margaret Clarke, Michael Coyle, Patrick Coyle, Farrell Deneny, John Fitzpatrick, Thomas Hughes, John Kenny, Loughlin Mc Cann, Mary Mc Cormick, Owen Mc Cormick, Thomas Mc Cormick, Edward Mc Gahran, Patrick Plunkett, Bartholomew Smith, Michael Smith, Philip Smith
    • Moydristan 219
      • Gorges Graham, James Magee, Patrick Magee, William Webb
    • Mullaghboy 301
      • Bridget Bray, James Cassidy, Anne Cerey, John Chambers, Margaret Chambers, Edward Galligan, Mary Jackson, James Kelly, Thomas Lahy, John Matthews, James C. Mc Manus, Patrick Mc Manus, William Mc Manus
    • Omard 965
      • John Bevan, Thomas Blakeny, Thomas Brady, Mary Byrne, Catherine Callaghan, Patrick Callaghan, Anne Connerty, John Cooke, Anne Cooleck, Anne Coyle, Bridget Coyle, John Coyle, Patrick Coyle, Patrick Dermody, Thomas Dermody, Judith Farrelly, Michael Galligan, Owen Gibney, Patrick Gibney, Thomas Higgins, Mary Keogh, Mary Kiernan, Anthony Kilroy, Daniel Leddy, John Leddy, John Linehan, Henry Mc Cabe, Anne Mc Enroe, Owen Mc Nerney, Edward Molloy, Margaret Msterson, John George Parr, James Pinkman, Catherine Reilly, Charles Reilly, James Reilly, Thomas Reilly, Joseph Story, Rev. Matthew Webb, William Webb, George Wilton
    • Pottleboy 91
      • Anne Masterson, Garret Plunkett, Patrick Sheridan, Edward Soden, Thomas Somerville
    • Shankhill 100
      • James Anderson, John Chambers, James Masterson, Oliver Strong, William Strong
    • Tawlaght 300
      • Philip Briody, Michael Cassidy, Patrick Coyle, Rose Coyle, Thomas Coyle, Bryan Donagher, Bridget Farrell, Patrick Flood, James Gaffney, James Hall, Catherine Kelly, Judith Kelly, Nicholas Kelly, Peter Kelly, John Lee, Thomas Lee, Anne Lynch, James Masterson, John Masterson, Margaret Mc Cabe, Michael Mc Cabe, Bridget Mc Ginn, Michael Mc Guinness, Hugh Quinn, Ellen Reilly, Honor Reilly, John Smith, Alexander Strong, Freeman Strong, John James Strong, William Strong
    • Turin 192
      • Patrick Brady, John Glover, James Gordon, John Gordon, James Kilroy, Thomas Matthews, Hon. Somerset Maxwell, Henry Peel, Alice Strong
  • General Valuation revision Lists
    • 1839-1856, early books are held by the National Archives in Dublin.
    • 1857-1930, v. 5 Ballymachugh Electoral Division, LDS Film 816799