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Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993


ABBOT Jane & Elizabeth Gent's Preparatory Day School Brislington, Bristol
ABBOTT John Painter - House, Sign Etc 66 Temple Street, Bristol
ABRAHALL William Chymist / Druggist East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
ABRAHAM John Butcher 98 Temple Street, Bristol
ABRAHAM John Pawnbroker 9 Welsh back, Bristol
ABRAHAM John Saddler & Harness Maker Gloucester Road, Bristol
ACKLAND Richard Blacksmith Church La, Castle Street, Bristol
ACLAND James Publisher - "The Bristolian" All Saints Street, Bristol
ACLAND M. Mrs. 1 Gloster Row, Clifton, Bristol
ACOTT George Accountant Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
ACRAMAN Daniel Anchor smith Bathurst Bason Quay, Bristol
ACRAMAN William Anchor smith Bathurst Bason Quay, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm, Danl & Wm. Edward Ship Chandler Quay, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Daniel Chain Cable makers. Bathurst Basin, Quay, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Daniel & Wm. Edward Iron Boiler Maker 1 Quay, Bathurst Basin, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Daniel & Wm. Edward Iron Founders 1 Quay, Bathurst Basin, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Daniel & Wm. Edward Merchant Quay, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Daniel & Wm. Edwd Iron Merchants 1 Quay, Bathurst Basin, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Edward Anchor smith Bathurst Bason Quay, Bristol
ACRAMAN Wm. Edward Chain Cable makers. Bathurst Basin, Quay, Bristol
ADAMS Elizabeth Mrs. Stapleton, Bristol
ADAMS John Baker Baptist Mills, Bristol
ADAMS John Blacksmith 30 Trenchard St, Bristol
ADAMS John Grocer/ Tea Dealer 67 Castle Street, Bristol
ADAMS Peter Plasterer / Tiler 14 Orange Street, Bristol
ADAMS Rebecca Tea Dealer Old Park, Bristol
ADAMS Susannah Dress Maker 71 Milk Street, Bristol
ADAMS Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Pill, Bristol
ADAMS William Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 2 Old Market Street,Bristol
ADAMS William Hairdresser Hotwell Road, Bristol
ADDERLEY Anna Maria Miss 3 Lower cres, Clifton, Bristol
ADLAM Henry Tripe Curer Back Street, Bristol
ADLUM Elizabeth Butcher 6 Back Street, Bristol
ADNEY William Patten Maker Redcross Street, Bristol
AGNEW Captain Colonnade, Hot Wells, Bristol
AITKENS James Boarding / Lodging House 1 & 2 Sion Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
AITKENS James Boarding / Lodging House 13 Gloucester Row, Bristol
AITKENS James Boarding / Lodging House 9 Prince's Buildings, Bristol
AITKENS James Library Sion Spring Ho. Clifton, Bristol
ALCOCK & BOYD Brewer at Bath 22 Castle Green , Bristol
ALDEN Ann Butcher 15 Broad Weir, Bristol
ALDEN Maria Shopkeeper / Dealer Avenue, Kings Square, Bristol
ALDEN William Butcher 19 Bath Street, Bristol
ALDERWICK Thos. Sharpe Wine & Spirit Merchant 18 & 19 Frogmore St, Bristol
ALDRIDGE Henry Wm. Linen Draper 32 Maryport Street, Bristol
ALDRIDGE James Farnam Chymist / Druggist 13 North Street, Bristol
ALEXANDER Abraham Consul for Russia 37 Park Street, Bristol
ALEXANDER H. Mrs. 1 Polygon, Clifton, Bristol
ALEXANDER J.F. Consul for Germany & Saxony 41 Park Street, Bristol
ALEXANDER M, J.F. & A. Marine Insurance Co. Quay, Bristol
ALEXANDER Robert Miller Eugene Street without, Bristol
ALEXANDER Samuel Auctioneer / Appraiser 20 Broad Street, Bristol
ALEXANDER Sl. General Agent 20 Broad Street, Bristol
ALEXANDER W.W. Esq. Gt George St, Bristol
ALFORD Samuel Attorney 2 Wine Street, Bristol
ALFRED George Grocer / Tea Dealer Clifton Hill, Bristol
ALFRED George Livery Stables Keeper Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
ALLEN Miss 7 St James' Square, Bristol
ALLEN & WATKINS Hosier 18 High Street, Bristol
ALLEN Anthony Tavern / Public House Rose & Crown, St James Churchyard
ALLEN Edward Tavern / Public House Kings Head, 38 Temple St, Bristol
ALLEN George Surgeon Pill, Bristol
ALLEN Henry Attorney 20 Old Market Street, Bristol
ALLEN Isaac Tobacco Pipe Maker Pipe Lane, Gt Gradens, Bristol
ALLEN James Gent 6 Portland St, Kingsdown, Bristol
ALLEN James & Co. Nursery & Seedsman Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
ALLEN John Boot & Shoe Maker Power Street, Hotwells, Bristol
ALLEN John Esq. Langton Court, Brislington, Bristol
ALLEN John Tavern / Public House Royal Ann, Wapping, Bristol
ALLEN Robert Tavern / Public House Bunch of Grapes, Somerset St,
ALLEN Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger Redcliff Pl, Redcliff Hill, Bristol
ALLEN Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger 1 Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
ALLEN Thomas Carpenter / Builder Eugene Street, Bristol
ALLEN Thomas Surgeon 12 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
ALLEN William Eating House Keeper Love Street, Bristol
ALLEN William Tailor 1 Montague Street, Bristol
ALLEN William Tavern / Public House Sugar Loaf, Milk Street, Bristol
ALLFORD Robert Paper maker & Rag merchant 124 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ALLIES James & Son Currier / Leather Cutter 55 Broadmead, Bristol
ALLIES James & Son Leather Factor 55 Broadmead, Bristol
ALLIES William Mrs. 5 St Paul Street, Bristol
ALLOWAY Mary Day School 1 Laura Place, Bristol
ALLPASS John Tin Plate Worker Lower Berkeley Place, Bristol
ALLPASS Sarah Milliner 19 Lower Arcade, Bristol
ALLWOOD R. Revd. Mall, Clifton, Bristol
ALLWOOD Robert Rev Curate Clifton Church, Bristol
ALLYWAY James Tailor 8 Montague Street, Bristol
ALMAN Mosley & Jacob Auctioneer / Appraiser Thomas Street, Bristol
ALMAN, MOSLEY & JACOB Pawnbroker Thomas Street, Bristol
ALSOP Henry Cooper Little King Street, Bristol
ALSOP Sarah Milliner Dowry Place, Hotwells, Bristol
ALSOP Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Rael Street, Bristol
ALSOP Thomas Tavern / Public House Falcon, Rael Street, Bristol
AMBLETT John Livery Stables Keeper Frog Lane, Bristol
AMBURY Henry Meredith Attorney Bridge Parade, Bristol
AMES Mrs. Clifton Wood, Clifton, Bristol
AMES George Carrier on the River Severn 28 Quay Head, Bristol
AMES John Adams Carrier on the River Severn 28 Quay Head, Bristol
AMES John Adams Wharfinger Quay Head, Bristol
AMES Thomas Carpenter / Builder Clifton Wood, Bristol
AMORY Sarah Mrs. Alfred Hill, Bristol
AMOS James Brightsmith & Bellhanger King's Head Court, Bristol
ANDERSON Charles Receiver - Town Dues Office 2 Queens Square, Bristol
ANDERSON William Revd. 4 Somerset St, Kinmgsdown, Bristol
ANDERSON William Rev. Tutor to Baptist Academy Stokes Croft, Bristol
ANDREW Thomas Patten Maker 50 Thomas Street, Bristol
ANDREWS Daniel Patten Maker West Street, Bristol
ANDREWS Henry Paper Hanging Manufacturer 1 Old King Street, Bristol
ANDREWS John (old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 24 Peter Street, Bristol
ANDREWS Richard Saddler & Harness Maker 18 Broadmead, Bristol
ANDREWS William Basket Maker 91 Redcliff St, Bristol
ANDREWS Wm. (old) Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 91 Redcliff Street, Bristol
ANELLI ?? Joseph Music & Musical Instmt, seller Clifton Pl, Clifton, Bristol
ANELLI Joseph Professor / Teacher Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
ANGELL William Boot & Shoe Maker 22 Somerset St, Redcliff, Bristol
ANGLE John Butcher 22 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
ANGUS Phinella Mrs. Dowry Parade, Hot Wells, Bristol
ANJER John Cooper 62 Thomas Street, Bristol
ANSTEY F. Mrs. 3 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
ANSTICE Joseph Paper Hanging Manufacturer 19 North Street, Bristol
ANSTICE Susanna Shopkeeper / Dealer 12 Dove St, St James, Bristol
ANTHONY Charles Surgeon 1 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
ANTHONY John Agent Clerical Life St John Street, Bristol
ANTHONY John Master "The Waterloo" Bristol to Carmarthen
ANTROBUS James Linen Draper 51 Redcliff Hil, Bristol
APPLEBY George Carpenter / Builder 3 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
APPLEBY James Straw Hat Maker St James' Churchyard, Bristol
APPLEBY William Baker 5 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
APSEY Absalom Cooper 102 Temple Street, Bristol
ARBERY William Tavern / Public House Masons Arms, Stapleton, Bristol
ARIEL William & Son Broker Commercial 17 Corn Street, Bristol
ARMSTRONG William Civil Engineer Post Office Chambers, Bristol
ARNOLD & WEDLOCK Tin Plate Worker 7 Baldwin Street, Bristol
ARNOLD Luke Undertaker 6 Bridge Street, Bristol
ARNOLD Luke Wine & Spirit Merchant 6 Bridge St, Bristol
ARNOLD Rachael Shopkeeper / Dealer 87 Old Market Street, Bristol
ARNOLD William Tavern / Public House White Lion, Thomas St, Bristol
ARNOLD William & Jno Parchment & Vellum Maker Temple Gate, Bristol
ARR Edward Master "The Eliza" Bristol to Newton & Swansea
ARR Richard Master "The Mary" Bristol to Newton & Swansea
ARTER William Working Jeweller Counterslip. Bristol
ARTHUR Christopher Baker 10 Gloucester Lane, Bristol
ARTHUR Mary Mrs. 15 Duke Street, Bristol
ARTHUR Thomas Plasterer / Tiler Providence Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
ASH Richard Esq. Cotham house, Bristol
ASH Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer Catherine Pl, Stokes Croft, Bristol
ASH Susan Boarding & Day School 11 St James' Square, Bristol
ASHLEY Charles Carpenter / Builder Cumberland Street, Bristol
ASHLEY Thomas Butcher 56 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
ASHLEY William Livery Stables Keeper Frog Lane, Bristol
ASHMEAD George Surveyor 19 Small Street, Bristol
ASHMEAD George Timber Measurer 19 Small Street, Bristol
ASHMEAD Peter Tavern / Public House Bunch of Grapes, St Nicholas St,
ASHMEAD Sarah Milliner 8 Bridge Street, Bristol
ASHMEAD Thomas Gent. Lawrence Hill, Bristol
ASHMORE ------ Carrier White Lion, St Thomas St, Bristol
ASHTON Francis Pawnbroker 47 & 48 College Street, Bristol
ASHWELL Anne Eating House Keeper Limekiln Lane, Bristol
ASHWELL Samuel Surgeon 7 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
ATKINS & ADAMS Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 85 Thomas Street, Bristol
ATKINSON John Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 43 Park Street, Bristol
ATKINSON John Library (Circulating) 43 Park Street, Bristol
ATKINSON John Stationer 43 Park Street, Bristol
ATKINSON William Grocer / Tea Dealer 109 Temple Street, Bristol
ATTWOOD Henry Linen Draper 102 Redcliff Street, Bristol
AURIOL J.L. Gent. 3 Mall Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
AUST Uriah Architect Stapleton, Bristol
AUSTEN Penelope Mrs. 39 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
AUSTIN Thomas Furniture Broker 69 Milk Street, Bristol
AUSTIN Thomas Watch & Clock Maker Bridewell Lane, Bristol
AVERY Margaret Hosier 2 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
AVERY William Stone & Marble Mason Dighton Street, Bristol
AVEY James Carpenter / Builder 23 Temple Street, Bristol
AVEY Robert Carpenter / Builder 50 Temple Street, Bristol
AVIS Isaac Painter - House, Sign Etc Brandon Street, Bristol
AYRES Richard Cooper Long Row, Temple Street, Bristol
AYRES William Marine Stores Dealer King St, Queen's Square, Bristol
AYSH Alexander & Son Boot & Shoe Maker Horse Fair, Bristol
BABER Edward Tailor 92 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BABER Harry Auctioneer / Appraiser Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
BABER Henry Butcher Frogmore Street, Bristol
BABER Joseph Auctioneer / Appraiser City Auction Mart, Bristol
BABINGTON Thomas G. Esq. Shirehampton, Bristol
BADGER Tryphena Professor / Teacher of Music 28 Somerset St, Kinmgsdown, Bristol
BADHAM James Billings Son & Co.Merchant 11 St Stephen Street, Bristol
BADHAM Richard Tavern / Public House Champion of Wales, Broad Quay,
BAEN Martin Catholic Charity School Trenchard St, Bristol
BAGGOTT Jno. Tavern / Public House Crown & Mill, Castle Mill Street
BAGNALL J. Miss 51 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
BAGNELL Abraham Physician 1 Alfred Hill, St James, Bristol
BAILEY James Tavern / Public House Pied Horse, St Georges, Bristol
BAILEY Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Stapleton Road, Bristol
BAILEY Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 31 Castle Green, Bristol
BAILEY Thomas Master "The Liberty" Bristol to Milford & Haverfordwest
BAILEY William Baker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
BAILEY William Gent. 6 Upper Culver St, Bristol
BAILLIE Evan Sons & Co Merchant 34 Corn Street, Bristol
BAILY Jane Hosier West St, St Philip's, Bristol
BAILY John Carver / Guilder 2 Park Place, St Michael's Hill
BAILY Wm. Hillier Grocer / Tea Dealer 44 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BAKER Charles Nursery & Seedsman North St, Bedminster, Bristol
BAKER Edward Proprietor Clifton Gas Light Limekiln Lane & 26 Clare St,Bristol
BAKER Gabriel Tavern / Public House Duke of Wellington, Somerset St
BAKER George Tavern / Public House Gloden Bowl, Jacob St St Philips
BAKER James Gent. 28 Stokes Croft, Bristol
BAKER James Tavern / Public House Duke of York, Baptist Mills
BAKER Jno. Commission Agent 16 Castle Greem , Bristol
BAKER John Accountant 16 Castle Green Bristol
BAKER John Agent for Curtis & Harvey 16 Castle Green, Bristol
BAKER John Boot & Shoe Maker Lower Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
BAKER John Patten Maker 4 Merchants Parade, Hotwell Rd,
BAKER John Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 11 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
BAKER John Shopkeeper / Dealer Lawrence Hill, Bristol
BAKER Louisa Miss 33 St Michael's Hill,Bristol
BAKER Martha Boarding & Day School Ashley Place, Bristol
BAKER Rachael Milliner 25 College Street, Bristol
BAKER Robert Confectioner 49 Old Market Street, Bristol
BAKER Thomas Gent. York Place, Montpelier, Bristol
BAKER William Boot & Shoe Maker 100 Temple Street, Bristol
BAKER William Gardener / seedsman Barton Hill, Bristol
BAKER William Maltster 11 Pritchard St, Bristol
BALE Louisa Mrs. Park Row, Bristol
BALE Samuel Glazier East St, Bedminster, Bristol
BALFOUR Mrs. Colonel. 26 Richmond Terr, Clifton, Bristol
BALL & Son Brightsmith & Bellhanger Narrow Weir, Bristol
BALL James Tayler Maltster Wilder St, Bristol
BALL John Shopkeeper / Dealer Rose St, Great Gardens, Bristol
BALL Joseph Merchant Middle Ave, Queen's Sq, Bristol
BALL Mary Mrs. 4 Caroline Row, Hot Wells, Bristol
BALL Mary Tavern / Public House Llandoger Trow, 5 King St, Bristol
BALL Philip Master "The Emily' Bristol to Llanelly
BALL Richard Gent. Foley Cottage, Redland, Bristol
BALL Robert Baker Ann Street, Bristol
BALL William Glass Cutter - Flint Kilkenny St, St Philip's, Bristol
BALL William Maltster Gloucester Pl, Gloucester Rd,
BALLARD William Boot & Shoe Maker Gloucester Road, Bristol
BALLER Maria Printer - Letter Press 42 Back Street, Bristol
BALSDON T. Master "The Augusta" Bristol to Demerara
BAMPFIELD William Maltster Lewin's Mead, Bristol
BANCROFT Stephen Grocer / Tea Dealer 37 College Green, Bristol
BANGLEY John Cooper Lewin's Mead, Bristol
BANGLEY John Merchant Lewin's Mead, Bristol
BANNATYNE W. McLeod   17 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
BANNISTER Edwd Shirley Coppersmith / Brazier 1 St James's Back, Bristol
BANNISTER James Day School 10 Bath Street, Bristol
BANWELL Henry Gent's Boarding School Summer Hill, St George's Bristol
BARBER Aquila Silversmith / Jeweller 40 Wine Street, Bristol
BARBER Aquila Watch & Clock Maker 40 Wine Street, Bristol
BARBER William Boarding / Lodging House 3 Prince's PLace, Clifton, Bristol
BARFOOT Mary Boarding / Lodging House 20 & 21 College Green, Bristol
BARGE William Linen Draper 1 Bath Street, Bristol
BARGEER Francis John Merchant Broad Quay, Bristol
BARGEER M. Mrs. 7 Oxford St, Kigsdown, Bristol
BARKER James Captain Royal Navy Stapleton Rd, Bristol
BARNARD George Builder Hill's Bridge Parade, Bristol
BARNARD Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer 22 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
BARNES Eliz. Mrs. 20 Newfoundland St, Bristol
BARNES Fran, K. & Co. Timber Merchant & Dealer Counterslip, Bristol
BARNES Grace Mrs. Redland Hall, Bristol
BARNES John Surgeon Gloucester Road, Bristol
BARNET Philip Furrier 14 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
BARNET William Currier / Leather Cutter East St, Bedminster, Bristol
BARNETT & Co. Carrier on the River Severn Under the Bank, Bristol
BARNETT & Co. Wharfinger Under the Bank, Bristol
BARNETT Saml Augustus Timber Merchant & Dealer West St, St Philips, Bristol
BARR Ann Milliner 3 Duke St, Kings Square, Bristol
BARR Ann Upholsterer Horfield Road, Bristol
BARR William Truss Maker 5 Under the Bank, Bristol
BARRATT John Soap & Candle Maker Earl Street, Bristol
BARRELLI David Truss Maker 21 Horse Fair, Bristol
BARRETT Jesse Gent. 57 Queen's Square, Bristol
BARRETT John Professor / Teacher of Music Queens Parade, Brandon Hill,Bristol
BARRETT John Slater Music & Musical Instmt, seller 15 Queens Parade, Brandon Hill
BARRETT Martha Linen Draper Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
BARRETT William Furrier 72 & 73 Castle Street, Bristol
BARRETT William Hat manufacturer / Dealer 72 & 73 Castle Street, Bristol
BARRETT William Master "The Swansea Packet" Bristol to Swansea
BARRINGTON James Tavern / Public House Bell, Bread St, St Philips, Bristol
BARRON Thomas Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, Paul St, Bristol
BARROW Robert Carpenter / Builder 4 Hillgrove Street, Bristol
BARROW Samuel Furniture Broker Broadmead, Bristol
BARROW Sarah & Fanny Milliner 2 Str Augustin's Parade, Bristol
BARROW, VIZER & Co. Merchant 11 Bath Street, Bristol
BARRY Colonel 14 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
BARRY Bartholomew Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 21 High Street, Bristol
BARRY Bartholomew Fire Office Agent - Albion High Street, Bristol
BARRY Bartholomew Library 21 High Street, Bristol
BARRY Edward Attorney 11 Montafue Parade, Kingsdown,
BARTER Eliza. Mrs. 10 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
BARTLETT & MOGG Wine & Spirit Merchant Custom House Avenue, Bristol
BARTLETT Arthur Ship & Boat Builder Dock Yard, Hotwell Road, Bristol
BARTLETT H. Mrs. 1 Dean St, Portland Sq, Bristol
BARTLETT Henry Baker 9 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
BARTLETT Joseph Wine & Spirit Merchant 9 Trinity Street, Bristol
BARTLETT, WILLIAMS &Co Ship & Boat Builder Dock Yard, Hotwell Road, Bristol
BARTLEY Andrew Watch & Clock Maker 17 Merchant Street, Bristol
BARTLEY Mark Clock Maker 2 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
BARTLEY Nehemiah Agent Blacksmith Smelting Co. Unity Street, St Philip's, Bristol
BARTON Adam Saw Maker 3 All Saints Street, Bristol
BARTON Adam Tavern / Public House Albion, Princes St, Bristol
BARTON Ann Register Offices for Servants Quay Street, Bristol
BARTON George Cutler 2 Nelson Street, Bristol
BARTON George Ironmonger 2 Nelson Street, Bristol
BARTON Stephen & John Coach Maker Milk Street, Bristol
BARTON T. Master "The Steadfast" Bristol to Barbados
BASKERVILLE & Son Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 5 Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
BASKERVILLE Daniel Nursery & Seedsman 7 Highbury Place, Bristol
BASSETT Benjamin Pump Maker George St without, Bristol
BASSETT John Clothes, &c, Salesmen 5 St Augustin's Place, Bristol
BASTIN Isabella Toy Manufacturer & Dealer 12 Clare Street, Bristol
BATEMAN Mrs. 12 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
BATEMAN Hannah Shopkeeper / Dealer Upper Easton, Bristol
BATEMAN Sl. Evans Tailor 14 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
BATES Henry Straw Hat Maker 26 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BATHO Benjamin Saw Maker Gloster Lane, Bristol
BATT Richard Day School 16 Rosemary Lane, Bristol
BATTEN John Carpenter / Builder 16 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
BATTEN Mrs William Milliner 17 Clare Street, Bristol
BATTEN Robert Chymist / Druggist 38 High Street, Bristol
BATTEN William Chymist / Druggist 17 Clare Street, Bristol
BATTERS Christopher Tin Plate Worker 1 Easton Road, Bristol
BATTERSBY Harford Esq. Mortimer House, Clifton, Bristol
BATTERSHILL John Tailor Stapleton, Bristol
BATTERSHILL Joseph Tailor 7 Cherry Lane, Bristol
BATTERSHILL William Coal Merchant Penlyn Wharf, Bristol
BATTLE James Tavern / Public House Ship, 37 Redcliff St, Bristol
BATTLE John Plasterer / Tiler Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BAUGH Benjamin Mrs. 19 Portland Sq, Bristol
BAWN Mary Mrs. Stapleton, Bristol
BAYLEY Samuel Tavern / Public House Jolly Meter, Queen Streetm, Bristol
BAYLIS Richard Attorney 58 College Street, Bristol
BAYLIS Richard Proctor - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
BAYLISS John Baker Steep St, St Michael's, Bristol
BAYLY Robert & Co. Lead Manufacturer Easton Road, Bristol
BAYNES M. Mrs. 13 Prince's Buildings, Clifton
BAYNTON Thos, Chas & Isaac Brewer Ashton Gate, Bedminster, Bristol
BAYNTON, Son & Thomas Attorney 22 Broad Street, Bristol
BAYSTON William Confectioner 10 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
BAYSTON William Spirit Dealer - Retail 92 Old Market Street, Bristol
BEACH William Carpenter / Builder 14 Southwell Street, Bristol
BEACHAM Richard Tavern / Public House Blue Bowl, Temple Back, Bristol
BEAL Rev. Methodist Minister Langton Street, Bristol
BEALE John Butcher 62 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BEALE Sarah Clothes, &c, Salesmen Hotwell Road, Bristol
BEAR James Nail Maker 5 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
BEARD Henry Working Jeweller & Silversmith 5 St John Street, Bristol
BEATRIX Daniel Haberdasher & tea Dealer 5 West Street, Bristol
BEAUMONT William Free School Pile Street, Bristol
BEAVAN David Shopkeeper / Dealer Rael Street, Bristol
BEAVAN Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker 23 Peter Street, Bristol
BEAVEN Jos. Perfumer / Hairdresser 2 Park St, College Green Bristol
BEAVEN Mary Boarding / Lodging House 4 & 5 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
BEAVINGTON Thomas Gent. 1 Cave Street, Bristol
BECK David Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Waterloo Place, Clifton, Bristol
BECK John Professor / Teacher of Dancing 18 Orchard Street, Bristol
BECK Mrs. Milliner 46 Park Street, Bristol
BECK Sarah Mrs. 10 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
BECKETT Charles Tavern / Public House Foundry, Houlton St, Bristol
BEDDOE Henry Attorney 6 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
BEDDOE Thomas Gent. 17 Portland Sq, Bristol
BEDELL Benjamin Inspector General of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
BEDFORD & JONES Tea Dealer 13 Duke Street, Bristol
BEDFORD Mary Confectioner 12 Peter Street, Bristol
BEDFORD R.G. Rev Minister St Augustins Chapel, Bristol
BEDFORD Richard G. Revd. Devonshire Villa, Clifton, Bristol
BEDFORD Samuel Artists Colourman, 48 Corn Street, Bristol
BEDFORD Thomas Printer - Lithographic 12 Peter Street, Bristol
BEDOME Jane Miss 16 St James, Barton, Bristol
BEEK Edward Boarding / Lodging House 10 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
BEEK Elizabeth Boarding / Lodging House 7 Dowry Pde, Hotwells, Bristol
BEEK Jos. Esq. 3 Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol
BEEKE Henry The Very Revd. Dean of Bristol Deanery, College Green, Bristol
BEER Eliz. Tavern / Public House Kings Head, 4 Baldwin Street,
BEER Richard Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan 14 Castle Green, Bristol
BEER Richard Tea Dealer 2 Union Street, Bristol
BEER William Agent for Brown & Co. 24 Quay Head, Bristol
BEER William & Co. Wharfinger 24 Quay Head, Bristol
BEESTON Ferdinand Superintendent Crane Office Marsh Street, Bristol
BEKE George Surgeon 10 Bedminster Parade, Bristol
BELCHER Benjamin A. Esq. 19 St James' Place, Kingsdown,
BELL Thomas Lime Burner Temple Mead's Wharf, Bristol
BELLAMY Joseph Carpenter / Builder Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
BELLAMY William Baker West St, Bedminster, Bristol
BELLINGE Emanuel Furniture Broker 4 Merchant Street, Bristol
BELLOWS George Boarding & Day School Brunswick Square, Bristol
BELSHAM & Co. Carrier on the River Severn 6 Tontine Warehouse, Bristol
BENFIELD William Shopkeeper / Dealer Clarence Road, Bristol
BENGOUGH George Esq. 37 Lower Cres, Clifton, Bristol
BENNETT & Co. Haberdasher Bottom of St John's Steps, Bristol
BENNETT & Co. Pin Maker St Johns Steps, Bristol
BENNETT Charles Fox Merchant 6 Princes Street, Bristol
BENNETT David Boarding / Lodging House 3 Cumberland Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
BENNETT Isaac Butcher 99 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BENNETT Isaac Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
BENNETT Jeremiah Sailmaker 43 Welsh back, Bristol
BENNETT John Carpenter / Builder Limekiln Dock Yard, Bristol
BENNETT John Printer - Letter Press St Johns Bridge, Bristol
BENNETT John Wheelwright Limekiln Dock yard, Bristol
BENNETT Joseph Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
BENNETT Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
BENNETT Philip Furniture Broker 65 Broadmead, Bristol
BENNETT Richard Iron Founder 3 Merchant Street, Bristol
BENNETT Richard Ironmonger 3 Merchant Street, Bristol
BENNETT Richard Tailor 8 Park Street, Bristol
BENNETT Samuel Wheelwright Redfield St George, Bristol
BENNETT William Lime Burner Durdham Down, Bristol
BENSON Mathias Tobacconist 3 Corn St, & 3 St Augustins Bank
BENTLEY Maria Mrs. 10 Marlboro' Hill, Bristol
BERNARD Charles Physician 16 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
BERNARD Charles Edward Merchant 4 Queen's Square, Bristol
BERRY James Mardyke Carver / Guilder Hotwells, Bristol
BERRY John Gent. 22 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
BERRY Joseph Livery Stables Keeper Griffin Lane, Bristol
BERRY Joseph Tavern / Public House Griffin, Griffin Lane, Bristol
BERRY Mary Mrs. 22 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
BERRY Sarah Shopkeeper / Dealer St Philips Plain, Bristol
BERRYMAN William Master "The Sophia" Bristol to Neath
BETHELL M.A. Mrs. 2 Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol
BETTS & DREW Carrier on the Canals Queen Street, Whark, Bristol
BETTS & DREWE Wharfinger Queens Street Wharf, Bristol
BETTS James Shopkeeper / Dealer 9 Lower College Street, Bristol
BEVAN & BRITTAN Attorney New Buildings, Small St, Bristol
BEVAN & VISGAR Orchill & Cudbear Manufacturer Broad Mead, Bristol
BEVAN Andrew Hairdresser Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BEVAN Augusta Professor / Teacher of Dancing 12 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
BEVAN Charles Carpenter / Builder Portwall Lane, Bristol
BEVAN Christiana Mrs. 11 King's Square, Bristol
BEVAN Edward Butcher Corner of Park St, Bristol
BEVAN Edward Merchant Hambro' Wharf, Redcliff St, Bristol
BEVAN Hannah Mrs. 5 Redcliff Parade, Bristol
BEVAN James Agent to Richard Crutwell 1 Charlotte Street, Bristol
BEVAN Jno. S. Confectioner 138 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BEVAN John Stationer Quay Street, Bristol
BEVAN John S. Blue & Annatto Maker 138 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BEVAN Joseph Hairdresser Park Street, Bristol
BEVAN Llewellin Day School St Augustine's Place, Bristol
BEVAN Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer 5 Cathay, Bristol
BEVANS James Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 71 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
BEVANS James Maltster 71 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
BEXON Thomas Tavern / Public House Apple Tree, Broadmead, Bristol
BIACEY Thomas Butcher Peter St, St Philip, Bristol
BICKLEY Benjamin Merchant 54 Queen's Square, Bristol
BICKLEY Benjamin & Co. Merchant 6 Princes Square, Bristol
BIDDLE Elizabeth Ladies' Boarding School Marlboro' Hill, Bristol
BIDDLE John Carrier on the River Severn Quay, Bristol
BIDDULPH T.T. Revd. St James's Square, Bristol
BIDDULPH T.T. Rev Minister St James, Bristol
BIDGOOD John Saddler & Harness Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
BIGG Lionel Secy: Chamber of Commerce 4 St Stephens Street, Bristol
BIGG Lionel Oliver Attorney 4 St Stephen Street, Bristol
BIGGS James Brass Founder Ellbroad Street, Bristol
BIGGS James Plumber Ellbroad Street, Bristol
BIGGS John Carver / Guilder 68 Milk Street, Bristol
BIGGS Martha Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 30 Welsh Back, Bristol
BIGGS Richard Accountant 19 Small Street, Bristol
BIGGS Richard Agent of John Hutchings 19 Small Street, Bristol
BIGGS Richard Boarding / Lodging House 5 Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol
BIGWOOD James Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish Baldwin Street, Bristol
BILLINGE Mrs. Day School Langton Street,Redcliff, Bristol
BILLINGE Samuel Butcher Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BILLINGE Thomas H. Linen Draper 142 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BINDEN George Shopkeeper / Dealer Clarence Rd, St Philips, Bristol
BINDING William Tavern / Public House Rainbow & Dove, Queen St, StMichael
BINGHAM John Butcher 2 Milk Street, Bristol
BINGHAM John Butcher 91 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BIRCH Mrs. 7 Harford Place, Bristol
BIRCH Fanny Brick & Tile Maker St Philip's Marsh, Bristol
BIRCHILL George Butcher 48 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BIRCHILL James Butcher 9 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BIRCHILL James junr Butcher 10 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BIRD Edward Collector - Exchange Corn Street, Bristol
BIRD Edward A. Linen Draper & Carpet Dealer 29 Corn Street, Bristol
BIRD Edward A. Silk Mercer 29 Corn Street, Bristol
BIRD James Gent 1 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
BIRD Judith Shopkeeper / Dealer 41 Stokes Croft, Bristol
BIRD Mary Library & Reading Room Rown place, Clifton, Bristol
BIRD William Boot & Shoe Maker 42 Temple Street, Bristol
BIRT John Boot & Shoe Maker 25 Lowe Arcade, Bristol
BIRTILL Mary Miss Cotham Pl, Cotham, Bristol
BISHOP John Butcher 6 Cathay, Bristol
BISHOP John Cork Cutter 9 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
BISHOP John Saddler & Harness Maker 77 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BISHOP John Umbrella & Parasol Maker Bristol Bridge, Bristol
BISHOP Martha Shopkeeper / Dealer Montague Parade, Kingsdown, Bristol
BISHOP William Blacksmith Lamb St without, Bristol
BISHOP William Painter - House, Sign Etc Steep SDt, St Michael, Bristol
BISP John Butcher Barton Alley, Bristol
BISP Sarah Butcher 70 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BISSE William Boarding / Lodging House 22 Park St, Bristol
BISSICKS Francis Confectioner 99 Temple Street, Bristol
BLACK William Assembly Coffee House Broad Quay, Bristol
BLACKBOROW Ann Tea Dealer 14 Orchard Street, Bristol
BLACKLER Nicholas Cider Agent Key Street, Bristol
BLACKMORE John Baker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
BLACKWELL Ann Boarding & Day School Duke Street, Bristol
BLACKWELL Mary Ladies' Boarding School 7 Brunswick Square, Bristol
BLACKWELL Samuel & Jas Sugar Refiner Nelson Street, Bristol
BLAKE Jn. Gent St James' Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
BLAKE John Surgeon Colston Parade, Bristol
BLAND John Tavern / Public House Old Porter Ho, Narrow Wine St,
BLANDFORD Edward Baker Back Street, Bristol
BLANN Edward Currier / Leather Cutter 20 West St, St Philip, Bristol
BLANNIN Ann & Sophia Gents' Preparatory School St Michael's Hill, Bristol
BLANNIN Elizb. Mrs. Cathay, Bristol
BLANNIN James Spirit Dealer - Retail 71 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BLANNIN Jos. & James Ship & Boat Builder Redcliff back, Bristol
BLATCHLEY Edward Tobacco Pipe Maker Ann Street, Bristol
BLEECK Alfred Surgeon 13 Redcliff Parade, Bristol
BLETHYN Thomas Woollen Draper 16 Maryport Street, Bristol
BLINMAN James Pilot Pill, Bristol
BLINMAN Thomas & Co. Clock Maker 107 Temple Street, Bristol
BLINMAN Thomas & Co. Coppersmith / Brazier 107 Temple Street, Bristol
BLISS John Stay Maker 31 Maryport Street, Bristol
BLISSETT S. Mrs. 20 James Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
BLUNDELL Henry Boarding / Lodging House 16 Trinity St, St Augustine's,
BLYTH Mary Boarding / Lodging House 5 Upper Culver St, Bristol
BLYTHE William Agent 10 Catherine Pl, Stoke's Croft,
BOARD Benjamin Gent. River St, Frome Bdge, Bristol
BOARD George Surgeon 20 Portland Square, Bristol
BOARD William Carpenter / Builder 1 Blackfriars, Bristol
BOARDMAN Thomas Tavern / Public House Compasses, Pithay, Bristol
BOBBETT James Boot & Shoe Maker 4 Merchant Street, Bristol
BOBBETT John Baker 12 Ellbroad Street, Bristol
BOBBETT William Baker West St, St Philip's, Bristol
BODMAN & CAWARDINE Soap & Candle Maker 21 Christmas Street, Bristol
BOLEY P. Miss 15 James' Barton, Bristol
BOLEY Richard Chymist / Druggist 6 Peter Street, Bristol
BOLEY Richard Oil & Colourman 6 Peter Street, Bristol
BOLTON Richard Tavern / Public House Queens Head, St Philips Plain
BOLWELL William Carver / Guilder 9 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
BOMPASS George Physician 32 Park Street, Bristol
BONBONOUS Martha Mrs. 54 Park Street, Bristol
BOND John Carpenter / Builder West St, St Philip's, Bristol
BOND Thomas Baker Gloucester Lane, Bristol
BONELL William Lath Render 9 Ship Lane, Cathay, Bristol
BONNOR Samuel Blacksmith 52 Thomas St, Bristol
BONVILLE Ann Mrs. 4 St James' Sq,. Bristol
BOOKING John Shopkeeper / Dealer 14 King St, Bedminster, Bristol
BOON Thomas Tin Plate Worker 79 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BOON William Earthenware Dealer 22 Maryport Street, Bristol
BOONE John Cooper Temple Street, Bristol
BOORD Samuel Woollen Draper 11 Wine Street, Bristol
BOOTH George Broker Commercial 1 Shannon Court, Corn St, Bristol
BORHAM Mrs. 7 Marlboro Hill, St James, Bristol
BOSHER Charles Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer Tucker Street, Bristol
BOSTOCK Ann Straw Hat Maker Princes Row, Kings Sq, Bristol
BOSWELL James Carrier on the Canals 13 Welsh Back, Bristol
BOTTOMLEY E. Agent for Pickford & Co. Quay Head, Bristol
BOUGH William Grocer / Tea Dealer 7 Portland Place, Clifton, Bristol
BOULD Jon. Tailor Durdham Down, Bristol
BOULTER John Coal Merchant Under the Bank, Bristol
BOUNDS James Carpenter / Builder Grove, Bristol
BOURKE Catherine Lady 7 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
BOURKE Dorothea Boarding / Lodging House 10 Portland St, Bristol
BOURNE Mary Boarding / Lodging House 6 College Green, Bristol
BOURSIQUOT Samuel Boarding / Lodging House 49 Queen's Square, Bristol
BOWDEN Ann Linen Draper 16 Old Market Street, Bristol
BOWDEN Mary Bookseller/Stationer/Binder Bridewell Lane, Bristol
BOWDEN Richard Saddler & Harness Maker 4 College Street, Bristol
BOWDEN Wm. & Henry Maltster Stapleton Road, Bristol
BOWEN Catherine Miss St Michael's Hill, Bristol
BOWEN George H. & Co. Oil & Colourman 47 Broad Quay, Bristol
BOWEN George H. & Co. Painter - House, Sign Etc 47 Broad Quay, Bristol
BOWEN George H. & Co. Ship Chandler 47 Broad Quay, Bristol
BOWEN George H. Co. Colour Manufacturer 47 Broad Quay, Bristol
BOWEN John Boarding / Lodging House 1 Prince's Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
BOWEN Peregrine Mrs. Wilson Street, Bristol
BOWEN Philip Gent. Long Ashton, Bristol
BOWERING Jno. Butcher 47 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BOWERING Thomas Butcher 2 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
BOWGIN John Plumber & Brass Founder Old King Street, Bristol
BOWLES William Grocer / Tea Dealer 81 Castle Street, Bristol
BOWMAN Margaret Mrs. Ashley Place, Bristol
BOWMAN Thomas Bacon Factor 45 Maryport Street, Bristol
BOWMAN Thomas Butcher West St & Maryport St, Bristol
BOX Edward Boot & Shoe Maker Providence Place, Bristol
BOX Jno. Tavern / Public House Plume of Feathers, 52 Redcliff St
BOX William Boot & Shoe Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BOYCE Thomas Furniture Broker 21 Merchant Street, Bristol
BOYD James Day School 2 Somerset Parade, Redcliff, Bristo
BOYNE Mary Dress Maker 40 College Street, Bristol
BOYTON Richard Professor / Teacher of Piano 2 Nelson Buildings, Clifton,Bristol
BOZLEY Benjamin Grocer / Tea Dealer 25 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BRACEY Charles Butcher Butcher's Row, Bristol
BRACEY Jno. Butcher 112 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BRACEY Thomas Butcher Butcher's Row, Bristol
BRACEY Thomas junr. Butcher New Street, Bristol
BRACEY Thomas junr. Butcher 59 Castle Street, Bristol
BRACEY William Painter - House, Sign Etc 4 Pipe Lane, St Augustins, Bristol
BRACKSTONE William Grocer / Tea Dealer 4 Mall Place, Clifton, Bristol
BRADFIELD William Boot & Shoe Maker Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
BRADGATE Charles Confectioner 27 Old Market Street, Bristol
BRADLEY & BARNARD Accountant 3 Queens Square, Bristol
BRADLEY & BARNARD Auctioneer / Appraiser 3 Queen's Square, Bristol
BRADLEY F. Mrs. 3 St Michael's Terr, Bristol
BRAGG William George Boot & Shoe Maker 28 College Green, Bristol
BRAGGE John Kingwell Day School Lower Montague St, Bristol
BRAGGE Mrs. Gent's Boarding School Frederick Place, Clifton, Bristol
BRAHAM John Optician 42 College Green, Bristol
BRAIKENRIDGE George W. Esq. Brislington, Bristol
BRAIN Ann Dress Maker 82 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
BRAIN Christopher Boot & Shoe Maker 6 High Street, Bristol
BRAIN Joseph Cooper Redcliff Street, Bristol
BRAIN Joseph Porter & Bottle Liquor Merchan Redcliff back, Bristol
BRAINE Moses Cork Cutter 8 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BRAKER Benjamin Baker & Confectioner 13 Berkeley PLace, Clifton, Bristol
BRAMHALL James & Son Cutler 12 Bridge Street, Bristol
BRAMHALL James & Son Hardwareman 12 Bridge Street, Bristol
BRANWHITE Chas. Nathl. Portrait Painter 1 College Green, Bristol
BRANWHITE Nathaniel Minature Painter Trelawney Place, Cothamn, Bristol
BREACH Mary Miss Glencairn Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
BREILLAT John Engineer to Gas Light Company Avon Street, St Philips, Bristol
BREMNER James Tailor Pipe Lane, St Augustins, Bristol
BRETT James Ostrich Feather maker Withingtons Crt, Horse Fair,Bristol
BRETT William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Upper Maudlin Lane, Bristol
BREW Jane Unitarian Free School Lewin's Mead, Bristol
BREWER Jos. Butcher 36 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BREWER William Corn Factor Montpelier, Bristol
BRIAN William Shopkeeper / Dealer Redcliff Hill, Bristol
BRICE & Co. Carrier Bell, St Thomas Street, Bristol
BRICE Edward Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 1 Old King Street, Bristol
BRICE Edward Undertaker 1 Old King Street, Bristol
BRICE Henry Crane Revd. 6 Berkeley Cres, Berkeley Sq,
BRICE William D. Attorney Council House, Bristol
BRICE William D. Esq. Clifton Hill, Bristol
BRICE William T. Clerk - Court of Requests Council House, Bristol
BRICE, STOCK & FRY Sugar Refiner St Stephen Street, Bristol
BRICKDALE John Comptroller of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
BRIDGEMAN Charles Boot & Shoe Maker Stapleton, Bristol
BRIDGEN Lydia Mrs. 3 Queen's Parade, Bristol
BRIDGES Revd. Dr. 23 Richmond Terrace, Clifton
BRIDGES N. Rev. Lecturer St Mary Redcliff, Bristol
BRIDGES Richard Jno. Attorney All Saints Lane, Bristol
BRIDGOOD John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BRIGDEN Edward Architect 6 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
BRIGGS George Rope and Twine Maker Ashley Row, Baptist Mill,Bristol
BRIGHT Lieut General 35 Richmond Terrace, Clifton
BRIGHT Jn. Stone ware Potter 131 Temple Street, Bristol
BRIGHT Jos. Tavern / Public House Ship, Avon St, Grt Gardens, Bristol
BRIGHT Joseph junr Tavern / Public House Masons Arms, Avon St, Grt Gardens
BRIGHT Richard Esq. Near Ham Green, Bristol
BRIGHT Thomas Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 21 Union Street, Bristol
BRIGHT William Cutler 8 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
BRIGHTMAN Richard Boot & Shoe Maker 18 Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BRIGSTOCK Henry Surgeon Redcliff Hill, Bristol
BRISON William Tavern / Public House Golden Lion, 100 Redcliff St,
BRITT Charles Shopkeeper / Dealer 8 Princes Street, Bristol
BRITTAIN Abraham Tavern / Public House White Lion, Head of the Quay
BRITTEN Amos Nail Maker Thomas Street, Bristol
BRITTEN Henry Painter - House, Sign Etc 13 Newfoundland St, Bristol
BRITTON Arthur Pump Maker West Street, Bristol
BRITTON Eleanor Mrs. Upper Easton, Bristol
BRITTON Thomas & Son Grocer / Tea Dealer 75 Redlciff Hill, Bristol
BRITTON Thomas & Son Maltster 75 Redcliff Hill,Bristol
BROAD George & Son Woolstapler Temple Gate, Bristol
BROAD John Stone & Marble Mason 80 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BROAD John Stroud Accountant 62 Queen's Square, Bristol
BROCK William W. Physician 7 Park Street, Bristol
BRODERIP Mrs. 14 Richomand Ter, Clifton,Bristol
BRODRIBB James & Co. Tailor 19 Clare Street, Bristol
BRODRIBB James & Co. Undertaker 19 Clare Street, Bristol
BROMHEAD George F. Appraiser 5 Brunswick Square, Bristol
BROMHEAD Samuel Carpenter / Builder 19 Old Market Street, Bristol
BROMHEAD Timothy Ironmonger 18 Old Market Street, Bristol
BROMWICH William Coal Merchant Temple Back, Bristol
BROOKE Henry Francis & Co.Merchant (wool) St John's Bridge, Bristol
BROOKES Charles File Manufacturer Philadelphia Street, Bristol
BROOKES John Boarding / Lodging House 15 Park St, Bristol
BROOKES John Gent. 20 Dowry Place, Bristol
BROOKES Samuel Shopkeeper / Dealer Frogmore Street, Bristol
BROOKMAN Sarah Dress Maker 25 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
BROOKMAN Susan A. Milliner 87 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
BROOKMAN William Confectioner 31 Corn St & 103 Redcliff St,
BROOKS Henry Cooper Bridewell Lane, Bristol
BROOKS Henry junr Cooper 38 Baldwin Street, Bristol
BROOKS James Blacksmith Stapleton, Bristol
BROOKS John Blacksmith Stapleton, Bristol
BROOKS Joseph Plasterer / Tiler / Painter West St, St Philips, Bristol
BROOKS Thomas Toy Manufacturer & Dealer Temple Street, Bristol
BROTHERTON Frederick Bookbinder 23 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
BROWN & Co. Grocer / Tea Dealer 11 West Street, Bristol
BROWN & Son Carrier on the River Severn 24 Quay Head, Bristol
BROWN & Son Wharfinger Quay Head, Bristol
BROWN Daniel Linen Draper 16 Castle Street, Bristol
BROWN Eliz. Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, 3 Baldwin St, Bristol
BROWN George James Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Meadow St, Milk St, Bristol
BROWN George James Maltster Meadow Street, Bristol
BROWN Isaac Stone & Marble Mason All Saints Street, Bristol
BROWN Jane Mrs. King's Square, Bristol
BROWN John Boarding / Lodging House 12 Orchard St, Bristol
BROWN John Butcher 39 Old Market Street, Bristol
BROWN John Pilot Pill, Bristol
BROWN John Straw Hat Maker 1 Unity Street, Bristol
BROWN John Straw Hat Maker 32 Upper Arcade, Bristol
BROWN John Surveyor Kensington House, Brislington
BROWN Robert Tavern / Public House New Inn, Gloster Rd, Bristol
BROWN Samuel & William Tanners Bedminster, Bristol
BROWN William Butcher 45 Temple Street, Bristol
BROWN William Commercial & Steam Packet Tave 1 Merchants Parade, Bristol
BROWN William Iron Merchants / Ironmonger 12 Nelson Street, Bristol
BROWN William Tailor Captain Carey's Lane, Bristol
BROWN William Tavern / Public House Coach & Horses, Thomas St, Bristol
BROWNE Lt General Prince's Buildings, Clifton,
BROWNE & SHORT Silversmith / Jeweller 37 Corn Street, Bristol
BROWNE Benjamin Optician 7 Quay, Bristol
BROWNE Edward Clothes, &c, Salesmen Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BROWNE John Provision Factor 8 King St,Queens Sq, Bristol
BROWNE Thomas Gent's Boarding School Church Hill Hse, Brislington,
BROWNE William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 29 Clare Street, Bristol
BRUCE Robert Consul for Holland 6 Quay, Bristol
BRUCE Robert & Son Merchant Quay, Bristol
BRUFORD Thomas Coach Spring Maker Commercial Rd, Redcliff Hill
BRUNT Henry Tavern / Public House Star, North St, Bedminster, Bristol
BRYAN James Butcher Thistle Street, Bristol
BRYAN Uriah Shopkeeper / Dealer 128 Temple Street, Bristol
BRYANT Catherine Shopkeeper / Dealer 12 Cathay, Bristol
BRYANT Edward Grocer / Tea Dealer 43 College Street, Bristol
BRYANT Edward Ship Chandler 43 College Street, Bristol
BRYANT James Butcher St Nicholas Street, Bristol
BRYANT James Shopkeeper / Dealer West St, St Philips, Bristol
BRYANT Jno. Tavern / Public House King George, Canons Marsh, Bristol
BRYANT Joseph Hairdresser 87 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BRYANT Joseph Tobacco Pipe Maker 87 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BRYANT Lewis Cheese Factor / Dealer 6 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
BRYANT Lewis Grocer / Tea Dealer 6 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
BRYANT Mary Butcher 16 North Street, Bristol
BRYANT Richard Tavern / Public House Bacchus, 14 Old Market St, Bristol
BRYANT Robert Grocer / Tea Dealer 36 Castle Street, Bristol
BRYANT Samuel Surgeon 29 Old Market Street, Bristol
BRYANT Samuel Tea Dealer 23 Clare Street, Bristol
BRYANT Thomas Clothes, &c, Salesmen Pithay, Bristol
BRYANT Timothy Baker 1 King Street, Bristol
BRYANT William Baker 4 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
BRYANT William Boot & Shoe Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
BRYANT William Tailor 11 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
BRYANT William T Tavern / Public House Artichoke, Under the Bank, Bristol
BRYDGES John Surveyor Jacobs Well, Bristol
BRYSON William Lieut Stapleton Road, Bristol
BUCK George Pilot Pill, Bristol
BUCK Samuel Pilot Pill, Bristol
BUCKLAND John Port Gauger Excise Office, Queens Sq, Bristol
BUCKLE Joseph Baker 16 Alfred Place, Bristol
BUCKNALL Ann Milliner 32 College Green Bristol
BUCKNALL William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 12 Bridewell Lane, Bristol
BUCKNALL Wm. Henry Haberdasher 32 College Green, Bristol
BUDD Christopher Tailor Frogmore Street, Bristol
BUDD Thomas Lime Burner Easton Road, Bristol
BUDD, ROBINS & Co. Carrier St Thomas Street, Bristol
BUDDEN John Spirit Dealer - Retail Quay Street, Bristol
BULGIN William Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 28 Corn Street, Bristol
BULGIN William Printer - Letter Press 28 Corn Street, Bristol
BULL Charles Sheriff's Officer 56 Queens Square, Bristol
BULL George Tavern / Public House Nelson, Christmas St, Bristol
BULL Peter Pilot Pill, Bristol
BULL Thomas Glass Warehouse Tucker Street, Bristol
BULL William Patten Maker 23 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
BULLEID John & Co. Gunsmith 2 Thomas Street, Bristol
BULLOCK C. Rev Rector St Pauls, Bristol
BULLOCK C.P. Revd. 18 Portland Sq, Bristol
BULLOCK Emma Day School 1 Lower Montague St, Bristol,
BULLOCK George Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 22 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
BULLOCK James Shopkeeper / Dealer Church Lane, Bristol
BULLOCK Jos. Tavern / Public House Ship, Steep St, St Michaels,Bristol
BULLPIN Jno. Penton Broker Commercial Custom House, Bristol
BULPIN Eliz. Earthenware Dealer Clarence Rd, St Philip, Bristol
BUNBURY C. Mrs. 18 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
BUNN George Grocer / Tea Dealer Clifton Wood, Bristol
BUNNY Richard Sheriff's Officer Hope pl, St Michaels, Bristol
BUNT Thomas Gamlen Surveyor of Timber &c. Small Street COurt, Bristol
BUNTER Ann Shopkeeper / Dealer St Michaels Hill, Bristol
BUNTER Jos. W. Currier / Leather Cutter 10 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
BURBIDGE Charles Grocer / Tea Dealer Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
BURBIDGE Thomas Baker Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
BURBIDGE William Tavern / Public House Bath Barge, Queen Street, Bristol
BURDEN Jn. Tavern / Public House White Hart, Bedminster Parade,
BURDEN Thomas Grocer / Tea Dealer 12 West Street, Bristol
BURGE & CHILTON Sugar Refiner Back Street, Bristol
BURGE & GRANT Currier / Leather Cutter 17 Thomas Street, Bristol
BURGE Benjamin Chymist / Druggist 38 Old Market Street, Bristol
BURGE James Butcher St Nicholas Street, Bristol
BURGE James Butcher 3 Denmark Street, Bristol
BURGE Jno. Butcher 29 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
BURGE Richard Confectioner 14 West Street, Bristol
BURGE Thomas Butcher 3 Additional Market Exchange,
BURGE Thomas jun Professor / Teacher of Music 6 Green St, Hotwells, Bristol
BURGE William Painter - House, Sign Etc 11 Charles Street, Bristol
BURGE William & Co. Oil & Colourman 46 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BURGES Diana & Susanna Day School 58 Old Market St, Bristol
BURGESS Benjamin Professor / Teacher of Dancing 4 Trinity Street, Bristol
BURGESS Catherine Boarding / Lodging House 5 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol
BURGESS Daniel City Solicitor Council House, Bristol
BURGESS Henry Butcher Lawrence Hill, Bristol
BURGESS Henry Livery Stables Keeper Duck Lane, Bristol
BURGESS Hester Tavern / Public House Crown, Gloster Road, Bristol
BURGESS William Saddler & Harness Maker 9 Small Street, Bristol
BURGESS William Sadler's Ironmonger 9 Small Street, Bristol
BURKE James Master "The Helen" Bristol to Plymouth
BURLAND Hugh Spirit Dealer - Retail Limekiln Lane, Bristol
BURLEIGH James Gent. 3 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Bristol
BURLEIGH Samuel Currier / Leather Cutter 39 Broadmead, Bristol
BURLEIGH Samuel Junr. Leather Factor Back Hall, Baldwin St, Bristol
BURLEY George Coal Merchant Upper Easton, Bristol
BURLEY George Gardener / seedsman Barton Hill, Bristol
BURLEY William Gardener / seedsman Barton Hill, Bristol
BURNELL Elizabeth Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 7 Dolphin Street, Bristol
BURNELL Thomas Engraver/Copper plate printer 14 Clare Street, Bristol
BURNETT Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 17 Milk Street, Bristol
BURRELL James Tavern / Public House Ship, 2 Baldwin Street, Bristol
BURRIDGE William Brightsmith & Bellhanger 86 Temple Street, Bristol
BURROUGHES Saml Adolph Upholsterer 37 Castle Green, Bristol
BURROUGHS & SMERDON Surgeon 25 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
BURROW Isaac Baker 54 Old Market Street, Bristol
BURROW Thomas Baker & Corn Dealer 5 Broadmead, Bristol
BURROWS Miss Long Ashton, Bristol
BURROWS Benjamin Tavern / Public House Cider House, Broad Street, Bristol
BURROWS Elizabeth Tavern / Public House Greyhound, Quay St, Bristol
BURROWS John Shopkeeper / Dealer 64 Broad Quay, Bristol
BURROWS Robert Grocer / Tea Dealer 10 Union Street, Bristol
BURT James Inn / Hotel Keeper Clifton Hotel, Mall, Clifton,
BURTILL Samuel Sharp Currier / Leather Cutter 97 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BURTON Colonel Barton Hill, Bristol
BURTON Charles Grocer / Tea Dealer 3 North Street, Bristol
BURTON J.E. Gent. Montpelier, Bristol
BURTON James Butcher 19 West St, St Philip, Bristol
BUSH & PRIDEAUX Agent London Life Association St John Street, Bristol
BUSH & PRIDEAUX Attorney 10 St John Street, Bristol
BUSH Henry & Co. Merchant Baldwin Street, Bristol
BUSH Sarah Mrs. 12 Queen's Parade, Bristol
BUSH William Watch & Clock Maker 36 Broadmead, Bristol
BUSHELL William & Co. Colour Manufacturer Little George Street, Bristol
BUSHELL William & Co. Oil & Colourman Little George Street, Bristol
BUSHELL William & Co. Soap & Candle Maker Little George St, Frome Bridge
BUSHELL William & Co. Turpentine Distiller Little George St, Frome Bridge
BUSVINE & Co. Milliner 39 College Street, Bristol
BUSVINE James Fruiterer 6 St Augustin's Parade, Bristol
BUTCHER H & A. Milliner 43 Park Street, Bristol
BUTCHER James Newspaper Agent Top of Broad St, Bristol
BUTLER John Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 7 Redcliff Street, Bristol
BUTLER John & Co. Merchant (Newfoundland) 17 Small Street, Bristol
BUTLER Peter House Agent 1 Wilder Street, Bristol
BUTLER Peter Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Wilder St & 26 Charles St, Bristol
BUTLER T. Master "The Jane & Barbara" Bristol to St Vincent
BUTLER William Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 17 Broadmead, Bristol
BUTLER William Grocer / Tea Dealer 6 Peter Street, Bristol
BUTTER Barnabas Baker 28 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
BUTTER John Surgeon 22 Queens Square, Bristol
BUTTERFIELD William Professor / Teacher of Music 3 Denmark Street, Bristol
BYAM Wm. Henry Attorney 79 Old Market Street, Bristol
BYRNE James Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Steep Street, Bristol
CADWALLADER John Master "The Hope" Bristol to Carmarthen
CALCUTT James Provision Factor 13 Broad Street, Bristol
CALL Jos. Boarding / Lodging House 32 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
CALLAWAY Elizabeth Dress Maker 12 St James' Churchyard, Bristol
CALLENDER Ricd Boucher Attorney 3 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
CALLOWAY Edward Pilot Pill, Bristol
CALLOWAY John Pilot Pill, Bristol
CAMBRIDGE Mrs. Long Ashton, Bristol
CAMBRIDGE Charles Baker 5 Penn Street, Bristol
CAMBRIDGE John Merchant 6 Gloucester Street, Bristol
CAMBRIDGE Lemuel Gent. 4 Trotman's Bldgs, Lodge St,Bristol
CAMPBELL John Furniture Broker Old King Street, Bristol
CAMPBELL Tamar Timber Merchant & Dealer Grove, Bristol
CAMPLIN Thomas Broker Commercial 1 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
CAMPLIN Thomas Fire Office - Bristol Crown 1 Exchange Bldgs, Bristol
CANN Hannah Butcher 4 All Saints Row, Exchange, Bristol
CANN John Butcher 76 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
CANNER Thomas Hosier East St, Bedminster, Bristol
CANNICOTT William Perfumer / Hairdresser 2 Broad Street, Bristol
CANNINGTON Elizabeth Day School Old Park, Bristol
CANNINGTON Joseph Ware Day School Old Park, Bristol
CANNINGTON Sarah Hosier 91 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
CANTLE Gibeon Tavern / Public House The George, Thomas Street, Bristol
CANTLE James Iron Founder Temple Back, Bristol
CAPEL Anne Dress Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
CAPENHURST Thomas Coffin Furniture Maker Jacob Street, Bristol
CAPPER Samuel Soap & Candle Maker 60 Castle St, & Queens St, Bristol
CARDEN & WHITTARD Linen Draper 54 Wine Street, Bristol
CARDWELL George Brightsmith & Bellhanger Hotwell Road, Bristol
CARELESS John Baker 88 Temple Street, Bristol
CARELESS John Brewer (Retail) Kingsland Road, Bristol
CAREY John Pilot Pill, Bristol
CARLE Thomas Venetian Blind Maker Broad Weir, Bristol
CARLILE Thomas Grocer / Tea Dealer 14 Bath Street, Bristol
CARLISLE, ROBINSON &Co Silk Mercer 34 & 42 Wine Street, Bristol
CARLISLE, ROBSON & Co. Haberdasher (Wholesale) 34 & 42 Wine Street, Bristol
CARPENTER Anna & Daus Ladies Boarding School 2 Great George Street, Bristol
CARPENTER Dr Rev Unitarian Minster Lewins Mead, Bristol
CARPENTER George Coal Merchant Redcliff Back, Bristol
CARPENTER Lant Revd Dr. 2 Great George St, Bristol
CARPENTER William Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Griffin Lane, Bristol
CARPENTER William Surgeon Love Street, Hotwells, Bristol
CARRICK Andrew Physician Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
CARROLL M. Mrs. 2 Upper Berkeley Pl, Clifton,
CARROW Richard Revd. Redland Parade, Bristol
CARRUTHERS ---- Surveyor All Saints Court, Bristol
CARSON James Tea Dealer Wilson Terrace, Bristol
CARTER & BROWN Brewer Royal York Crescent,Clifton,Bristol
CARTER Edward Hairdresser Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
CARTER Henry Cheese Factor / Dealer 36 Broad Street, Bristol
CARTER Henry Gent. Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
CARTER James Butcher 30 Old Market Street, Bristol
CARTER James Confectioner 108 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CARTER Jno. Painter - House, Sign Etc 2 Stone Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
CARTER John Furniture Broker 5 Broadmead, Bristol
CARTER John Maltster 2 Stone Buildings, Clifton, Bristol
CARTER John Plumber & Glazier, 2 Stone Bldgs, Clifton, Bristol
CARTER Joseph Tin Plate Worker 97 Old Market Street, Bristol
CARTER Mary Ladies Boarding School 6 Fort Lane, Bristol
CARTER William Boot & Shoe Maker 24 St Augustine's Parade, Bristol
CARTER William Butcher Clarence Road, Bristol
CARTER William Butcher 5 All Saints Row, Bristol
CARTWRIGHT Zachariah Ironmonger 11 St John Street, Bristol
CARY & CROSS Attorney 15 Corn Street, Bristol
CARY Edward Straw Hat Maker 28 Upper Arcade, Bristol
CARY George Attorney 36 Bridge Street, Bristol
CARY Mary Livery Stables Keeper Adam's Pl, Stoke's Croft, Bristol
CARY Sl. Attorney 33 Somerset St, Kingsdown, Bristol
CASE Amelia Day School 5 Lower Montague St, Bristol
CASE James Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 5 Lower Montague Street, Bristol
CASE Richard Edward Esq. Grosvenor Pl, Clifton, Bristol
CASE Robert Consul for Denmark 9 Lodge Street, Bristol
CASE Thomas Warner Pilot Pill, Bristol
CASS & KEARSLEY Mesdam Milliner 9 Bath Street, Bristol
CASSIN Henry Accountant Shannon Court, Corn St, Bristol
CASSIN Tim Attorney 11 Catherine Pl, Stoke's Croft.
CASTLE Mary Mrs. Grove House, Clifton, Bristol
CASTLE Robert Mrs. Meridian Place, Bristol
CASTLE, EDWARDS & Co. Distiller / Rectifiers Milk Street, Bristol
CASTLE, EDWARDS & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchant Milk Street, Bristol
CASTLES Catherine Miss Stapleton Grove, Bristol
CATER Wyat Brick & Tile Maker/Lime Burner Stapleton, Bristol
CAVE & HANCOCK Pawnbroker 78 Temple Street, Bristol
CAVE O. Rev Chaplain St Mark's (Mayors Chapel), Bristol
CAVE, TYNDALL, PALMER Bankers - Old Bank Corn Street, Bristol
CAVELL George Shopkeeper / Dealer Rownham Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
CAVIL John Shopkeeper / Dealer 22 Trenchard Street, Bristol
CAVILL Henry Plasterer / Tiler 18 Orange Street, Bristol
CAWLESS John Shopkeeper / Dealer 46 Princess Street, Bristol
CHADDOCK Elizabeth Straw Hat Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
CHADWELL J. Carrier 13 Temple Street, Bristol
CHADWICK Adam Physician Wilson Street, St Pauls, Bristol
CHADWICK James Wm.jun Attorney Long Ashton, Bristol
CHADWICK William Blacksmith Love St, Hotwells, Bristol
CHALLACOMBE Peter Surgeon 57 Milk Street, Bristol
CHALLACOMBE William Carpenter / Builder 34 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
CHALLICOM Charles Boot & Shoe Maker 3 Easton Road, Bristol
CHALLICOM James Boot & Shoe Maker 11 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
CHAMBERLAIN Austin & T Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 97 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CHAMBERLIN John Feather merchant & Bed maker 18 Bridge Street, Bristol
CHAMBERS Edward Butcher 30 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
CHAMBERS Henry Corn Factor 3 & 4 Tontine Warehouses, Quay,
CHAMPION & GREEN Vinegar make & Dealer Quay Head, Bristol
CHAMPION Abraham Painter - House, Sign Etc 5 Baldwin Street, Bristol
CHAMPS Elizabeth Day School Old Park, Bristol
CHANDLER & CLIFT Chymist / Druggist 23 Wine Street, Bristol
CHANDLER Jn. Moss Surgeon 5 Cumberland Street, Bristol
CHANDLER John Carpenter / Builder 26 King Street, Bristol
CHANDLER Jos. Bookbinder & Stationer 3 Clare Street, Bristol
CHANDLER Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 17 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
CHANDLER Thomas Coach Maker Harford's Bridge, Bedminster
CHANDLER William Undertaker 39 Bridge Street, Bristol
CHANNING Jno. Tavern / Public House Steam Packet, 35 Broad Quay,Bristol
CHANNON Thomas Gent. Easton Road, Bristol
CHANON Richard Livery Stables Keeper Upper Church St, Old Park, Bristol
CHANTER James & Co. Linen & Manchester Merchant 14 Bridge Street, Bristol
CHAPLIN Ann Boarding / Lodging House 4 Sion Row, Clifton, Bristol
CHAPLIN Eliza Milliner Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
CHAPLIN Harriet Straw Hat Maker Lower Nelson Pl, Clifton, Bristol
CHAPLIN Henry Boarding / Lodging House 20 & 23 Royal York Cres, Clifton
CHAPLIN Joseph Agent Royal Exchange Ins. 4 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
CHAPLIN Joseph Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 4 Gloucester Row, Clifton, Bristol
CHAPMAN Abraham Marine Stores Dealer 73 Broad Quay, Bristol
CHAPMAN James Tailor Lower Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
CHAPMAN Jno. Gent. 8 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
CHAPMAN John Patten Maker Church Street, Bristol
CHAPMAN Maria Boarding / Lodging House Montague Parade, Bristol
CHAPMAN William Accountant 17 Small Street, Bristol
CHAPPEL Robert I. Boarding / Lodging House 1 Dowry Sq, Hotwells, Bristol
CHAPPELL Ann Shopkeeper / Dealer Stapleton, Bristol
CHAPPELL Daniel Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 39 Temple Street, Bristol
CHAPPELL Hannah Dress Maker Stapleton, Bristol
CHAPPELL Isaac Tavern / Public House Old Castle, Castle St, Bristol
CHAPPELL John Grocer / Tea Dealer 40 Broad Street, Bristol
CHAPPELL Thomas Carpenter / Builder 27 Milk Street, Bristol
CHAPUIS Henry Teacher of Drawing & French 4 Wells Street, Bristol
CHARD Arthur Master "The Ann" Bristol to Dartmouth & Exeter
CHARD Robert Cooper Host Street, Bristol
CHARD Thomas Baker St James' Barton, Bristol
CHARD William Baker 11 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
CHARLES Jno. Tavern / Public House Clifton Rock, Clifton Wood, Bristol
CHATER Hannah Boarding / Lodging House 6 Dowry Sq, Hotwells, Bristol
CHATLEY John Tavern / Public House Swan, Pill, Bristol
CHEDZEY Charles Stenciller 20 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
CHEEK & DREW Carpenter / Builder Picton St & Charles St, Bristol
CHEEK Jane Milliner 6 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
CHEER Samuel Sack & Sacking Maker 59 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
CHEESE James Gardener / seedsman West St, Bedminster, Bristol
CHEESEWRIGHT Jos. Spirit Dealer - Retail 23 Old Market Street, Bristol
CHERRY H. Master "Antigua Planter" Bristol to Antigua
CHESHIRE James Esq. Clifton Downs, Bristol
CHESSHIRE Sarah Haberdasher 67 Milk Street, Bristol
CHETTLE Benjamin Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Little King Street, Bristol
CHEYNE B. Physician 8 Polygon, Bristol
CHICK George Dyer / Calenderer 56 Milk Street, Bristol
CHIDGEY Robert Painter - House, Sign Etc Church Lane, Bristol
CHIDGEY Robert Stone & Marble Mason Church Lane, Bristol
CHIDGEY Thomas Stone & Marble Mason 8 Salmon St, Kingsdown, Bristol
CHILCOTT John Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 30 Wine Street, Bristol
CHILCOTT John Printer - Letter Press 30 Wine Street, Bristol
CHILCOTT William Day School Somerset St, Redcliff, Bristol
CHILD Geo Augustus Attorney 2 Wells Street, Bristol
CHILD Henry Coal Merchant Hotwell Road, Bristol
CHILLCOTT Thomas Pawnbroker 4 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
CHINN George Butcher 6 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
CHINN Henry Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer Thomas Street, Bristol
CHINN William Butcher 87 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CHINN William Corn, Flour and Seed Dealer 59 Temple Street, Bristol
CHINN William Grocer / Tea Dealer 59 Temple Street, Bristol
CHIVERS William Lieut Royal Navy Stapleton Rd, Bristol
CHOLMELEY Sarah Mrs. 9 Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol
CHRISTOPHER Thomas Master of Workhouse Pennywell Lane, Bristol
CHRISTOPHER William Carpenter / Builder 5 Granby Place, Clifton, Bristol
CHUBB William Sailmaker Broad Quay, Bristol
CHURCH John Furniture Broker 7 Horse Fair, Bristol
CHURCH John jun Furniture Broker Christmas Street, Bristol
CHURCH Maria Mrs. 8 Windsor Terrace, Clifton, Bristol
CHURCHILL Jno. Butcher 127 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
CHURCHILL Samuel & Son Boot & Shoe Maker 42 Castle Street, Bristol
CHURCHILL William Boot & Shoe Maker 40 Old Market Street, Bristol
CHURCHWARD J. Master "The Emily" Bristol to Newfoundland
CLAPP John Shopkeeper / Dealer Redcross Street, Bristol
CLARK --- Dep Reg. - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
CLARK Benjamin Brightsmith & Bellhanger Three Queen's Lane, Bristol
CLARK Caroline Stone & Marble Mason 18 College Street, Bristol
CLARK Charles Baker 129 Temple Street, Bristol
CLARK Charles Register Offices for Servants 3 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
CLARK Elizabeth Tavern / Public House New Hen & Chickens, Ashton Gate,
CLARK Isaac Butcher 1 Additional Market, Exchange
CLARK James Gent Redcliff Hill, Bristol
CLARK Jno. Esq. 41 Royal York Cres, Bristol
CLARK John Butcher Gloucester Road, Bristol
CLARK John Grocer / Tea Dealer 61 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CLARK John Stone & Marble Mason 2 Culver Street, Bristol
CLARK Mary Butcher 87 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
CLARK Samuel Timber Merchant & Dealer 4 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
CLARK Stephen Butcher Clarence Road, Bristol
CLARK Thomas Baker Hillgrove Street, Bristol
CLARK Thomas Tailor 31 Castle Green, Bristol
CLARK Thomas & Son Broker Commercial Quay, Bristol
CLARK Thomas Deverell Agent London Tract Society 17 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
CLARK Thomas Deverell Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 17 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
CLARK Thomas Hewlton Wine Hooper Montague Parade, Kingsdown,Bristol
CLARK William Baker 3 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
CLARK William Baker 6 Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
CLARK William Brewer (Retail) Sidney row, Cumberland Rd, Bristol
CLARK William Tavern / Public House Friendship, White House walk,
CLARKE & Co. Carrier on the Canals Temple Back Wharf, Bristol
CLARKE Amelia Boarding / Lodging House 2 Dowry Sq, Hotwells, Bristol
CLARKE Hannah Baker Thomas Street, Bristol
CLARKE Henry Baker 21 College Street, Bristol
CLARKE M. Mrs. 9 Polygon, Clifton, Bristol
CLARKE William Colonel 5 Bishop St, Bristol
CLARKE William Proctor - Ecclesiastical Court 28 Broad Street, Bristol
CLARKE William L. & Wm Attorney Registrar Office, Broad St, Bristol
CLARKE, ROBINS & Co. Coal Merchant Temple Back.
CLARKE, ROBINS & Co. Timber Merchant & Dealer Temple Back, Bristol
CLARKE, ROBINS & Co. Wharfinger Temple Back, Bristol
CLARKSON Ann Boarding / Lodging House 21 Park St, Bristol
CLARY Luke Furniture Broker St James' Back, Bristol
CLAXTON C. Master "The Earl of Liverpool" Bristol to Nevis & St Kitts
CLAXTON William Merchant (West India) 12 Corn Street, Bristol
CLAYFIELD William Gent. 13, York Place, Clifton, Bristol
CLEAVE Walter Oke Surgeon Albemarle Cottage, Hotwells,Bristol
CLEMENT James Plumber 126 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CLEMENT Lydia Mrs. St Michael's Hill, Bristol
CLEMENTS & PRICE Druggist Wholesale 3 Lewin's Mead, Bristol
CLEMENTS & PRICE Oil & Colourman 3 Lewins Mead, Bristol
CLEMENTS & PRICE Oil Merchant 3 Lewins Mead, Bristol
CLEMENTS James Chymist / Druggist 10 Maryport Street, Bristol
CLEMENTS Stephen Tavern / Public House Ship, Hanover St, Bristol
CLENT Thomas Custon House Agent Welsh Back, Bristol
CLIFFORD Isaac Port Gaugers of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
CLIFFORD Sarah Upholsterer 25 College Green, Bristol
CLIFT William Inn / Hotel Keeper Plume of Feathers, Wine St, Bristol
CLIFT William Spirit Dealer - Retail 14 Old Market Street, Bristol
CLIFTON James Inn / Hotel Keeper The Talbot, Bath St, Bristol
CLOSE Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Easton Road, Bristol
CLOTHIER John Wheelwright Long Ashton, Bristol
CLUTSON George Gent. 8 College Street, Bristol
CLYMER Marmaduke Watch & Clock Maker & Jeweller 36 High Street, Bristol
COAFFEE John Lewis Hairdresser Limekiln Lane, Bristol
COATES Edward Grocer / Tea Dealer 51 Princes Street, Bristol
COATS Susanah Gazia Day School Mardyke, Bristol
COBB Ann Mrs. 22 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
COBBETT Thomas Tavern / Public House Duke of Marlborough, Marlboro St
COBLEY John Furniture Broker 48 Temple Street, Bristol
COCHRANE John Tavern / Public House Colstons Arms, 58 St Michaels Hill
COCK William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Cock's Buildings, Hillgrove St
COCKAYNE Thomas Revd. Stapleton, Bristol
COCKRAM John Boot & Shoe Maker Lower Castle Street, Bristol
CODRINGTON William Cork Cutter 3 Welsh Back, Bristol
CODSON Miss 6 Highbury Place, Bristol
COGAN Lewis senr Saddler & Harness Maker Bedminster Parade, Bristol
COGGAN Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Picton Street, Bristol
COHEN Joseph Straw Hat Maker 28 High Street, Bristol
COHEN MORRIS & Co. Clothes, &c, Salesmen 94 Redcliff Street, Bristol
COLE Corbetra Stay Maker Berkeley Pl, Clifton, Bristol
COLE James Fellmonger East St, Bedminster, Bristol
COLE John Red and Stoneware Potter St Phillips Marsh, Bristol
COLE Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Hotwell Road, Bristol
COLE Thomas Turner Lawrence Hill, Bristol
COLE Wadham Livery Stables Keeper 7 Broadmead, Bristol
COLE William Tailor 39 Queens Square, Bristol
COLE William Tin Plate Worker 144 Redcliff Street, Bristol
COLEMAN Mrs. Hillsbridge Parade, Bristol
COLEMAN Elizabeth Milliner Jacob's Well, Bristol
COLEMAN George Esq. Rodney Place, Clifton, Bristol
COLEMAN John Shopkeeper / Dealer Pill, Bristol
COLEMAN Joseph Shower & Spring Baths Lower Castle Street, Bristol
COLEMAN Robert Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 18 Castle Street, Bristol
COLES & HOLDER Linen & Manchester Merchant 31 & 32 Bridge Street, Bristol
COLES George Bookbinder Newfoundland Street, Bristol
COLES I.J. Revd. Clifton Wood, Bristol
COLES James Currier / Leather Cutter 57 Redcliff Street, Bristol
COLES Thomas Carpenter / Builder 4 George St, Bedminster, Bristol
COLES William Shopkeeper / Dealer 1 Philadelphia Street, Bristol
COLEY Mary Mrs. 8 Old Park Hill, Bristol
COLINS Thomas Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? Leek La, Callow Hill St, Bristol
COLLARD John Painter - House, Sign Etc 21 Thomas Street, Bristol
COLLARD William Printer - Letter Press Hotwell Rd & Bridewell Lane,Bristol
COLLIER Joseph Straw Hat Maker 25 Old Market Street, Bristol
COLLINGS Catherine Tavern / Public House Duke of Devonshire, Temple St
COLLINS James Day School Picton's Buildings, Stoke's Croft
COLLINS M. Mrs. Terrell Steps, St James, Bristol
COLLINS Richard Brightsmith & Bellhanger England Court, Bristol
COLLINS Sarah Carpenter / Builder St George's , Bristol
COLLINS Thomas Master "Duke of Wellington" Bristol to Minehead
COLLINS Wm. Sanger Grocer / Tea Dealer 11 Barton Alley, Bristol
COLLIS Mrs. Colonnade, Hotwells, Bristol
COLLIS George Stationer 4 North Street, Bristol
COLMAN Samuel Teacher of Drawing Paul Street, Bristol
COLMER William Gent Stapleton, Bristol
COLTHURST John Buller Maltster 65 Temple Street, Bristol
COLVILLE James Eating House Keeper 4 Peter Street, Bristol
COMBES Thomas Mrs. Cotham Hill, Bristol
COMBES William Tin Plate Worker Bridewell Lane, Bristol
COMER Benjamin   St George's Pill, Bristol
COMER Jno. Tavern / Public House Foundry Mans Arms, Merry Bush Lane
COMER Mary Ann Milliner 19 Old Market Street, Bristol
COMLEY Benjamin Brightsmith & Bellhanger Easton Road, Bristol
COMPTON John Library (Circulating) 2 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
COMPTON John Stationer 2 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
CONNERY Judith Boarding / Lodging House Southwell St, Kingsdown, Bristol
CONSTANCE Thomas Hairdresser St Michael's Hill, Bristol
CONWAY Thomas Green Grocer Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
COOK & BOARD Milliner 9 Horfield Road, Bristol
COOK & TURNER Sailmaker 10 Princes Street, Bristol
COOK Absalom Rope and Twine Maker Lawrence Hill, Bristol
COOK Charles Red Ware Potter Boot Lane, Bedminster, Bristol
COOK George Hairdresser 18 Bath Street, Bristol
COOK George Tailor New Market Passage, Broad Street
COOK James Marine Stores Dealer 80 Quay, Bristol
COOK James & Co. Corn Factor Quay, Bristol
COOK James & Co. Wharfinger Quay, Bristol
COOK John Blacksmith Limekiln Lane, Bristol
COOK Mary Boarding / Lodging House 5 Granville Pl, Hotwells, Bristol
COOK Mary Straw Hat Maker 86 Castle Street, Bristol
COOK Nathaniel Sack & Sacking Maker 3 Merchant Street, Bristol
COOK Sarah Butcher 128 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
COOK T. Master "The Dalusia" Bristol to Trinidad
COOK Thomas Butcher 55 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
COOK William Master "The Regulator" Market Boat to Sydney
COOK, THATCHER & Co. Rope and Twine Maker Cannons Marsh, Bristol
COOKE Charles & Co Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker Broadmead, Bristol
COOKE Elizabeth Ladies Boarding School Grove house, Bristol
COOKE Harriet & Sister Ladies Boarding School 38 Queen's Parade, Bristol
COOKE Isaac & Sons Attorney Shannon Court, Corn St, Bristol
COOKE John Brightsmith & Bellhanger Cherry Lane, Bristol
COOKE Richard Hosier 80 Castle Street, Bristol
COOKE William Merchant (West India) 90 Redcliff Street, Bristol
COOKSLEY Solomon Haberdasher 53 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
COOKSON & POWELLS Glass Manufacturer Cheese Lane, St Philip's, Bristol
COOKWORTHY Fred. Haberdasher 24 Union Street, Bristol
COOMBE Elizabeth Day School Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
COOMBE John Plumber Princes Pl, Clifton, Bristol
COOMBE Joseph Day School Paul Street, Kingsdown, Bristol
COOMBES Rice Livery Stables Keeper Duck Lane, Bristol
COOMBS Amelia Day School 7 Parade, St James, Bristol
COOMBS James H. Stationer 4 North Street, Bristol
COOMBS William Brick & Tile Maker Bright Bow, Bedminster, Bristol
COOPER & Co. Coach Proprietors Company's Office, High St, Bristol
COOPER & PRITCHARD Brush, Sieve, & Mop Maker 41 Maryport Street, Bristol
COOPER Charles Broker Commercial Quay Head, Bristol
COOPER David Plasterer / Tiler / Painter Durdham Down, Bristol
COOPER Edward Shopkeeper / Dealer Green St, Hotwells, Bristol
COOPER Elizabeth Milliner 3 Sion Place, Clifton, Bristol
COOPER Esther Tavern / Public House Cross Keys, Lawrence Hill, Bristol
COOPER George Baker 4 Temple Street, Bristol
COOPER George Coach Maker Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol
COOPER John Brightsmith & Bellhanger Jacob Street, St Philip's, Bristol
COOPER Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer Queen St, St Michaels, Bristol
COOPER Mary Day School Old Park, Bristol
COOPER Robert Silversmith / Jeweller 45 College Green Bristol
COOTE A.M. Mrs. 6 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
COOTE R.E. Esq. 19 Royal York Crescent, Bristol
COPP Charles Oil & Colourman Hotwell Road, Bristol
COPP Charles Painter - House, Sign Etc Limekiln Lane, Bristol
COPP Thomas Earthenware Dealer Bear Lane, Temple Street, Bristol
COPPENDALE Thomas Esq. 33 Lower Crescent, Clifton, Bristol
COREY Thomas Merchant Park Row, Bristol
CORFE John D. Teacher of Music (& Organist) 16 College Green, Bristol
CORMACK William Broker Commercial 39 Queen's Square, Bristol
CORNER George Tavern / Public House Bell, Cathay, Bristol
CORNISH & Son Attorney Baldwin Street, Bristol
CORNISH Henry Perfumer / Hairdresser 3 Denmark Street, Bristol
CORP Esther Milliner Hotwell Road, Bristol
CORRICK Alexdr Spear Timber Merchant & Dealer Withington's Crt, Horse Fair,
CORY Mary Dress Maker 6 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
COSIMI Cosimo Modeller & Figure Maker Lewins Mead, Bristol
COSSENS John Straw Hat Maker 4 Castle Street, Bristol
COSSENS John Willow Square Maker 4 Castle Street, Bristol
COSSHAM Jn. N. Accountant Shannon Court, Corn Street, Bristol
COSSHAM John Thomas Accountant 20 Small Street, Bristol
COTHER W.J. Master "The Speculator" Bristol to Demerara
COTTERELL & Co. Bacon factors & curers. Meadow Street, Bristol
COTTERELL David & Co. Woollen Draper cnr Bridge Pde & Redcliff St
COTTLE George Tavern / Public House Black Boy, Durdham Down, Bristol
COTTLE Joseph Butcher West Street, Bristol
COTTRELL Henry Saddler & Harness Maker 5 Barrs Street, Bristol
COTTRELL John Butcher &5 Redcliff Street, Bristol
COUCH John Boot & Shoe Maker Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol
COULSON Mrs. Clifton Wood, Bristol
COULSTING George Tin Plate Worker 53 Castle Street, Bristol
COULSTING John Wire Worker 7 Welsh Back, Bristol
COULSTING William jun Patten Maker 44 College Green, Bristol
COULTON Elizabeth Ladies Boarding School Long Ashton, Bristol
COUNCELL & JENNINGS Grocer / Tea Dealer Market Gate, High St, & Thornbury
COURT Thomas Baker Gloucester Road, Bristol
COURTNEY Jno. Butcher 67 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
COURTNEY Joseph Blacksmith Nelson Street, Bristol
COUSENS Joel Confectioner 5 Withen's Court, Horse Fair
COUSINS Louis Teacher of French 10 College Green Bristol
COUSINS William Woollen Draper 39 High Street, Bristol
COWAN T.C. Mr. Minister Seceders Bethseda Chapel, Grt George St
COWAN Thomas Connelly Revd. Charlotte Street, Bristol
COWARD Eliza. Butcher 63 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
COWDALL Edward Day School 5 Merchant Street, Bristol
COWLE Stephen Day School 74 Old Market Street, Bristol
COWLEY William China, Glass &c Dealer 21 Baldwin Street, Bristol
COWLEY William Paper maker 18 Welsh back, Bristol
COWLEY William Stationer 18 Welsh Back, Bristol
COX Bobert (sic) Tailor 58 Milk Street, Bristol
COX E. Mrs. 5 Dowry Parade, Hotwells, Bristol
COX Elizabeth Day School Upper Wells Street, Bristol
COX James Tavern / Public House Bay Horse, Lewins Mead, Bristol
COX John Butcher 2 Christmas Street, Bristol
COX John Printing Press Maker Rose Street, Grt Gardens, Bristol
COX John Shopkeeper / Dealer St Philips Plain, Bristol
COX John Soap & Candle Maker 5 Old Market Street, Bristol
COX Peter & William Cloth Pressers, Packers etc 38 Broad Street, Bristol
COX Richard Watch & Clock Maker 9 Bedminster Causeway, Bristol
COX Robert & James Maltster Harford's Bridge, Bedminster,
COX T. Master "The Achilles" Bristol to Trinidad
COX Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker 75 Temple Street, Bristol
COX William Butcher 137 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
COX William Butcher New Street, Bristol
COX William Surgeon Lawrence Hill, Bristol
COX William junr Butcher 135 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
COZENS & SEAGAR Milliner 2 North Street, Bristol
COZENS Joseph Hairdresser Limekiln Lane, Bristol
CRABTREE Ann Tavern / Public House Cask, 78 Broad Quay, Bristol
CRANE John Boot & Shoe Maker West St, St Philip's, Bristol
CRANIDGE John Day School 62 Old Market Street, Bristol
CRATES John Plumber West Street, Bristol
CRAVEN William Attorney 5 Queen's Parade, Bristol
CRAWLEY Daniel Tavern / Public House Lamb. 42 Maryport St, Bristol
CRAZE William Boot & Shoe Maker 9 Withington's Court, Bristol
CREED Sarah Shopkeeper / Dealer 24 Cathay, Bristol
CREESE William Blacksmith Hotwell Road, Bristol
CREESE William Boot & Shoe Maker Love St, Hotwells, Bristol
CREW Amelia Boarding / Lodging House 2 Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
CREW Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Marlborough Street, Bristol
CREW William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 140 Thomas Street, Bristol
CRIBB John Tavern / Public House Old Fox, 70 Redcliff St, Bristol
CRICHLEY Richard Carpenter / Builder 3 Mall Pace, Clifton, Bristol
CRICHLOW John Dealer in Pepper & Pickles 16 St Michaels Hil, Bristol
CRIDDLE William Maltster Avon St, Grt Gardens, Bristol
CRIDLAND Charles Master "The Mary" Bristol to Bridgewater
CRINKS Charles Maltster John St, St Philip's, Bristol
CRINKS Samuel Butcher West Street, Bristol
CRIPPS Sarah Spirit Dealer - Retail 9 Union Street, Bristol
CRISP T.S. Rev. Minister Baptist Broad Mead, Bristol
CRISP Thomas Rev. President Baptist Academy Stokes Croft, Bristol
CRISP Thomas S. Revd. Stoke's Croft, Bristol
CRITCHELL Richard Ship Agnet Broad Quay, Bristol
CROCKER Abraham Carpenter / Builder Durdham Down, Bristol
CROCKER Absalom Butcher 8 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
CROCKER Isaac Tavern / Public House Little Ship, Redcliff Hill, Bristol
CROCKER John Master "The New Industry" Bristol to Swansea
CROCKER Thomas Coach Maker 1 Temple Street, Bristol
CROCOME William Tavern / Public House Three Kings, Thomas St, Bristol
CROKER Jeremiah Undertaker (furnishing) 37 Temple Street, Bristol
CROOK Jacob Gent Brandon Cottage, Bristol
CROOK John Holt Trimming & Piece Broker 11 St James Back, Bristol
CROOK Richard Tavern / Public House Crown & Cushion, Milk Street Bristo
CROOK Sarah Boarding / Lodging House 4 Albemarle Row, Hotwells, Bristol
CROOM Jno. Grocer / Tea Dealer 12 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
CROOM Robert Butcher 32 Exchange Shambles, Bristol
CROOME Jno. Tavern / Public House Rose & Crown, Broadmead, Bristol
CROSBY Thomas Attorney 12 St John Street, Bristol
CROSS Ann Miss Clifton Hill, Bristol
CROSS Cornelius junr Tea Dealer Easton Road, Bristol
CROSS Edmund Hallier (sic) Hellier/slater? 2 Nelson Place, Clifton, Bristol
CROSS Elizabeth Stay Maker 13 Lower Arcade, Bristol
CROSS Francis Shopkeeper / Dealer 2 Alfred Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
CROSS James Merchant (provisions) 36 Broad Quay, Bristol
CROSS James Provision Factor 36 Broad Quay, Bristol
CROSS John & Co. Druggist Wholesale 114 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CROSS John & Co. Oil & Colourman 114 Redcliff Street, Bristol
CROSS Jos. Rev Curate St Peters, Bristol
CROSS Joseph Revd. 20 Bishop Street, Bristol
CROSS Richard Ironmonger 87 Castle Street, Bristol
CROSS Thomas & Sons Paper maker 11 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
CROSS Thomas & Sons Pin Maker 40 Bridge Street, Bristol
CROSS Thomas & Sons Stationer Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
CROSS Thomas & Sons Wire Worker 40 Bridge Street, Bristol
CROSS William Boot & Shoe Maker Horfield Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
CROSS William Carpenter / Builder Lower May Street, Bristol
CROSS William & Son Broker Commercial Broad Quay, Bristol
CROSSE John Blue & Annatto Maker 4 York St Milk St, Bristol
CROUCH Thomas Coach Maker 105 Temple Street, Bristol
CROWE Major Lower Harley Place,Clifton, Bristol
CROWE John Surgeon 9 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
CROYDON James Currier / Leather Cutter 30 Redcliff Hill, Bristol
CRUMP Thomas Furniture Broker 6 Merchant Street, Bristol
CRUTWELL ------- Carrier Charlotte Street, Bristol
CUFF Samuel Chymist / Druggist 29 Castle Street, Bristol
CULL Thomas Carpenter / Builder Cave Street Cottages, Bristol
CULLIFORD Edward Grocer / Tea Dealer Limekiln Lane, Bristol
CULLIS Jno. Oakden Plasterer / Tiler Lower Montague Street, Bristol
CULLIS M.H. Master "The James Daly" Bristol to Jamaica
CULVERWELL Charles Printer - Letter Press 51 Broad Quay, Bristol
CUMBERLAND George Esq. Mount PLeasant, Bristol
CUMLEY Mary Wire Worker Baldwin Street, Bristol
CUMLY Mary Fishmonger / Dry & Salt fish Baldwin Street, Bristol
CUMMINS Charles Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Pithay, Bristol
CUMMINS John Pawnbroker 37 Maryport Street, Bristol
CUMMINS Thomas Carver / Guilder 13 Broadmead, Bristol
CUMMINS William Colonel 14 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
CUMMINS William Linen Draper 25 Union Street, Bristol
CUNDY F. Master "The Feliza" Bristol to Jamaica
CUNDY J. Master "The Maria" Bristol to Grenada.
CUNDY William Master "The Union" Bristol to St Ives & Hale
CUNNINGHAM Gunn Mrs. 30 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
CUNNINGHAM James Esq. 21 Royal York Cres, Clifton,Bristol
CUNNINGHAM James Merchant (West India) 7 Queen's Square, Bristol
CUNNINGHAM John Tin Plate Worker 104 Redcliff St, Bristol
CUNNINGHAM Michael Stone & Marble Mason Easton Road, Bristol
CURLES & HARRIS Carver / Guilder 4 Clare Street, Bristol
CURNOCK Dennis Boot & Shoe Maker Horse Fair, Bristol
CURRY Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Meadow Street, Bristol
CURTIN Joseph Nursery & Seedsman Clifton, Bristol
CURTIS Cornelius Baker 1 East Street, Bristol
CURTIS H. Mrs Mardyke House, Hot Wells, Bristol
CURTIS Jacob Brazier / Tin Plate Worker 5 Baldwin Street, Bristol
CURTIS James Coppersmith / Brazier 21 Temple Street, Bristol
CURTIS Richard Shopkeeper / Dealer 23 Temple Street, Bristol
CUSSENS Elizabeth Child Bed Linen Warehouse 13 Bath Street, Bristol
CUTCLIFFE J. Master "The Oelous" Bristol to Newfoundland
CUTHBERT Jane Mrs. 16 Mall, Clifton, Bristol
CUZNER Henry Truss Maker 36 Lower Arcade, Bristol
DAGG Giles Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, Brislington, Bristol
DAKER C. Mrs. 13 Hope Square, Clifton, Bristol
DALBY William Tavern / Public House Ship, Broad Mead, ,Bristol
DALLING Elizabeth Boarding / Lodging House Charlotte St, Park St, Bristol
DALTON Edward Gent. 5 St Paul's Street, Bristol
DALTON Thomas Miller Long Ashton, Bristol
DANDO Joseph & Co, Hat manufacturer / Dealer Castle Green, Bristol
DANDO Lydia Mrs. 6 Dean Street, Bristol
DANDO Thomas Gent. 2 Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol
DANDO Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer East St, Bedminster, Bristol
DANDRIDGE Jane Mrs. 9 Gloucester Row, Cluifton, Bristol
DANIEL Edward & John Attorney Shannon Court, Bristol
DANIEL Evans Salt Merchant / Refiner Quay Head, Bristol
DANIEL Henry Surgeon 16 Park Street, Bristol
DANIEL Henry Watch & Clock Maker 5 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
DANIEL Henry Watch & Clock Maker 2 St John Street, Bristol
DANIEL James Tailor 1 Hillgrove Street, Bristol
DANIEL James Tavern / Public House White Bear, Earl St, Bristol
DANIEL John Auctioneer/Appraiser/Undertake 2 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
DANIEL John Hat manufacturer / Dealer 4 Wine Street, Bristol
DANIEL John Undertaker 2 Stokes Croft, Bristol
DANIEL Mary Mrs. 16 Dean St, Portland Sq, Bristol
DANIEL Thomas & Sons Merchant 20 Berkeley Square, Bristol
DANIELS & Co. Iron Merchants / Ironmonger Marsh Street, Bristol
DANIELS & Co. Tin Plate Merchant Marsh Street, Bristol
DANIELS Abraham Henry Gent's Boarding School 26 Orchard Street, Bristol
DANIELS James Brewer (Retail) Union Rd, St Philip's, Bristol
DANIELS Louisa Teacher of Music 26 Orchard Street, Bristol
DANN Jno. Tavern / Public House George & Dragon, Temple St, Bristol
DANSON Fred Maxwell Barrister 30 Broad Street, Bristol
DANSON Hugh William Merchant Baldwin Street, Bristol
DARK William Basket Maker 2 Barrs St, Bristol
DARK William Maltster Lawrence Hill, Bristol
DARVILL Mary Ann Straw Hat Maker 7 High Street, Bristol
DASH Edward Shopkeeper / Dealer Church St, Grt Gradens, Bristol
DAUBENY George Esq. Wellington Cottage, Clifton,Bristol
DAUBENY James Mrs. 33 Portland Sq, Bristol
DAVENPORT Edward Grocer / Tea Dealer 21 Broad Street, Bristol
DAVEY & MUSKET Bookseller/Stationer/Binder 1 Broad Street, Bristol
DAVEY & MUSKETT Printer - Letter Press 1 Broad Street, Bristol
DAVEY Elizabeth Boarding / Lodging House 47 Queen's Square, Bristol
DAVEY John Boot & Shoe Maker 14 Horse Fair, Bristol
DAVEY John Shopkeeper / Dealer 1 Water St, Bristol
DAVEY John Tailor 5 Montague Street, Bristol
DAVEY Robert Saddler & Harness Maker East St, Bedminster, Bristol
DAVEY Robert Tavern / Public House New Inn, East St Bedminster,Bristol
DAVEY Thirza Dress Maker 16 St James' Churchyard, Bristol
DAVEY Thomas Tavern / Public House Pilgrim, Tucker Street, Bristol
DAVEY Thomas Tavern / Public House Britannia, All Saints St, Bristol
DAVID Evan Tavern / Public House Ship, 2 Pipe La, St Augustins,
DAVID Mary Miss 17 Richmond Terrace, Clifrton,
DAVIE Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Long Ashton, Bristol
DAVIES Ann & Eliza, Boarding & Day School James' Parade. Kingsdown, Bristol
DAVIES David Boot & Shoe Maker 44 Marlborough Street, Bristol
DAVIES David Esq. Belgaun Villa, Park St, Bristol
DAVIES David Physician 17 Park Street, Bristol
DAVIES Eliza Milliner 8 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DAVIES Elizabeth Tavern / Public House Star, 15 Castle Street, Bristol
DAVIES Esther Butcher Hotwell Road, Bristol
DAVIES Frans. Ladies' Boarding School 42 Park Street, Bristol
DAVIES George & Co. Stay Maker 10 Broad St & 2 Peter St, Bristol
DAVIES Jane Milliner 2 Upper Culver St, Bristol
DAVIES Jno. Grocer / Tea Dealer 11 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DAVIES Jno.Jos.& Benj. Woollen Draper 50 Wine Street, Bristol
DAVIES John Master "The Commerce" Bristol to Pembroke & Milford
DAVIES John Shopkeeper / Dealer Tankards Close, Bristol
DAVIES John Stay Maker Limekiln Lane, Bristol
DAVIES John Tavern / Public House Ship & Star, Anchor Lane, Bristol
DAVIES Morgan Carpenter / Builder 8 Wellington Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DAVIES Robert Shopkeeper / Dealer St Philips Plain, Bristol
DAVIES Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger St Michael's Hill, William
DAVIES Thomas Butcher Temple Street, Bristol
DAVIES Thomas Merchant (Commission) 6 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
DAVIES Thomas Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 1 Old Park, Bristol
DAVIES William Butcher Pill, Bristol
DAVIES William Master "The Picton" Bristol to Aberthaw
DAVIES William Poulterer & Venison dealer St Nicholas St, Bristol
DAVIES William Shopkeeper / Dealer 33 Marlborough Street, Bristol
DAVIS Misses Whitehall, Easton Rd, Bristol
DAVIS & PEACOCK Fruiterer 42 Bridge Street, Bristol
DAVIS David Dyer / Calenderer Penn Street, Bristol
DAVIS Eliz. Mrs. 12 Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
DAVIS Emanuel Tavern / Public House Bell, East St, Bedminster, Bristol
DAVIS George Grocer / Tea Dealer 40 High Street, Bristol
DAVIS George Ship & Boat Builder Wapping, Bristol
DAVIS Henry & Son Attorney 3 St Stephen Street, Bristol
DAVIS Ignatius Broker Commercial 4 Exchange Buildings, Bristol
DAVIS Isaac Tailor 2 Merchants Parade, Hotwell Road
DAVIS James Baker 14 Broad Weir, Bristol
DAVIS James Eating House Keeper St Nicholas Street, Bristol
DAVIS James Japanner 69 Castle Street, Bristol
DAVIS James Tavern / Public House Boars Head, St Nicholas St, Bristol
DAVIS Jno. Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 44 Marlboorugh St, Bristol
DAVIS John Physician 29 King Square, Bristol
DAVIS John Stay Maker 4 Denmark Street, Bristol
DAVIS John Straw Hat Maker 7 Merchant Street, Bristol
DAVIS John Tavern / Public House Mason Arms, Great James St, Bristol
DAVIS John Tin Plate Worker 126 Redcliff Street, Bristol
DAVIS John Fredk. & Wm Law Stationer Shannon Court, Corn Street, Bristol
DAVIS John junr Egg / Butter/ Salt Fish Dealer 10 Redcliff Street, Bristol
DAVIS Joseph Conveyancer New Buildings, Small St, Bristol
DAVIS Martin Earthenware Dealer 13 Denmark St, St Augustin's
DAVIS Mary Milliner Berkeley Place, Clifton, Bristol
DAVIS Peter Comb Maker 10 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
DAVIS Peter Patten Maker 10 Castle Mill Street, Bristol
DAVIS Richard Tavern / Public House Bell, Old King Street, Bristol
DAVIS Richard & Co. Tailor 9 Clare Street, Bristol
DAVIS Richard & Co. Undertaker 9 Clare Street, Bristol
DAVIS Robert Blacksmith Bragg's Lane, Old Market St,Bristol
DAVIS Robert Brightsmith & Bellhanger Bragg's Lane, Bristol
DAVIS Robert Cooper 59 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
DAVIS Robert Tavern / Public House Barrel, Barton Alley, St James'
DAVIS Samuel Grocer / Tea Dealer 1 Old Market Street, Bristol
DAVIS Samuel Soap & Candle Maker 1 Old Market St, Bristol
DAVIS Sarah Tavern / Public House Bull, Conham, St Georges, Bristol
DAVIS Susannah Milliner 21 Lower Arcade, Bristol
DAVIS Thomas Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Redcliff Hill, Bristol
DAVIS Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer Merchant Street, Bristol
DAVIS Thomas Bridge Pump Maker Davis Court, Castle Green Bristol
DAVIS William Breeches maker & Glover 17 Corn Street, Bristol
DAVIS William Butcher 10 Broad Weir, Bristol
DAVIS William Butcher 6 West Street, Bristol
DAVIS William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Montague Hill, St James, Bristol
DAVIS William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 31 Montague Hill, Bristol
DAVIS William Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer 8 Denmark Street, Bristol
DAVIS William Fringe & Coach Livery Lace Mfr 8 Denmark St & 3 Park St, Bristol
DAVIS William Tailor Hills Bridge Parade, Bristol
DAVIS William Undertaker 8 Denmark St & 3 Park St, College
DAVIS William Undertaker Broad Plain, St Philips, Bristol
DAVIS William Upholsterer 8 Denmark St & 3 Park St, Bristol
DAVY John Baker Granby Hill, Clifton, Bristol
DAVY Robert Carpenter / Builder 58 Redcliff Street, Bristol
DAW Joseph Pawnbroker 55 Castle Street, Bristol
DAWE William Shopkeeper / Dealer Jacobs Well, Bristol
DAY Edward Surgeon 67 Old Market Street, Bristol
DAY Edwin Butcher 11 Maryport St, Bristol
DAY Henry Attorney 26 Queen Square, Bristol
DAY M.A. Mrs. 5 Gloucester St, St Paul's, Bristol
DAY Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer 47 Milk Street, Bristol
DAY S.E. Rev Curate St Philips, Bristol
DAY S.E. Rev Lecturer Christ Church, Bristol
DAY Samuel E. Revd. 20, St Paul's St, Bristol
DAY Thomas Shopkeeper / Dealer 2 Back Street, Bristol
DAY William Revd. Redcross St, Bristol
DAY William Rev Vicar St Philips, Bristol
DAYRELL Thomas Gent 1 Queen's Parade, Bristol
De BOUDRY Daniel Boarding School Park Row, Bristol
De CLIFFORD Rt Hon, Lord Shirehampton, Bristol
DE GINDICE A. Looking Glass Maker 50 Broad Mead, Bristol
De SOYRES Mrs. Harford House, Dighton St, Bristol
DEACON John Tavern / Public House New Inn, Pill, Bristol
DEADMAN Jno. Boarding School Arnos Vale, Bristol
DEAKE Christopher Water Bailiff - Town Dues Off 2 Queens Square, Bristol
DEAN John H. Sack & Sacking Maker 77 Old Market Street, Bristol
DEAN Maria Boarding / Lodging House 5 Somerset Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DEARIN William Plumber 8 Horse Fair, Bristol
DEELEY Mary Shopkeeper / Dealer Pile Street, Bristol
DEIOS John Cooper 5 Redcliff Street, Bristol
DELAY John Plumber 19 Lower Castle St, Bristol
DELFORD Cath Milliner 3 Caroline Row, Hotwells, Bristol
DELZELL Mrs. 3 York Place, Clifton, Bristol
DENNIS Henry Master "The Kate" Bristol to Falmouth & Truro
DENNIS Richard Gent. Upper Wells St, St Michael's
DENSHAM Jn. Tavern / Public House Don Cossack, 76 Redcliff St,
DEPREZ Charles Solvier Gent's Boarding School 1 Royal York Cres, Clifton, Bristol
DERHAM Edward Tailor 59 College Street, Bristol
DERRICK Ann Straw Hat Maker 6 Lower Aracade, Bristol
DERRICK George Tavern / Public House Kings Arms, Pill, Bristol
DERRICK James Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
DERRICK William Bookbinder 6 Lower Arcade, Bristol
DERRICK William Shopkeeper / Dealer 69 Milk Street, Bristol
DEVEY George & William Carrier on the River Severn 1 & 2 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head
DEVEY George & William Wharfinger 1 & 2 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head
DEVEY M. Mrs. 1 Meridian Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DEW James Attorney 15 Broad Street, Bristol
DIAPER Henry Landing Surveyor of Customs Customs House, Queens Square
DIBBIN, MASSEYS & Co. Tobacco & Snuff maker 21 Old Market Street, Bristol
DIBBINS Thomas Plasterer / Tiler 30 St Augustins Parade, Bristol
DIBBLE Elizabeth Furniture Broker 5 St James' Churchyard, Bristol
DIBSDALL Silas Linen Draper 49 Castle Street, Bristol
DICK General 9 Harley Place, Clifton, Bristol
DICKENS William Pilot Pill, Bristol
DIGBY William Timber Merchant & Dealer Bath Parade, Temple Gate, Bristol
DIGHT Catherine Pen & Quill Manufacturer 31 Redcliff Street, Bristol
DIGHT Samuel Straw Hat Maker 8 Broad Street, Bristol
DILK Thomas Glazier 16 Stoke's Croft, Bristol
DINWIDDY James Confectioner 2 & 29 Broadmead, Bristol
DIPPAL Robert Butcher Butcher's Row, Bristol
DISTIN John Master "The Dove" Bristol to Plymouth
DIX John Agent Cardiff Bottler Glass Co Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
DIX Thomas Attorney All Saints Lane, Bristol
DIX William & Co. Glass Manufacturer Narrow Wine Street, Bristol
DOBBINS Stephen Iron & brass Founder 35 College Street, Bristol
DOBBS John Shopkeeper / Dealer Hotwell Road, Bristol
DOBLE Joseph Shopkeeper / Dealer Bath Parade, Temple Gate, Bristol
DOBNEY James Revd. Stapleton, Bristol
DODDRELL Thomas Daniel Grocer / Tea Dealer 21 Small Street, Bristol
DODDRELL Thomas Daniel Salt Merchant / Refiner 109 Thomas Street, Bristol
DODGE Henry Hosier 25 West St, St Philip's, Bristol
DODGE Richard Painter - House, Sign Etc Brandon Hill, Steep.
DOE Thomas Maltster Great Ann Street, Bristol
DOE Thomas Tavern / Public House Marquis of Granby, Anne St, Bristol
DOIDGE Henry Confectioner 86 Old Market Street, Bristol
DOLE George Shopkeeper / Dealer New Street, Bristol
DOLE John Brightsmith & Bellhanger 12 St Nicholas Street, Bristol
DOLMAN Fred. Butcher 107 Exchange Shambles,Bristol
DOLMAN Nathaniel Butcher New Street, Bristol
DONNE Ann Milliner 3 Oxford St, Kingsdown, Bristol
DONNE Eliz. Milliner Clifton Place, Clifton, Bristol
DONNE George Surgeon 5 St Michaels Hill, Bristol
DONOVAN Stephen Captain Royal Navy Rwecliff Cres, Bedminster, Bristol
DORAN JOs. Butcher 3 All Saint's Row, Exchange Bristo
DOREY Jno. Commission Agent 12 Princes Street, Bristol
DOUBTING John Boot & Shoe Maker 2 West Street, Bristol
DOUGHTY James Tavern / Public House Swan, Cider Ho. Passage, Broad St
DOUGHTY Stephen Baker East Street, Bedminster, Bristol
DOVE John Day School 3 Brunswick Square, Bristol
DOWDEN Stephen Haberdasher St James's Barton, Bristol
DOWELL Ann Mrs. St James's Square, Bristol
DOWELLS & DADE Hat manufacturer / Dealer 35 & 36 Wine St & Broadmead
DOWLING George Painter - House, Sign Etc Avenue Kings Square, Bristol
DOWN James Confectioner 24 Newfoundland Street, Bristol
DOWNES Margaret Furniture Broker 9 St Michael's Hill, Bristol
DOWNING George Wine & Spirit Merchant 24 King Street, Queens Square
DOWNMAN Henry R. Accountant 17 Small St, Bristol
DRAKE Ann Tavern / Public House Lamb & Anchor, Milk St, Bristol
DRAKE George Engraver/Copper plate printer 12 St John Street, Bristol
DRAKE Thomas & Sons Leather Factor Back Hall, Baldwin St, Bristol
DRAKE Thomas & Sons Tanners Bedminster, Bristol
DRAPER Daniel Mrs. 21 Clarence Pl, Kingsdown, Bristol
DRAPER Mary Mrs. Paul St, Kingsdown, Bristol
DREDGE John Carpenter / Builder Somerset St, Redcliff, Bristol
DREDGE William Baker Portland Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DREW E. Master "The Sarah" Bristol to St Vincent
DREW J. Master "The Druid" Bristol to Jamaica
DREW J. Master "The Minerva" Bristol to Jamaica
DREW James Esq. St George's Pill, Bristol
DREW James Merchant 7 Old Park Hill, Bristol
DREW Thomas Brightsmith & Bellhanger Three Queen's Lane, Bristol
DREW Thomas Pawnbroker 5 Milk Street, Bristol
DREWETT Jos. Day School 8 Under the Bank, Bristol
DREWITT Ann Mrs. Cotham Vale, Bristol
DRIVER John Cabinet Maker / Upholsterer Thomas Street, Bristol
DRUMMOND Adw. Esq. 15 Berkeley Sq, Bristol
DRUMMOND Andrew Barrister 15 Berkeley Square, Bristol
DRUMMOND William Gent 9 Caroline Row, Hotwells, Bristol
DUCK & FRIPP Surgeons 5 Stokes Croft, Bristol
DUCK Stephen Furniture Broker St James' Back, Bristol
DUCKENFIELD Jno. Boot & Shoe Maker Waterloo Pl, Clifton, Bristol
DUDLEY Cornelius Plasterer / Tiler / Painter 4 Hanover Crt, Leek Lane, Bristol
DUDLEY George Hairdresser Rosemary Lane. Bristol
DUDLEY Thomas Clifford Furrier Little Ann Street, Bristol
DUFFETT Francis Tavern / Public House White Hart, Lower Maudlin Street
DUFFETT James Brick & Tile Maker St Philip's Marsh, Bristol
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[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand in January 1994]