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Help and advice for Alphabetical list and index for graves in the East Riding of Yorkshire

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Alphabetical list and index for graves in the East Riding of Yorkshire


If you haven't done so already, please read the explanatory notes in the Section Index.

Letter T

TD Great Driffield Cemetery,
TGTH Hunmanby,
TP Thwing,
TS Sancton,
Tabbatt Burythorpe,
Tabberer Settrington,
Tabor Beeford, Hornsea Cemetery,
Tacchi Leconfield,
Tadman Bridlington Cemetery, Folkton Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Taffinder Bridlington Cemetery,
Tailby Filey Cemetery,
Tait Bridlington Cemetery, Leconfield,
Talbot Bridlington Cemetery, Thwing, Warter, Withernsea,
Tallantire Bridlington Cemetery,
Tallentire Bridlington Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Tamblin Filey,
Tanfield Hutton Cranswick,
Tangate Holmpton,
Tanner Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery,
Tansey Bridlington Cemetery,
Tansley Hornsea Cemetery,
Tanswell Bridlington Cemetery,
Tanton Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Lockington, Rise, Sigglesthorne, Withernwick,
Taplin Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery,
Tappenden Bridlington Cemetery,
Tarbatt Filey Cemetery,
Tarbolton Bridlington Cemetery,
Tarbotton Sigglesthorne,
Tardivel Hunmanby Cemetery,
Tarr Westow,
Tarrant Bridlington Cemetery,
Tarry Kirby Underdale,
Tasker Aldbrough, Aldbrough Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Patrington, Warter, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tassell Bridlington,
Tassie Bridlington Cemetery,
Tate Beswick, Bridlington Cemetery, Folkton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Harpham, Hollym, Hornsea Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham Cemetery, Leven, Nafferton, North Frodingham Cemetery, North Grimston, Rudston, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tattersall Aldbrough, Burton Pidsea,
Tattersfield Bridlington Cemetery,
Tattershall Rudston,
Tatterton Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tawn Hornsea Cemetery,
Tayles Bridlington Cemetery,
Taylor Aldbrough Cemetery, Bainton, Beeford, Brandesburton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Bridlington Priory Monuments, Burton Agnes, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Burythorpe, Catwick, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Flamborough, Folkton, Folkton Cemetery, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Harpham, Hornsea, Hornsea Cemetery, Hunmanby, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham Cemetery, Langton, Leconfield, Leven, Lissett, Lockington, Long Riston, Lund, Mappleton, Marton RCgraveyard, Nafferton, North Frodingham Cemetery, Nunkeeling, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Reighton, RillingtonCemetery, Rise, Roos, Rudston, Scorborough, Settrington, Sewerby, Sherburn, Sigglesthorne, Sledmere, Thixendale, Wansford, Warter, Weaverthorpe, West Lutton, Wetwang, Willerby, Wintringham, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernwick,
Taylor-Smith Filey Cemetery,
Taysley Kilnwick On The Wolds,
Teague Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey,
Teal Cherry Burton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kirkburn, Lockington, Lund,
Teale Bridlington Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Teall Withernsea Cemetery,
TeasdaleRillingtonCemetery, Westow, Withernsea Cemetery,
Teasell Hutton Cranswick,
Teather Bridlington Cemetery,
Tebb Settrington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tebbutt Withernsea Cemetery,
Tee Great Driffield Cemetery, Sherburn,
Teesdale Beswick,
Tellmann Sherburn,
Temperton Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Temple Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Fleming, Carnaby, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Folkton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Muston, Reighton, RillingtonCemetery, Weaverthorpe, Withernsea Cemetery,
Templeman Bridlington Cemetery, Kirkburn,
Templeton Bridlington Cemetery,
Temporal Filey,
Tennant Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Lissett, Warter,
Tennison Burton Pidsea, Carnaby, Easington, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hollym, Hornsea, Kilnsea, Mappleton, Nafferton, Patrington, Reighton, Rimswell, Rise,
Tenny Brandesburton,
Tennyson Kilnsea, Patrington Cemetery, Welwick,
Ternent Bridlington Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick,
Territt Bainton,
Terry Settrington,
Tesseyman Sigglesthorne,
Tester Bridlington Cemetery,
Tether Roos, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tetley Bridlington Cemetery, Filey,
Tetlow Bridlington Cemetery,
Tew Wintringham,
Thacker Withernsea Cemetery,
Thackeray Bridlington Cemetery,
Thackrah Bridlington Cemetery,
Thackray Bridlington Cemetery,
Thackwray Hollym,
Thatcher Brandesburton,
Thaw Bridlington Cemetery,
Theaker Bridlington Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick,
Theakston Beeford, Burnby, Fridaythorpe, Great Driffield Cemetery, Harpham,
Theakstone Aldbrough Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Harpham, Nafferton,
Theasby Leven,
Thellman Nafferton,
Thelwell Sledmere,
Thetford Aldbrough Cemetery,
Thewlis Bridlington Cemetery,
Thickett Filey,
Thiede Bridlington Cemetery,
Thirkettle Withernsea Cemetery,
Thirlwell Burton Agnes Cemetery,
Thirsk Bridlington Cemetery, Kilham, Leven, Muston, Nafferton, Warter,
Thirza Bridlington Cemetery,
Thisel Bridlington Cemetery,
Thistle Wintringham,
Thistleton Bridlington Cemetery, Folkton Cemetery, Langton, RillingtonCemetery, Sherburn,
Thom Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery,
Thomas Aldbrough, Bessingby, Beswick, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, East Heslerton, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Leconfield, Marton RCgraveyard, Millington, Patrington Cemetery, Sancton, SkipseaCemetery, Sledmere, Warter, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernsea,
Thomason Bridlington Cemetery,
Thomlinson Nafferton,
Thompson Aldbrough, Aldbrough Cemetery, Atwick, Barmby Moor, Barmston, Bessingby, Beswick, Boynton, Brandesburton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Fleming, Burton Pidsea, Burton Pidsea Cemetery, Carnaby, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Fimber, Flamborough, Folkton Cemetery, Foxholes, Fridaythorpe, Great Driffield Cemetery, Harpham, Hilston, Hornsea Cemetery, Humbleton, Hunmanby, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham, Kilham Cemetery, Langton, Leven, Lissett, Little Driffield, Lockington, Long Riston, Mappleton, Middleton On The Wolds, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Millington, Muston, Nafferton, North Frodingham Cemetery, North Grimston, Nunburnholme, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Rillington, RillingtonCemetery, Roos, Rudston, Ruston Parva, Sancton, Settrington, Sewerby, Sherburn, Sigglesthorne, Skirpenbeck, Ulrome, Watton, Welwick, West Heslerton, Wetwang, Winestead, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernsea, Wold Newton,
Thompson-Holland Bridlington Cemetery,
Thomsen Bridlington Cemetery,
Thomson Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Patrington Cemetery, Reighton, Rise, Sherburn, Wansford, Withernsea Cemetery,
Thorley Bessingby, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery, Leconfield, Nafferton, Roos,
Thorlow Leven, Lockington, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery,
Thorn Great Driffield Cemetery,
Thornburn Great Driffield Cemetery, Humbleton, West Lutton,
Thorne Bridlington Cemetery, Welwick,
Thorney Bridlington Cemetery,
Thornham Hornsea Cemetery,
Thornhill Kirby Underdale, Nafferton, Sigglesthorne,
Thornley Bridlington Cemetery, Filey,
Thornton Birdsall, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Filey, Folkton Cemetery, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery, Marton RCgraveyard, Nafferton, North Cliffe, North Dalton, RillingtonCemetery, SkipseaCemetery, Thixendale, West Lutton, Willerby, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernsea,
Thornton-Varley Bridlington Cemetery,
Thorogood Bempton, Hunmanby Cemetery, Thwing,
Thorp Bridlington Cemetery, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, RillingtonCemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Thorpe Bainton, Beeford, Birdsall, Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Leven, Nunkeeling, Patrington, SkipseaCemetery, Ulrome, Wetwang,
Thorpe-Willett Filey, Filey Cemetery,
Thoy Filey,
Thrall Bridlington Cemetery,
Threadgold Hutton Cranswick,
Threlfall Filey,
Throssel Hutton Cranswick,
Thrower Burton Agnes Cemetery, Reighton,
Thrusk Leven,
Thrussell Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery,
Thurley Great Driffield Cemetery,
Thurlow Barmby Moor, Beswick, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Kilham, Kirkburn, Little Driffield, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Nafferton, Nunburnholme, Rudston, Warter,
Thurman Withernsea Cemetery,
Thursby Westow,
Thurston Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Sewerby,
Thut Nafferton,
Tiaong West Lutton,
Tibbet Bridlington Cemetery,
Tibbles Langtoft,
Tibbs Bridlington Cemetery,
Tickell Ulrome,
Tiddy Easington,
Tidswell Cherry Burton,
Tidy Bridlington Cemetery,
Tierny Bridlington Cemetery,
Tiffany Bridlington Cemetery,
Tiffin Filey,
Tijou-Rawlinson Carnaby,
Tillett Bridlington Cemetery,
Tilley Withernsea Cemetery,
Tilling Brandesburton,
Tillotson Filey,
Timmins Bridlington Cemetery, Filey,
Timothy Bridlington Cemetery,
Timperley Bridlington Cemetery,
Tinch Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tindal Harpham,
Tindale Aldbrough, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Carnaby, Little Driffield, Sancton, Withernsea,
Tindall Atwick, Bainton, Beeford, Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burythorpe, East Heslerton, Filey, Flamborough, Folkton, Folkton Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham Cemetery, Nafferton, Rillington, RillingtonCemetery, Roos, Rudston, Settrington Cemetery, Thwing, West Heslerton,
Tindel Reighton,
Tindell Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea,
Tindill Bridlington Cemetery, Sancton,
Tindle Great Driffield Cemetery, Marton RCgraveyard,
Tingle Bridlington Cemetery,
Tinker Bridlington Cemetery,
Tinman Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tinsley Aldbrough Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Wetwang,
Tiplady Aldbrough, Hornsea Cemetery, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Rise, Withernwick,
Tipler Bridlington Cemetery,
Tipling Bridlington Cemetery,
Tisdale Bridlington Cemetery,
Titchin Filey Cemetery,
Titheridge Filey Cemetery,
Tock Hollym, Lockington, Lowthorpe, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery,
Todd Beeford, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick, Filey Cemetery, Flamborough, Foxholes, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Langton, Patrington Cemetery, Scorborough, Settrington, Sherburn, Wansford, Watton, Winestead, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernwick, Wold Newton,
Todisco Bridlington Cemetery,
Toft Filey, Withernsea Cemetery,
Toire Bridlington Cemetery,
Tolerton Bridlington Cemetery,
Tolhurst Middleton On The Wolds,
Tolladay Bridlington Cemetery,
Tollett Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tolliday Sherburn,
Tolmie Bridlington,
Tolson Bridlington Cemetery,
Tomblin Filey,
Tomes Withernsea Cemetery,
Tomkins Bridlington Cemetery,
Tomkinson Nunburnholme,
Tomlin Ulrome,
Tomlinson Bainton Cemetery, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Flamborough, Folkton Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Nafferton, Reighton, Sigglesthorne, Watton, Withernsea,
Tommis Filey Cemetery,
Tompkinson Bridlington Cemetery,
Toner Filey Cemetery,
Tong Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Garton, Humbleton,
Tonge Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tonkinson Bridlington Cemetery, Extraparochial,
Took Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tooke Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tooley Bridlington Cemetery,
Toomey Hornsea Cemetery,
Tooth Bridlington Cemetery,
Toovey Bridlington Cemetery,
Topham Bainton, Bainton Cemetery, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Fimber, Great Driffield Cemetery, Kirby Grindalythe, Kirkburn, Lowthorpe, Thorpe Bassett, Thwing, Weaverthorpe, Westow, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernwick,
Topliss Withernsea Cemetery,
Topping West Heslerton,
Torevill Hunmanby Cemetery,
Torr Settrington Cemetery,
Tout Filey,
Tovell Burton Agnes Cemetery,
Tover Roos,
Tovey Little Driffield,
Towers Bridlington Cemetery,
Towle Filey,
Towler Patrington, Roos,
Town Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Sigglesthorne,
Townend Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Long Riston, Sewerby, Wharram Le Street, Withernsea Cemetery,
Towner Great Driffield Cemetery,
Townsend Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Pidsea, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Reighton,
Townsley Withernsea Cemetery,
Tows Wintringham,
Towse Atwick, Bempton, Beswick, Bridlington Cemetery, Bugthorpe, Filey, Flamborough, Goxhill, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham, Kilham Cemetery, Kilnwick On The Wolds, Kirby Underdale, Leven, Long Riston, Middleton On The Wolds, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Nafferton, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Sancton, Settrington Cemetery, SkipseaCemetery, Thixendale, Winestead, Wintringham, Withernsea Cemetery,
Toy Bridlington Cemetery,
Toyne Nunburnholme,
Toynton Leven,
Tozer Bridlington Cemetery,
Tradewell Hunmanby Cemetery,
Trafford Great Driffield Cemetery,
Trahair Withernsea Cemetery,
Traill Great Driffield Cemetery,
Train Aldbrough Cemetery, Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Helperthorpe, Hilston, Hornsea Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Little Driffield, Roos, Weaverthorpe, West Lutton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tranmer Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Flamborough, Folkton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby, Middleton On The Wolds, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Rudston, Skipsea, Wansford, Weaverthorpe,
Travers Kirby Underdale,
Traverse Bridlington Cemetery,
Traves Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough,
Travis Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Treble Bridlington Cemetery,
Treleaven Filey,
Trench Bridlington Cemetery, Kilnwick On The Wolds,
Trendall Bridlington Cemetery,
Trevor Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery,
Trevvett Ganton,
Tribe Bridlington Cemetery,
Trice Withernsea Cemetery,
Trick Folkton Cemetery,
Triffitt Bridlington Cemetery, Patrington Cemetery, Sigglesthorne,
Trigg Great Driffield Cemetery,
Triggs Hornsea Cemetery,
Trimbee Filey,
Trimby Bridlington Cemetery,
Trimming Filey,
Trinder Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tripp Hornsea Cemetery, Leven,
Trodler Brandesburton,
Trohear Ganton, Sherburn,
Troke West Heslerton,
Troon Filey,
Troop Patrington Cemetery,
Trotman Bridlington Cemetery,
Trotter Bridlington Cemetery,
Troughton Filey,
Trousdale Langton, Settrington Cemetery, Sherburn, Wold Newton,
Trowell Bempton, Thwing,
Trower Bridlington Cemetery, Sewerby,
Trowhill Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Roos, Withernwick,
Trowill Hornsea Cemetery,
Trown Bridlington Cemetery,
Trowsdale Filey, Fimber, Great Driffield Cemetery, Willerby,
Trudgett Fimber,
Truelove Bridlington Cemetery,
Trueman Birdsall, North Grimston, Weaverthorpe, Wintringham,
Truffitt Bridlington Cemetery,
Truman Burnby, Hornsea Cemetery,
Trusler Great Driffield Cemetery,
Truslove Aldbrough,
Tryon Bridlington Cemetery,
Tuck Filey Cemetery,
Tucka Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tucker Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Lockington, Withernsea,
Tuckey Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tudan Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tudor Bridlington Cemetery,
Tuffeny Patrington,
Tully Bridlington Cemetery,
Tummon Bridlington Cemetery,
Tunbridge Bridlington Cemetery,
Tungate Long Riston, Sigglesthorne,
Tunnacliffe Flamborough,
Tunnicliffe Bridlington Cemetery,
Tunstall Fridaythorpe, Hornsea Cemetery, Sewerby,
Tuplin Aldbrough, Aldbrough Cemetery, Garton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tupling Bridlington Cemetery,
Tupman Millington,
Turgoose Bridlington Cemetery,
Turkington Bridlington Cemetery,
Turley Patrington Cemetery,
Turnbull Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Kilham Cemetery, Leven, Muston, RillingtonCemetery, Roos, Sledmere,
Turner Aldbrough Cemetery, Beeford, Bempton, Birdsall, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Pidsea, Cherry Burton, Easington, East Heslerton, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Flamborough, Fridaythorpe, Great Driffield Cemetery, Helperthorpe, Holmpton, Hornsea Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Langton, Leven, Lockington, Nafferton, North Frodingham Cemetery, North Grimston, Reighton, RillingtonCemetery, Rise, Rudston, Sancton, Sewerby, Withernsea Cemetery,
Turner-Bagot Bridlington Cemetery,
Turnock Bridlington Cemetery,
Turnpenny Bridlington Cemetery,
Turpin Bridlington Cemetery,
Turrell Aldbrough Cemetery, Sledmere,
Turton Barmby Moor, Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Tuton Hornsea Cemetery, Humbleton, Roos,
Tutt-Monteith Bridlington Cemetery,
Tuttle Bridlington Cemetery,
Tweddell Bridlington Cemetery,
Tweedale Leven,
Twell Bridlington Cemetery,
Twiddle Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Fleming, Great Driffield Cemetery, Kilham, Kilham Cemetery, North Frodingham Cemetery, Sigglesthorne, West Lutton,
Twiddy Bridlington Cemetery,
Twidle Aldbrough Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery,
Twigg Bridlington Cemetery, Filey Cemetery, Flamborough, Kilham Cemetery, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery,
Twinning Filey,
Twist Bridlington Cemetery,
Twose Bridlington Cemetery,
Twycross Burton Pidsea,
Tye Aldbrough Cemetery,
Tyler Aldbrough Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Tyles Barmston,
Tyndale Hornsea Cemetery,
Tyrala Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tyrer Great Driffield Cemetery,
Tyrrell Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery,
Tyson Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Cherry Burton, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, North Grimston, Sledmere, Weaverthorpe,