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Llanbadarn Fawr

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See Kain Maps to identify the townships within the area coloured blue above which represents the area of this parish

"LLANBADARN-VAWR (LLAN-BADARN-VAWR a parish comprising the sea-port, borough, and market and post town of Aberystwith, from which the church is one mile distant, to the south-east, and the hamlets of Broncastellan and Clarach, in the upper division, and those of Cwrnrheidol, Elerch, Isâ yn Dre', Uchâ yn Dre', Isâ yn Vainor, Uchâ yn Vainor, Melindwr, Parcel-Canol and Trêvirig in the lower division of the hundred of GENEU'R GLYN; and the hamlets of Llanbadarn Isâ yn y Croythen and Llanbadarn Uchâ yn y Croythen, each of all these hamlets maintaining its own poor, in the upper division of the hundred of ILAR county of CARDIGAN, SOUTH WALES; and containing 9824 inhabitants......"
[From Samuel Lewis's A Topographical Dictionary of Wales 1833]

The chapelry of Aberystwyth whilst part of this parish has its own page and content



The Benjamin Indexes
These are held at Ceredigion Archives who are prepared to carry out a reasonable search, they are transcripts (& indexes) of the census for Aberystwyth and North Cardiganshire, prepared by the late Mr.Benjamin, and deposited at various locations including that office. They are very good transcripts, and represent a massive amount of work - inevitably there are a few small mistakes, but they are generally useful and accurate. They cover the period 1841-1881 and include the parishes of Llanbadarn Fawr, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, Llanfihangel Geneu'r-glyn, Llancynfelyn, (bits of ) Llanbadarn y Creuddyn, Lanychaearn, Llanafan and others.
Also, the 1891 census for Aberystwyth only has been transcribed by William Howells, the County Librarian, and is also available at Ceredigion Archives .

    Benjamin, E Alwyn. Melindwr, Cardiganshire...The Censuses of 1841-71 Ceredigion: Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. Vol. IX, No. 4 (1983). Here is an index by Gareth Hicks of property names, districts, hamlets and villages noted in the 1841-1871 censuses for this township in the article. The full article is now on the NLW's site
    'This most informative study exposes the development of the lead mining industry in Melindwr township over the period covered by the 1841-71 censuses. In terms of simple statistics the 1841 total population was 674 and that in 1871 was 1342 ; with the numbers of inhabited houses being 127 and 289 respectively.....In 1841, almost 20% of the inhabitants were not born in CGN and although this census doesn't show actual places of origin since one group of properties in Goginan was named Cornish Mount it seems reasonable to assume that many came from Cornwall. In fact , further analysis of the 1851 total of 1,151 people shows that 894 [78%] were born in CGN ;Cornwall 112 ; Devon 20 ; Ireland 46 ; Elsewhere 79. It would appear that the inflow of Cornish people peaked in 1851 ebbing sharply in the following decade when there were as many Irish born there as Cornish...'

        See under Church Records below for information re censuses for this parish and for Elerch parish

        Benjamin, E Alwyn. The Enumeration District of Cwmrheidol 1861-71: a Comparative Study (NLW's site) Ceredigion Vol IX

        Benjamin, E. Alwyn. Parcel Canol, Cardiganshire : a study of the censuses 1841-81 (NLW's site) Ceredigion, x 4 : 383-91


        There are more than 30 churches identified in this place. Please click here for a complete list.

        You can also perform a more selective search for churches in the Llanbadarn Fawr area or see them printed on a map.


        Church History

        Parish entry for Llanbadarn Fawr from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • St Padarn
        • Incumbent and Curates; D J Jones
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage 53,267; Population 2,464

        Parish entry for Bangor (Capel) from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • St Comgall
        • &
        • Goginan Mission Church
        • Incumbent and Curates; D Davies
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage ---; Population 799

        Parish entry for Borth from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • St Matthew
        • Incumbent and Curates; E P Davies
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage ---; Population 1,324

        Parish entry for Elerch from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • St Peter
        • Incumbent and Curates; D Charles
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage ---; Population 185

        Parish entry for Llangorwen from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • All Saints
        • Incumbent and Curates; L Roderick
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage ---; Population 372

        Parish entry for Penrhyncoch from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • St John
        • Incumbent and Curates; R Williams
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage ---; Population 644

        Parish entry for Ysbytty Cynfyn from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd by Archive CD Books).

        • St John Baptist
        • Incumbent and Curates; C Evans
        • Rural Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr
        • Acreage ---; Population 589

          Some church and chapel data from The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales. Ed. by I.G Jones, & D. Williams. UWP, Cardiff, 1976. The names are those of the informants

          • Llangorwen Church, Llanbadarn Fawr parish Erected 'ten years ago' No informant's signature
          • Anglican "schoolroom?" (in another Land) "It is neyther consecrated or licensed prayer meetings only being held in it every Sunday evening" Erected by the late Hugh Jones Esq, and other gentlemen from London William Herbert, Schoolmaster, Clarach (in Clarach township)
          • Llanbadarn Fawr Vicarage J Hughes, Vicar (in Upper Llanbadarn-y-Croyddin township)
          • Ysbytty Cenvin Church "Erected 1400 as far as is known" No Informant's signature (in Upper Llanbadarn-y-Croyddin township)
          • Bangor Chapel of Ease Consecrated in 1839 Erected by the late Richard Jones, Aberystwyth John Thomas Morgan, Warden, Tynllidiart ( in Melindwr township)

          See Chapels database

          See John Ball's site Welsh Churches and Chapels Collection for a photograph/data re St Padarn's Church

          Various items - on the People's Collection Wales site

          • Llanbadarn Fawr, St Padarn's Church  
          • Colour transparency showing the vicarage at Llanbadarn Fawr, June 2004
          • A tall, ornate stone cross in St. Padarn's churchyard, Llanbadarn Fawr.

          All Saints church, Llangorwen - photograph on Dyfed FHS

          Capel Bangor church - photograph on Dyfed FHS

          St Matthew Goginan Mission - photograph on Dyfed FHS (under Capel Bangor)

          St John's church, Penrhyncoch - photograph on Dyfed FHS

          St Padarn's church - photograph on Dyfed FHS

          St Peter's church, Elerch - photograph on Dyfed FHS

          St John the Baptist, Ysbyty Cynfyn - photograph on Dyfed FHS

          St Padarn, Llanbadarn Fawr

          Held at the NLW ;

          • Letters from the Llanbadarn Fawr parish chest, 1842-55, mostly relating to ecclesiastical appointments in Wales and the need for Welsh speaking incumbents.


          Harris, Silas M. A Llanbadarn Fawr calendar (NLW's site) Ceredigion Vol 2

          Jenkins, David. Salem, Coedgruffydd, a Siloa, Cwmerfyn. (NLW's site) Ceredigion XII

          Kendall, R. J . Ysbyty Cynfyn : past and present. Aberystwyth : Welsh Gazette, 1952.

          Lewis, Frank Robert. A Short History of the Church of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, etc. Cambrian News: Aberystwyth (1937) pp.19 80. [BM 20031.f.37.]

          Lewis, Frank R. The rectors of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, from 1246-1360. Arch Camb, 1937

          Rees, O.G.[Rev]. Papers and correspondence about the Restoration of Llanbadarn Fawr Parish Church, 1862-1870. Journal of the Historical Society of the Church in Wales, Vol X, No 15, 1960.

          Samuel, David. Cwm Cynfelin and Llangorwen Church. Card. Antq. Soc, Trans., Vol I/4 Welsh Journals Online


          Church Records

          See Notes on Church/Chapel Records page

          Parish Register;
          Baptisms 1678-1736, 1752, 1766-1953. Marriages 1695-1736, 1754-1987 [Banns 1849-52]. Burials 1678-1736, 1752, 1766-1981 NLW with copies of some dates at Cer.RO
          Copy typescript PR [extracts] CMB 1678-1736 NLW. Typescript PR CB 1830-79 with index NLW/Cer.RO
          Bishops Transcripts;
          1678, 1680-1, 1703, 1773, 1811-79, 1882, 1885-92 NLW

          See Bap/Mar/Bur data on FreeReg for;

          • Llanbadarnfawr Parish Church
          • Y Borth
          • Capel Bangor (Melindwr)
          • Elerch
          • Llangorwen
          • Penrhyncoch
          • Ysbyty Cynfyn

          I.G.I; Baptisms 1815-75. Marriages 1815-37

          Capel Bangor Chapelry [Melindwr] [and a modern parish formed in 1839];
          Baptisms 1839-1993. Marriages 1846-1968, 1974-90 and Goginan 1872-1952. Burials 1839-1993 NLW/Cer.RO
          Bishops Transcripts;
          1847-63, 1865-80, 1888 NLW

          Ysbyty Cynfyn Chapelry[Llanbadarn y Creuddyn];
          Baptisms 1789-1991. Marriages 1762-1970. Burials 1787-1863, 1865-1991 NLW/Cer.RO
          Diocesan records suggest that c 1790 this chapel of ease to Llanbadarn Fawr had " a register which goes back 20 years".
          Copy ts PR M 1762-1837 with index NLW/Cer.RO
          Bishops Transcripts;
          1813, 1815, 1819-20, 1822-67, 1870-6, 1878-81 NLW
          I.G.I; Baptisms 1813-74. Marriages 1813-37

          Elerch [ modern parish formed out of Llanbadarn Fawr and Llanfihangel Genau'r-Glyn 1868]
          Baptisms 1865-1993. Marriages 1868-1970. Burials 1868-1993 NLW/Cer.RO
          Bishops Transcripts;
          1869-79, 1882, 1885 NLW

          Llangorwen [modern parish formed out of Llanbadarn Fawr in 1842]
          Baptisms 1841-1991. Marriages 1843-1971 [Banns 1842-1990]. Burials 1842-1992 NLW/Cer.RO

          Penrhyn-Coch [modern parish out of Llanbadarn fawr]
          Baptisms 1883-1993. Marriages 1881-1970 [Banns 1937-55]. Burials 1893-1993 NLW/Cer.RO

          Index to Burials from Parish Registers 1813-1837 available for purchase from Cardiganshire Family History Society
          Volume 1: Genau'r Glyn Hundred. Parishes covered: Aberystwyth St Michael, Eglwys Fach, Llanbadarn Fawr, Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, Llangynfelyn, Ysbyty Cynfyn

          Nonconformist Chapels; see Chapels database


          Description and Travel

          The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales., by Jones, I.G. & Williams, D. UWP, Cardiff, 1976. These statistics for this parish or chapelry are extracted from this book which in turn got them from the 1851 census itself;

          • Part (1) of Llanbadarn-Fawr Parish consisting of the The Chapelry and Borough of Aberystwyth and the townships of Uchayndre, Issayndre, Upper Vainor, Lower Vainor, Broncastellau, Clarach, Lower Llanbadarn-y-croyddin
          • Area 11259 acres; Population 3602 males, 4304 females, total 7904
          • Part (2) of Llanbadarn-Fawr Parish consisting of the townships of Upper Llanbadarn-y-croyddin, Cwmrheidol, Melindwr, Parcel Canol, Trefeirig
          • Area 37318 acres; Population 2396 males, 2266 females, total 4662
          • Upper Vainor Township
          • Area 1459 acres; Population 225 males, 220 females, total 445
          • Lower Vainor Township
          • Area 1148 acres; Population 104 males, 113 females, total 217
          • Clarach Township
          • Area 1702 acres; Population 121 males, 119 females, total 240
          • Issayndre Township
          • Area 730 acres; Population 163 males, 215 females, total 378
          • Lower Llanbadarn y Croyddin Township
          • Area 4981 acres; Population 425 males, 414 females, total 839
          • Elerch Township
          • Area 4173 acres; Population 112 males, 98 females, total 210
          • Upper Llanbadarn y Croyddin
          • Area 9342 acres; Population 458 males, 483 females, total 941
          • Cwmrheidol Township
          • Area 7824 acres; Population 541 males, 525 females, total 1066
          • Melindwr Township
          • Area 6677 acres; Population 596 males, 555 females, total 1151
          • Trefeirig Township
          • Area 9150 acres; Population 478 males, 409 females, total 887
          • Broncastellau Township
          • No entry
          • Parcel Canol
          • No entry
          • Uchan-dre
          • No entry

            Pictures on the Goginan Community Web site

            Journey to the past - Devil's Bridge & Hafod Arms Hotel

            Various items - on the People's Collection Wales site

            • Various landscapes  
            • Cambrian Coast Express, Llanbadarn Fawr.

            Garreg Fawr Burial Chamber, Llanbadarn fawr - on the Modern Antiquarian site

            Anon. Gogerddan. Card. Antq. Soc. Trans, Vol I

            Green, C. C. (Cedric Charles). Rheidol journey .(history of narrow gauge railways) Llanbadarn : Welsh Books Council, 2nd ed.1993

            Hague, D B. Brogynin, Trefeirig. Ceredigion, Vol II

            You can see pictures of Llanbadarn Fawr which are provided by:



            Pigot & Co. South Wales Directory for 1830. Here are some Extracts relating to 'Aberystwith with Llanbadarn Fawr and neighbourhoods'.

            Pigot & Co. South Wales Directory for 1844. Here are some Extracts relating to 'Aberystwith with Llanbadarn Fawr and neighbourhoods'.

            Kelly's Directory South Wales 1910 For Elerch parish

            Kelly's Directory South Wales 1895 For Llangorwen ecclesiastical parish

            Kelly's Directory South Wales 1895 For Llanbadarn fawr parish

            Kelly's Directory South Wales 1895 For Melindwr/Parcel Canol/Goginan townships

            Kelly's Directory South Wales 1895 For Yspytty Cynfyn ecclesiastical parish


            Emigration and Immigration

            Murtaugh, John. MORRIS of Llanbadarn Fawr. Dyfed FHS journal, Vol 6/334. Persistent letter writing established the connection between the Portland, Oregon, descendants and the family of James Morris of Frongoch Fach, near Devils' Bridge.


            The transcription of the section for Llanbadarn Fawr from The National Gazetteer (1868) provided by Colin Hinson.

            The transcription of the section for YSPYTTY CYNFYN chapelry (Llanbadarn y Creuddyn) from The National Gazetteer (1868) provided by Colin Hinson.

            Description of the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr from A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1833) by Samuel Lewis.

            Descriptions of Llanbadarn Fawr Townships from Samuel Lewis's A Topographical Dictionary of Wales 1833

            Ask for a calculation of the distance from Llanbadarn Fawr to another place.

            Click here for a list of nearby places.



            Cardiganshire Families

            Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

            • James family, Ty'n-rhos, papers 1753-1879 "Ty'n-rhos was a farm on the Gogerddan estate, in the township of Tirymynech in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr......"

            Held at Ceredigion Archives;

            • Diaries of J.Edwards, Ruel Uchaf, Bow Street 1912 - 1940

            Jones, T Bernard. The Llwyngronw Family. Cardiganshire FHS journal, vol 3/7 Feb 2004. The background to the reunion in 2003 of the descendents of Llwyngronw farm near Penrhyncoch village.

            Mattes, Glenda. The Killing Family in Wales; Parts 1 & II. [partly Llanbadarn Fawr]. Cardiganshire FHS journals Vol 2 no 2/3 June/Oct 1999.

            Morgan, Gerald (ed). Nanteos; A Welsh House and its Families. Gomer, Llandysul. (1 85902 802 0). Gomer Catalogue 2002;- "The Powells of Nanteos were one of the three major gentry families in north Ceredigion during the eighteenth century, and the mansion house which was built in 1739, is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in Wales. The nine essays collected in this fascinating study trace the rise and fall of the Powell family.............."


            Historical Geography

            You can see the administrative areas in which Llanbadarn Fawr has been placed at times in the past. Select one to see a link to a map of that particular area.



            Llanbadarn Fawr War Memorial - on the Roll of Honour site

            Nanteos - "........ and it's once vast estate has a wealth of history. This web site (by Jan Joel) attempts to bring to life the history of a time gone by."

             A car in a ditch, Llanbadarn Fawr, August 1907  - on the People's Collection Wales site

            Bowen, E.G. A History of Llanbadarn Fawr . Gomer Press: 1979. Limited ed. published under auspices of the Ysgol Cwmpadarn Centenary Celebration Joint committee.
            Here is an index and contents listing by Peter G.Williams

            Butler, L A S. The excavation of a long hut near Bwlch yr Hendre (NLW's site) Ceredigion Vol IV

            Conway, Gillian L. Towards a Cultural Context for the Eleventh-century Llanbadarn manuscripts. (NLW's site) Ceredigion, Vol XIIII/1 1997.
            "..............during the latter part of the eleventh century Llanbadarn Fawr was perhaps the principal seat of learning in Wales. It was a clas church, which means that there was probably a mixed community here, consisting of laymen, laywomen and clerics, who might be married........"

            Davies, Jeffrey L & T G Driver. The Discovery of a Roman coin hoard at Salem, Trefeirig Ceredigion, 1999

            Evans, Ceiriog Gwynne. Once upon a Time in Goginan. "........ is a wonderful portrait of life in the village which lies in the hills above Aberystwyth. The author relates amusing and touching anecdotes about the unforgettable local characters, the chapels and pubs, the development of the local football league, the effects of the war, and the Boy's Own-style adventures which he experienced during an idyllic childhood. He also traces the history of the village since the time of the Celts and the Romans, examining developments in education, farming, religion and mining. .............. features historical photographs of this beautiful part of mid Wales and its people." (Y Lolfa) 2009 ?

            Evans, J. Wyn.The survival of the 'clas' as an institution in medieval Wales : some observations on Llanbadarn Fawr in " The Early Church in Wales and the West, recent work in early Christian archaeology, history and place names", edited by Nancy Edwards and Alan Lane (1992), p. 33-40

            Forde, C Daryll Prof. Dysgwylfa Fawr Barrow, Cardiganshire Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society Vol 13 1938 Welsh Journals Online

            Fox, Cyril The Penllwyn Urn: notes of a lecture by Cyril Fox Trans. Cards. Antiq. Soc. V, 1927 Welsh Journals Online

            Harris, Silas M. A Llanbadarn Fawr Calendar. Ceredigion, Vol II

            Joel, J. Nanteos : A Brief History of Nanteos Mansion near Aberystwyth. 1996. Includes a brief history of the Powell family.

            Jones, M H. Some of the historical associations of Penllwyn. Trans. Cards. Antiq. Soc. V, 1927 Welsh Journals Online

            Lewis, Frank Robert. The History of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society Vol 13 1938 Welsh Journals Online

            Lewis, Frank R. Lewis Morris and the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire in 1755. Arch Camb, 1938

            Lewis, F R. The History of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, in the Middle Ages. Llandysul, 1938

            Llanbadarn Fawr drwy'r canrifoedd [Llanbadarn Fawr through the centuries]. Aberystwyth : Cyngor Cymuned Llanbadarn Fawr, 1994

            Lewis, W.J. The Manor of Llanbadarn Fawr (NLW's site) Ceredigion: Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society. Vol. V. No. 1 (1964)

            Meyrick, Sir Samuel Rush.(1783-1848) The History and Antiquities of the county of Cardigan. Collected from the few remaining documents which have escaped the ravages of time, as well as from actual observation. Longman: London ,1810. The history and antiquities of the County of Cardigan ... to which are now added a parliamentary history, list of High Sheriffs, some notes on the present county families, &c., &c. repr. Brecon: 1907. This 1907 print has now been reprinted. The section relating to this parish is on pages 298/319; has a section on Ysbytty C'en'vn, a chapel of ease. Extensive section on Llanbadarn fawr church, the last 5 incumbents were 1730 John Edwards, 1763 Isaac Williams, 1770 David Price, 1780 Richard Lloyd, 1805 Richard Evans. Sections on Plas Crug, Glas Grug, Gogerthan(with pedigree of Pryse family), Rhywarthen, Cwmcyvni, Penglais, Vronvraith, Nateos, Maes y Bangor, and the town of Aberystwyth.

            Murphy, Kenneth. Plas Gogerddan, Dyfed: A Multi-Period Burial and Ritual site. Archaeological Journal 149 (1992)


            Land and Property

            Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

            • Lowless Collection "Deeds and documents, 1867-1955, relating to properties in Aberystwyth and the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, ........"
            • Evans family of Lovesgrove 1812-1912 "In 1843, Lovesgrove, in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, was bought for £7,500 by John Evans (1804-1874), a prosperous lime merchant ......."
            • Gwarcwm Deeds "Deeds relating to Gwarcwm in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, 1771-1888."
            • Vorley Collection of Cardiganshire Deeds "Including; ... Deeds relating to the parishes of Llanbadarn Fawr, 1548-1597

            Held at the NLW ;

            • Manuscripts, deeds and documents, 1674-1919, of the Bonsall family of Fronfraith, Llanbadarn Fawr, relating mainly to the Fronfraith estate, and to the Galltyllan estate in Montgomery.
            • Records of the Williams family of Cwmcynfelyn, Llangorwen, 1814-98, and deeds , 1577-1887.
            • Cwrtmawr. An important collection of Welsh manuscripts made by John Humphries Davies of Cwrtmawr. Among the documents are early archives of the Nant Eos estate, C16-C18.
            • Druid Inn. Papers acquired from the Druid Inn, Goginan relating to the activiities of the family of Francis as mining agents, mainly in the lead mines of north Cardiganshire and Flintshire, 1825-58.
            • Gwarcwm. Deeds relating to Gwarcwm in Llanbadarn Fawr parish, 1771-1888.
            • Deeds deposited by Ithel W. Jones relating to the parishes of Llangynfelyn, Llanfihangel Genau'r-glyn and Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, 1583-1772.
            • Nanteos estate records, Cardiganshire, C19.
            • Deeds relating mainly to Llanbadarn Fawr and Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire, 1762-1848, including co-partnership in a bank, 1806.
            • Nanteos. Estate and family records of Powell of Nanteos, previously of Llechwedd-ddyrys, Cardiganshire, mainly C17-C20. Includes correspondence, C17-C19, and records relating to lead-mining in north Cardiganshire.
            • Deeds purchased from H.H.G.Vorley relating to the parishes of Llanbadarn Fawr , 1548-97, and Llangynfelyn, 1841-8.
            • Deeds donated by H. Harold Hughes relating to the parishes of Llanfihangel Genau'r-glyn, Llangynfelyn and Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, 1577-1852.
            • Cardiganshire Rentals ;
              13-17. Lordship of Creuddyn, c.1910 (Llanbadarn Fawr, Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn).
            • Gogerddan. Records of the Pryse family of Gogerddan, Cardiganshire ; and the associated families of Lewes of Abernantbychan, Cardiganshire, and Hean Castle, Pembrokeshire ; Lewis of Llangors, Breconshire ; Lloyd of Aberllefenni, Merionethshire ; and Loveden of Buscot Park, Berkshire. Include deeds from C14 ; manorial records C17-C19 ; and silver and lead mining records C17-C20.

            Held at Ceredigion Archives;

            • Sale catalogues for selected household contents at Hafod [1939] and Nanteos [1957].

            Colyer, R.J. The Gogerddan Demesne Farm 1812-22 (NLW's site) Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol VII, No 2, 1973.

            Colyer, R J. The Pryse Family of Gogerddan and the Decline of a Great Estate, 1800-1960. (NLW's site) Welsh History Review, Vol 9/4, Dec 1979

            Colyer, R J. Roderick Eardley Richardes and Plas Penglais, Aberystwyth (NLW's site) Ceredigion Vol X

            Colyer, R J. Nanteos: a Landed Estate in Decline 1800-1930 (NLW's site) Ceredigion, vol IX/1, 1980.
            "The origin of the rise to local eminence of the Powell family lay in the successful legal career of Sir Thomas Powell of Llechwedd-dyrus......................during the reign of James II...."

            Cooper, K F. Rhyd-Hir Uchaf: The History of a Ceredigion Farm (NLW's site) Ceredigion, vol IX/3, 1982. A 17 acre smallholding that used to be part of the Gogerddan estate.

            Hauge, D B. Brogynin, Trefeirig (NLW's site) Ceredigion Vol II

            Lewis, W J. Manor of Llanbadarn Fawr. Ceredigion, v 1 : 47-53 (1964)

            Williams, Peter. A Place of Mistaken Identity ? Cardiganshire FHS journal, vol 3/7 Feb 2004. A discussion on whether the Henblas connected to Richard Lloyd was the one in Llanbadarn fawr or Ystradmeurig.


            Military History

            Llanbadarn Fawr War Memorial   - on the People's Collection Wales site


            Names, Geographical

            Places, villages, farms etc within Llanbadarn Fawr parish as shown on the online parish map from the CD of Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file]. (Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R.). (Extracted by Gareth Hicks)

            • Elerch (8); Afon Camdwr; Afon Leri; Afon Llechwedd-mawr; Allt-ddu; Bont-goch; Bwlch-glas; Bwlch-ystyllen; Carn Owen; Cefn-gwyn; Cefn yr Esgair; Cerig yr Hafan; Craig y Pistyll; Cwmere; Elerch (village); Esgair Ffos-fudr; Llyn Craig-y-pistyll; Llyn-loew; Moel-golomen; Moel Golomen; Nant Du; Nant Lwyd; Nant Perfedd; Old Mine; Pant-y-ffynnon
            • Trefeirig (9); Afon Camdwr; Afon Hengwm; Afon Stewy; Allt Dderw; Banc Trawsnant; Broginnin; Bryn Cras; Bryn-goleu; Bryn Gwyn; Bryn y Beddau; Camdwr-mawr; Camp; Castell-bach?; Coed-Griffith; Craig y March; Cwm-daren; Cwm-erfin; Cwm-symlog; Drosgol; Fainc Ddu; Garn fawr; Garn Wen; Garth; Gogerddan; Lead Mine (disused)(2); Llechwedd y Buarth; Lletty-caws; Lluest y Graig; Llwyn-Gronw; Llwyn-prysg; Llyn Llygad Rheidol; Mill; Nant Silo; Nant y Barracks; Nant y Llyn; Old Mine(2); Pantau'r Brwyn; Pen-bont-rhyd-y-beddau; Pen Cerig-tewion; Pen rhiw-newydd; Penrhyn-coch; Plynlimon Fach; Pond Syfydrin; Reservoir; Salem; Source of River Severn; Syfydrin
            • Parcel-canol (10); Afon Rheidol; Allt-Fadog; Blaen-geuffordd; Bron-saint; Capel-Dewi; Cefn-llidiart; Cefn-llwyd; Cwm-mwythig; Daren; Disgwylfa Fach; Disgwylfa Fawr; Drum Peithnant; Gwar-cwm; Lluest-fawr; Llwyn-Iorwerth; Melindwr; Moelfryn?; Nant y Moch; Peithyll; Pen-lon; Y Garn; Ysbubor-newydd
            • Upper Vaenor (11A); Commins-coch; Dolau; Dorglwyd; Ffynnon Caradog; Fronfraith; Fron-gog; Llwyn-Dewi; Lovesgrove; Plas-hendre; Waun-fawr
            • Claragh (11B); Glan-y-mor; Llangorwen (village); Maen-uwch; Nant-siriol; Rhos-cellan; Sarn Cynfelyn; Ty'n-yr-abbey; Wallog
            • Broncastellan (11C); Bow Street (village); Camp
            • Lower Vaenor (12); Allt-glais; Bryn-carnedd; Constitution Hill; Craig y Filfran; Cwm-cynfelyn; Golf Course; Pen-glais; Pen-glais-fach; Ty-gwyn
            • See Aberystwyth parish for (13)
            • Isan-dre (14); National Library
            • Uchan-dre (15); Llanbadarn Fawr (village)
            • Lower Llanbadarn y Creuddyn (16); Bwlch; Camp; Castell; Cwm-hwylog; Glan-yr-afon; Glas-crug; Gors; Gwar-y-felin; Llanrhystyd Road Sta.; Moriah; Nant Eos; Nant Paith; Nantyr-hydd; Pencraig; Pen-lan-las; Pentre-bont; Pen-y-graig; Rhyd-y-felin; Rhyd-y-firian; South Gate; Troed-rhiw-las-crug; Ty-gwyn; Ty-isaf; Ty-llwyd; Ty'n-y-wern; Wern-ddu
            • Upper Llanbadarn y Creuddyn (17); Aber-ffrwd; Abernant; Afon Myherin; Afon Rheidol; Banc Ty-mawr; Bryn-gwyn; Bwlch-y-crwys; Camp; Capel Seion; Cennant; Cnwch-yr-arian; Cwm Ergyr; Cwmrheidol; Cwm Rheidol; Devil's Bridge; Erw Barfau; Erw-tomau; Fuches-gau; Fuches Wen; Gwar-allt; GWR Railway; Llan Eithyr; Llechwedd Mawr?; Mine Lead; Mynach (river); Nant Meirch; Nant Rhys; Nant-y-benglog; Pant-mawr; Parc-gwyn; Pen Dihewid; Pont-erwyd; Pwll-cenawon; Pwll-clai; Rheidol Falls; Rhiw Arthen-isaf; Ty'n-llwyn Hill; Ty'n-y-ffordd; Ty'n-y-rhyd; Y Glog; Yspytty Cynfyn;
            • Melindwr (18); Aber-Peithnant; Afon Melindwr; Afon Rheidol; Allt y Gwreiddyn; Blaen Peithnant; Bryn Llwyd; Camp(2); Capel Bangor; Carn Dol-gau; Cwm-brwyno; Cyncoed; Dinas; Dollwen; Dol-y-pandy; Drum Peithnant; Drybedd; Dyll Faen; Esgair Gorlan; Glan Rheidol; Goginan; Goginan-fach; Hen Hafod; Hirnant; Lead Mine; Lle'r-neuaddau; Moelfryn ?; Nant-yr-arian; Old Goginan; Old Mine(2); Penbryn; Pen-y-Graig-ddu; Y Garn
            • Cwmrheidol (19); Afon Castell; Afon Tarennig; Allt-y-Gigfran; Banc Craignant-mawr; Bryn Bras; Bryn-glas; Bryn Glas; Bwa-drain; Bwlch Gwyn; Camp(2); Carn Lwyd; Cefn-bangor-isaf; Ceiro; Crib-yr-Esgair; Dyffryn-castell; Eisteddfa Gurig; Foel Wyddon; Gelli(2); Glan Rheidol; Hafodau; Hirgoed Ddu; Lead Mine; Llywernog; Nant-y-cae-rhedyn; Neuadd; Old Lead Mines(4); Parson's Bridge; Peraidd Fynydd; Plynlimon Fawr; Pont-erwyd; Reservoir(3); Troed-yr-hen-riw; Ty-cam; Ty-llwyd; Ystum-tuen


                Cwmbrwyino Mine . "This mine is situated just off the A44 Aberystwyth road, about 3 miles West of Ponterwyd.."

                Milkman at Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth - on the People's Collection Wales site 

                Boyns, T. The Mines of Llywernog. National Library of Wales journal. 1976, Winter. Volume XIX/4

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                Tucker, Mary. The system of water courses to lead mines from the river Leri (NLW's site) Ceredigion Vol VIII


                Poor Houses, Poor Law etc.

                Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

                • Neuaddfawr (Tal-y-bont) Family Papers "Including; ........ poor rate books for the township of Trefeurig in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, [1850s]-[1860s] ..... "

                Public Records

                Held at Ceredigion Archives;

                • Parcel Canol Parish Council, rate book 1820-26; and volume listing Rate Collectors and Overseers of the Poor, 1871-94


                Walker, R.F. Comins Coch primary School, 1919-1979. Ceredigion : Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol X ,No 3, 1986. Also Part 2

                Held at Ceredigion Archives;

                • Logbook of Mynach School [Devil's Bridge] 1959-1988

                Here is an extract from The Reports of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the state of Education in Wales. 1847

                Penglais School History Society (dud link 4/2016) - including the book 'The Churchyard at Llanbadarn Fawr' by A. W Gilbey

                Penglais School site


                Social life and Customs

                RCAHMW colour transparency showing view of Arts Centre, Aberystwyth  - on the People's Collection Wales site