ABERDEENSHIRE - Gazeteer of Place Names


This list gives 5060 place names in Aberdeenshire and the parish(es) in which they can be found.
Select a letter from the table below to change to a list of place names with a different initial letter.


This list is complied from modern maps.
Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

Baads   [Peterculter]
Back Mains   [Skene]
Backbrae   [Chapel of Garioch]
Backbrae   [Premnay]
Backburn   [Gartly]
Backburn   [Tyrie]
Backfolds   [Lonmay]
Backhill   [Auchterless]
Backhill   [Bourtie]
Backhill   [Cluny]
Backhill   [Fintray]
Backhill   [Fyvie]
Backhill   [Kemnay]
Backhill   [Kinellar]
Backhill   [Logie Buchan]
Backhill   [Longside]
Backhill   [Monquhitter]
Backhill   [New Deer]
Backhill   [Newmachar]
Backhill   [Old Deer]
Backhill   [Old Meldrum]
Backhill   [Peterculter]
Backhill   [Strichen]
Backhill of Clackriach   [New Deer]
Backhill of Fortrie   [Ellon]
Backhill of Greeness   [Monquhitter]
Backhills   [Forgue]
Backhills   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Backies Croft   [Glenbuchat]
Backley   [Chapel of Garioch]
Backmill   [Monquhitter]
Backmoss   [New Deer]
Backmoss   [Tarves]
Backpark   [Premnay]
Backside   [Cairnie]
Backside   [Glass]
Backsmiddy   [Monquhitter]
Backstrath   [King Edward]
Backstripes   [Rhynie]
Backtack   [Glass]
Backward   [Fintray]
Backwood   [Cairnie]
Badchear   [Cabrach]
Baddoch   [Crathie]
Badenhall   [Birse]
Badens   [Alford]
Badenscoth   [Auchterless]
Badenstone   [Leochel Cushnie]
Badentyre   [Monquhitter]
Badenyon   [Glenbuchat]
Badiebath   [Fyvie]
Badingair   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Badnagoach   [Logie Coldstone]
Badnyrieves   [New Deer]
Badochurn   [Strathdon]
Badychark   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bahill   [Drumblade]
Baikiehill   [Auchterless]
Baikiehowe   [Old Meldrum]
Bailliesward   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Bainacroft   [Crathie]
Bainshole   [Forgue]
Bainshole   [Insch]
Bakiebutts   [Dyce]
Balachrie   [Fyvie]
Balanreich   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Balbithan   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Balbithan   [Kintore]
Balbithan House   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Balblair   [Midmar]
Balcairn   [Old Meldrum]
Balchers   [King Edward]
Balchimmy   [Leochel Cushnie]
Baldyquash   [Fyvie]
Baldyvin   [Alford]
Balearn   [Lonmay]
Balfiddy   [Birse]
Balfluig   [Alford]
Balfour   [Birse]
Balfour   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Balgaveny   [Forgue]
Balgosie   [Dyce]
Balgowan   [Keig]
Balgownie   [Old Machar]
Balgrennie   [Logie Coldstone]
Balgrove   [Tarves]
Balhalach   [Crathie]
Balhalgardy   [Chapel of Garioch]
Balhennie   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Balhennie   [Logie Coldstone]
Balintober   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Balintuim   [Crathie]
Ballabeg   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Ballachlaggan   [Crathie]
Ballachrosk   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Ballater   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Ballaterach   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Balloch   [Cabrach]
Balloch   [Cairnie]
Balloch   [Crathie]
Balloch   [Longside]
Ballochan   [Birse]
Ballochbuie   [Crathie]
Ballochduie   [Glenbuchat]
Ballogie   [Birse]
Balmacassie   [Ellon]
Balmannocks   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Balmaud   [King Edward]
Balmedie   [Belhelvie]
Balmenach   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Balmoor   [Peterhead]
Balmoral   [Crathie]
Balmore   [Crathie]
Balmuir   [Auchterless]
Balnaboth   [Birse]
Balnacoil   [Aboyne]
Balnacraig   [Aboyne]
Balnacraig   [Glenbuchat]
Balnacraig   [Lumphanan]
Balnagoak   [Methlick]
Balnagoak, Crofts of   [Methlick]
Balnagoak, Hill of   [Methlick]
Balnagowan   [Aboyne]
Balnagowan   [Coull]
Balnagower   [Crathie]
Balnahard   [Birse]
Balnakelly   [Leochel Cushnie]
Balnakettle   [Udny]
Balnamoon   [Tyrie]
Balnastraid   [Logie Coldstone]
Balnaut   [Crathie]
Balno   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Balnoe   [Crathie]
Balnoon   [Forgue]
Balochford   [Cabrach]
Balquhain   [Chapel of Garioch]
Balquhain   [Inverurie]
Balquharn   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Balquhindachy   [Methlick]
Balquhindachy   [Monquhitter]
Balquholly   [Monquhitter]
Balquholly   [Turriff]
Balthangie   [Monquhitter]
Baltimore   [Glenbuchat]
Baluss   [Longside]
Balvack   [Monymusk]
Balvalley   [Cabrach]
Balwearie   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bandeen   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bandley   [Alford]
Bandley   [Keig]
Bandodle   [Midmar]
Bandshed   [Kintore]
Bankhead   [Aberdour]
Bankhead   [Auchterless]
Bankhead   [Clatt]
Bankhead   [Forgue]
Bankhead   [Keig]
Bankhead   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Bankhead   [Midmar]
Bankhead   [Newhills]
Bankhead   [Tarves]
Bankhead   [Tough]
Banking   [Tarves]
Banks   [Cairnie]
Banks   [Fyvie]
Banks   [Strichen]
Banks of Finnercy   [Echt]
Banteith   [Midmar]
Bareflat   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Barefold   [Glass]
Barehillock   [Logie Coldstone]
Barlgass   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Barmekin   [Echt]
Barmkyn   [Keig]
Barnes   [Premnay]
Barns   [Towie]
Barnton   [Echt]
Barnyards   [Echt]
Barnyards   [Old Deer]
Barnyards   [Peterhead]
Barnyards   [Pitsligo]
Barnyards   [Turriff]
Barra   [Bourtie]
Barrack   [New Deer]
Barreldykes   [Rayne]
Barrowsgate   [Drumoak]
Barthol Chapel   [Tarves]
Battle Hill   [Drumblade]
Battlehillock   [Kildrummy]
Baudnacauner   [Birse]
Baudygaun   [Cluny]
Baulds   [Birse]
Beach Cottage   [Lonmay]
Beadshallock   [Leochel Cushnie]
Beanshill   [Peterculter]
Bearnie   [Ellon]
Beauty Hill   [Udny]
Bedlam   [New Deer]
Beechfield   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Beechlea   [Methlick]
Beggshill   [Forgue]
Begsburn   [Echt]
Begshill   [Drumblade]
Begsley   [Dyce]
Behinties   [Leochel Cushnie]
Beidleston   [Dyce]
Belcherrie   [Cabrach]
Beldorney   [Glass]
Belfatton   [Lonmay]
Belhangie   [Birse]
Belhelvie   [Belhelvie]
Belhinnie   [Rhynie]
Bellabeg   [Strathdon]
Bellfield   [Newhills]
Bellmuir   [Methlick]
Belnabodach   [Strathdon]
Belnaboth   [Glass]
Belnaboth   [Glenbuchat]
Belnaboth   [Towie]
Belnacraig   [Glenbuchat]
Belnagauld   [Strathdon]
Belnaglack   [Glenbuchat]
Belniden   [Strathdon]
Belrorie   [Aboyne]
Belscamphie   [Belhelvie]
Belskavie   [Drumoak]
Beltie   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Beltie   [Lumphanan]
Belvidere   [Fyvie]
Belwade   [Aboyne]
Benachie   [Oyne]
Benaquhallie   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Benaquhallie   [Tough]
Bendauch   [Dyce]
Bennachie   [Oyne]
Benthoul   [Peterculter]
Bents   [Newhills]
Benview   [New Deer]
Benwells   [Old Deer]
Berefold   [Ellon]
Berry Brae   [Lonmay]
Berrybrae   [Fyvie]
Berrybrae   [Kennethmont]
Berryden   [Peterhead]
Berryhill   [Fyvie]
Berryhill   [Monquhitter]
Berryhill   [Old Machar]
Berryhill   [Peterhead]
Berryhill   [Skene]
Berryley   [Cruden]
Berrymoss   [Cruden]
Berryslacks   [Cruden]
Berrysloch   [Birse]
Berrywell Nittenshead   [New Deer]
Bervie   [Skene]
Berwick   [Fintray]
Bethelnie   [Old Meldrum]
Bethin   [Midmar]
Bieldside   [Peterculter]
Biffie   [Old Deer]
Bilbo   [Crimond]
Bilbo   [Daviot]
Bilboa   [Daviot]
Bin   [Cairnie]
Binghill   [Peterculter]
Binhall   [Cairnie]
Binside   [Cairnie]
Birkenbrewl   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Birkenburn   [Gartly]
Birkenhill   [Birse]
Birkenhill   [Gartly]
Birkenhills   [Turriff]
Birkfold   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Birkford   [Strathdon]
Birkhall   [Aboyne]
Birkhill   [Alford]
Birkhill   [Newmachar]
Birks   [Echt]
Birlie   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Birness   [Ellon]
Birness   [Logie Buchan]
Birsack   [Skene]
Birse   [Birse]
Birsebeg   [Birse]
Birselasie   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Birsemohr   [Birse]
Birsemore   [Aboyne]
Birsemore   [Birse]
Bishopdams   [Peterculter]
Bishop's Loch   [Newmachar]
Bishopston   [Dyce]
Bisset Moss   [Forgue]
Bissethill   [Cruden]
Bithnie   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Black Bridge   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Black Hill   [Cluny]
Black Hill   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Blackbaulk   [Kildrummy]
Blackblair   [Drumblade]
Blackbog   [Fyvie]
Blackbog   [Old Meldrum]
Blackbraes   [Newmachar]
Blackbriggs   [Methlick]
Blackbriggs   [Old Deer]
Blackburn   [Kinellar]
Blackchambers   [Kinellar]
Blackdams   [Echt]
Blackdog   [Belhelvie]
Blackfauld   [Monquhitter]
Blackfolds   [Forgue]
Blackford   [Auchterless]
Blackford   [Fyvie]
Blackhall   [Inverurie]
Blackhall   [Peterculter]
Blackhill   [Cairnie]
Blackhill   [Crimond]
Blackhill   [Glass]
Blackhill   [Keig]
Blackhill   [Leochel Cushnie]
Blackhill   [Lonmay]
Blackhill   [Monquhitter]
Blackhill   [Peterhead]
Blackhill   [Rhynie]
Blackhill   [Slains]
Blackhillie   [Foveran]
Blackhillock   [Fyvie]
Blackhillock   [Tyrie]
Blackhills   [Cruden]
Blackhills   [Longside]
Blackhills   [Tarland]
Blackhills   [Tyrie]
Blackhlllock   [Glenbuchat]
Blackhole   [Birse]
Blackhouse   [Bourtie]
Blackhouse   [Methlick]
Blackhouse   [Peterhead]
Blacklatch   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Blackmiddens   [Rhynie]
Blackmill   [Logie Coldstone]
Blackmoss   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Blackness   [Udny]
Blackpool   [Fyvie]
Blackpool   [Tough]
Blackpots   [Old Deer]
Blackriggs   [Tyrie]
Blacksheil   [Crathie]
Blackslack   [Strichen]
Blackstank   [Slains]
Blackstock   [Midmar]
Blackstocks   [Fyvie]
Blacktop   [Peterculter]
Blackwater   [Cabrach]
Blair   [Bourtie]
Blair   [Chapel of Garioch]
Blair   [Fintray]
Blair   [Udny]
Blairbowie   [Chapel of Garioch]
Blairdaff   [Chapel of Garioch]
Blairduff   [Clatt]
Blairfowl   [Fyvie]
Blairglass   [Crathie]
Blairhead   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Blairindinny   [Clatt]
Blairlick   [Cabrach]
Blairmore   [Glass]
Blairordens   [Leochel Cushnie]
Blairs   [Kintore]
Blairton   [Belhelvie]
Blairythan   [Foveran]
Blakeshouse   [King Edward]
Blakesmuir   [Cruden]
Blankets   [Bourtie]
Blelack   [Logie Coldstone]
Blelack   [Lumphanan]
Blindburn   [Ellon]
Blindmills   [Auchterless]
Bluemill   [Towie]
Boatles   [Lonmay]
Boatleys   [Chapel of Garioch]
Bodachra   [Old Machar]
Boddam   [Birse]
Boddam   [Peterhead]
Boddomend   [Aboyne]
Bodiebae   [Cabrach]
Bodiechell   [Fyvie]
Bodychell   [Pitsligo]
Bog   [Fintray]
Bog Loch   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Bogairdy   [Gartly]
Bogairdy   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Bogancloch   [Rhynie]
Bogbrae   [Slains]
Bogbraidy   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Bogdavie   [Fyvie]
Bogenchapel   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Bogend   [Clatt]
Bogend   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bogend   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Bogengarrie   [Cruden]
Bogengarrie   [Old Deer]
Bogenjohn   [Strichen]
Bogenjoss   [Dyce]
Bogenlea   [Monquhitter]
Bogensourie   [Strichen]
Bogenspro   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Bogentory   [Cluny]
Bogfechel   [Udny]
Bogfern   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bogfields   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bogfold   [Aberdour]
Bogfold   [Kintore]
Bogforlea   [Strathdon]
Bogforth   [Cairnie]
Bogfouton   [Forgue]
Bogfur   [Kintore]
Boggach   [Strathdon]
Boggiefern   [Birse]
Boggieshalloch   [Turriff]
Boghead   [Aboyne]
Boghead   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Boghead   [Belhelvie]
Boghead   [Birse]
Boghead   [Cabrach]
Boghead   [Chapel of Garioch]
Boghead   [Clatt]
Boghead   [Coull]
Boghead   [Culsalmond]
Boghead   [Drumblade]
Boghead   [Ellon]
Boghead   [Forgue]
Boghead   [Fyvie]
Boghead   [Glass]
Boghead   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Boghead   [Kintore]
Boghead   [Longside]
Boghead   [Lonmay]
Boghead   [Monquhitter]
Boghead   [Newmachar]
Boghead   [Oyne]
Boghead   [Pitsligo]
Boghead   [Premnay]
Boghead   [Tough]
Boghole   [New Deer]
Boghouse   [Tarves]
Bogie   [Rhynie]
Bogiesavock   [Old Deer]
Bogieshalloch   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Bogieshiel   [Birse]
Bogieside   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Bogindhu   [Midmar]
Bogingore   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Boginthort   [Keig]
Boglash   [Longside]
Boglea   [New Deer]
Bogloch   [Lumphanan]
Bogmill   [Chapel of Garioch]
Bogmoon   [Cairnie]
Bogmore   [Birse]
Bogmore   [Coull]
Bogmore   [Kildrummy]
Bogmore   [Monymusk]
Bognie   [Forgue]
Bogniebrae   [Forgue]
Bograxie   [Chapel of Garioch]
Bogriffie   [Fintray]
Bogs   [Leslie]
Bogside   [King Edward]
Bogside   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bogside   [Monquhitter]
Bogside   [Premnay]
Bogside   [Tarves]
Bogside   [Turriff]
Bogskeathy   [Peterculter]
Bogston   [Logie Coldstone]
Bogtamma   [Auchterless]
Bogton   [Drumoak]
Bogton   [Forgue]
Boig   [Tarland]
Boltinstone   [Logie Coldstone]
Boneyton   [Rayne]
Bonnie Doune   [Rathen]
Bonnykelly   [New Deer]
Bonnykelly Lodge   [New Deer]
Bonnyside   [Aboyne]
Bonnyton   [Rayne]
Bonnyton   [Udny]
Bonnytonhill   [Aberdour]
Bonnyview   [New Deer]
Bool Road   [Tarves]
Borderside   [Monquhitter]
Borrohill   [Strichen]
Borrowstone   [Alford]
Borrowstone   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Botary   [Cairnie]
Both   [Glass]
Bothwellseat   [Gartly]
Boudiestone   [Tarves]
Boultenstone   [Logie Coldstone]
Bourtie   [Bourtie]
Bovaglie   [Crathie]
Bow   [Cruden]
Bowery   [Drumoak]
Bowiebanks   [King Edward]
Bowman-Hillock   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Bowmans   [Cabrach]
Boyndlie   [Tyrie]
Boynds   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Brackans   [Turriff]
Brackenbraes   [Forgue]
Brackenstake   [Birse]
Brackholes   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Bracklach   [Cabrach]
Bracklamore   [Aberdour]
Brackloch   [Birse]
Braco   [Chapel of Garioch]
Braco   [Cruden]
Braco   [Inverurie]
Braco   [Pitsligo]
Braco   [Strichen]
Brae   [Kintore]
Brae   [Midmar]
Brae Cott   [Leochel Cushnie]
Braefolds   [Kennethmont]
Braefoot   [Logie Coldstone]
Braefoot   [Turriff]
Braegarie   [Crathie]
Braehead   [Belhelvie]
Braehead   [Cairnie]
Braehead   [Cruden]
Braehead   [Drumblade]
Braehead   [Ellon]
Braehead   [Leslie]
Braehead   [Logie Coldstone]
Braehead   [Monymusk]
Braehead   [Rathen]
Braehead   [Tarland]
Braehead   [Tyrie]
Braemar   [Crathie]
Braenaloin   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Braeneil   [Cluny]
Braeroddach   [Aboyne]
Braeside   [Aberdeen]
Braeside   [Aboyne]
Braeside   [Auchterless]
Braeside   [Chapel of Garioch]
Braeside   [Forgue]
Braeside   [Inverurie]
Braeside   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Braeside   [King Edward]
Braeside   [Leochel Cushnie]
Braeside   [Longside]
Braeside   [Lonmay]
Braeside   [New Deer]
Braeside   [Tarves]
Braeside   [Tough]
Braestairie   [Auchterless]
Braigie   [Echt]
Braigiewell   [Echt]
Braiklay   [Methlick]
Braiklay   [Tarves]
Brainjohn   [Methlick]
Brainley   [Alford]
Brakeshill   [Old Deer]
Brandsbutt   [Inverurie]
Brankanertum   [Culsalmond]
Brankinentum   [Monymusk]
Brankston   [Insch]
Bransbog   [Strichen]
Bransfarm   [Strichen]
Brawland   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Brawlandknowes   [Gartly]
Breda   [Alford]
Bressachoil   [Strathdon]
Brewthin   [Echt]
Brideswell   [Drumblade]
Brideswell   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bridge of Alford   [Alford]
Bridge of Dee   [Aberdeen]
Bridge of Don   [Old Machar]
Bridge of Gairn   [Crathie]
Bridge of Lead Pot   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Bridge-End   [Pitsligo]
Bridgefield   [Old Machar]
Bridgefoot   [Ellon]
Bridgefoot   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Bridgefoot   [Logie Buchan]
Bridgefoot   [Monymusk]
Bridgefoot   [Newmachar]
Bridgelnd   [Kildrummy]
Bridgend   [Aberdour]
Bridgend   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Bridgend   [Auchterless]
Bridgend   [Birse]
Bridgend   [Cabrach]
Bridgend   [Chapel of Garioch]
Bridgend   [Coull]
Bridgend   [Cruden]
Bridgend   [Culsalmond]
Bridgend   [Foveran]
Bridgend   [Gartly]
Bridgend   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Bridgend   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Bridgend   [King Edward]
Bridgend   [Kintore]
Bridgend   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bridgend   [Longside]
Bridgend   [Monquhitter]
Bridgend   [Old Deer]
Bridgend   [Turriff]
Bridgend   [Udny]
Bridges   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Bridgestone   [Old Deer]
Bridgeton   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bridlefolds   [Belhelvie]
Brimmond   [Newhills]
Brimmondside   [Newhills]
Brindy   [Keig]
Brindymuir   [Keig]
Broadbog   [Leochel Cushnie]
Broadgate   [Kennethmont]
Broadgreens   [Monquhitter]
Broadland   [Cairnie]
Broadley   [Kildrummy]
Broadleyhill   [Slains]
Broadleys   [Aberdour]
Broadmire   [Keig]
Broadmuir   [Cruden]
Broadmyre   [Clatt]
Broadmyre   [Premnay]
Broadplace   [Daviot]
Broadsea   [Chapel of Garioch]
Broadsea   [Fraserburgh]
Broadshed   [Fintray]
Broadward   [Chapel of Garioch]
Broadwater   [Skene]
Brochdhu   [Glenmuick, Tullich and Glengairn]
Broclach   [Premnay]
Brodiach   [Skene]
Brogan   [Slains]
Brokenwind   [Newmachar]
Broombank   [Tarland]
Broombrae   [Daviot]
Broombrae   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Broombrae   [Logie Coldstone]
Broombrae   [Newmachar]
Broombrae   [Rayne]
Broombrae   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Broomebank   [Newhills]
Broomend   [Kintore]
Broomend   [Premnay]
Broomfield   [Drumoak]
Broomfield(2)   [Ellon]
Broomfold   [Forgue]
Broomfold   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Broomfold   [Tough]
Broomhead   [Fraserburgh]
Broomhill   [Drumblade]
Broomhill   [Echt]
Broomhill   [Forgue]
Broomhill   [Kincardine O'Neil]
Broomhill   [King Edward]
Broomhill   [Kintore]
Broomhill   [Lumphanan]
Broomhill   [Methlick]
Broomhill   [New Deer]
Broomhill   [Skene]
Broomhill   [Strathdon]
Broomhill   [Tough]
Broom-Hill   [Kildrummy]
Broomhillock   [Belhelvie]
Broomhillock   [Leslie]
Broomhills   [Pitsligo]
Broomknowes   [Cabrach]
Brooms   [Chapel of Garioch]
Broomy Lea   [Premnay]
Brotherfield   [Peterculter]
Brown Hill   [Lonmay]
Brown Hull   [Ellon]
Brownhill   [Auchterless]
Brownhill   [Cairnie]
Brownhill   [Fyvie]
Brownhill   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Brownhill   [Kemnay]
Brownhill   [Longside]
Brownhill   [Methlick]
Brownhill   [Monquhitter]
Brownhill   [New Deer]
Brownhill   [Old Deer]
Brownhill   [Slains]
Brown-Hill   [Cabrach]
Brownhills   [Fintray]
Brownhills   [Newmachar]
Brownhills   [Oyne]
Brownhlll   [Glass]
Brownieshill   [Monymusk]
Brownshill   [Tyrie]
Brownside   [Strichen]
Brucehill   [New Deer]
Bruce's Camp   [Kintore]
Brucklay   [New Deer]
Bruckleseat   [Fyvie]
Bruckleseat   [Longside]
Bruckmills   [Auchterless]
Bructor   [Bourtie]
Brughs   [Strathdon]
Brunt Hill   [Towie]
Brunthall   [Turriff]
Brunthill   [Cruden]
Brunthill   [Foveran]
Brunthill   [New Deer]
Brunthill   [Newmachar]
Bruntland   [Monquhitter]
Bruntland Park   [Belhelvie]
Bruntstane   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Bruntwood Tap   [Oyne]
Brux   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Brux   [Kildrummy]
Brux   [Leochel Cushnie]
Bruxie   [Old Deer]
Buailteach   [Crathie]
Buchaam   [Strathdon]
Buchan Ness   [Peterhead]
Buchanhaven   [Peterhead]
Buchanstone   [Oyne]
Bucharn   [Gartly]
Buchts   [Rathen]
Buck   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Buck   [Kildrummy]
Buckie   [Newmachar]
Buckie   [Old Machar]
Buckie   [Peterhead]
Bucksburn   [Newhills]
Buglehole   [Drumblade]
Bullers   [Cruden]
Bulwark   [Old Deer]
Burgh Muir   [Inverurie]
Burgh Muir   [Kintore]
Burncruinach   [Gartly]
Burnend   [Ellon]
Burnend   [Fyvie]
Burnend   [Gartly]
Burnend   [Old Deer]
Burnfield   [Huntly, Dumbennan and Kinnoir]
Burnfold   [Daviot]
Burnfoot   [Birse]
Burngrains   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Burngrains   [Methlick]
Burngrains   [Old Deer]
Burnhaven   [Peterhead]
Burnhead   [Cruden]
Burnhead   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Burnhead   [Newmachar]
Burnhervie   [Inverurie]
Burnroot   [Aboyne]
Burns   [Towie]
Burnseat   [Echt]
Burnshangie   [Strichen]
Burnside   [Aboyne]
Burnside   [Auchindoir and Kearn]
Burnside   [Birse]
Burnside   [Cluny]
Burnside   [Echt]
Burnside   [Fintray]
Burnside   [Fyvie]
Burnside   [Kennethmont]
Burnside   [Kintore]
Burnside   [Leochel Cushnie]
Burnside   [Leslie]
Burnside   [Longside]
Burnside   [Lonmay]
Burnside   [Methlick]
Burnside   [Midmar]
Burnside   [Monquhitter]
Burnside   [New Deer]
Burnside   [Newmachar]
Burnside   [Skene]
Burnside   [Strathdon]
Burnside   [Strichen]
Burnside   [Tarves]
Burnside   [Tullynessle and Forbes]
Burnside   [Turriff]
Burnside   [Udny]
Burnside of Braco   [Chapel of Garioch]
Burnside of Idoch   [Monquhitter]
Burnside of Pitcaple   [Chapel of Garioch]
Burntbrae   [Old Deer]
Burnthill   [Pitsligo]
Burnthillock   [Longside]
Burntreble   [Cabrach]
Burreldale   [Keithhall and Kinkell]
Burreldales   [Fyvie]
Burrowley   [Ellon]
Burryhillock   [Premnay]
Bush   [Auchterless]
Bush Crathie   [Crathie]
Bushelgreens   [New Deer]
Buthlaw   [Longside]
Butterwards   [Glass]
Byebush   [Old Meldrum]
Byebush of Fedderat   [New Deer]
Bynack   [Crathie]
Byreleask   [Slains]
Byth   [Aberdour]