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Which have alternative spellings  or have changed completely

The list also includes places with different Welsh/English names, the Welsh  version will usually be found in the first column, alternative 1
Use your browser's Find facility to search for particular names which may be in the second column, alternative 2 The list doesn't include minor spelling variations, or a single L for LL or those caused by use of the English K for C. or V for F.
Although some of that ilk are included because they more accurately  indicate the origin of the name Sources/Further References to place names

  • A Gazetteer of Welsh Place-Names by Elwyn Davies   [Davies]
  • The Place-Names of Wales by Hywel Wyn Owen    [Owen]
  • Parish Registers of Wales     NLW          [PRW]
  • A Topographical Dictionary of Wales by Samuel [Lewis] 1833  (on Genuki)         [Lewis]
  • Glossary of Welsh Place Name Elements - on John Ball's site
  • There is a list of place names in PEM and their parishes on this site
  • Contributors


Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Parish Source/Comments
Aberdaugleddau Milford Haven Milford Haven [PRW]
Abergwaun Fishguard Fishguard [PRW]
Arberth Narberth Narberth [PRW]
Beifil, Y Bayvil Bayvil [PRW]
Bont-Faen Pontfaen Pontfaen [PRW]
Breudeth Brawdy Brawdy [PRW]
Bugeli Begelly Begelly [Lewis]
Bulston Boulston Boulston [Lewis]
Caeriw Carew Carew [PRW]
Cas-blaidd Wolf's Castle St Dogwells [Davies]
Cas-bwnsh Pointz Castle Brawdy [Davies]
Cas-fuwch Castlebythe Castlebythe [PRW]
Cas-lai Hayscastle Hayscastle [PRW]
Cas-mael Puncheston Puncheston [PRW]
Cas-wis Wiston Wiston [PRW]
Casnewydd-bach Little Newcastle Little Newcastle [PRW]
Castell-Gwalchmai Walwyn's Castle Walwyn's Castle [PRW]
Castellhenri Henry's Moat Henry's Moat [PRW]
Casmorys Castle Morris Mathry [Davies]
Castle-Beith Castlebigh Castlebythe Castlebythe [Lewis]
Cîl-Garon Cilgerran Cilgerran [Lewis]
Cilgeti Kilgetty St Issells [Owen]
Cronwern / Cronwere Crunwear Crunwear [PRW] & [Lewis]
Crynwedd Crinow Crinow [PRW]
Dinbych-y-Pysgod Tenby Tenby [PRW]
Doc Penfro Pembroke Dock Pembroke, St Mary [PRW]
East Harroldston Haroldston St Issells Haroldston St Issells [Lewis]
Eglwys-Eirw Eglwyswrw Eglwysrwrw [Lewis]
Eglwys Lwyd, Yr Ludchurch Ludchurch [PRW]
Eglwys Wen Whitechurch Whitechurch [PRW]
Eglwys Wythwr Monington Monington [PRW]
Felinganol Middle Hill Freystrop [Davies]
Garn, Y Roch Roch [PRW]
Great Trefgarn Treffgarne Treffgarne [Lewis]
Hwlffordd Haverfordwest Haverfordwest [PRW]
Ismiston Uzmaston Uzmaston [Lewis]
Llan-Bedr-Velvre Llanbedr Felffre Lampeter Velfrey Lampeter Velfrey [Lewis]
Llan-Ddewi-Velvre Llanddewi Felffre Llandewi Velfrey Llandewi Velfrey [Lewis]
Llan-Golman Capel Colman Capel Colman [Lewis]
Llan-Illtyd Llantyd Llantood Llantood [Lewis]
Llan-lwy Llan-Dylwyv / Llan Tylwyf Llandeloy Llandeloy [PRW] & [Lewis]
Llan-Rhidian Llanreithan Llanreithan [Lewis]
Llan-Vrynach Llanfyrnach Llanfyrnach [Lewis]
Llan-Wyndav Llanwnda Llanwnda [Lewis]
Llandudoch St Dogmaels St Dogmaels [PRW]
Llandyfai Llanfydd Lamphey Lamphey [PRW] & [Lewis]
Llandysillio (yn-Nyfed) Llandissilio Llandissilio in CMN [PRW]
Llaneilfyw St Elvis St Elvis [PRW]
Llanerch-aur Llanychaer Llanychaer [Lewis]
Llanerch-lwydog Llanychlwydog Llanychlwydog [Lewis]
Llanhuadain Lawhaden / Llewhaden / Llan-Hauaden Llawhaden Llawhaden [PRW] & [Lewis]
Llanisan-yn-Rhos St Ishmaels St Ishmaels [PRW]
Llantwyd Llantood Llantood [PRW]
Llantydewi St Dogwells St Dogwells [PRW]
Llys-Prawst Newton North Newton North [PRW]
Loch-fan Lochvane Brawdy [Davies]
Maenor-Deivi Manerdivy Manordefi Manordeifi [Lewis]
Marnawan Maenor-Owain / Manerowen /
Manorowen Manorowen [PRW] & [Lewis]
Melinau / Meliney Meline Meline [Lewis]
Merthyr Mathry Mathry [Lewis]
Monach-log Du Mynachlog-ddu Mynachlog-ddu [Lewis]
Monkton Mounton Mounton [Lewis]
Mot, Y New Moat New Moat [PRW]
Mynwar Minwear Minwear [PRW]
Nangle Angle Angle [Lewis]
Nanhyfer Nyfer Nevern Nevern [PRW]
Pater Pembroke Dock Pembroke, St Mary 1
Pelcam Pelcomb Camrose [Davies]
Pen-rhydd / Penrieth Penrith Penrith [Lewis]
Penalun Penally Penally [PRW]
Penbiri Pen Berry St David's [Davies]
Penfro/Pembroke St Nicholas Monkton Monkton [PRW]
Penfro Pembroke Pembroke [PRW]
Penmaendewi St David's Head St David's [Davies]
Penrhydd Penrith Penrith [PRW]
Reynalton Reynoldston Reynoldston [PRW]
Rhôs-y-crythor Rhôscrowther Rhoscrowther [Lewis]
Rhosfarced Rosemarket Rosemarket [PRW]
Robeston East Robeston Wathen Robeston Wathen [Lewis]
Rydberth Redberth Redberth [Lewis]
Sain Ffred St Brides St Brides [PRW]
Sain Pedrog St Petrox St Petrox [PRW]
Saint Ishel St Issells St Issells [PRW]
St Edeyrns / St Edren's St Edrins St Edrins [Lewis]
St Mary's Maenclochog Maenclochog [Lewis]
St Nicholas Monkton Monkton [Lewis]
Sgeiber Skybbir Llanfairnantygof [Davies]
Slebets Slebech Slebech [PRW]
Solfach Solva Whitchurch [PRW]
Telbenny Talbenny Talbenny [Lewis]
Tre-einar Rinaston Ambleston [Davies]
Tre-groes Whitchurch Whitchurch [PRW]
Tre-indig Rhynaston Hayscastle [Davies]
Treamlod Ambleston Ambleston [PRW]
Trebwrnallt Tancredston Brawdy [Davies]
Tredeml Templeton Narberth [PRW]
Trefaser Asheston Brawdy [Davies]
Trefdraeth Newport Newport [PRW]
Trefelen Bletherston Bletherston [PRW]
Trefwrdan Jordanston Jordanston [PRW]
Treganeithw Knaveston Brawdy [Davies]
Treletert Letterston Letterston [PRW]
Tremarchog St Nicholas St Nicholas [PRW]
Treopert Granston Granston [PRW]
Treowman Brimaston Hayscastle [Davies]
Trericert Rickeston Brawdy [Davies]
Trewallter Walterston St Edrins [Davies]
Trewen Eweston Brawdy [Davies]
Trewyddel Moylegrove Moylegrove [PRW]
Tyddewi St David's St David's [PRW]
Waltwn Dwyrain Walton East Walton East [Davies]
Waltwn Gorllewin Walton West Walton West [Davies]
Wdig Goodwick Llanwnda [PRW]
Williamston Elinor Williamston, East Williamston, East [Jon]
Ynys Byr Caldey Island Penally [Davies]
Ynys Dewi Ransey Island St David's [Davies]


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