Devon Game Lists - Western Times


The Western Times published Game Lists from 1834 until 1860. These were official advertisements listing Gamekeepers and holders of Game Certificates, presumably obtained from the "registers of gamekeepers and of game certificates taken out as required by the Acts of 24 Geo III, c. 43 (1784), 25 Geo. III, c. 50 and 3 Vic., c. 17, by which 'every person qualified in respect of property to kill game' and every person 'who shall keep any dog, gun, net or other engine for the taking or destruction of game' was to register and take out a certificate annually. The lists also include persons qualified to sell game. The registers give name and status of gamekeeper, manor to which his deputation related, name of lord or lady of manor, date of deputation and date of certificate; the 'Certificate' book gives name and abode of person registering and date of certificate.' (Description from Kent Archives Service's catalogue, quoted here by permission.)

Digital images of the pages of the North Devon Journal are available online via 'The British Newspaper Archive', provided by BrightSolid in partnership with the British Library.

Although these transcripts have been produced carefully, they have not been subject to independent checking. Each page identifies the relevant issue of the North Devon Journal and the policy has been to transcribe the text as is.

There are numerous other Game Lists in the Western Times, but these merely duplicate ones published in Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or the North Devon Journal, so are not given here.

Saturday 22 March 1834
Saturday 6 September 1834
Saturday 13 September 1834
Saturday 27 September 1834
Saturday 18 October 1834
Saturday 29 November 1834
Saturday 3 October 1835
Saturday 12 December 1835
Saturday 17 September 1836
Saturday 24 September 1836
Saturday 10 October 1836
Saturday 22 October 1836
Saturday 5 November 1836
Saturday 10 December1836
Saturday 13 May 1837
Saturday 19 September 1840
Saturday 24 October 1840
Saturday 14 November 1840
Saturday 13 February 1841
Saturday 12 June 1841
Saturday 12 September 1846
Saturday 19 September 1846
Saturday 10 October 1846
Saturday 11 May 1850
Saturday 21 September 1850
Saturday 19 October 1850
Saturday 26 December 1857
Saturday 21 April 1960

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