"The Isca of Ptolemy and Antoninus in Devonshire. The environs of the city are hilly, and afford a variety of delightful prospects. Its port is properly at Topsham, 5 miles below, but vessels of 150 tons come up to the quay here. Here is a noble cathedral, (for it is one of the sees of the bishops of the Church of England), court-houses, public institutions for charity and education, &c. It is the seat of an extensive foreign and domestic commerce, and particularly it had a share in the fisheries of Newfoundland and Greenland. Here are flourishing manufactories of serges and other woollen goods. It is seated on the river Exe, over which it has a long stone bridge. It is 173 miles from London. Markets, Wednesday and Friday. Population, 31,312." (From Barclay's Complete and Universal English Dictionary, 1842.)


Archives & Libraries

Maxted: "The City of Exeter has one of the finest collections of archives of any provincial town in England". See:

Historical Manuscripts Commission. Report on the Records of the City of Exeter. HMSO, London (1916) 552 pp.[Based on catalogue at Exeter Guildhall, 1115-1889] [Full text and index]

The Devon & Exeter Institution - a private collection containing much West Country material and nineteenth century materials, part of Exeter University Library.

Exeter University Library - home page, with link to the online catalogue.

Exeter Synagogue Archive - articles, photographs, transcriptions, etc.

The Grecian Archive - the history and heritage of Exeter City Football Club.

Royal Albert Museum (RAMM) - "Exeter's world-class museum and art gallery".

Tapley-Soper, H. Manuscripts of the late Robert Dymond. Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries vol. VI, (January 1910 to October 1911), p.191. [Transcript]



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Listing of published genealogies and biographies relating to Exeter.

Some interesting or famous people with connections to Exeter, by David Cornforth - photographs and brief accounts.

An account of Charles Dickens' connections to Exeter, on the Devon C.C. website (archived copy).

A (downloadable) 3-volume PhD Thesis by Kate Osborne,  Illuminating the Chorus in the Shadows: Elizabethan and Jacobean Exeter 1550-1610, pulls together a vast amount of archival information about Exeter citizens between 1550 and 1610: civic leaders, gentry, merchants, tradesmen, craftsmen, wills, inventories, apprentices, godparents, households, etc., including 95 "biographies": Vol. 1, (Main text) Vol. 2, (95 biographies) Vol. 3 (Data tables, maps).

Richard Parker, Ringleader of the Nore Naval Mutiny, Hanged for Treason in 1797… and his fake heir, an article by Peter Selley.

Bayer, Penny. The Clear Countenance: the Colesworthys of Topsham and Exeter and the Society of Friends (Black Oar, 2022) 177p. ["They were Quakers and their acceptance into the merchant class is an underlying theme running through this well researched publication.']

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Born in Exeter, Exeter, Historical Society of Hele's School (1950) 144 pp. [Sabine Baring-Gould; Nicholas Hilliard; Richard Hooker, etc.]


Business & Commerce Records

Youings, Joyce. Tuckers Hall, Exeter: The history of a provincial company (1968). [Devon FHS Library 942.35/EXE]

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter, and the Ockenden Convalescent Home, Torquay: 1928 Annual Statements, Exeter, W.V. Cole & Sons (printers) (1929) xvi + 102 + xviii pp.



MIs for The Mint, Wesleyan Chapel, Mint Lane, for the Society of Friends Meeting House, Magdalen Street, and for the Synagogue, St Mary Arches Street, are included in the Devon FHS index - see under Cemeteries on the main Devon page.

MIs for 1807-1958 are given at the Exeter Synagogue web site

The Jews Cemetery at Exeter - history and MI transcriptions.

Exeter's cemeteries and graves - from Exeter Memories.

Exeter Higher Cemetery (archived copy) - from WWiCemeteries.com.

Exeter City Council's Bereavement Services Alphabetical Index Cards - relating to over 100,000 burials at Exwick, Higher and Topsham cemeteries.

Listings of Exeter Interments (1889 and 1991) from Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser, from the Old Mersey Times site.

Listings of Exeter Interments (Mar - May 1898), (Jan - Dec 1899) and (Jan - Dec 1900) from Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser, provided by Bev Edmonds.

Exeter Dissenters Graveyard Trust website - well-illustrated, provides a "virtual tour" facility.

Burial Index Cards - listing over 100,000 burials at Exeter City Council's Exwick, Higher and Topsham Cemeteries.

Coe, B.G. and G. Read, Exeter Dissenters' Graveyard: A brief history of a Georgian burial ground from 1748 to 2018. Exeter Dissenters' Graveyard Trust (2018) 30pp. [ISBN 978-1-5272-2430-8] [Review in Gen. Mag. 33, 1 (Mar 2019) p.32.]

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Cooper, Di and Moira Donald. Households and hidden kin in early nineteenth-century England: four case studies in suburban Exeter, 1821-1861. Continuity & Change 10 (1995), pp. 257-278. [Describes a longitudinal study based on census enumerators' books of 4 households.]

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Susser, Bernard. Jews (Identified & Supposed) in the 1841-1891 censuses: Exeter (1841-1861), Falmouth (1851), Penzance (1851), Plymouth (1841-1891), Torquay (1851). Stroud (1881, 1891) transcribed by Harold Pollins, Studies in Anglo-Jewish History, vol. 1, (1996). [Contents now incorporated into the JewishGEN UK Database]


Church History

History of St Nicholas' Priory Exeter (archived copy), by David Nash Ford.

Churches of Exeter - website providing photographs and brief histories.

Primitive Methodist Chapels in the Exeter district.

Barnes, Ralph. Liber Pontificalis of Edmund Lacy, Bishop of Exeter: A manuscript of the fourteenth century. Exeter, William Roberts, 197 High Street (1847) 328pp. [Preface] [Surname index]

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Exeter Diocesan Directory (1994). [Devon FHS Library 282.4235]

Pamphlet guides to the church buildings of the Parish of Central Exeter: being St Martin's, St Mary Arches, St Olave's, St Pancras, St Petrock's and St Stephen's. [Exeter] [c/o St Stephen's Church, High St., Exeter]: Central Exeter PCC,1982, [25] pp. ill., maps.


Church Records

Extracts, taken from the St Sidwell burials register, listing men who had been executed, mainly in Heavitree, during the period 1569-1763 (archived copy).

Society of Friends, Exeter Monthly Meeting Births, marriages and burials, 1694-1794 and 1776-1837.

Dunstan, G.R. The Register of Edmund Lacy, Bishop of Exeter 1420-1455, vol. 3, Devon and Cornwall Record Society, No. 13 (1968). [Devon FHS Library 274.23505]

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Hingeston-Randolph, Rev. F.C. The Register of Walter De Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter, (A.D. 1307 - 1326), (1892) xxxiv + 584pp + 7pp list of subscribers. [Subscribers] [Full text]

Hingeston-Randolph, Rev. F.C. The Register of John de Grandisson, Bishop of Exeter, (A.D. 1327-1369): Part I, 1327-1330. With some account of the Episcopate of James de Berkeley (A.D. 1327); Part II, 1331-1360; Part III, 1360 - 1369 (3 vols.), (1894-1899).[Online version]

Hingeston-Randolph, Rev. F.C. The Register of Thomas de Brantyngham, Bishop of Exeter, (A.D. 1370-1394) (2 vols.), (1901-1906) xxxviii + 504 pp.

Reichel, O J. Origin and upgrowth of the English parish, illustrated by material taken from the Exeter episcopal registers. London: The Society of SS Peter and Paul; York Books XXXII, Continuity Tracts, (1921), 24 pp.. [15th cent.] [Index] [Full text]

Reichel, O.J. An old Exeter manuscript : a short chronicle of the church of Exeter : Tenths and fifteenths of the hundreds of devon, 1384 : Writ and proclamtion against Lollards of Henry IV : Charter to Exeter, Edward III : Receipts and payments, Chapter of Exeter 1408 : and Charter to Exeter, Henry IV. Exeter : James G. Commin (1907) 74pp. [Full text]

Skinner, A.J.P. Colyton marriages in Exeter cathedral. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 5:4, (1908) pp.119-120. [Refers to vol.5, p.89, par.64. See also vol.5, p.296, par.159.]

Skinner, A.J.P. Huguenot manufacturers in Devon. Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 12:7, (1923) pp.300-301. [Parish register entries, 1730-1746] [Refers to vol.12, pp.198, 268. Passavant and Havill families.]

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Vivian, Lieutenant-Colonel J.L. (ed.) The Marriage Licenses of the Diocese of Exeter. Exeter: William Pollard, (1887-1889) 120pp. [Online text]

Extracts from non-parochial registers Exeter, Topsham & Woodbury, Manuscript (1890?). [Westcountry Studies Library: ms929.3/DEV/JON]

The Deanery of Christianity [The City Of Exeter] CD018, Devon Family History Society (2008). [Allhallows Goldsmith Street: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1561-1837), Burials (1813-1904); Allhallows on the Walls: Baptisms (1824-1839), Marriages (1805-1811 and 1836), Burials (1824-1837); Bedford Precinct: Baptisms (1833-1839), Marriages (1833-1839); Exeter Cathedral: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1755-1837), Burials (1813-1837); Holy Trinity: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. David: Baptisms (1813-1840), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Edmund: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. George: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. John: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Kerrian: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1810-1837), Burials (1813-1838); St. Lawrence: Baptisms (1813-1837), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Leonard: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1755-1837), Burials (1780-1837); St. Martin: Baptisms (1813-1840), Marriages (1754-1836), Burials (1813-1837); St. Mary Arches: Baptisms (1813-1840), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Mary Major: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Mary Steps: Baptisms (1813-1840), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Olave: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1816-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Pancras: Baptisms (1813-1840), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1800-1837); St. Paul: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1562-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Petrock: Baptisms (1813-1842), Marriages (1754-1836), Burials (1770-1837); St. Sidwell: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); St. Stephen: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); Heavitree: Baptisms (1813-1839), Marriages (1754-1837), Burials (1813-1837); Exeter Non-conformist chapels - Bow Meeting House: Burials (1748-1824); Castle Street Independent Chapel: Burials (1800-1836); George Meeting House Presbyterian: Burials (1818-1822 and 1837); Mint Meeting House Presbyterian: Burials (1709 and 1773-1810); Mint Methodist Chapel: Burials (1818-1829); South Street Baptist Church: Burials (1783-1837); Photographs of the churches and extracts from White's Devonshire Directory 1850].

Non-conformist pre-1850 churches and chapels in Exeter:

  • Christ Church (Free Church of England), Grosvenor Place, Southernhay: erected 1846
  • St Nicholas Roman Catholic, The Mint: Registers for 1774-1808 (C), 1790-1805 (M), 1790-1807 (B), 1783, 1800 (Confirmations) in DRO. Others in Plymouth Diocesan Archives
  • Sacred Heart (Roman Catholic), South Street: 1790
  • Baptist Chapel, Gandy Street, South Street: Registers for 1786-1837 (ZC), 1785-1837 (B) in PRO RG 4/964. Others in DRO
  • Baptist Chapel, Bartholomew Street: Registers for 1817-37 (Z) in PRO RG 4/335. Others in DRO
  • St Thomas (Baptist)l, Dorset Avenue: Founded 1817
  • The Pavilion (Baptist), Magdalen Street: Founded 1835
  • James's Meeting (Presbyterian/Unitarian): Registers for 1788-1804 (C) in Dr William's Library, Gordon Square, London; 1824-37 (ZCB), 1818-22 in PRO RG 4/1085, 47; 1837-82 at DRO
  • Bow Meeting (Presbyterian/Independent): Registers for 1687-1823 (ZCB) in PRO RG 4/965
  • Mint Meeting (Presbyterian/Unitarian): Registers for 1719-1810 (ZC), 1773-1810 (B) in PRO RG 4/336
  • Independent/Congregational Chapel, Castle Street: Registers for 1798-1836 (ZC), 1824-36 (B) in PRO RG 4/1205, 582, 1206; 1927-41 (M) at DRO
  • Independent/Congregational Chapel, High Street: Registers for 1820-36 in PRO RG 4/1086
  • Tabernacle (Wesleyan/ Countess of Huntingdon's Connection/Independent) Coombe Street: Registers for 1775-1836 (C) in PRO RG 4/527, 1882 at DRO
  • The Mint (Wesleyan), Mint Lane: Registers for 1801-19 (C), 1818-31 (ZCB), 1831-37 (ZC) in PRO RG 4/528, 1207, 1208
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Heavitree: Erected 1830
  • St Sidwell's Chapel (Wesleyan), Sidwell Street: Registers for 1841-65 at DRO
  • Christ Church Chapel (Wesleyan), Southernhay: Erected 1846
  • Providence (Bible Christian/United Methodist Free Church/Methodist): Erected 1840
  • Exeter Monthly Meeting (Society of Friend): Registers for 1776-86 (Z), 1779-94 (M), 1776-83 (B) in PRO RG 6/272-3, 356
  • Society of Friends, Magdalen Street: Registers for 1694-1823 (Z), 1697-1725 (M), 1693-1794 (B) in PRO RG 6/1399, 1445
  • Synagogue Place (Jewish), St Mary Arches Street: Erected 1763, Registers for 1868-1911 in Jewish Museum, Camden, London

Civil Registration

Return of Deaths (3 vols: St Sidwell, Exeter 1870-83, Western Division, Exeter 1887-89, and 1890-91), Exeter, Devon FHS (2007). [Listing forename, surname, date of death, sex, age, where died, relationship/occupation of next of kin, cause of death]


Correctional Institutions

Forsythe, W.J. A System of Discipline: Exeter Borough Prison 1819-1863 (1983). [ISBN 0859891445] [Devon FHS Library 365.094235]

Neild, K. Remarks on Exeter Gaols. Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 79, Part 1 (1808), pp.502-505.


Court Records

Transcription by Brian Brassett of the City of Exeter Police Charge Books for Sep 1847 - 21 Feb 1849, Feb 1849 - 2 Dec 1850, Dec 1850 - Apr 1853, 18 Apr 1853 - 11 Mar 1856, and 11 Mar 1856 - 16 Jun 1859, together with an Index to the Charge Books for Jun 1859 - Dec 1899, and a listing of Police Officers.

Indexes to Exeter Coroners' Inquests for 1702-1798, 1825-1860 and 1862-1927.

Inquests Taken into Suspicious or Unexplained Deaths for 1827-18301831-18341835-18361839-18401841-421843-18441845-461847-18481849-18501851188618871889Sep.-Dec. 18901891190219031904190519061907 and 1908 from the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette.

Assizes & Quarter Sessions in Exeter, provided by by Jean E. Harris - incorporating lists of Recorders (1352-1971) and Sheriffs (1861-1971).

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Description & Travel

Online guides:

Exeter, from Wikipedia.

Extract from "Through England on a Side Saddle" by Celia Fiennes, 1695.

Section on Exeter from Samuel Lewis: A Topographical Dictionary of England (1831), provided by Mel Lockie.

Exeter Memories - photographs and submitted stories about places in Exeter.

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You can see pictures of Exeter which are provided by:



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Where to buy at Exeter: An illustrated local trades' review. By the editor of the "Agents' Guide," etc., Brighton, Robinson, Son & Pike (1891) 96 pp. [Directory giving brief histories of companies and shops, with illustrations of shopfronts] [BM 10368.k.26.]

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Emigration & Immigration

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The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.



Listing of published genealogies and biographies relating to Exeter.

This is one of the growing number of places for which the Devon Heritage website provides census or parish register transcriptions, articles, and/or illustrations, etc.

Middle names, from the Exeter Area, extracted from the IGI by Hugh Wallis.

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Exeter City Council's Medieval Trail page links to a set of informative posters about Exeter's medieval past.

David Cornforth's excellent Exeter Memories website contains extensive material, text and photographs, related to the history of Exeter, and of people connected with Exeter, and many sets of reminiscences.

Peter Thomas's Historic Isca collection of Exeter photographs.

Transcript of the chapter on the "History of the City and County of the City of Exteter in White's Devonshire Directory of 1850.

A Brief History of Exeter, by Tim Lambert.

The "Exeter Through The Bottom of Your Beer Glass" website (archived) - extensive historical information, not all about public houses.

Demolition Exeter - A Century of Destrruction in an English Cathedral City. (a very extensive, well-illustrated collection of postings.)

Brief history and photograph of St Olave's Home For Girls, Exeter, provided by The Children's society.

The Atmospheric Railway - an article by Angela Marks on Brunel's experimental railway between Exeter and Newton Abbot.

Hospitals and workhouses of Exeter - some histories - from the Exeter Memories website.

Discovery of thousands of pieces of fabric gives historians a rare glimpse into fashions of the past - Exeter University news release about the Pattern Book of a Wool Merchant with Connexions to Exeter  recently found by Dr Todd Gray.

The Receivers' Vouchers - "The receivers’ accounts . . .provide key insight into the socio-economic history of Exeter. Perhaps no more is this realised than in the receivers’ vouchers (ECA/3/1/1/3)."

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Here is a large list of other books on various aspects of the history of Exeter, from the Exeter University Library catalogue.


Land & Property

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Map showing Central Exeter Parish Boundaries, extracted from Kain and Oliver's Historic Parishes of England and Wales.

OS 1:500 1888 Town Plan of Exeter, provided by the National Library of Scotland. (The plan consists of 41 sheets - to examine an individual sheet select the appropriate extent in the little grid covering Exeter and click on "Zoom to selected map extent.)"

Devon Local Studies Library provides a large online collection of Old Maps of Exeter (archived copy).

Exeter, from Murray's Handbook for Travellers in Devonshire (1879).

Schematic outline Map of Exeter Parish Boundaries.

Map of Exeter from Baedeker's Great Britain, Handbook for Travelers by Karl Baedeker (7th ed., 1910), provided by Alan Gresley (archived copy).

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View a map of the boundaries of this town/parish.

You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SX919926 (Lat/Lon: 50.722936, -3.532806), Exeter which are provided by:


Merchant Marine

Bhanji, S. The involvement of Exeter and the Exe Estuary in piracy. Trans. Devon. Assoc. 130 (1998) pp.23-49, fig, refs. [A historical account of pillage and privateering in the area from as far back as the thirteenth century. Includes reports of wreck plundering and names some of the merchants and gentry involved.]

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Military History

Photographic archive of World War II bomb damage in Exeter (archived copy).

Exeter's Blitz - from Devon24.

Details from the Boer War Memorial, Exeter Guildhall, provided by Emily Hollins.

The Exeter Blitz - April and May 1942 - from the Exeter Memories website.

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Billetting Arrangements in Exeter - 1892 & 1894, Exeter, Devon Family History Society, (Booklet & PDF D108). [Foreword]


Names, Geographical

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Names, Personal

Names from an 1822-23 edition of Pigot's Directory.

Signatories to a letter supporting an 1820 proclamation by the Mayor of Exeter.

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The Exeter Express and Echo "web site".

Exeter timeline 1714 to 1721, with continuations to 1840, by Robert Dymond, F.S.A. - extracts from Trewman's Exeter Flying Post.



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Politics & Government

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Poor Houses, Poor Law

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Probate Records

Summary of the will of John Mallett (1589), provided by Mike Mallett.

Will of Mary Wingyett (1820), transcribed by Pam Jackson, and provided by Sandra Windeatt.

Will of Roger Webber (1626), provided by Elsie Person.

Will of Lewis Mauzy (1727), transcribed by Dale Caragata.

Will of Thomas Butter (1717), transcribed by Deborah O'Brien.

Will of George Perriam (1853), transcribed by Adrian Parry.

Will of Gregory Mawrie (1617), transcribed by Renee Jackman.

Wills of Martha Blake (1776), Anne Buller (1800), William Buller (1813) and Elizabeth Pincombe (1819), transcribed by Elizabeth Kipp.

Wills of Thomas Maunder (1601)Richard Kelland (1685), William Farwell (1719), William Hartiput (1750), Mary Mallet (1752), William Moxey (1801), Martha Gover (1830), Mary Flashman (1831), Edward Upham (1834), Benjamin Bowring (1836), Richard Every (1839), William Western (1841), John Squance (1855), transcribed by Ros Dunning.

Will of Mary Wills (1799), transcribed by David Davy.

Wills of Katherine Gifford (1666),  Thomas Prestwood (1558), Roger Mallock (1653)  and Christopher Lethbridge (1671) of Exeter, transcribed by  John Moore.


Will of William Burkenam (1563), transcribed by Patrick Garnett-Frizelle.

The Exeter Probate Sub-Registry's address is now: 2nd Floor, Exeter Crown & County Court, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter EX1 1UH

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Religion & Religious Life

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Exeter School founded in 1633 - web-site.

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