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Yorkshire Surname Interests - Wia-Wiz
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WIANWRIGHT 1860-1920 Halifax
Edwin Warwick

WIBBERLEY Bef 1958 Sheffield
Jane Brooke

WICKETT Aft 1820 Bradford, Gildersome
Jeff Sutcliffe

WICKMAN Aft 1900 Bradford

Katie Chambers


WIDDISON Bef 1851 Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham
Philippa Ridgway

WIDDOP Bef 1870

WIDDOP 1600-1750 Addingham
Raymond Cook

WIDDOP(1) Bef 1700 Heptonstall
Sharon Smith

WIDDOP(2) 1700-1730 Dewsbury
Sharon Smith

Katie Chambers


WIDDOWSON Bef 1851 Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham
Philippa Ridgway

WIDDUP Midgley, Wadsworth
Janet Widdup

WIDDUP Sheffield, Todmorden
Jacqueline Fallows

WIGAN Bef 1800 Normanton,Woodhouse
Del Groves

WIGFALL Sheffield
Wendy Chapman

Roger Wigfall

WIGFIELD 1880-90 Hoyland, Harley nr Wentworth
Gail Woodhead

WIGGIN 1600 Harewood
Gail Collins

WIGGITT Bef 1850
Hugh Jefferson

WIGGLESWORTH Aft 1850 Castleford
Keith William Wigglesworth

WIGGLESWORTH Bef 1880 Pateley Bridge, Pannal, Otley, Bradford
Lesley Hall

WIGGLESWORTH 18thC-19thC Bradford
Tim Brooke

WIGGLESWORTH 1780-1874 Leeds, Doncaster
Keith Wigglesworth

Dr Henry Rosslyn Fardell

WIGGLESWORTH 1600-1900 Thornthwaite, Fewston, Pateley Bridge
Anne Newman

WIGGLESWORTH 18thC Greasbrough, Rotherham
Cathryn Bower

Anne Wigglesworth

WIGGLESWORTH(1) Bef 1800 Leeds
David Wigglesworth

WIGGLESWORTH(2) Aft 1830 Hull
David Wigglesworth

WIGLESWORTH 1500-1800 Bolton-by-Bowland, Long Preston, Barnoldswick, Skipton
Thomas Hamilton

WIGNALL 1700-1900 Haworth, Bradford
Bill O'Brien

WIGNEY Aft 1770 Wakefield
Caylie Wigney

WIKE 1820 Barnsley
Patricia Warr

Grant Wilbe

WILBORN 1800-1860 Selby Parish
Mac McCoy

John Michael Wilburn

WILBY Bef 1750 Dewsbury
Pam Dick

WILBY Bef 1900 Hull
Mark Wilby

WILBY Thornhill
Anne-Marie Dewhirst

WILBY 19thC Clayton
Barbara Johnston

WILBY Stutton Grove, Tadcaster
Carol Myers

WILBY Warmfield
Frank Wilby

WILBY 1750-1850 Thornhill, Dewsbury
Steph Larsen

WILBY 17thC-18thC Wakefield area
Satima Flavell Neist


WILBY 1845-1920 Leeds, Bramley
Brenda McGregor

WILBY 1851-1930 Barnsley
Joyce M. Wilby

WILBY Bef 1911 West Riding (ie pre 1974)
Raymond Wilby


WILBY/WILBE/WILLOUGHBY North Cave, Gilberdyke, Eight & Fourty, Newport
Tracy Walker


WILCOCK 1841 Bradford
Sharon Noble

WILCOCK Illingworth, Ovenden, Halifax
Lesley Hall

WILCOCK Bef 1880 Ingleton, Bentham, Holme, Barrow in Furness
Claire Stanley

WILCOCK Horton-in-Ribblesdale
Mark Etheridge

WILCOCK 1600-1920 Thornhill, Conisbrough
Connie Newton

WILCOCK 1716 Whitkirk
Roger Quick

WILCOCK 17th, 19thC Pontefract, Kippax
Richard Senior

WILCOCK 1800-1860 Knaresborough
Joan Willcock

Otto Sayles

WILD Bef 1860 Bingley
John Wilkinson

WILD(E) Otley, Bramham, Doncaster
Peter Wildman

WILD Bef 1861 Leeds
Beatrice Foster (nee Wild)


WILD 1830-1900 Ovenden, Halifax
Judith Kettlewell

WILD 1800-1915 Sheffield
Susan Wild

WILD 16th-17thC Oldham
Margaret Wild

WILD Aft 1860 Linthorpe
Alan Middlemass

WILD(E) 19thC Sheffield
Zoe Rowland

WILD 1808-78 Bradford, Warley, Sowerby
Judy Anger

WILD 1893-1933 Rotherham
Marie Wild

WILD 18thC-19thC Alverthorpe
Stuart Davis

WILD 19thC-20thC Huddersfield
Barbara Simpson

WILD/WYLD Aft 1895 Shipley, Bradford
Robyn Clarke

WILD/WYLD Saddleworth, Oldham
Alison Wild

WILDBLOOD Leeds, West Riding

WILDE Sheffield
Matthew Wilde

WILDGOOSE c.1860 Sheffield,
Janet Foreman

WILDGOOSE Bef 1880 Sheffield
Lisa Brammer

John Woolsey

WILDMAN 1800-1900 Bingley
Joyce Battersby

WILDMAN 1850-1922 Sheffield
John Wildman

WILDON 18thC North Otterington, Thirsk
Anna Lee Hogan

WILDSMITH Horbury, Dewsbury
Jane Borg

WILDSMITH 1740-1900 Birdwell, Barnsley, Hoyland Common

WILDSMITH 1840-1885 Soothill
Lana Pennington

WILES Bef 1826 Driffield, Hull, Kirkburn, Wetwang
Ian Wiles

WILES 1860
Richard Wiles

WILES 1850-1903 Stanley
Steven Whitaker

WILEY Bef 1830 Goathland, Middleton by Pickering
David Wiley

WILEY 18thC-20thC Rillington, Cayton, Stillington
Andy Kerridge

Doreen Travis

WILKES 1820-1860 York
Graham Wilks

WILKES 1865-90 Aston, Swallowsnest
Pat MacDonald

WILKINS 1924-present Leeds

WILKINSON Aft 1724 Millington
Pat Otterberg

WILKINSON 1795-1840 Skircoat, Sowerby Bridge
Roy Jackson

WILKINSON 1700-1850 Leyburn, Northallerton, Gilling West, Ricmond
Daniel Wilkinson

WILKINSON Bef 1800 Great Driffield
Elizabeth Kipp


Vicki Bristow Ferguson

WILKINSON 1750-1900 Sheffield
Catherine Cowan

Luana Enders

WILKINSON Bef 1825 Methley
John Wilkinson

WILKINSON 1750-1890 Hull
Maurice Hamson

WILKINSON 1750-1850 Pontefract, Womersley, Fishlake
Don Hayes

WILKINSON 18thC-19thC Kelbrook, Thornton in Craven
Margaret Shearing

WILKINSON Aft 1890 Stocksmoor, Kexborough, Barugh Green
Donna Tobitt

WILKINSON Bef 1800 Bradford
Pam Dick

WILKINSON 1730-1850 Slaidburn
Sally Pocock

WILKINSON 1680-1760 Leeds
James L Wilkinson


Nick Carver

WILKINSON 1600-1900 Skelton
John Tait

WILKINSON 1800s Sheffield

WILKINSON Cleckheaton
Dianne Guy

WILKINSON 1800-1900 Kimberworth, Sheffield
Sue Wilkinson

WILKINSON 1780-1900 Warley, Sowerby, Halifax
Janet Wood

WILKINSON 1800-1900 Wakefield, Leeds
Sue Farley

WILKINSON Kingston upon Hull
Jane Thurnell-Read

WILKINSON Halifax and district
David Stacey

WILKINSON 1776-1849 Great Smeaton, Welbury, Sth Otterington, Upleatham
Susan Ackroyd

WILKINSON 1812 Rossendale
Marjorie Donchey

Margaret Hirst

WILKINSON 1790-1842 Beeford
Jill Bennett

WILKINSON 1840-1890 Sheffield
Jane James

WILKINSON 1750-1870 Ecclesfield, Yorks
Mike Longstaff

WILKINSON Stillington, Cundall, North Kilvington
Mary Lister

Kathryne Natale

WILKINSON 1700s-1920 Thornton, Earby, possibly Lothersdale
Sue gunn

WILKINSON Ecclesfield, Sheffield

WILKINSON 18thC Markington
Geoff Marshall

WILKINSON Milby, Boroughbridge

WILKINSON 18thC-19thC Leeds
Jo Wardman

WILKINSON Kingston upon Hull
Valerie Hobson

WILKINSON Pateley Bridge
Frances McDaid

Donna Tattershall

WILKINSON 1800s Eccelsall Bierlow, Sheffield
Sue Woodcock

Roy Skillington

WILKINSON Stainton/Maltby
Theresa Harding

WILKINSON 1670-1700 Northowram, Shelf
Tana Willis Johnson

WILKINSON 1680-1705 Darfield Bradford
Jim Wilkinson

WILKINSON 1680-1755 West Morton Kildwick Cowling Lothersdale
Margaret Buyar

WILKINSON 1750-1830 Hull
Betty Chigbrow

WILKINSON 1800-1900 Leeds, Bagby
Kevin Dowd

WILKINSON 1800-1900 Thurlstone, Penistone
John Wilkinson

WILKINSON 1800-present Halifax
John H.E. Clark

WILKINSON 1800s Ellel
Helen Tose

WILKINSON 1810-present Low Moor Wibsey, Windhill, Shipley
Janet Ogden

WILKINSON 1816-1838 Bradford
Steven Whitaker

WILKINSON 1820-1920 Alverthorpe, East Moor, Wakefield, Barnsley
Bridget O'Malley

WILKINSON 1845 Little Horton
Doug Kragh

WILKINSON 1860 Sheffield
Lorraine Wake

WILKINSON 1870-1920
Mary Gleadall

WILKINSON 1960 Normanton
Donna Anderson

WILKINSON Aft 1840 Masbrough
Sue Takle

WILKINSON Aft 1850 Barnsley, Doncaster
Judith Goachet

WILKINSON Bef 1840 Sedbergh
Eleanor Rayl

WILKINSON Bef 1840 Wibsey
Jeff Sutcliffe

WILKINSON 1720-1820 Northallerton
Daniel Wilkinson

New!WILKINSON 1800-1860 Northallerton
Mark Wilkinson

WILKINSON(1) Bef 1830 Wintringham
Mel Towler

WILKINSON(1) 18thC Southowram
Duncan Mitchell

WILKINSON(2) Aft 1820 Bramham
Mel Towler

WILKINSON(2) 15thC Elland
Duncan Mitchell

Kathleen Colburn

WILKS 1820-1910 Leeds
Gloria Wilks

WILLAN Bef 1850 Grinton
Monika Butler

WILLANS 1700-1850 Leeds
Joan Barnes

WILLCOCK 1840+ Conisbrough
Jeni Molyneux

Patricia Stirk

WILLERTON 1750-1900 Thornton Dale

WILLETTS 1850-present Royston, Barnsley
Jane Easter

WILLEY Bef 1900 Sheffield

WILLEY 1700-1900 Helmsley
Patsy Gill

WILLEY Sheffield

WILLEY 1888 Thorpe Hesley, Bingley
Lynn Marrone

Don Haines

Kay Feltham


WILLIAMS Aft 1880 Bradford, Leeds
Anne Leyland

WILLIAMS 19thC Sheffield
Pete Williams

Suzie Stevenson

WILLIAMSON 1862 Bradford
Sharon Noble

WILLIAMSON Rawdon, Guiseley, Yeadon, Bradford, Leeds
Peter R Wood

Linda (Warrick) Chesson

WILLIAMSON 1760-1920 Cherry Burton, Bishop Burton, Beverley
Simon Williamson

R M Trowsdale

WILLIAMSON Leeds, Holbeck, Hunslet

WILLIAMSON 1880-1930 Castleford
Patricia Banton

WILLIAMSON 18thC-19thC Cleckheaton, Whitehall, Lightcliffe
Pamela Marson

Georgia Ferry

WILLIS West Witton, Dent, Burton
Samantha North

WILLIS 1680-1840 Masham, Wensley, Middleham
Liz Larsen

Graham Charles Willis

WILLIS Sheffield, Rotherham
Frank Pearson

WILLIS Sheffield>Pontefract>Halifax
Tana Willis Johnson

WILLIS 1800 border area with DBY
Ian Lawrence

WILLIS 1900-1930 Sheffield
John Webber

New!WILLISON Atwick, Hull
Jim Konz

WILLMER c.1895 Halifax
Stephen Willmer

Michael Willoughby

WILLOUGHBY Bef 1852 Snainton

WILLOUGHBY 1829 Wakefield, Oakenshaw
Dianne Guy

WILLOUGHBY Cudworth, Doncaster
Ann Williamson

Ian Fraser

WILLOUGHBY 1785-1890 Wakefield
Carole Seeley

WILLOUGHBY 1850-1900
Mary Gleadall

WILLOUGHBY 19thC-20thC Tickhill, Sheffield
J. Drabble

WILLSON Bef 1820 Stokesley
Paul Wainwright

WILLSON 1680-1695 Ellis Close
Lesli Langsmith

WILLY 1730-1760 Almondbury
Paul Orton

WILMAN 1800-1950 Low Moor, Bradford
K. Round

WILMAN 1800-1900 Stanbury, Haworth
Joyce Battersby

WILMAN 1750-present Stanbury, Haworth
Wanda Shafer

WILMAN 1800+ Wilsden
Valerie Bailey

WILMOT 1762-1900 Watton at Stone, Essendon, Haxey
Christine Wilmot

WILMOT Rotherham, Sheffield
Steven Montgomery

WILSHAW Sheffield
Ian Wilshaw

WILSHAW 1790-1850 Brewster, Clapham
Joan H. Nisley

WILSON 1892 Attercliffe
David Wilson

WILSON 18thC-19thC Malton

WILSON 1786-present Austwick, Clapham
Maggie Shepherd

WILSON Bef 1932
Sue Fowler


WILSON Bef 1750 Thornton, Stainton, Guisborough, Stokesley, Gt Ayton
M.F. Wilson

WILSON 1680-1881 Heckmondwike, Birstall
Carolyn Graves

WILSON 1809-1889 Ellerton
Maureen Gunson

WILSON Hillam, South Stainley

WILSON 1871-1901 Halifax

WILSON Bef 1880 Harrogate
Diane Wilson

Mavis Powell

WILSON 1800 Wakefield
Mary Covert

WILSON Aft 1850 Leeds
Malcolm Jackson

WILSON 18thC-19thC
Elizabeth Bailey

WILSON 1600-1900 Egton, Egton, Bridge, Leaskdale, Bransdale

WILSON Bef 1930 York, Upper Poppleton
Charlotte Harding

WILSON Bef 1896 Wakefield
Doreen Ross

WILSON Sowerby

WILSON Foreside, Thornton
Jeff Wright


WILSON Bef 1850 Mirfield,Dewsbury
Mick Clark

WILSON Aberford, Halton, Temple Newsam, Leeds
Susan Cailliau

WILSON Aft 1888 Middlesbrough
G Flanagan

WILSON C.1790 Fremmington Hall, Grinton, Reeth
Andrew Gilbert

WILSON 18thC-1900 Hartoft, Lastingham, Kirkbymoorside, Loftus
Charles Russell

WILSON 1864-1918 Coatham, Middlesbrough

WILSON Loftus, Liverton, Brotton
Marilyn Wilson Wright

WILSON Bef 1940 Nafferton, Wansford, Driffield

WILSON Bef 1860 Oswaldkirk
Gill Fox

Fran Henley

WILSON 1770-1900 Ripon
Jeff Wilson

WILSON Ingleby Arncliffe

WILSON Bef 1831 Kirklevington, Yarm
John Staines

WILSON Garton on the Wolds

WILSON Bef 1800 Manfield, Eppleby, Forcett
Keith Wilson

Pam Beilby

Lyn McConnell

WILSON Inglton
Helen Crook

WILSON 1780-1900 Wakefield
Michael Baines

WILSON 1750-1800 Adel, Leeds
Kate Wainwright

WILSON Aft 1881 Durham, Yarm

WILSON 1800-present Nafferton, Ruston Parva, Beverley
Mike Stephenson

WILSON 1800-1850 Whitkirk

WILSON Bef 1900 Stokesley
Anthony Wilson

WILSON Bef 1850 Bishop Wilton
Beryl Buxton

WILSON York, Leeds, Malton
Sally Tubberdy

WILSON Aft 1760 Hornsea, Hull, Wakefield
M. Wilson

WILSON Aft 1900 Market Weighton
Colin Boot

WILSON Bef 1850 Bradford

WILSON Hutton Cranswick
Ruth Waller

Lisa Wilson

WILSON Stainland, Elland, Halifax
Tony Beaumont

WILSON Dewsbury, Earlsheaton
Marie Munday

WILSON Dewsbury, Heckmondwike
Barbara Crowther

WILSON Eastrington
Tracy Walker


WILSON Helmsley
Bonnie Cooke

WILSON Royston
Richard Thickett

WILSON Sheffield
Mark Townsend

WILSON 1700-1770 East Ardsley
Roger Quick

WILSON 1770-1805 Hull
Keith Smith

WILSON 1770-1880 Aldborough, Boroughbridge, Little Ouseburn
Lindsay Lightfoot

WILSON 1780-1810 Womersley
Frank Lake

WILSON 1788-1868 Bradford, Laisterdyke
Janet Ogden

WILSON 1790-1835 Hinkleton, Lower Division of Stafforth, Tickhill
Terry Wilson

WILSON 17thC-18thC Ovenden
Duncan Mitchell

WILSON 1800-1900 Birstwith-Clifford
Gill Webb

WILSON 1800-1900 Leeds, Castleford
Keith Matthews

WILSON 1800-present Bradford, Leeds
Sharon Wardle Harrington

WILSON 1800s Leeds, Potternewton, Wakefield
Brian Wilson

WILSON 1810-present Knaresborough, Leeds
Nic Wilson

WILSON 1819-1880 Stanley
Steven Whitaker

WILSON 1841 Sandal Magna
David Wilson

WILSON 1850-1880 Flatts, Dewsbury
Judith Lister

WILSON 1850-1900 Sheffield
Elaine Pickard

WILSON 1850-present Wakefield
Glynis Wilson

WILSON 1888-present Hull, Harrogate, Carlton, Barnsley
Louisa Reynolds-Milnes

WILSON 1898 Healey
Marianne Tanti

WILSON 1899 Little Horton Bradford
Chris glass


WILSON 18th-19thC Leeds
Judy Schor

WILSON 1900 Woodhouse, Leeds
Patricia Wilson

WILSON Aft 1846 Ripon
John Wells

WILSON Aft 1760 Morley
Jeff Sutcliffe

WILSON Aft 1850 Linthwaite, Huddersfield
Kath Jasper

WILSON Aft 1860 Bradford, Leeds
Dennis wilson

WILSON Northowram, Halifax
Kevin Wilson

WILSON Bef 1800 Sedbergh
Eleanor Rayl

WILSON Bef 1820 Pontefract
Richard Senior

WILSON Bef 1830 Wetherby, Spofforth
J Kendrigan

WILSON Bef 1838 Woodhouse, Leeds
Andrew Simpson

WILSON Bef 1900 Caloverley (Farsley, Pudsey, Stanningley)
Lucy Meyer-Hubner

WILSON aft 1920 New Wortley, Leeds
Julie Hylton

WILSON 1700-1900 East Riding
Wayne Holmes

WILSON 1800-1850 scarborough
Diane Kinross

WILSON(1) Bef 1850 Wakefield

WILSON(1) Bef 1860 Cononley
Judith Williams

WILSON(2) Aft 1850 Hemingfield

WILSON(2) Aft 1860 Shipley, Baildon
Judith Williams

WILSON-MYERS Aft 1898 Leeds
Jan Phillips

WILTON 18thC Whitby

WIMPENIE 1633 Kirkburton
Roger Quick

WIMPENNY 1800-1900 Wooldale, Holmfirth
Anne McGill

Sue Hirst

Colin Barry Winchester

WINCOTT Bef 1875 Sheffield
Brian Richerby

Paul Smith

WINDASS 1847 - 1870 Little Weighton /Walkington
Alan R Atkinson

WINDASS 18thC-19thC Welton, Rowley
Anne Andrew

WINDER 1700-2000 Bradford
Joe Fasolo

WINDER Bef 1800 Silkstone
David Micklethwaite

WINDLE Aft 1845 Hull
Joanne Bechard

WINDLE 1840-1870 Goole, Garthorpe
Judy Bates

WINDLE Bef 1750 Thornton In Craven, Earby
Shane Boocock

WINDLE Bef 1850
Ian Mills

WINDLE Sheffield, Wortley, Moorside nr Wortley, Tankersley
Pat Brokenshire

John Woolsey

WINDLE 1760-1871 Arksey, Bentley
Bruce Barnes

WINDLE 1780-1850 Bentley cum Arksey
P. Davis

WINDLE Aft 1850 Hull
Penny Corner

WINDLE 1710-1810 Langton East Riding
Mr Charles Windle

WINDLE 1710-1810 Langton, ERY
Mr Charles Windle

WINDOW Sheffield

WINDROSS Knayton, Thirske
Tracey Johnson

WINDROSS Cold Kirby, Easingwold, Thirsk
Dawn Price

WINFIELD Sheffield
Kay Feltham

WINFIELD 1800-1850 Barnsley, Sheffield, Halifax, Doncaster
Trish Dehmel

WINFIELD Bef 1900 Sheffield
Paul Winfield

WINKS 1780-1880 Rotherham/Sheffield
Phillip Ford

WINKS 1800-1860 Sheffield
Chris Lennox

Paul Smith

WINN 1700-1900 Whitby
Penny Ellis

WINN 19thC-20thC Thornaby, Middlesbrough
Ron Edmundson

WINN c.1770 Hipswell, Hudswell
Robert Mason

WINN 1790-1830 Dent, Garsdale
Peter Brannigan

WINN Aft 1840 Bramley
Tony Rackstraw

Neil Rhodes

WINSBY 1798-1695 Bradford, Ilkley, Wensley
Janet Ogden

WINSON 1840-1940
Paul cook

WINSPEAR 1700-1900 Whitby, Glaisdale, Danby
Martin Willcocks

WINSPEAR 18thC Whitby

WINSTANLEY 1870-1900 Darton, Mappelwell, Staincross, Barnsley
Anne McSheffrey

Glenn Winston

WINTER 1700-present Silkstone, Ardsley, Leeds, Barnsley, Dodworth, Hoyland Swain, Penistone, Saddleworth
Jackie Parkinson-Winter

WINTER Tickhill, Whiston, Doncaster, Bawtrey
Ed Bristow

WINTER Bef 1850 Pocklington, Selby, Barmby on the Moor
Majella Laws

Jane Johnson

WINTERBOTTOM 1700-present Saddleworth
Cheryl Westlotorn

Elaine Mackay

Frances McDaid

WINTERBURN Methley, Wakefield, Bradford
Jane Berry


WINTERBURN Bef 1848 Doncaster, Balby with Hexthorpe
Irene Winterburn

WINTERBURN Bef 1720 Harrogate
Carol Ackroyd


Rosemary Braun

WINTERBURN Bolton, Bridge, Skipton, Addingham
Diane Winterburn

WINTERBURN Whixley, Winterburn
Richard Winterburn

WINTERS 1845-present Selby, Drax
Milton Gray

WINTERSGILL 1750-1850 Healey, Fearby, Thornthwaite, Sharow
Sue Hosford

WINTERSGILL 18thC Masham, Healey
Geoff Marshall

WINTIE 1750-1850 Hull
Jeff Wintie

WINTRINGHAM Brearton, Knaresborough, Selby
Fiona MacDonald

WISE Hessle, Atwick, Flambourgh, Hull
Helen Wise

WISEMAN Bef 1900 York, Kirkby Hill by Boroughbridge

WISEMAN 1700-1800 Wakefield

WISEMAN 19thC-20thC Darfield, Tinsley
Sheila Cadman

WISEMAN 1790-1820 Bridlington, Driffield
Andrew Loughran

WISEMAN Bef 1710 Kirby Ravensworth, North Riding
Derek Wiseman

WISHER 1750-1900 Notts, Dewsbury
Sylvia Mkeown

Denise Wynn

WIST/?WEST/?WISE Aft 1790 Wilton, Witton, Salton
Liz Moran

WITHAM 1800-1950 Sheffield
Des Witham


WITHERWICK 18thC-19thC Hull
Janice Morgan

WITHEY 1890-2000 Halifax
C M Burbury

WITHILL East Riding of Yorkshire
Keith Dorey

Ann Witton

WITTON 1750-1800

WITTY Bef 1846 Driffield, Kilnwick, N. Frodingham
Brian Mulhall

WITTY 1750-1900 Hull, Leeds
Helen Slack

W(H)ITW(H)AM Bef 1841 Fulstone, Kirkburton
Gillian Taylor Shaw

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