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Help and advice for Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire

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Alphabetical list and index for places in Yorkshire


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Letter N

Nab Hill (W) : Kirkheaton
Naburn (A) : York St Dennis, Acaster Malbis
Naburn (E) : York Saint Dennis, Acaster Malbis
Naby (N) : Romaldkirk
Nafferton (E)
Nafferton Grange (E) : Nafferton
Nafferton Kesters (E) : Nafferton
Nappa (W) : Gisburn
Nappa Flatts (W) : Gisburn
Nappa Hall (N) : Aysgarth
Nappa Scar (N) : Aysgarth
Nawton (N) : Kirkdale
Nawton Lodge (N) : Kirkdale
Near Combes, see Combes (W) : Ecclesfield
Near Hardcastle, see Hardcastle (W) : Ripon
Near Harrop, see Harrop (W) : Slaidburn
Near Oxnop (W) : Bradford
Near Royds, see Royds (W) : Leeds
Neepsend (W) : Sheffield
Nesfield (W) : Ilkley
Ness (N) : Pickhill
Ness, see also East Ness (N) : Stonegrave
Ness, see also High Ness (N) : Pickhill
Ness, see also West Ness (N) : Stonegrave
Neswick (E) : North Dalton
Nether Acaster, see Acaster Selby (A) : Stillingfleet
Nether Bank (W) : Ecclesfield
Nether Bradfield, see Low Bradfield (W) : Ecclesfield
Nether Cudworth, see Cudworth (W) : Royston
Nether Cumberworth, see Lower Cumberworth (W) : High Hoyland
Nether Edge (W) : Sheffield
Nether End (W) : Penistone
Nether Flockton, see Flockton (W) : Thornhill
Nether Gate, see Stannington (W) : Ecclesfield
Nether Green (W) : Sheffield
Nether Hall (W) : Doncaster
Nether Hallam (W) : Sheffield
Nether Haugh (W) : Rotherham
Nether Heeley, see Heeley (W) : Sheffield
Nether Hesleden, see Hesleden (W) : Arncliffe
Nether Hordron, see Hordron (W) : Penistone
Nether Hoyland, see Hoyland (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Nether Lodge (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
Nether Midgley (W) : Thornhill
Nether Olers, see also Olers (W) : Huddersfield
Nether Poppleton (A)
Nether Saltonstall, included with Saltonstall (W) : Halifax
Nether Shepley (W) : Kirkburton
Nether Shire (W) : Ecclesfield
Nether Shitlington, see Netherton (W) : Thornhill
Nether Silton (N) : Leake
Nether Thong (W) : Almondbury
Nether Wood Hall (W) : Darfield
Nether Yeadon (W) : Guiseley
Netherby (W) : Kirkby Overblow
Netherley (W) : Almondbury
Netheroyd Hill (W) : Huddersfield
Netherside (W) : Linton in Craven
Netherthorpe (W) : Aston
Netherton (W) : Almondbury
Netherton (W) : Sandal Magna
Netherton (W) : Thornhill
Nettlepot (N) : Romaldkirk
Nettleton Hill (W) : Huddersfield
Neville Grange (E) : Leven
New Arram (E) : Leconfield
New Bridge (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
New Bridge (W) : Snaith
New Brighton (W) : Batley
New Brotton (N) : Brotton
New Building (N) : Kirby Knowle
New Chapel (W) : Penistone
New Crofton (W) : Crofton
New Delph (W) : Rochdale
New Earswick (N) : Huntington
New Edlington (W) : Edlington
New Ellerby (E) : Swine
New Farnley (W) : Leeds
New Fields (E) : Howden
New Forest (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
New Fryston (W) : Ferry Fryston
New Grange (W) : Leeds
New Hall (W) : Darfield
New Hall (W) : Guiseley
New Hall (W) : Pontefract
New Hall (W) : Rothwell
New Hall (W) : Sheffield
New Hall (W) : Thornhill
New Hall, see also Newall (W) : Otley
New House (W) : Great Mitton
New House (W) : Halifax
New House (W) : Slaidburn
New Houses (N) : Aysgarth
New Houses (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
New Houses (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
New Houses (W) : Rochdale
New Inn (N) : Burneston
New Inn (W) : Horton in Ribblesdale
New Lackenby (N) : Wilton
New Laith (W) : Ferry Fryston
New Laithe, see Low Laithe (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
New Laithes (W) : Royston
New Laiths (W) : Guiseley
New Land (E) : Eastrington, Howden
New Lodge (W) : Royston
New Malton, see Malton (N) : Malton
New Marske (N) : Marske By The Sea
New Micklefield (W) : Sherburn in Elmet
New Mill (W) : Kirkburton
New Miller Dam, see Newmiller Dam (W) : Sandal Magna
New Parks (N) : Sutton On The Forest
New Road Side (W) : Kildwick
New Rossington (W) : Rossington
New Scarbro (W) : Leeds
New Sharlston (W) : Warmfield
New Skelton (N) : Skelton In Cleveland
New Tame (W) : Rochdale
New Town (N) : Stainton
New Town (W) : Pontefract
New Village (E) : Cottingham
New Village, see Newport (E) : Eastrington
New Village (W) : Arksey
New Wortley (W) : Leeds
Newall (W) : Otley
Newall Carr Side (W) : Otley
Newbald, see also North Newbald (E) : North Newbald
Newbald, see also South Newbald (E) : North Newbald
Newbiggin (N) : Aysgarth
Newbiggin Hall (N) : Egton
Newbrough, see Newburgh (N) : Coxwold
Newburgh (N) : Coxwold
Newby (N) : Scalby
Newby (N) : Stokesley
Newby (W) : Clapham
Newby (W) : Gisburn
Newby (W) : Harewood
Newby Cote (W) : Clapham
Newby Hall (N) : Kirby Wiske
Newby Hall (W) : Ripon
Newby Park (N) : Topcliffe
Newby Wiske (N) : Kirby Wiske
Newbygill, see New Building (N) : Kirby Knowle
Newfield Green (W) : Sheffield
Newham (N) : Marton
Newhay (W) : Drax
Newhill (W) : Wath upon Dearne
Newholm (N) : Whitby
Newhouses (N) : Romaldkirk
Newington (E) : Kirk Ella
Newland (E) : Cottingham
Newland (W) : Drax
Newland (W) : Halifax
Newland Park (W) : Normanton
Newmarket (W) : Whitkirk
Newmiller Dam (W) : Sandal Magna
Newport (E) : Eastrington
Newport (N) : Acklam
Newsam, see Newsham (N) : Appleton le Street
Newsam Green (W) : Whitkirk
Newsham (N) : Appleton le Street
Newsham (N) : Kirby Wiske
Newsham (N) : Kirkby Ravensworth
Newsholme (W) : Gisburn
Newsholme (W) : Keighley
Newsholme (W) : Spofforth
Newsholme With Brind (E) : Wressle
Newsome (W) : Almondbury
Newsome, see Newsholme (W) : Spofforth
Newsome Green, see Newsam Green (W) : Whitkirk
Newsome Green, see Temple Newsam (W) : Whitkirk
Newstead, see High Newstead (N) : East Witton
Newstead (W) : Felkirk
Newstead Grange (N) : Thornton Dale
Newstead Hall (W) : Hemsworth
Newthorpe (W) : Sherburn in Elmet
Newton (E) : Blacktoft
Newton (E) : Eastrington
Newton, see also East Newton (E) : Aldbrough
Newton, see also Newton Upon Derwent (E) : Wilberfoss
Newton, see also Place Newton (E) : Wintringham
Newton, see also West Newton (E) : Aldbrough
Newton (N) : Burneston
Newton, see also East Newton (N) : Stonegrave
Newton, see also Newton Under Roseberry (N) : Newton under Roseberry
Newton (W) : Slaidburn
Newton (W) : Sprotbrough
Newton (W) : Wakefield
Newton, see also Bank Newton (W) : Gargrave
Newton, see also Little Newton (W) : Long Preston
Newton Abbey (W) : Ledsham
Newton Dale (N) : Levisham, Pickering
Newton Grange (N) : Oswaldkirk
Newton Hall (W) : Newton Kyme
Newton Hall (W) : Nidd
Newton Hall (W) : Slaidburn
Newton Hill (W) : Wakefield
Newton House (N) : Burneston
Newton House (N) : Whitby
Newton Kyme (W)
Newton Le Willows (N) : Patrick Brompton
Newton Morrell (N) : Barton
Newton Mulgrave (N) : Lythe
Newton On Rawcliffe (N) : Pickering
Newton Rochford, see Wold Newton (E) : Wold Newton
Newton South Wold House (E) : Wintringham
Newton Under Roseberry (N)
Newton Upon Derwent (E) : Wilberfoss
Newton Upon Ouse (N)
Newton Willows (W) : Ledsham
Newton in Cleveland, see Newton Under Roseberry (N) : Newton under Roseberry
Newton on the Wolds, see Wold Newton (E) : Wold Newton
Nidd (W)
Nidd Hall (W) : Nidd
Noblethorpe (W) : Silkstone
Norcrofts (W) : Silkstone
Norland Town (W) : Halifax
Normanby (N)
Normanby (N) : Ormesby
Normanby, see also High Normanby (N) : Fylingdales
Normanton (W)
Normanton Spring (W) : Handsworth
Norristhorpe (W) : Birstall
North Anston (W) : South Anston
North Bierley, included with Bierley (W) : Bradford
North Brink (E) : Elvington
North Burton, see Burton Fleming (E) : Burton Fleming
North Cave (E)
North Cliffe (E) : Sancton
North Cote (N) : Masham
North Cote (W) : Burnsall
North Cowton (N) : Gilling West
North Crosland, included with Crosland (W) : Almondbury
North Dale (E) : Bridlington
North Dalton (E)
North Deighton (W) : Kirk Deighton
North Duffield (E) : Skipwith
North Elmsall (W) : South Kirkby
North Featherstone, included with Featherstone (W) : Featherstone
North Ferriby (E)
North Field (N) : Bowes
North Frodingham (E)
North Grimston (E)
North Hiendley, see Cold Hiendley (W) : Felkirk
North Holme (N) : Extraparochial
North Ings (N) : Dalby, Sheriff Hutton
North Kilvington (N) : Thornton le Street
North Lane House (W) : Drax
North Lees (W) : Ripon
North Leys, see North Lees (W) : Ripon
North Lord's Land (W) : Sedbergh
North Lordland, see Lordland (W) : Sedbergh
North Milford (W) : Kirkby Wharfe
North Milforth, see North Milford (W) : Kirkby Wharfe
North Mount (E) : Bridlington
North Myton, see Myton (E) : Hull
North Newbald (E)
North Ormesby (N) : Ormesby
North Otterington (N)
North Pasture (W) : Ripon
North Rigton (W) : Kirkby Overblow
North Side Head (W) : Kirkby Malzeard
North Skelton (N) : Skelton In Cleveland
North Skirlaugh (E) : Swine
North Stainley (W) : Ripon
North Thornborough (W) : Allerton Mauleverer
North Thorpe, see Northorpe (W) : Tankersley
North Wood Seat (W) : Ecclesfield
Northallerton (N)
Northfield (E) : Hessle
Northorpe (W) : Mirfield
Northorpe (W) : Tankersley
Northowram (W) : Halifax
Northowram Hall (W) : Halifax
Norton (E)
Norton (W) : Campsall
Norton Conyers (N) : Wath
Norton Le Clay (N) : Cundall
Norton Priory (W) : Campsall
Norwood (W) : Fewston
Norwood Green (W) : Halifax
Norwood Hall (W) : Fewston
Norwood Hall (W) : Sheffield
Norwood House (W) : Thorner
Nostal Priory (W) : Wragby
Nostell Priory, see Nostal Priory (W) : Wragby
Nosterfield (N) : West Tanfield
Notton (W) : Royston
Nova Scotia (E) : Howden
Nova Scotia (W) : Thorner
Nun Appleton (A) : Bolton Percy
Nun Appleton Hall (A) : Acaster Selby With Appleton Roebuck
Nun House (N) : Osmotherley
Nun Monkton (A)
Nun Monkton (W)
Nunbrook (W) : Mirfield
Nunburnholme (E)
Nunkeeling (E)
Nunnington (N)
Nunthorpe (A) : York St Mary Bishophill the Younger
Nunthorpe (N) : Great Ayton
Nunwick (W) : Ripon
Nuthill (E) : Burstwick
Nuttles Hall (E) : Burstwick
Nutwith Cote (N) : Masham